Teri's going back to Kenya

In September I will be going to back to Nakuru, Kenya. 
Along with working as a dental assistant at a childrens school, I will once again be working thru my Kenyan friend Ben Msandu to bring relief to a community in need.
This year my goal is to raise $5000 and reinvest that into the woman of Nakuru, in ways that will allow them to support themselves and to pay it forward! I have chosen some very specific woman for this trip, but as always my heart will call me to help others that I meet along the way. Last year, because of your giving, I was able to pay for Anne, an 8 year old girl to see a specialist for her eyes. She was going blind and the school where we were working not have the funds to send her. I noticed she didn’t seem to be able to see, having those funds available made it easy to change her life!
The thing you can be sure of is that your money will go to making a true difference in someone’s life and the lives of those around them. These are people who live in an environment most of us could never fathom.
The women I have chosen to support this time are as follows:

Dorcas and Hellen – These sisters are very special to me, I call them my daughters, and their sons my grandsons and am very proud of the women they have become. They were orphaned years ago a civil war when their father was killed in front of them. Their dream is open a shop, to do hair (even in the poorest countries women get their hair done!)  The have a solid business plan, but without our support will never be able to make it happen. I sincerely believe they will do well, and be able to hire other woman and grow something successful for the community.

Pauline – Pauline is mom to 8 girls, one born to her and 7 she has taken in as each of their mothers passed away due to aids or aids related infections. Pauline try’s to grow food to feed the girls, but right now she is down to a few scrawny chickens. I would like to help her purchase a couple of breeding goats, pigs and chickens. In addition to a trip to the store to buy the necessities she just doesn’t have, oil, soap, shampoo, rice…Maybe a day out doing something special, this is unimaginable in her current environment, it would just never happen and she deserves it more than anyone I know!
Jacinta and Ann – the best of friends, who live in squalor worst that you can imagine, I met them when Ann brought her baby to me because he was not thriving. I can say that Calvin is still alive, but their situation is dire – I plan on working with them to figure out the best small business, maybe selling coal or another supply out of a rental stall. They also need the basics; diapers, clothes and shoes as well as necessities. These woman truly have nothing! No running water or plumbing, dirt  floors, slum conditions, and yet they are a delight to be with and take good care of each other.

I could write a dissertation on what all of  these woman have been thru, and now they are wife’s & mothers, who live in a world of little choice and options and they aren’t alone, on my trip I will meet many more. By helping a few it can change the lives of many, and if you know me, you know that I will follow my heart as well as my head and do the right thing with your money.

I am not a nonprofit, so you can’t write it off your taxes, but I think it does go into the Karma pile!
So how it works, is I will blog while I am away and share how I am helping folks so you can see where your money goes! Your will get pictures on line of the people you are helping!

I have paid for my own trip already, but will use some of the money I raise for transportation and other needs connected with giving.

Questions, ask me! Have an idea for fundraising, I am listening!
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