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March, 2018

UPDATE, February, 2018

Since the start of this campaign, we have been overwhelmed by the generous support of neighbors and friends. Thank you so much. 

For future updates, please click on "updates" on this page. As for the story below, we can only add that the people were given one chance, in October, to speak directly to the Board about their concerns, during the year-long process. Nearly 40 residents spoke, eloquently and with documentation, about their concerns. The Planning Board however has continued on the path to approve this project with little objection.

Thank you for your donations and please share our page! Our neighbors and friends make us a community.

Not In Our Neighborhood, Warwick NY: Nightmare on Elm Street
We need your help!!! Save Our Neighborhood – and Yours!!!

 Do you like your backyard? Keep reading….

The Planning Board of the Village of Warwick is seriously considering a proposal for a 3,600-square foot bar/restaurant that seats 90 at the bar, plus 30-40 tables, with an additional 2,082 square feet of outdoor decks at 16 Elm Street (for a total of 5,682 square feet). It will be open until 1:00 am on weekdays and 2:00 am on weekends. The outdoor decks will have speakers for music and constant bar noise.

Not In Our Neighborhood (NION) is a group of neighbors in the Village of Warwick who either have homes directly adjacent to the proposed bar or live in the Village and are concerned about Village planning.

The Warwick Village Planning Board has refused, to date, to allow public comment prior to critical decisions being made. One of those decisions is to build a six-foot fence to be placed ten feet within the existing property lines. Meanwhile, the Planning Board has met regularly with the lawyers, property owners of 16 Elm Street, and the owner of the bar/restaurant.

As a result, NION has been forced to a hire a lawyer to have their concerns presented to the Planning Board.  Think about that: in order to have Village residents’ concerns addressed by its own Village government, they had to hire a lawyer.

If the Planning Board can do this to one neighborhood, it can do it to yours. Do you like your backyard? Imagine if the regulations changed without your input and the property behind your house can now be a large bar with outdoor decks within steps of your backdoor. Would you still like your backyard? 

Your donation will help us tremendously by:

·         Helping Village residents pay the lawyer who has been invaluable in steering residents through the Planning Board process, explaining the law, clearing up misinformation presented to the public by the Planning and Village Boards, and helping residents have a voice in governmental decisions that will directly affect their homes.

·         Allowing NION to perform and pay for environmental studies not being considered by the applicant or the Planning Board.

The land at 16 Elm Street has a large flood plain and therefore the building, patios and garbage locations are proposed to be built in the far top corner, within 20 feet of backyards of village residents on Van Buren and West Streets. Over 20 residents will have the new bar directly behind their backyards. Some will have the bar’s dumpsters next to their yards as well. The existing trees that currently form a barrier between the properties will be cleared to make space for the new building. Not only is the proposed bar in a residential neighborhood, but at a total of over 5,000 square feet, it is completely out of scale with the properties around it.

With your help, we can stop this project NOW! We need to act fast, to end any further advancement by the bar owner with the Planning Board. Your contribution is invaluable: NION will be able to pay for mounting legal challenges, and the Board will get the message that many people care about the future of the Village of Warwick and respect its residential neighborhoods.

What you can do to stop the nightmare at 16 Elm Street:

·         Support our Go Fund Me page by donating whatever you can afford, either publicly or anonymously

·         Like our Facebook page: Not in Our Neighborhood, Warwick. This page will provide updates about what is happening at 16 Elm Street.

·         Share our information on Facebook, websites, Twitter, your front porch

·         Share our map with others – most people we’ve talked to presume that the new building will be at 16 Elm, right next to the car wash. It’s not – that is only the entrance. The new building will be in the far top corner, where the trees and houses are in the back of the property.

·         Write the Planning Board and tell them what you think of the project at 16 Elm Street

·         Write a letter to the local newspapers

·         Talk to your Village neighbors about what is going on, even if you don’t live on Elm, Van Buren or West Streets – it will affect EVERYONE in the Village!

·         Correct people who say that Elm, West and Van Buren Streets are rundown areas that will only benefit from a new restaurant. Not only is this incorrect, it is insulting.

 The neighborhoods of Van Buren and West Streets are family neighborhoods, with some residents in their homes for over 50 years and many more for decades. This is a vibrant working-class neighborhood, with 100-year-old homes, whose residents love working, shopping, and living in the Village of Warwick. They shovel each other’s sidewalks in the winter, and keep an eye on each other’s children. It is a quiet and charming neighborhood. Their property values, pride in home ownership, and quality of life will be destroyed by a noisy and invasive bar scene, feet from their doorsteps.

The rest of the Village of Warwick will be directly affected by the location of this large bar in several ways. There is no telling how far noise will travel from outdoor speakers without a study. There will be increased traffic and impaired driving on the weekends, especially on the quiet side streets, at 2:00 am in the morning, as drivers make their way home (and try to avoid Main Street – and the police).  There will be increased late-night foot traffic, as bar hoppers make their way up crooked sidewalks to Elm Street and back to Main Street, putting a large segment of West Street at risk for increased noise, accidents, and liability. The reputation of Warwick as a “partytown” is not one that is ultimately beneficial to the quality of life or the economic health of the Village.

Don’t get us wrong: there is nothing wrong with a bar and people having a good time and getting home safely. Lots of us love to go out to Warwick’s bars and have a fun evening with friends, drinks and music. Warwick’s Main Street is thriving with beautiful venues and fun times – and these establishments are mainly located on Main Street, within a block of Main Street, or entirely outside of the Village. This is what makes our Village so special – it is residential with a vibrant Main Street. Bars Don’t Belong in Backyards!

Donations can be made publicly or anonymously via this page. If you prefer to donate directly please contact NION at [email redacted].

We are so grateful for your support. Thank you so much, from Neighbor to Neighbor!


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