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Hi!  My name is Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology).  My cousin Ted came out to his family and took his own life. I was devastated. In my grief, I donated so much time to helping save lives that I inspired over 2,000,000 people to support equality. Now, I live in a home I love where I house and mentor LGBT youth who have been abused by homophobic parents.  

When I focus on saving lives, I feel inspired. Now, with your help, I’m producing an interview video series and a music video called “Thrive & Save Lives with 4 Words”. So many LGBT people get bullied to death. So many get shamed, abused, ostracized, rejected, fired, thrown out of their homes, and/or killed. Research shows that family acceptance and supportive friends can greatly reduce suicide.  Positive attitudes can also help promote LGBT-friendly human rights laws.  The 4 words to save lives are, “I like LGBTQ people.”


When you support our videos, you support our OUTstanding LGBT-Friendly mental health programs. You can help save lives with just a few clicks to support LGBT-friendly homes, mental health, and suicide prevention. Please 1) click share 2) scroll down to  4 FREE Secrets to OUTstanding  Love, Self-Love & Mental Health, then 3) donate $5 or more if you can.  Thanks!  You make a difference. 


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- Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology)

Inspiring Free Gift #1: Empowering True Story

Enjoy the true story of Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology), the former mute girl who inspired millions.

When she was small, the big neighbourhood bully chose Love as his favourite target.  He tortured her regularly for years. When she asked adults for help, they only made things worse. Like so many bullied kids, Love blamed herself. She thought she wasn’t good enough. 

By high school, she was so painfully shy that she barely ever said a word. Her English teacher put her in a group with the popular girl to give a presentation.

“Sharon!?! I’m supposed to do a presentation with Sharon!?! That kid can’t even talk!” Yelled the popular girl. Love felt her face get hot as everyone stared at her.

That day, Love began a quest to overcome her shyness and lean to speak. She began researching secrets of the world’s greatest speakers. Later, she earned a Master’s degree in Psychology at University of Toronto. After she graduate, she worked as a mental health counsellor in private practice for a number of years, often giving away free counseling to save lives of youth, women and LGBT people in crisis. 


She founded years ago to save lives after her cousin Ted came out to his family as “not straight”, and took his own life. So far, it has been a labour of love. In her grief, she funded the movement out of her own pocket and lived in poverty for years. A number of her close relatives who were religious rejected  and ostracized her for supporting the LGBT community.

As an empathetic person, she once refused to date a narcissist. Enraged, the narcissist spread vicious false rumours about her to the leaders of groups with over 9,000 members in her local community. Dozens of total strangers believed the lies, spread the rumours, kicked her out of online groups, and sent her cyberbullying messages online. The social abuse and ostracism continued for over ten years, and badly damaged her career and friendships.  

By this time, she had already started working as a mental health counsellor. When she called helplines, she found that about 60% of counsellors don’t know how to show empathy or make a difference. That gave her the idea to offer Life SAVERS Mental Health Mentoring Certification.


After years of research, Love discovered 6 Secrets of the World’s Greatest Speakers. She used the secrets she discovered from her research to overcome near-mute shyness, work as a teacher, professor and professional speaker, give live talks to a total of over 2,000 people in English, French and Spanish, and save lives by working as a mental health counsellor.

In 2010, she started a Facebook group called “I bet we can Find 1,000,000 People who Support Same-Sex Marriage “. The group attracted over  2,000,000 people in just over two weeks.  Love and support for the LGBTQ community poured in from around the world.  At one point, every time you clicked refresh, 10,000 more people joined! 

Working from her tiny basement apartment in Ontario, Love collected over 60,000 petition signatures for marriage equality, more than a multi-million dollars charity for the same cause. Within five years, the LGBT-friendly community won same-sex marriage equality across North America. 

The group also saved countless lives of bullied LGBT youth, and Love led a number of successful suicide interventions that saved lives.

Love’s new dream is to inspire 1,000,000,000 people to thrive, change lives and create a kinder world for all. With your help, anything is possible! 

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The 4 Keys to OUTstanding  Love, Self-Love & Mental Health by Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology)

You can help save lives simply by sharing this page. 

Trigger Warning: Homophobic Rejection, Violence & Suicide... 

Due to homophobic discrimination, shaming, homelessness and violence, suicide is 4-5 times higher amongst LGBTQ2S (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Two-Spirit) youth.  It is the leading cause of death in the community.  Research shows that LGBTQ2S youth with accepting parents are 47% more likely to survive. Meanwhile, countless seniors and youth are living in unsafe conditions where they have to try to hide their identities and/or relationships just to be safe.  

