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Hello my Bernie Friends!!! First things first, I am an elected Bernie Sanders delegate for District 25 in California! I absolutely LOVE Bernie Sanders supporters, you are MY PEOPLE! My name is Jessica. I am in my very early 30’s, work a full time job at a fortune 200 corporation as a senior executive administrative assistant. I have been interested in politics my whole life because of the injustices that occur in the world we live in today. I am an advocate of human rights, woman’s rights, animal rights, LGTB rights, etc. I believe that we are all equal and that we all deserve to live a decent life. Imagine my JOY when I learned about Bernie Sanders just last year! I was uninterested in politics for the past couple of years because of the same old scandals and corrput BS happening but I never stopped believing in the power of the people! It is truly AMAZING what the Bernie Sanders campaign has done to give the people their voice again! I know many people who work hard, have 2 jobs, who cannot afford the cost of living. I am from a middle class family of very hard workers and I believe that anyone who works 40 hours a week should be able to support themselves with at least their basic inalienable rights. I think that the way capitalism has taken over our country is atrocious and we need to take our country back! Our forefathers did not want us to be slaves to these conglomerate corporations and greedy 1%. We are American, we make shit happen! Let’s do this, PLEASE JOIN MY TEAM!

I support Bernie Sanders for president on many levels. My beliefs are aligned with his and I will do absolutely anything to see him become president and to FIGHT for what he stands for! I truly believe that not only is Bernie Sanders our only hope but we will never have a chance to vote for someone like him again.  I am willing to go to the Democratic Convention and give up my one week vacation I get from my job yearly in order to vote for Bernie Sanders.

I am one of those people who works 40+ hours a week and barely gets by. In order for me to go and support our candidate, I need money for airfare, lodging, etc. The hotels is very expensive where the convention is at but I will look for a cheaper one that is close by.  I have itemized the expenses for me to go to the Democratic National Convention below ( I am paying for my own airfare)

Airfare: $1500 (Paying for myself)

Hotel for 5 nights: $1700

Transportation: $200

Food and Incidentals: $600

Statewide Delegate Meeting Cost to Attend: $200 (paying for myself)

I have added a link to show the estimated cost for some to go to the Democratic National Convention from Los Angeles:

Funds are needed ASAP so I can reserve my hotel and flights before the prices go up!
I would love the opportunity to represent Bernie Sanders supporters and California as a pledged delegate in the Democratic National Convention. WE NEED TO SEE THIS THROUGH. I am so passionate about Bernie Sander’s campaign and I know that you are too so please contribute so I can vote for him as a delegate. LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE, LET’S SHOW THEM THAT WE CANNOT BE STOPPED! I so appreciate your support you guys, I am representing all of the people that wish they could go to the convention and cannot. I love you Bernie supporters soooo much! Thank you for your support!
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Jessica Gist 
Santa Clarita, CA