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An open letter to Dr. Tom Inglesby and the US COVID-19 Commission:

As you likely know, biosafety is the management of risk associated with exposure to potentially hazardous germs. It focuses on the germ, human physiology, and the surrounding environment.
Biosafety is an overlooked profession that unexpectedly found itself in the spotlight in 2020, alongside biosecurity, biophysics, biodefense, biomimicry, biosanitation, biology, and a whole lot of other "bio's" related to public health in a 21st-century US.

I first learned about the benefits and principles of biosafety to prevent civic disasters in 2000-2004, while consulting as an Architect, Designer, Planner, and Technical Specifier to the NYC DOHMH, CDC, NIH, and NY OSME for a state-of-art BSL3+ Vectored Airborne Pathogen Research Lab, in conjunction with the Coroner's Office.

This work expanded on my prior academic studies at UVA and Yale related to large-scale physical and sociological disaster prevention. Like most licensed US Architects and Engineers tasked with human health, life safety, and public well-being, I take my work very seriously. My biosafety specialties were predictive behavior and panic tendencies. I wrote a lot of anti-outbreak procedure manuals with the lab directors and worked with a lot of risk assessors and public health officials, alongside many bacteriologists, virologists, and epidemiologists. I experienced firsthand 2001's post 9/11 anthrax attacks, 2003's SARS coronavirus emergence, and drug-resistant TB in the prison system.

++++ In 2020, US elected and corporate executives across many levels, public and private, found themselves lacking a good biosafety playbook, outmatched and overwhelmed by an unexpected respiratory virus outbreak. ++++

Without the required training in biosafety, epidemiology, public health, and disaster management, these public- and private-sector executives struggled with effectively allocating emergency funds in a non-biased and objective STEM-based manner to:
  • rapidly and factually COMMUNICATE
  • assist victims and caregivers with infectious disease CARE
  • educate about transmission and immunity-building to CONTAIN the germ
  • maintain services to CONTINUE thru current and future outbreak waves
The “4C’s” methods to “COMMUNICATE, CARE, CONTAIN, and CONTINUE” are over 130 years old. They work well to pivot between military and civilian response networks, and to navigate the global biosafety infrastructure that exists just below the cumbersome political machinery of the WHO.

++++ If executives had followed known biosafety-based measures like the “4C’s”, we’d all likely be in more stable physical, mental, emotional, and financial health right now. ++++

Instead of the “4C’s”, many executives attempted to legally mandate - and even endorse by brand-name - various medical therapies, injected drugs, and fitted medical devices as a retroactive condition of entry, education, and/or employment at their buildings and businesses. Shamefully, the DOJ took no issue with these actions, even from elected government officials.

These same executives also purchased and promoted dubious sidewalk-administered mucus/spit tests that made completely outrageous claims about illness and safety that were intended only to prey on frightened outbreak victims. Further, they abandoned their duties to comply with the thousands of existing non-medical biosafety and public health laws and policies that have served our country well to prevent and mitigate the negative effects of outbreaks for 130 years or more, avoiding hundreds of major debacles up until 2020.

The civic backlash against this unorthodox response was predictable and swift:
  • Early coronavirus adapters/survivors who made it through the outbreak on their own wits and strength in the first 12 months - before an experimental vaccine FINALLY arrived - were deeply angered.
  • Many asked why Salk’s desiccated virus vaccine was not offered ASAP, or why other cold/flu or pneumonia vaccines weren’t promoted to hold us over, as they historically had been with such great anti-outbreak leaders as Dr. Maurice Hilleman at Merck.
  • By Month 24, even non-conventional medical data analysts were skeptical that the 3-generation/70-year group immunity benchmark could be accomplished in 1 year via an increased “mask and vax” strategy, especially since the virus had already been absorbed into the human virome.
  • Doctors expressed concern about the wisdom of untested vaccine uses like “hyper-dosing,” especially when the cardio-pulmonary system seemed to be affected.
  • Academic SARS and MERS coronavirus researchers offered important natural care info from 4,600 year-old Eastern medical perspectives, and were quickly dismissed as being “anti-science" or "anti-government."

