The Ka Black Economic System fund

The Ka

Black Economic System

Fund Plan

I want to present the outlined design for my plan and program.
I am looking for people who want and have the ability to join me and get this moving. I am also open to any thought flaws or to answer questions, this isn’t the complete plan but I will e mail that on request after a convo.

Part 1. (How we build Africa America in Africa...)

1833 - Andrew Jackson was U.S. President, The city of Chicago established by 350 settlers, and Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd President of the United States was born!

"It is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago. She outgrows his prophecies faster than he can make them." - Mark Twain, 1883

Chicago was only 46 years old when Mark Twain wrote those words, but it had already grown more than 100-fold, from a small trading post at the mouth of the Chicago River into one of the nation’s largest cities, and it wasn’t about to stop. Over the next 20 years, it would quadruple in population, amazing the rest of the world with its ability to repeatedly reinvent itself.

Picture above Chicago 1860

The same could happen with a small group and plan for Expats.
A conscious enclave group of Black Americans returning to Africa to make a city for us developed by us to get us transporting those who what to go.

People tend to think something like this is hard to do. Thinking outside the box and planning something like this would be easy enough and here it goes.

Chicago, Los Angeles and Vegas.
All cities that were developed and designed by a small group of people, numbering less than 1500.

1500 being our magical number.

Here is the plan.
In Africa they're still places that have virgin land, outside of the other major cities that can be developed, that are still strategic locations to build on.

The Steps and 1500

1) 500 builders, in the 1500 if five hundred of them were builders and or construction trained laborers, farmers and equity builders we could have a group of men working on basic projects developing the smaller concepts of the city plan and making the buildings, outpost and developing the city structures and compounds.

Essentially it would take these 500 men going on the first trip and developing the Outpost and basic compound for the larger group to come to and build on.
Starting with a town square or center and developing out.
Structures, Housing and other basic needs.

2) Housing, with the building and structures finished in the first six months to a year. We would start developing and building the housing structures.

With 500 men developing ten houses a day in 50 to 25 man teams. This would let us build 100 houses every few weeks. Within 4-6 months of building we would have enough housing to start the great Black-American Exodus.

This would let us bring people over hundreds at a time, week by week, month by month. When people understand there are only 350 major areas of America itself and the rest in 2000, slightly more than one-half of the nation’s population lived in jurisdictions --- cities, towns, boroughs, villages and townships --- with fewer than 25,000 people or in rural areas.
When you understand this, you can grasp that as a small group, any location with 1000 or more people is as large or growing to the size of most small town America. Residents of Woodway, Wash. (population 1,000), may claim to live in Seattle. But in reality their local governments are located not in the great City Hall downtown but in a usually quite modest nearby building.

When we developed the homes and structures for the new Ex Pats to come from America, this will lead to step 3.

3) Work and Placement
with people, comes needs and with needs comes work and placement. The issue with most people wanting to go to Africa is they don’t know where to go. They don’t know what they will do. 

Having a city there for us, by us ran by us. It gives us options to have structures and placement jobs and rolls to fulfill that we can have ready for the Ex Pats to come to and be a part of.

Giving them a job a home and a place to come to will make it easier for those who want to come to this new Black African American, African city a place to build, be a part of and help grow with the concepts and style designed to help us prosper, not fail.

4) Ownership and inheritance
with it being African and not American, taxes on land would be less, and owner ship would be at a much lower cost. Where you would own buy and have a home that you could pass down to your family. This gives you the ability to forge and create a generational wealth lifestyle choice that your family can benefit and profit from. Home ownership, land and a placement in a job or career that essentially you will have little or no competition in and be able to pass on.

5) The concept of the home and city I have designed are designed around a specific lack of money, therefore the value of money changes, as we will be a community much like the Amish, yet without the religious structure.
The Amish
Build as a community, grow their own food, make their own cloths as well as own their lands homes and as a community they have survived for hundreds of years with the same concept.

The drastic difference is they have a religious backing rather than a survival design behind them. We would be thriving without the religious component.

