CCU Faculty and Staff Relief Fund

We're thanking God for 132 individuals and ministries whose gifts allowed us to distribute $54,576 to 28 individuals in need because of the school's closing in December. Several large gifts came directly to our checking account, bypassing this page; this accounts for the difference between the total shown here and the total we distributed. Some of the largest gifts came from local congregations and parachurch ministries, including: Milford (Ohio) Christian Church, $1,000; Owensboro (Ky.) Christian Church, $2,500; Northeast Christian Church, Louisville, Ky., $5,000; Bob Russell Ministries, $5,000; SouthBrook Christian Church, Miamisburg, Ohio, $5,000; and Southland Christian Church, Lexington, Ky., $12,500.
Ozark Christian College, Joplin, Mo., dedicated its first chapel offering of the second semester to this fund and sent a gift of $1,114.92. A group of 1980s alumni organized by Kristina Rickert donated $444.18 as proceeds from a CCU T-shirt sales campaign. Gifts totaling $25,705 came through the GoFundMe web portal, while several mailed checks directly to the account that collected and disbursed the funds.
While the fund is now closed, we continue to pray for the life and ministry of those served by it. And we’re thanking God for how the body of Christ rallied to help them through this campaign.

Spenden (121)

  • Diana White
    • $200 
    • 4 yrs

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Mark A. Taylor
Einnahmen in Höhe von $8,170 über 40 Spenden
Hamilton, OH
Shawn McMullen
Linda Mirante
Team member
Einnahmen über $250 aus 1 Spende
Tyler McKenzie
Team member
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