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S.C.O.R.E. Public Art Campaign

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SPAC (S.C.O.R.E. Public Art Campaign ) is a revitalization initiative to foster youth development through public art projects in several under served communities of Shreveport, Louisiana by local nonprofit S.C.O.R.E. 501(c)(3) and public artist KaDavien Baylor. 

Inspired by the beautifully vibrant culture of Shreveport, we have developed a plan to design, produce and celebrate public art projects that will reflect the essence of the community.

Our final productions will be displayed through symbols, patterns, iconography and imagery captured in bold and vibrant paint.  We will build on existing partnerships and collaborations with individuals, cultural institutions and organizations across Shreveport who may serve as contributors to the mural project.  

The objective of this project is to help transform Shreveport communities into cultural and artistic destinations.  We hope to build on the momentum of a host of awesome public art projects that call Shreveport home. We want to expand the number of murals in the city of Shreveport.  Through a citywide campaign, S.P.A.C., we will use Shreveport as a public gallery space. 

Our $44,000 Goal:

Our $44,000 Goal covers the beautification of 8-12 public art projects through end of 2021.
Through each initiative materials, labor, design, and engagement are implemented through funds raised through this platform.   No funds will be used for state and/or federal lobbying. No goods or services will be provided in consideration, in whole or in part, for this contribution.

What better way to get the community involved in public art than having the community help fund AND create the project.  GoFundMe will enable us to exercise our artistic abilities without the influence of a single source funder which means greater creative FREEDOM!

Every penny raised for projects will goes towards creating amazing murals documented and displayed on the S.P.A.C. website

Our Process

We will use a co-creation method utilizing the talents of local artist, youth and community leaders in our projects. We seek to bring together an amalgamation of funders to not only help financially support the project but also bring the project to reality on site.

Those willing to give at a certain level will be invited on site to work alongside the artists to help turn this vision into a reality.  

Pledge $10 or more
Community Contact
For your generosity we will keep you up-to-date on the project from start to finish via our website and behind the scenes content emailed directly to you along with our sincere appreciation and gratitude.

Pledge $25 or more
Social Support
Personal photo with artist in which can be used to show your support for public art and revitalization in Shreveport, La via social media!

Pledge $60 or more
11"x17" Print
If you believe in the power of public art then this level is perfect for you.

You will receive a poster of the finished mural to hang on your own wall so you can show your friends that you support public art and beautification in Shreveport!

Pledge $100 or more
Signed Print
A gift at this level gets you a signed print of the mural by the artists.

Pledge $150 or more
Signed Print & Custom SPAC Tee
At this level you can wear your support with a customized t-shirt of the finished mural.

You will also receive a print of the mural signed by the artists.

Pledge $200 or more
Signed Print, Custom SPAC Tee, Site pass
This is a great level to give as you will receive a signed print of the mural, a t-shirt with the mural design and to top it off 1 day site pass to assist the artists with the production of the mural in the.

Pledge $500 or more
Two day site pass
Get to be an artist for a day or 2! Work alongside the artists as the mural comes alive with 2 day site passes. Of course you get all the other perks listed above as well!

Pledge $800 or more
3 day site passes
Watch and learn the art of mosaics as you take an active role in the creation of the mural with 3 day site passes where you can work alongside the artist and his team to produce the mosaic mural. All the other goodies listed above come with this level too!

Pledge $1,000 or more
Artist Lunch & More
If you want a truly special treat then this is the Pledge level for you. Artist lunch with you and a guest including discussion of insights about future murals and what's next up KD's creative sleeve. All the other rewards listed above come with this level too!


  • Willie Bradford
    • $50 
    • 3 yrs
  • Daphne Thibeaux
    • $25 
    • 3 yrs
  • Bridgette Williams
    • $25 
    • 4 yrs
  • Anónimo
    • $5,000 (Fuera de Internet)
    • 4 yrs
  • Rodney Welch
    • $50 
    • 4 yrs


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