When people hear the live like the Amish, they instantly think of no running water or devices, rather than hearing the concept of developing your home and community around these same concepts adding in conventional science and engineering. Build your own, grow your own develop your own as a community and supporting group.

So your house need not cost money to have power if you develop it with solar and wind power. You don’t need running water if you’re pumped into a rain collection well and storage well. You don’t need to buy a car if the city is designed much like New York City where it is small enough in radius to have constant city transport and or you have a transport system like the Amish. That is properly the only thing actual like the Amish we will have.

Carriages are hand crafted wood, this means grown, not paid for. Horses are grown and birthed this means not paid for. Now there will be cost, but not the cost to live as it would be in America. You can have the same style city and life you would in America, giving up two things, your car, and your concept of a Europeanized city. 

This is a car completely built from wood, called the Morgan. Everything else is plastic or fiberglass. We could built or grow these cars with hemp, bamboo or other hard wood fast growing materials.

Think much of rural African villages, they don't have many cars, grow their own food, share the land with their people and village and build one another homes. We take this concept and throw in a little American Amish mindset and we could literally build old Moorish Spain with new modern engineering and technical advance (Like the picture below) , in the sense of stone cities homes and live as they did back then with simple modern convinces and technology added in. Solar, engineering and whatnots. 

(*Ronda, Spain built before 1465 by the Moors and still stands today with modern alterations. Picture take in 2016*)


end note
I have already designed and developed the plan for city structures, housing development and building and work placement.

I am currently working on a reparation grant that Black America would fund to pay for your transport back to Africa. If this does not come to be, I am also working on a backup plan to get a constant transport going so we can get back and forth. 
(* Hand building a sail boat large enough to take 25-30 families at a time*) 

(*Secondary B plan is to group purchases a bankrupt cruise liner or freight cruiser and convert it to a Black Expat Transport that runs once every 4 months.*)

As this is a starting concept and idea, we only need the land and location that can be grown and developed this way.

It has been a work in progress and in planning for myself for years which is why this is only the outline and the detailed plan is finishing now.

But the sharing of this needed to happen so even if only digitally and mentally we start having the mindset and idea process we need to prepare for this exodus and financial manufacturing plan

Finding 1500 brothers and sisters who are fed up with American depression, poverty and oppression won't be hard. But finding a constant flux of people who can and will come is where we will build our nation.

From Jamaica to Haiti, From America to London. From African Refugees to anyone. We will develop build and grow this community of us for us, by us... the Land the homes and lifestyle changes and way of life and the development will be the key to long term success.

Free homes (By way of community building), low upkeep cost, no electric bills and in most cases just maintenance fees, grown transportation and city transportation that relieves the need for cars and high expensive demands. Inexpensive produced Clothing and soon we can convert our low demand into production of other things services and goods.

As well as we could become one of the largest charitable funds for Americans who want to support Pan African movements and Black Power. By designing A Black American African tax and fund for supporters and people in transit for the move. Basically a program building and designing the first and second groups to fund each other. AKA a Black Government. 

Picture of Africa...


Reparation Grant (concept)

I think as a whole, most conscious people would want to and or would just go to Africa, with the means before them. Job, money and location. As most African major cities are nicer than here. 

However we will never have the white man’s help to leave and i have been thinking about a self-government founded relocation grant that would focus on only African Americans who want and are willing to return to Africa. 

We would arrange with two or three African countries a deal for land location and development, so we aren't actually affecting their current population and city, but developing one for us.


The grant would be much like and ebt Welfare style program, we would have a base group that we would found for the initial move, travel, and accommodations for a ticket. 

At this point, you would have the option to go visit and or figure out one of the four location cities to relocate to.
This would pay for food, room and board and a few trips for 12-24 months while getting citizenship.

From this alone we could establish light economic things that easily would jumpstart an economy and start us anew with economic security.

