Men and Boys do not have equality, please care...

We Genuinely need help and really cant get it anywhere else, you see no one is making funding available for men and boys.

While we desperately need financial help to challenge UN policies for men and boys, we set this page up for those who can afford to give.  Particularly businesses or those who have the ability to share their wealth.

If you are struggling financially to keep your family and live, please do not stretch yourself, we have a small shop selling some items.  We know how hard it is to survive, we only want those to donate who can safely afford to do so.

The world talks about women and girls, about their needs inequalities, but it actually is men and boys who don't have equality.  After 4 years research world wide, in developed and undeveloped countries what we have found is really shocking and goes against you will see in the media.

Men are excluded from domestic abuse policies, mental health, family courts, in the UK 2 out of 3 suicides are men.  It is like this in every country we looked at.

When a man experiences domestic abuse, he is ridiculed, there are no services for him, police forces when you speak to them will say that men are abused in equal numbers to women.  The acts of law, strategies, exclude them.

There are more men street homeless because housing isn't available for them like women.  The courts alienate fathers from parenting, tear them away from what is often the only thing in their lives that matter.

We send our men to war, dismiss their needs, society, and governance always paints the woman as the victim and the man the perpetrator it is an assumption that is stripping boys of their identity.

Boys are failing in education while girls excel, so while developed countries say there is a need to push women forward, ALL of the statistics tell a different story.

WE BELIEVE IN EQUALITY for men and boys and women and girls, but right now we have to push that forward an agenda for men and boys to bring them into the same space as women and girls.

For men and boys, a lack of services result in millions of deaths, or physical and emotional trauma every year.  As a result of this, women are also effected and we now look to you to recognise what is wrong and join us by implementing a more robust governance that ensures those who don’t offer equal rights to men and boys are held accountable.

Below is the launch letter of the campaign, unfortunately to succeed we have to pay educated people to be able to influence change for our men.

I had £10,000.00 of my own money but to get this campaign to this point I have now spent all that.  As a formal notification of the launch, the information below was sent in writing you may want to read it.

On the 1st of July 2020, we launched our campaign for men and boys that target the UN member states.  We have sent information to:

·       The 193 governments who are member states of the United Nations

·       The two governments that are non-member observer states

·       The main news agencies within each of the 195 countries

·       António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

·       Ms. Beatrix Kania Chief of Protocol

·       Fifteen specialist observer agencies situated within the United Nations

·       Seven main political leaders within the United Kingdom (Please see appendix 1 for full details)

In over four years of research, it has become evident that the United Nations, as a central point for human rights, is contributing to this inequality.  We celebrate everything you stand for, your ethics and values and as such we believe that your contribution to the inequality for men and boys is an anomaly, that it is not clear or has not been made evident to you.

The campaign asks that the United Nations six Committees, and each of its member states, review all legal and strategic governance designed to serve the people within each member state to include all genders or become gender neutral.

It is our belief that the exclusion of men and boys from government acts, policies and fiscal management goes against human rights and the fundamental directives of the UN.

The campaign will systematically work to raise awareness, highlighting the relationship between global and national governance and the lack of gender equality in funded services.

The campaign works from the premise that the governance of societies should at no time ever promote one gender over another and that its responsibility is to evaluate and work towards the needs of all members of the societies they serve. 

We work on the premise that no woman or man has the ethical right to ask for equality unless they are willing to support and promote equality for all genders.

History of the Campaign

This campaign was born out of research started in 2016 into the availability of services for men experiencing domestic abuse in the UK.

It evolved into a far deeper exploration of how, what, where, when and who contributed to the formulation of services and why those services were not governed by equality and factual evidence.

In creating this campaign, we completed research that included:

·       A study on the legal acts, policies and strategies of UN member states, identifying the gender narrative within them and how they influence the lack of services for men and boys.

·       Studied the consultation processes in the formulation of the above acts, policies and strategies and the exclusivity and gender bias within these processes.

·       Studied front line service delivery of specific government and non-government agencies and how gender equality impacts on the commissioning of service delivery for men and boys.

·       Completed a world-wide exploration of best practise in governance and the delivery of services for men and boys, finding none that was adequate to the need.

·       Studied how UN Member States gather and use evidential data in formulating acts of governance.

·       Formulated 13 of the most common denominators within the UN member states, that consistently prevent men and boys receiving equality in the provision of desperately needed services where they are safe, respected and given the opportunity to thrive

·       An in-depth study of the societal narratives and the impact of gender promoting media trends within that narrative

Throughout our research, we have found that there is a toxic, systemic neglect of equality and the human rights of men and boys, disabling them from the ability to thrive within society. 

Upon conclusion of this research, we identified the following 13 areas of inequality for men and boys:

·       Legal Representation

·       Courts and Associated Services

·       Education

·       Health

·       Police and Associated Services

·       Statistical Gathering and Reporting

·       Children’s Services

·       Governmental Social Services

·       Charities – NGO’s

·       Housing – equal provision of safe space

·       Acts of Law

·       Equality – Human Rights

·       Equality in Service Development

Key aims and objectives of Split The Difference CIC

We will:

·       Through journalism, news, documentary, and social media, publicly repeat the last four years research, raising awareness of the inequality for men and boys. Where evidence shows need, we will also include women and girls.

·       Never report on areas of inequality that are not backed by evidence.

·       Create a network of support through formulating management committees situated within each country, celebrating and respecting cultural and societal diversity.

·       Work with individuals and families, professionals, organisations, and governments to provide research and evidence that influences equality for men and boys, where applicable to also include women and girls.

·       Review and measure the outcomes of each project hosted by Split The Difference CIC, ensuring all of our practices are governed by our legal responsibilities and internationally accepted accreditation processes to ensure the voice of those we serve will be heard and respected.

·       Never diminish in our premise that the management of society lies at the feet of our governments. That they have a responsibility to ensure that all acts of law, policy and strategic delivery of services must absolutely without bias, include both genders, or be gender neutral in all areas without exception.


Yours sincerely

Sally-Anne Burris

CEO of Split The Difference CIC


Sally-anne Burris 
Propeller, Wales, United Kingdom

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