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Return of the Blackheath Rocket

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The Rotary Club of Blackheath's major community fundraising project for this year is the reinstatement of the Blackheath Rocket Slippery Dip to the Blackheath Soldiers Memorial Park.

This will mark 20 years since it was originally removed by the Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC).

The Blackheath Rocket provided hours of entertainment and enjoyment to a generation not brought up on electronic games and gadgets. It is time to return playtime and imagination to a generation that needs to enjoy ecxvciting outside games and activities.

 We need to raise $75,000 now to make this dream a reality.

All profits from our fundraising go towards the construction and installation of the Blackheath Rocket. 

The "Return of the Blackheath Rocket" to the Memorial Park so we can provide the community with:

*A heritage and culturally significant piece of play equipment back to the community.
*Have the Park used more often by children and adults due to this exciting equipment.
*A park providing greater activity and access for mobility impaired children. They will be able to enjoy the Rocket, create adventues using the Space Travel Panel and use the talking tube between the Rocket levels. to ineract with others.
*Allow children to have Space adventure games, role play and create fantasies with their peers and parents.
*Educate children about space travel.
*Provide family photo opportunities.
*Increase tourism to the Park.


Andrew Hancock
Megalong Valley NSW

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