The grant would cover 
1) Food 195 American dollars a month per person.
- Sub family (Children 100 a month)
- Caps at 5 people

2) Boarding
- One a Black-Government relocation area, i.e. sponsored apartment condo and or townhome that a family of 3 to four could stay in for 24 months
- A $10-$50k housing grant to relocate per family. (Any size)
- 200 Dollar a month per family utility fund. 

3) Transportation
- Plan ticket plus three 50 pound bags, per person.
- Public established black-government funded transportation, bus train whatever.
- Public transit funds to start and or develop taxi services.

With this simple plan, it wouldn't be hard to establish a Black Community relocation grant to account for this we set aside some of our community money as a small monthly tax. $5-$20 dollars a month or a pay check from willing Nation building participants.

As it stands we could simply take the black men being released from prison now, use them as sponsored labor to build the buildings houses and city infrastructure and we could potentially relocate them during parole, if willing and end their sentence after completion. During this period and point and time we could train and build skills with these men giving them the education they need to go back. But that would reform them not keep them in a system.

If some of you read this and think well that's not enough.
In Africa 1 us dollar normally spends as 10-500 there. Depending on the buy or the product.
IE a Shirt here cost 35 dollars. There 5.50.
Building and labor especially are cheap like this.

Lastly all I did was take the current welfare program budget and take the same money and add in a plane ticket, and black community government founded development tax, from 500 to 1000 participants of 10-50 dollars a month... in a basic form.

And this would only be for 24- to 48 months...

This plan and grant would start and position groups of us. This would let us go back to where we were stolen from, taking jobs revenue as well as business back to Africa. Wouldn't even cost more than a metro or cricket cell phone bill a month, with group economics.

Part 3 The Ultimate African Equity and industry city. What we will learn and built from the ground up. (Side note: This is also my satellite America plan.)


I like to think, as a people, we are working toward something. Working to work on something. Working to get our business together.
I like to think we are building things as a people. And coming together to develop one another.
I am neither NOI nor Muslim, as most think. Although I do believe in a lot of what they are doing.
Because, to date, we have only had two to five major organizations that have tried actual black community development. Yet none have tried nationalization or Expat, but the Hebrew Israelite movement that moved back to Israel. But were forced to join their military for citizenship.

Let’s go over the basics.
For Nation-community development you need:
1) Self Reliance 
2) Self Sustainability 
3) Independence
4) Financial Backing
5) Community funded programs.

I like to show people how easy it would be to make ourselves better and stronger. 
How simple it is to solve our problems locally and in nation building, with a little self-implemented segregated spending and time placement. 
What do I mean by that? Here is my detailed plan for Black Community development that will lead to Exporting to Africa and making a successful transition satellite city. 

1) Community Businesses:
As a group the determining factor of your power is based on your buying power we call this Economic struts. As a nation, country, region, doesn't matter. Your buying power is what makes you or breaks you. They say that the Jewish community has the highest money return rate. As in their money goes seven times over in their community before it leaves to a second or third party. They say black money is one or two at the max. That is an average, so on average, if two is the highest and one is the normal; we average a zero percent return sum.
So here is a simple yet small and easy way to make us successful nation builders and designers.
I call it Afro District. As the Chinese have china town and Koreans have their districts. We need one or two which isn't the ghetto or hood.
We could start with one or two block size shopping malls like Walmart does and start satellite business structures.
Build and develop a small area around these black owned franchise businesses and need centers. Need centers being basic human needs, Clothing, Food, Water and Entertainment. If we stick to buying, manufacturing and developing these things.
People fail to realize this is basically what Magic Johnson did. 
He made a Theater around his TGI Fridays and then brought a mall. Around that his business has developed the area for our black community in south central. 
We then duplicate this format and program be dedicating ourselves to working, shopping and doing business in these companies. So now instead of going to Walmart Target or best buy; we go to Jacksons, Crowford and Electro (trademark names)
we don't go to Vons or circle k for gas. We go to Marks or Fill Co...
Now to further develop... how can we, as a community, build our business? We stop spending our maintenance money on other communities.
Car, House, Repairs and Services.
We don't have to be in one district to find these things. All we need to do is have a Black Business Yellow Pages, digital or not, a black Craigslist.
When you need a service, repair or maintenance; hit the directory and find a high rated black owned and family run business, or black owned franchise.