YOU can prosper by inspiring & empowering people with The 4 Keys to OUTstanding  Love, Self-Love & Mental Health

1) Your OUTstanding Inspiring Power Story

2) Empathic Mentoring Certification & Peer Support

3)  Inspiring Equality through Empowering Music Videos

4) OUTstanding Kind Homes & Communities for LGBTQ-Friendly Youth, Seniors & Mentors

At OUTstanding Lives, we have built programs around each of these four secrets.  

YOU are invited to join the dream to save lives of LGBTQ youth, 

We need your help to save more lives and expand Jessica’s LGBTQ Kind Homes. A few weeks ago, just started our first LGBT Kind Home in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, with Jessica (name changed for privacy and confidentiality) and two LGBT teens who recently escaped serious homophobic violence from their families. One of the teens attempt suicide many times before escaping to the kind home.  We have received countless requests from LGBT youth, refugees, and seniors who desperately need safe housing where they can be themselves, be safe and belong.

We would also like to hire Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology) to offer art therapy, empathic mentoring programs and educational certification programs for the people in the shelter, and we need your help. 

You’re invited to the dream to inspire & empower 1,000,000,000 people to create a kinder world. Please 1) watch the video below 2) share this 3) click the gold “donate” button* and give $555 or more to get featured in our video (and/or get your own promotional music video). Thanks! YOU make a difference. Together, we can inspire your world. -Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology)  

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FREE Gift: Healing from Homophobic Reliogion

he epicenter of homophobic hate is patriarchal religion.  Many patriarchal religious leaders, hungry for money and power over others, often preach hate and violence towards the LGBTQ2S community.  Why do religions of "love" preach hate towards LGBTQ2S people?  Around 325 AD, Emperor Constantine "The Great" murdered his son, murdered his wife, funded the first bibles and churches.  He stated his reason in three words that changed the world: "Conquer with THIS. "  Constantine was a war leader and he used his version of Christianity as a psychological weapon of war.  People who hate themselves are easier to manipulate, control and send off to die in war.  They are also easier to manipulate into giving money and time, and into having children who also give money to the church.  

Some patriarchal religious leaders today still use hate to build their incomes.   In a recent survey, over 90% of people reported that Christianity taught them self-hate, shame and guilt.  

Luckily, some religious leaders use Their positions to teach love, not hate. With your help, we can produce more music videos to inspire kindness. 


Jessica’s Story

Your Donations Support Jessica’s Safe Home 

Yes! You can thrive and help save lives. You’re a hero. Please click to save “Jessica” (NAME & IDENTIFYING INFORMATION CHANGED to protect privacy and safety),  a volunteer LGBT community leader who helped save countless LGBT  lives and win same-sex marriage equality. She now needs our help to find a safe home. Please...
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3) thrive 

Update: Thanks for your help to get Jessica safe and housed for the summer.  Now, we're raising funds for her to have stable housing, and to save lives of bullied LGBT youth at risk of suicide.  As a free gift to thank you for your donation, if you want, we can recognize you as a co-producer in our upcoming music videos by Sharon Love, M. Ed. (Psychology).  


The following is a true story that you may find upsetting. If you are sensitive and/ if you have suffered trauma, reading the following true story may trigger trauma memories or effects.

If you have ever been bullied or abused and have not healed from it, reading the following information may be overwhelming.

Please only read if you are emotionally strong and healthy enough to do so, and you have plenty of emotional support...



“Jessica” speaks... I apologize for sharing my true story without asking Sharon to add a trauma trigger warning at first.  After what happened, I was in shock. I had almost been killed. My entire life changed the instant the wheel fell off my bike. I was terrified because I had just lost my home, my community and my sense of safety in the world. After losing my job to the abuse, I didn’t know how to cover rent and food moving forward, and I was panicked. When I arrived at the shelter and they asked me to sign paperwork, I was so traumatized that I couldn’t even remember what year it was.

Now, a few weeks later, I understand that it may have been traumatic even to hear or read about what happened.  I can understand why many people reacted with shock, anger, fear and disbelief, because that was my original reaction, too.  It was completely overwhelming. I’m still recovering from the trauma.  I’m gathering evidence and proof of what happened.

Note: To protect her safety and privacy in the wake of scary violence, Jessica asked me to change her name and identifying information. The abuser may have access to this page. Some bullies like to attack people who are vulnerable. It’s simply not safe to identify a recent trauma victim on a website that is open to the entire world to see. If you think you know who Jessica is, please do not name her in public or online.

Our goal is healing, health and safety for Jessica, and others seeking inspiration. Hurt people hurt people. Even if you know her abuser please do not say or do anything to retaliate; just wish them healing for their horrible, traumatic childhood. If you see the recent smear campaign online, please take screenshots and send them to me. Hurt people hurt people. 

Jessica is a volunteer LGBT community leader who has saved countless lives. Over the past year, a dangerously narcissistic and violent hater has targeted her in her own home.

