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Children Who Depend On You

4 years ago we came together to build a home for. These Queens in Kenya. 

4 years ago I started a life long journey of working with Rafiki Mwema to do whatever I could to help  These incredible people repair the physical and emotional trauma that sexual assaults, neglect, abuse, forced prostitution and so much more had created. 

Rafiki relies 100% on your donations and that means that when our world falls apart they get left behind. 

That leaves founders Sarah and Anne Marie with over 70 children to feed, pay staff to care for them, house, educate, the list goes on and on. With no help at all. 

Sarah has had to cancel events, fundraiser events provide a huge percentage  of the income used to care for these babies, without that money Rafiki won’t survive. 

I can’t think of what will happen if Rafiki doesn’t survive. These children won’t make it without Rafiki. 

Sarah and Anne Marie won’t make it without thesechildren. 

After being sexually assaulted in their culture they are considered damaged, they are are almost always exposed to repeat attacks. Convinced they are worthless, defeated these small children accept their fait of being passed around the town, or bus stops, or families men and being raped repeatedly. 

Some are only babies when they come to Rafiki, some need reconstructive surgeries after these attacks, some are only toddlers when forced into prostitution. 

I know money is tight. I know our future is uncertain, but I am going to ask you to do something very hard and for one minute I want you to imagine that is your baby, or toddler or teenager who’s body is being passed around, who are so ashamed of themselves they cover their face when people talk to them, who have HIV because two men locked them upfor years only taking them out to be raped. 
Now that child is safe, has been cared for, loved and convinced that they worth more. Imagine what would happen if that safety was now taken away from them.

I have met these babies, the only difference between them and our babies is that they appreciate every single thing they get. 

Someone once confessed to me that she was desensitised to suffering of African children, that she didn’t feel as connected to them as she did to say an abducted white child. So I told her a story about one of Rafiki’s children, only I told her this child was blonde hair’d, blue eye’d. She was beside herself, wondering why nobody was helping. 

And that’s when I told her the truth.. It was an African child. Ashamed and humiliated she understoodthe challenges Rafiki Mwema are you against.

To see the most generous people I know strugglingthis much to keep their selfless home alive is heatt breaking. Anne Marie Tipper and Sarah Rosborg have dedicated their lives to these children, they beg steal and borrow every month to make ends meet and I don’t know if they will be able to handle this blow. 

I know it’s a hard time, I understand this virus has destroyed our economy. But this uncertainty is nothing on what the children of Rafiki Mwema have lived with their entire lives. 

please find it in yourself to donate, show Sarah andAnne Marie that we see them, we appreciate them for looking after the children of the world that have been let down. 

And we won’t let them down. 

We are the difference Queens. We are the game changers. This page is full of the biggest hearted women on earth. And we are here in number, whatever you have. $5 or $10 please please spare it to Rafiki and share this page. 

I don’t know what else I can say to convince you to part with your hard earned money. 

But please, please please. As you kiss your child goodnight tonight, safe and sound. Do it with the knowledge that you have saved a child in Kenya, not because you had to, not for praise but because all children deserve to go to bed, safe and sound with a loving kiss goodnight. 


Constance Hall
Bramley WA
Rafiki Mwema
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