2) Black Employment
As a people if our buying power returns to us and we supply us, develop for us and look to us; then we can know who, what, where and how we can hire. Looking to the same businesses, we spend our money to, to hire us and our children offering them placement and careers.

3) Supply and Development
this is the single biggest thing we have issues with, when we spend black money it goes straight to white hands on the third account. We don't develop our clothes; we brand our logo on shirts made by white developers. We don't have black farms to buy our food, because we don't look into supply. We get our electronics from china and Thailand. If we had these things in place and started off buying from these sources or developing these manufacturing in Africa and help develop our own manufactures here in the states; we would not only develop our own brands, but employment, sale price and have a corner on our own futures security.

4) Don't break the wheel, just make new rims 
this theory is called the monopoly law. You can literally make copy and take anything you want these days. We don't need Google, Facebook, Bing or apps from third parties. We use worldstarhiphop to share fights and vids and info. But no one has thought of making WordStar Google, Black pages, AfroLook up... whatever. A Black e mail company... Web development on large scale... 
We make these things and dedicate our youth, teachers and kids to teach these things in school and they will become staples to millions.
If only in one generation we make black schools in all our cities and make these things staples, they become go to habits our children learn to use. That is 15 million children as of right now of the 43 million Black Urban Americans alone.

5) Education
this is a simple and easy plan, making Afro Historical schools like Christian academies do. Where we don't just teach white supremacist amerikkkan history. We don't just have one month of black history. We have schools for black and urban kids, by black and urban teachers, aids and all funded with the Black community tax we design. This does four things

- Teaching Jobs
- Develop Black Satellite Youth
- Develop Black Satellite Community
- Develop Black Ex Parte prepared minds and youths

These schools should have more than just education; Breakfast, Lunch and dinner, if need be, 
Teaching, daycare and adult education centers at night.
Free College or community funded college and skill trade training in basic classes.
As a community we should develop skills in school, not just after. 

Imagine instead of shop class, you had Electric, Craft, Mechanic, Hair, Cooking, on a professional level and had black companies we own that hire out of school. We could have training on how to build your LLC and start a business 8-11, four years of extra training. So when your child graduates they are a certified something before they even go to college. Yes they would spend more time in school but what else they got to do? This also allows parents less money on daycare, latchkey and gives your child a learned work ethic and community and social structure.

6) Large Black Community Satellite Center
this is the biggest thing and I think it will save us.
But think there is massive room for development, and improvement if we do it right.
Imagine a cultural center that was a library, day care, adult care, elderly care. Food center with educational courses and free help for things.
As a people, we take the welfare and community support programs and convert it into a positive yet helpful community development aid center for satellite starters who want to move on and out of amerikkkan oppression. Not for the needy but for us as a people. We distribute our own Black Social Security, our own Black Community programs and help people as a Black group to relocate and gain skills and return home or to a satellite community. 
Our stores would have Elder-Cards that would let the elderly shop within a certain monthly budget. We pay a black tax as a group and opt in and that fund runs and manages these types of programs. Essentially creating our own Black community SSI. As a community we have free housing for the elderly, homeless black families struggling and no development in our community, a center that can change this into a small few block city development. Converting the ghetto idea into a fruitful one. I never believed the idea was bad, it had bad placement and follow through.
If you're homeless, then you must attend college or school, unless mentally ill.
If you're old, well then you earned it, retire relax and watch the youth with us and help.
You're young, well no need for you to go to some foster care and get abused, stay at the community center, help the elderly, go to school, be safe; be watched and the staff and helpers will help our kids grow to leaders and kings and queens.
Daycare is the trap of poverty. Bring your children to us, flat tax and rate from everyone helps us level out the cost. Where we as a group of people, 43 million, all of us paid only 5 bucks a check in tax.... that would be 195 million a week we would have to run, build and develop these types of programs. Not to mention what we would get from kickbacks in black community businesses.
Now when i wrote this in your mind, you saw a ghetto broke down blah blah... Nah in my head i see 2016 constructed buildings, three story condos and apartments, new age computer laptops, books and basically a college style campus as a community center. Fresh paint, maintenance man, and a H.O.A a style patrol to keep it new and developed.
The young kids being given rooms and the dorm life experience taught responsibility, taught respectable living skills and no child left behind to allow for proper child development.
We clothe them, we teach them and we mold them. Dynamic leaps and bonds. All off a small Black community Tax of $40 a paycheck.

