Saving a Family

My motto has always been:
"Save the world on person at a time"

I've done everything I can for anyone I can my whole life, so when my 4 nephews were in danger of being taken by cps, adopted out, and separated from each other, I had to step in, even though I am a single mom of 4 already. I have been raising my 4 nephews along with my children for 3 years now, I have not asked for help until now, I am working full time, I have all 8 children on my health insurance through my job. My children, and I are living in a small house for the last 3 years, and we are literally on top of each other, I have been sharing a room with 3 of my children since we combined families, my nephews parents are not in the picture, nor do they help me to do anything. I've tried to get assistance for my family, but because I am working and make "decent" money, I do not qualify for much at all. My gross income is what everyone goes by when deciding if I qualify for help, half of every check goes straight to health insurance, and taxes which takes half of my check, I bring home 1400 a month. I am struggling to make ends meet, my oldest son is newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, he's been in, and out of the hospital, the kids have been sick on and off, between medical bills, living expenses, food, gas for work, baby necessities, clothes, and supplies, I am unable to do it all, if I pay one bill, I can't pay another, then I don't have food, or gas for work. I've been working in my field for 20 years, however, due to a broken back, and tendinitis in my wrists and elbows, it is so physically painful to do my job, but I keep pushing on, these kids are relying on me. I've never been one to ask for help, but right now, I am desperately needing help to keep raising these children, to keep my nephews together and with family that loves them. Due to excessive medical bills that I cannot pay, my credit is not the greatest, not the worst, however I am unable to qualify for a home loan, I need more space, a house that fits all of us, and preferably out of the area I'm in now, where there are daily shootings, constant sirens, people getting killed at my son's school, and by a student none the less. My children all need counseling for different reasons, and some for the same reasons. I have to take a lot of time off of work to care for my childrens different needs, which of course brings less money in. I would like to raise enough money to pay off my medical bills, to raise my credit score so I can purchase a home big enough for all of us, to buy a car that will fit all of us, to buy clothes for the children, and to put food in my house. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, even food/clothes donations are appreciated, I am sacrificing a lot, I've been doing it alone.
I do have a goal to eventually start my own business, as well as a non profit organization to help families in need get back on their feet. I cannot continue to help others if I cannot support my own family.
Please help.

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Shanna Jopson 
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