++++ Individual and group medical advice, prevention, and treatment for respiratory infections like pneumonia, hypoxemia, and viremia aren’t meant for politicians or company HR Departments. They are meant for the specialized nurses and doctors who know the MOST about virus immunology and bodily oxygen-processing functions. ++++

Our country's health profile reflects that we NEED this type of medical care:
Civic backlash was personal, too. People with recognized DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders didn’t like being told how to behave. Many disabled, cultural, and religious social groups were treated with bias. Privacy advocates bemoaned people showing personal medical records to flight attendants and restaurant hosts, especially when images are so easy to falsify.

Our entire existing system of biosafety, biosecurity, and infectious disease management was ignored, to the detriment of everyone. Despite this, executives summarily dismissed these and other objections and kept following their own personal preferences, regardless of legitimate STEM concerns from within their own political parties and advisory circles.

++++ The longterm physical, mental, emotional, and financial effects of these ill-advised actions are starting to emerge. People are angry at non-professionals for making their personal health and medical decisions. ++++

I myself was so angry at some of my experiences in the past 3.5 years that I commissioned a 30-second video entitled “Biosafety Goes Over The Cliff” to summarize the deeply politicized and anti-STEM US outbreak response:
If our most affluent and power-pursuing executives REALLY want to help prepare for the next outbreak, they should avoid alienating the strongest and most resilient and intelligent volunteers. Instead, they should fund critical research into faster and more varied vaccine access and production methods, and seek to investigate and legitimize 21st-century biotech innovations to fight viral infections, such as medical-grade injected ozone and pooled antibody therapies.

++++ In closing, you are medical doctors and policy advisors with a great deal of power and influence over the positive health and well-being of the US people. ++++

I encourage you to promote these three key steps to avoid a repeat of the same wide-scale civic disruption, distress, and disorganization during our next respiratory virus outbreak:
  • Modify the federal Emergency Support Functions directives to place the DOD/DHS as the primary authority in charge of coordinating US emergency defense response, in lieu of the HHS or any elected official, during any public health crisis that threatens to injure or endanger large groups of people or to disable US civic operations.
  • Follow the standard biosafety “4C’s” - COMMUNICATE, CARE, CONTAIN, and CONTINUE - for civic outbreak prevention and mitigation related to biological events.
  • Provide a dedicated biosafety-based “4C’s” network with specialty spaces, program, staff, and an e-health/tele-health component, to deliver rapid, safe, and effective infectious disease management, and to limit the negative effects of respiratory viruses on businesses and communities, via existing FEMA/CERT, OES, ASPR, and USACE-MX biological disaster management networks.

My biosafety company Care+AIR Health, Inc. ( has the ability to develop, install, and operate a private sector network like the one described above.

++++ We’d love to get that chance! ++++

I am looking for funding and approval for a "4C's" prototype development to serve Detroit/Windsor. This location is only 30 miles from the NYC DOHMH and US Senate archives for biosafety and cold/flu virus outbreak response located at the University of Michigan, which I would like to examine further with professional epidemiology investigators like those of the CDC’s EIS, if the funding allows.

Please consider sponsoring Care+AIR so that the US can be better-prepared and more effective for the next respiratory virus outbreak. There are many not-yet-discovered global viruses far worse than mammal-hopping coronaviruses. We cannot be this biologically backwards and bio-defensively underprepared in the 21st century.
Anne R. Goulet
Executive Director
Care+AIR Health, Inc.

Care+AIR Health, Inc. provides respiratory biosafety services for businesses in urban communities. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. Processing fees charged by GoFundMe and/or Pay Pal represent 15% of your donation. Thank you for your generosity.

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