7) Placement Programs Pre exodus
as a people we don't understand why we have ghettos and slums. 
Most ghettos and slums were once thriving neighborhoods with job placement. Plants, warehouses, car manufactures, plane and army manufactures. These jobs built the economy and then fueled us as a people to have money to build our economy like car buying, working, service needs and shopping, which builds us.
When these things dried up. We as a people were then we left behind in these places with no other job options and now dried up funds. Banks wouldn't fund us and because of this we start to lose houses and resort to apartments and public housing programs aka Ghettos.
Now imagine... These industries we consume from now are converted into.
Black fast food Chains
Black owned Hospitals
Black Owned manufacturing plants (Clothes, Shoes, Food, Cars, Electronics, Machinery)
Black owned Businesses.

This living and building dynamic changes. We can do this both pre- exodus and it will already be a staple for us to do once we leave to Africa.

8) The Extreme Exodus 
As a people i want you to think about this.
Can you leave your job today and go work the same job, just for a black business, if the opportunity was available?
Could you stop working for another races development, to leave and help develop your own people?
Now think about how it would empower us.
Your basic low level job may become a higher position, if not; you are working in a community to develop your own people.
Your ownership and manager placement becomes almost 100% because as we develop and build we need leaders in our own businesses to develop and grow our businesses and chains, to put our black own franchise in white developed businesses, like they did to us.
Imagine that old McDonald's or Walmart going out of business because we don't shop or eat there anymore, but go to the new spot or joint and get what we need. We then buy these old buildings remodel them and reclaim them into our new franchise. This gives us recycled infrastructure at a fraction of the overall cost, and lets us use what they built against us to our advantage. This will help us establish profits from them to us and then from our satellite concepts back to our overall Afro African expat community and community tax and development efforts.

9) Health Care and Insurance
we as a people need to stop being taken care of by greedy insurance and hospitals, letting us die and are killed due to money and lack of concern. Imagine how easy it would be to build and develop a hospital.
We have our own insurance policy.
With 195 million a week you don't think we couldn't build a few hospitals and employ black doctors and nurses?
You don't think we could make an insurance company with our own community backing and then fund it lightly with a small monthly fee.
Here's the math, $25 dollars out your check each week for your car, health and life insurance. Mandatory. BCA Acme Insure okay? That's a $100 a month. That's cheap.
It would generate a billion dollars a week. (Actual number 975 million a week 25 million short of a billion). So with this alone. We would have enough money to pay for your healthcare, meds and car, life and whatever else. If Party X needs a medical procedure or Party Z gets in a car wreck.
The plan would cover you and your family’s healthcare and life insurance. You die, your funeral and expenses are taken care of, and 100k here you go. Just have to pay into the plan for 5 years minimum.

10) Social Satellite Jobs (Police, EMT, Fire and ETC)
what do I mean? If a Nation with a Satellite community develops and or votes itself a new district, or works within a city or township. It can develop its own fire, Police and ETC. So if we wanted to we could transfer people from existing places, to our new developments and what not. This gives us a community of people that we can train and develop and put into our community.