Jessica’s abuser was running a drug lab very near her home. She screamed at her, humiliated her in public, used threatening gestures, and poisoned her with toxic illegal drug fumes in her own home (until, so dizzy and sick from the meth or cocaine fumes that she couldn’t think clearly, she lost her job when she was working from home). Jessica called the police in desperation. In response, the narcissist ripped her little “love” sachet off her door handle...



Jessica needs a safe new home to escape abuse. 
In April this year, the abuser almost killed Jessica by secretly tampering with her bicycle. Luckily, she got off the bike in time to prevent injury or death, but she had to move to an emergency shelter because the abuser knows where she lives and has access to her neighbour’s unit. Theauthorities say they can’t do anything because she doesn’t have a video to prove the abuse. 

1) share this page
2) donate $5 or more
3) thrive! Enjoy the free “thank you” gift & online event (usually Saturday at 2 pm ET; New York & Toronto time)

Once we help Jessica, we can also help prevent violence by creating kind, LGBT-friendly communities. 
Thanks. You make a difference. Together, we can inspire your world.

The abuser almost killed Jessica by sabotagingher bike, and she needs a new home to get safe...


She left the Bike in the Park 

For safety, she went to a shelter in another city (Cambridge). Now that she has moved again, we can share photos from there... A couple of friends helped her get a few of her things...


That photo is from when she started getting ready to move out of the shelter and into a cheap room for rent.   It was scary to be in a big shelter in the middle of Covid, but at least it was a highly secure place that protected Jessica from the addicted abuser, and helped her find resources for moving on.

By this time, someone was attacking my character online for trying to protect Jessica’s name and identity for safety reasons. To prove the story, while we wait for the shelter to send us a letter, we took this photo above of getting ready to move out. In the photo above, you can see an early copy of a book I wrote on self-love, that Jessica was using to heal. 

The video shows the what was left of the bike a couple weeks later, as she left it in a park in Guelph in order to look for a safe new home. 

You Can Thrive & Help Save Jessica’s Life

You’re invited to join the dream to save Jessica’s life from hateful violence (and create safe, loving, eco-friendly, LGBT-friendly communities and retreat centres based on Your HEART Thrives Kind Communication System).

This is a photo we got on a free resource website to represent Jessica’s dream of a safe, healthy, stable home...

Jessica has donated thousands of hours to helping the LGBT community, and saved lives of countless bullied LGBT youth and refugees. She helped win same-sex marriage equality across North America with a 2,000,000 member movement she helped me lead on Facebook in 2010, which collected 60,000 petition signatures, all without funding.  We were a team of volunteers with no funding who got more petition signatures than a multi-million dollar charity for the same cause. I could not have done it without Jessica.

Now, Jessica needs our help.

1) share this page
2) donate $5 or more
3) thrive! Enjoy the free “thank you” gift & online event (usually Saturday at 2 pm ET; New York & Toronto time)

Jessica’s heart ached with despair and hopelessness. She agreed to let me share her story to see if we could find her a safe home such as a student room or share in an LGBT-friendly home. She was too ashamed to let me share her financial struggles, so we just asked if anyone knew of a place to rent.

A friend of a friend of mine heard her story and said she wanted to donate money to help her. She suggested she start a GoFundMe page.

When Jessica got this kind message from a total stranger, she burst into tears. Her hope for her life and her faith in humanity began to return. Part of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go to help Jessica escape and be able to afford a safe home in another city, far from the abusive hater who almost ended her life.

Together, we can help her and others like her to afford a home in a kind community where they can be healthy, happy, and safe.

Thanks. You make a difference. Together, we can create kind communities for you, and a kinder world for all.

If we raise...

$10 - We will buy Jessica* some rice and beans

$100 We will buy Jessica* some healthy meals with fresh fruits and vegetables

$2,000, We will rent Jessica a safe, healthy home and feed her for a month

$25,000, We will rent a safe, healthy home for Jessica far away from the abuser and feed her for a year, so she can heal and do what she loves, creating kind, LGBT-friendly communities

YES! You can thrive, change lives and help save lives with just a few clicks. Inspire. Empower. Prosper! To earn recognition for supporting OUTstanding LGBTQ ️‍ inclusion & mental health, please:
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2) donate $5 or more if you can to support OUTstanding LGBT inclusion programs, to join our next online event and/or get interviewed & promoted to 25,000 LGBT-friendly CEOs & professionals online. If you’d like more clients and/or loyal top talent, and you lead a socially responsible business, we’d love to help you.  Dare to dream of attracting high-paying, loyal clients who rave about you, pay you up front, and send you a steady stream of ideal client referrals.    


You make a difference. 

Thanks. You make a difference. Together, we can create kind communities for you, a Kind home for Jessica, and a kinder world for all.

Sharon Love


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