Justice for Lilly

Ive decided to start this go fund me to help with the cost of legal fees and to have better access to resources available to help my daughter.

Take a moment to really imagine this for a moment. Its your child. Imagine what it is like to look your son or daughter in the face while their is being swabbed for ghonreah or syphilis at ages as young as 1 years old some even earlier. Imagine what the parent goes through as they try to explain to the child that its okay because doctors are trying to help. Rehearse how to convince him or her its okay for this man to spread her genitals open resplittinng their wound. A wound so severe the doctors debate on transporting hospitals for the child to recieve stitches in a better nicu. Teach yourself how to explain why this man is okay to hurt them but not the other guy. Picture what its like to look your son or daughter in the eyes and pet their hair while they laid motionless not moving a single finger as their butt is in the air, genitals fully torn, a big bright light on what is supposed to be a private part with a man's face inches away from them taking pictures and videos. While your baby is terrified frozen in fear silently bawling their eyes out. Picture the doctor, social worker, and SVU detective flipping your kid like a rag doll only to spread their butt apart and opening the butt hole to stick a swab inside. You necessarily allow your kid to feel violated by every person who will be touching them over the next few days and allowing it to happen because theyre a fucking baby and you cant teach them who is and isnt allowed to touch you. Visualize your own child being brutally penetrated tearing them open with no mercy. So forcefully they have blood in the urine. Now imagine all of this happened by someone you thought you trusted. If the doesnt make you want to scream SAVE OUR FUCKING CHILDREN!!!! Then idk what ever will.

Lilliana was sexually assaulted roughly about a week and half ago. With pain in my heart along with shame and guilt I share her story in the hopes of making her story public we can eventually get the help she needs and to receive the justice she deserves by forcing the police department to help us. I feel as though I’m doing everything in my power to help her but I’m running out of resources to talk to. It’s been nearly two weeks since the incident happened. I feel as though I’m a ball in a pin ball machine. I started off taking Lilly to Onslow memorial hospital where they told me my daughters physical trauma was not traumatic enough to label her has a sexual assault victim. They documented the tear and the blood and told me she had a UTI and sent us home. I did not believe this so I followed up with her pediatrician. Her pediatrician told me by her lab results she did not have a UTI she had trauma to her bladder causing blood to be in her urine. In her pediatrician chart notes Lilliana has a .5 cm laceration to her perineum, and she is noted to having 5 blood filled diapers as well as bloody mucus in her diaper. She is noted to having green discharge and vulvar irritation. As well as 1.5cm hyperemic streaks along the labia minora and abrasions of the labia minora. My one year old was tested for STI’s and the pediatrician states “non-accidental trauma”. After having this exam done I took Lilliana to Jacksonville police department where they took my statement then switched the case to Onslow county Police Department. Onslow Police department set us up to see the child forensic specialist to have her examined. At this point it had been 5 days after the initial molestation. That Friday I spoke with the captain of Onslow county police department to see where her case was headed because I hadn’t heard back from anyone. I was informed that the medical professions told them they don’t believe there is a definite sexual assault as my daughter is only 1 she cannot talk about it. They told me their hands are tied and this would be the hardest case they ever worked but unfortunately there is nothing they can do because she is so young. I asked for a copy of her file they had and he told me they would get it to me Monday. When Monday came around I called to give them a fax number on where to send the report and any evidence they had. I was then told at that point they still had not received any medical reports. So I was extremely frustrated with how he can tell me no sexual assault yet had no medical records to base that off of. I called Onslow memorial hospital and got the medical records faxed over to me. Not really much to base of their report because Onslow is known to be a pretty shitty hospital. I shouldn’t have taken her there and I never would have except for the fact that the rape happened in Onslow county so I was pretty much forced to. I called the pediatrician and was getting the run around to get her chart for that days appointment. I never received it over fax so I went into the building and retrieved them that way. The following day I contacted the captain again and set an appointment to drop off evidence being the outfit she was wearing the day of the rape. Come the time of the appointment I waited an hour for someone else from SVU to let me know the case was no longer in their jurisdiction and sent me back to Jacksonville police department. After waiting another half an hour at the Jacksonville police department they told me they were unsure why Onslow police department sent me to them and told me to go to Richlands police department. When I arrived at the Richlands police department they were confused because they had never even been briefed on her case and had heard nothing about it. The crime was suspected to be committed in Jacksonville and Richlands is unable to even make an arrest in Jacksonville. Its now been nearly two weeks I have no where to drop evidence off to and no one is wanting to help us and continues to pawn me off to someone else because lillys case is too difficult. Not a single person has been questioned other than me and Matty. I feels as though her case is getting no where and I need help lighting a fire under their ass to do something. My daughter was raped. Her vagina was stretched and torn open, and she had numerous bloody diapers and blood in her urine from forceful penetration as well as coming from insider her vagina. A women doesn’t produce estrogen until puberty so there is no explanation as to why she has discharge coming from inside her vagina. I don’t understand how a 1 year old can be raped in such a way and the police department isn’t doing anything.


Kaylie Bain
Richlands, NC

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