Save Leonard Powell's Home

***UPDATE: June 28, 2019***

Where is JUSTICE for our neighbor, Mr. Powell? An Update and Call to Sign a Petition

South Berkeley senior Leonard Powell is back in his house but owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans for the extravagant work that was done on his home without his permission. MR. POWELL SHOULD BE MADE WHOLE AND WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE.

Two City Commissions recently called on the City to investigate Mr. Powell's case and prevent future displacement of vulnerable populations by having equitable standards for code enforcement and due process. The City Manager said there was no need, because the City did everything right. On June 11, the City Council voted to refer the recommendations from the 2 commissions to a City policy committee, to put strict controls on the use of receivership, and to send City representatives to any future court hearings.

To get justice for Mr. Powell and future homeowners in receivership, we must pressure the City Council to vote for a full, impartial investigation and make Mr. Powell whole. Please SIGN THE PETITION!  Let's continue to come together to support our neighbor!


Mr. Powell is a senior, veteran and retired postal worker who has been a member of the South Berkeley community for forty five years. It is where he has raised all of his children and the place that he calls home. He has owned his home outright for over 25 years.

At the end of 2015 housing inspectors found code violations in need of repair. These repairs were quoted by City approved contractors  to cost between $150,000 - $200,000. With little to no information on how to proceed Mr. Powell attempted to educate himself on the process.  It was never made clear what exactly the "scope of work" included and instead of supporting Mr. Powell through the process, the City forced him into court. 

A "Receiver" was then assigned to the property by a judge against his will. The "Receiver" was given control of Mr. Powell's home and the authority to make all decisions regarding the repairs.

Due to this action Mr Powell and his family  were asked to leave their home on June 22, 2017.

This included his brother suffering from COPD, who is now hospitalized, his daughter who has been on home dialysis for years, his granddaughter who administers her mother's treatment, Mr. Powell and one of his son's James who is now deceased.

The burden that this has placed on Mr. Powell's family is tremendous.  Mr. Powell is sleeping on the floor of a relative's basement while his daughter and granddaughter are challenged with managing medical supplies and care.

Meanwhile, with the intent of selling the house, the "Receiver", without permission from Mr. Powell, made extensive, expensive and extravagant renovations to his home costing over $700,000. As a result, it became only affordable to high-income buyers . Mr. Powell has never intended to sell his home, he wanted to be allowed to make the needed repairs and remain in his home with his family. 

Mr. Powell and his family have worked tirelessly to procure loans from the City of Berkeley, the Veteran's Administration as well as personal loans to pay off the exorbitant costs demanded by the Receiver. 

As Friends of Adeline, we and Mr. Powell's neighbors have been supporting him by attending court hearings and providing the moral support in knowing that he is not alone. After attending his last court date Feb. 22, 2019 we discovered that $70,000.00 is all that remains between him and his family regaining access to their home.

He was given the deadline of March 11, 2019 to come up with the remaining amount. We are taking action by launching a GoFundMe campaign. We are putting our own resources together as well as asking our close friends, colleagues and other caring members of our community to join us .

We are accepting donations of any amount that you are comfortable and able to contribute, no amount is too small.

It is with Love and infinite Gratitude that we give of ourselves, within each of our own affordability -to support our neighbor and our friend.

Please join us as you are able

Friends of Adeline
Mr. Powell's Harmon St. Neighbors

*March 11, 2019

Dear friends and community,

As of Friday March 8, 2019 the judge in Mr. Powell's case decided to postpone their originally scheduled court date for today, Monday March 11, 2019 to April 2, 2019.

Where the judge has now given Mr. Powell  more time, he has also approved additional fees passed on by the "Receiver" to Mr. Powell. As per the court phone call Mr. Powell has been required to make up an additional $18,000, changing our  goal to $88,000 and extending the deadline to March 20, 2019.

We are humbly asking those of you who have not yet had an opportunity to join us to please consider doing so if you are able.

We are profoundly grateful to everyone who has already contributed in kind words, donations and time. We would not  be able to Save Mr. Powell's Home without your support.

Please share this widely!!

In gratitude,

Friends of Adeline
Mr. Powell's Harmon St. Neighbors
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