11) Drug and Gang eradication.
I know this is extreme. But i don’t care.
Sell drugs, LIFE. Be in a gang and get caught committing a crime gang related, LIFE. Violence against another Black Man due to gang relation, LIFE. Caught running and or starting a gang and or Drug related organization, Death Penalty. 
I come from a family rattled by gang violence and drug convictions.
If we develop black owned and black developed prisons and jails, not focusing on destroying our black men but forcing them to devote their life to their communities... When I say Life. I mean a life of servitude to our community they terrorized. Make them be the teachers and workers and fire fighters in the community without the ability to leave, change or get paid.
They would be house monitored and then we train them, teach them, get them certified and give them free room and board. But they are forced to work in a trade related to the Black community center or Black community itself. Security, fire, EMT, Hospital or Elderly Care.
No hidden meaning in the drug dealer thing... i hate em... but i understand that it is a reaction to not having education, options or hope from their community, as well as having drug users who are trying to escape the wows of their lives for the same mentioned reasons. Ok maybe a little hidden meaning... 
When I say death penalty, I mean life in a prison, owned by us ran by us and developed by us. Cause that is pretty much death, you can’t leave. You can go and you can’t do much... We are killing us with this, so these parasites need to be removed in a drastic manor. With us doing the sentencing and or reform program, no unjustified process would happen, no trumped up charges and we could regulate who is guilty and how they are sentenced in the term of time and service back to our community.

This is the last number because to address the progress you have to fix the past problems, as only 10% of black males are in a gang and what not, we can offer these men post adulthood options to be better. And after, force them to work in an environment that helps us and them dedicates their lives to reform, not being torn down... Parole will be there. The options will be there. But they will have jobs and be stable in the community. We return them to our community rather than return them lost with a 1200 dollar check and in some blue jeans & slippers after released.


In closing
you think of this. I have single handedly made all of us group our money into a platform that not only builds us as a community but passes down wealth and title to our children. I have eliminated poverty at the end of your life as everyone is now required to have a 100% for sure payout insurance bond we fund. I have virtually eradicated homelessness in the black community. I have eliminated all unemployment in our group. I have boosted education reform and added in skill trade and cut your child care 90%. I have boosted our learning and awareness. I will also slump gangs and drugs literally in one concept. Mandatory drug testing and crime review to help this along.
Now as simple as this plan was, you may be thinking how come we haven't done this before? How come we aren't doing this now? How do we, as a people, make the first step in making this plan into action? How do we develop the things mentioned in this post into our lives to make our lives matter to us more than we care about how they matter to others?

We need only get together and let’s plan out the first group the first few hundred and then we can fund a few people to build grow and develop across the land. Let’s make this happen for us. By us, to us, designed to get us moving, profiting and back to the mother land with productive satellite offices in the USA aka Black Afro Pre Ex Pat communities.


-----What’s the money for-----

This GoFundMe Project is for a very specific platform.

1)The initial Planning, Funded travel and land purchase of 1000 sq. Acres of Land, in one of Four African Countries that have and open policy for African Americans to return to.

(This won’t be done until we have specific approval to our plans of transport and terms have been met by that government. After this we will make arrangements.)

2)  This Project will fund the 24 months of needed budget and income for ten Key Staple members and leaders of the movement, to travel go and set up manufacturing and building deals, to further align the project with one of the four countries we will ultimately pick to move this project to,

3) This project will budget in the mass purchase of rural and raw farmable land to build a small complex and skilled labor training ground to help the first 500 train, live and work at, as well as create a profitable good that can be sold, traded and or used throughout the community. Corn, honey, meat, cattle, or some consumable farmable product.

4) All money and funds will be listed and categorized on a blog and website specifically set up through this account for this account. Every detail, down to food expense and land, air travel and purchases will be open for the African American public to view and comment on.

5) The goal of raising this initial 1.5 million dollars will be the purchase of land, to start building on, a farm state side to develop and train skills on, and to fund ten people to work for the project for 24 months full time to help develop and build everything we need to nationalize.

Lastly we would also like to make the farm and products we produce profitable; therefore we can employ as many people as possible to make this money grow into profit from the ground up. Showing how supporting and building our goals as a people can be beneficial if only we work together.

(Video from "Black" Friday)

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