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Bandages for Ukraine: Humanitarian Aid 4 Refugees

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On February 24th, 2022, the world watched in horror as Ukraine was invaded. Many families have left, business has stopped, and disrupted supply chains ceased. We knew we needed to mobilize.
In 2022, the Everyday Hero Project from the United States will depart for Poland to deliver Humanitarian Supplies to those in need. We intend to bring supplies, including Medical Supplies, insulin, HIV PreP medicine, and more. This mission is part of an ongoing effort to provide aid to Ukraine and the countries supporting the refugees.
Your donations will go towards:
- Food
- Medical Supplies
- Transportation
- Shelter and housing
- Medicine
- Refugee Care
- Supply chain and Logistics
Our goal will cover the whole length of the first 4 phases of our humanitarian mission.
SLAVA UKRAINI! - Catalina from EHP
For more info on Bandages for Ukraine -

ABOUT EVERYDAY HERO PROJECT - Since 2012, EHP has hosted various opportunities for the public to travel while providing humanitarian assistance. Over the years, we have hosted:

2 Activate Tours: St. Michel, Haiti - Volunteers from the United States cared for the children of D & C Children's life center, which EHP helped to get off the ground. Due to our work and networks, the center now has three toilets, a septic tank, and an additional building. 
2 Activate Tours: Standing Rock, North Dakota - Volunteers from the community to help care for water protectors in Standing Rock. These efforts assisted in bringing medical donations from around the world and lending assistance in literacy programs inside the school session held in the camp for the children.  

2 Activate Tours: Everglades, Florida - Volunteers from the community ​came to help assist with medical donations and lend assistance to building a camp to bring awareness of possible pipelines in the Everglades.

1 Activate Tour: Texas - In collaboration with residents on the ground in natural disaster-stricken areas, our Activate Network Operation Float coalition collected supplies targeted for community-specific needs.   Due to the timing of our tour, we were able to send contractors and building volunteers to assist in mold remediation and reconstruction of family homes.

6 Activate Tours: Florida - In collaboration with residents on the ground in natural disaster-stricken areas, our Activate Network Operation Float coalition collected supplies targeted for community-specific needs.   Every weekend for six weeks, we hosted relief tours to each city we were assisting and worked with residents to distribute and help families across the state. 

4 Activate Tours: Puerto Rico - We assisted Black Flag Search and Rescue with water distribution on Vieques and food distribution in Quebradillas with the CDT Hospital and El Taino Restaurant.  We also traveled island-wide, distributing hurricane relief supplies, and hosted Community Upliftment events which brought supplies, love, haircuts, massages, and music to small communities in the mountains. 

2 CERT Activate Tours: Florida - In partnership with Boondocks K9 Search and Rescue, we hosted two Community Emergency Response Team retreats to certify Florida residents under the Department of Homeland Security. 
What an incredible experience for our heroes who attend this prayerful collection of humanity from worldwide. We are honored to assist the global community with our presence, donations, and time. 


Catalina Tiamson
Pahoa, HI
Everyday Hero Project
Non-profit registrata
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