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UPDATED 5/7/2022 !!

I plan to be back in Puerto Rico next month.

That trip will help me move beyond exploration and general assessment to starting to establish a network and a list of contacts. The process of building relationships with people already in PR doing good work that helps others begins! By pairing with others, learning from them, and seeing where my skills, experience, and gifts can dovetail with their needs, I can find a unique place to be of service.

My focus continues to be the practical help of people in need.
Issues of food sustainability, clean water, and recycling are areas of biggest focus and interest to me as I move forward and where I will concentrate getting a practical education among the leaders and people here in PR for what is specifically needed most.

⭐️I have an arrangement to offer elder care assistance in exchange for lodging and this will allow me to put all the money raised here directly to help Puerto Rican people in need. You continued support is appreciated and will not be diverted to other expenses. 

• I will pay for my own food and other living expenses (and airfare costs as I travel back to see family) through work that I can find locally, design or writing work, and through money from supporters of my 

Thank you for all your love and support.
I thank you also for spreading the word.

Most updates will be posted on  and sparkmymuse/ 


ORIGINAL POST   |   3/2022 

Hi friends,
I need help making a miracle.
I don't have the money to do this, but I have the will and I know that beginning this will change many lives, maybe even yours.
Here's some background:
I am writing to you from Bayamón, Puerto Rico.
I long to help the people here on the island.

Ever since the catastrophe of Hurricane Maria in 2017, my heart has been aching to return to the place I was born and be of help. Over 3,000 were killed, not so much by the horrific storm but by the power outages and ensuing related disasters that affected the most vulnerable.

These U.S. citizens, a whopping 43% of them, live below the poverty line.
Most struggle for ordinary things like getting healthy food, education, jobs, and assistance to create sustainable ways of living. 
For 102 years, the Jones Act has forced them to import ONLY what is shipped from the U.S. mainland. Getting food or ANY other goods from nearby countries is illegal unless it is shipped first to the U.S. mainland and then re-shipped on U.S. transportation back to Puerto Rico. Imagine for a moment that the state of New York told Florida "Hey, yo, everything single thing you import has to come to us and through us first!" It's truly absurd.
For over a century, this law has wasted enormous amounts of time and energy. It also carries a needless and heavy environmental toll and, of course it creates high spikes in prices too for people already at poverty level. The initial goal of the act was really nasty. It was to force the people of island into import-dependence and hinder their autonomy and prosperity. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
(It was also to create US shipping jobs, help the ship building industry and pad the pockets in the US shipping corps. This industry also has a strong lobby mechanism. So, they make money off the backs of the poor countries like Puerto Rico who (surprisingly? no.) do not have voting representation in Congress.)
This makes all the staples, yes, even  food and medicine, cost at least 26% more than on the U.S. mainland.

⭐️85% of what people eat in Puerto Rico is imported.

Ordinary things like gasoline cost $1.55 per liter (quart), a gallon of milk and a head of lettuce each cost $7. Add to that the hefty 11% commonwealth tax to raise money to pay for services here.

Generally speaking, I've noticed that if something costs $2-4 in the States, then it costs $7-9 here in Puerto Rico.

This keeps people eating poorly and staying poor.

In many places the drinking water doesn't meet the Federal Government safety standards. Bottled water is, of course, expensive. But, guess what is cheaper than water?

Alcohol.  This "pain reliever" is readily available. It is commonly used and frequently abused. 

Many people eat a diet that consists primarily of fried foods. The fact is that fresh foods do not look fresh at the store. (And , if they look gross, they probably taste gross. Canned vegetables are what most people think of when they of vegetables. Yuck!)

When I went to the neighborhood market today,
it mostly carried canned meat, salted meats (especially fish), and cured meat.
Very little fresh meat was available. The available meat looked nearly out of date or "questionable".
AND THE TOMATOES! Lord, give me the strength.
The were super expensive (3 for $2.36!)
considering they grow very well in hot climates. Were they imported also? What in the world?

Most of "fresh" imported food also looked old and unappetizing.

There are many reasons why I want to come and help.
And you can come too.

In creating a nonprofit,
I can collect tax-free donations and apply for grants.
This will make partnering with corporate sponsors, organizing with others, and assisting where we are most needed much easier.
I'm not sure of the name of the nonprofit yet. Maybe you can help me decide. What are your suggestions?
  • The photo of the house is the place I'd like to buy. It has a tiny 2-person apartment on the top and a 3-bedroom place on the bottom.
The house will be used as an additional income source.
It will both bring in income for the nonprofit by using the space as an "Air BnB" rental; but also the space can house volunteers, perhaps you, and your friends or family.

Visitors/guests who want to be part of our work for a designated period of time can help out.  There will be multiple income  streams to keep this effort sustainable. Being a nonprofit means at least 1/3 of funding must come from the public through donations and fundraising etc -- - so everything helps! 

I really believe that plenty of people don't ALWAYS want some typical vacation that gets a bit dull after a few days.
Many people might wish to experience a mix of relaxation, discovery, and the chance to include meaningful ways of caring for others.

⭐️❤️⭐️ What I'm calling a "care-cation" or a VIDA-cation (life-vacation)
Once things are up and running, will you join us in Puerto Rico?

You can visit this gorgeous island and enjoy its beauty, beaches, historic sites, rainforests, and nature preserves, but also meet with people who live here and help where you are needed. Your trip will have extra meaning as you make unforgettable memories while being of service to others in great need.
  • Such projects on the island will include gardening vegetables, preparing and delivering meals, beautifying areas, helping with cleaning, repair, or renovation projects, or helping with education/classes (such as English, healthy-cooking classes, money-literacy, computer skills, and more). The care and upkeep of house itself offers opportunities to local people for employment as well.
Will you join me as a part of this vision of lasting impact and goodness in a place that needs your help so badly?
The money you give will go first to setting up a nonprofit entity and the related legal paperwork, and then to buying this house.

If I can raise funds quickly enough, it could be this house, which seems WONDERFUL!
It's just 15 min from the beach. 7 minutes from some great shopping, and there are many people in area the who need practical help.
(But this one might be gone and we'll find something else that is similar)
⭐️ The important thing, right now is that we of like mind find each other, work together, contribute, and share the load.
Without help, this dream dies immediately.
I'm completely at the mercy of your goodwill and desire to be a part of this island initiative.
If I can get a few thousand by Sunday, maybe I can see a realtor!
As they like to say here to get things started, "Dalé!"

Thank you everyone. ❤️


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