Need Car Repair Financial Assistance? These Top Resources Can Help

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Did you know that the average vehicle in the UK is around nine years old? And the older the car, the more potential there is for pricey repairs. For many, expensive car repairs can easily lead to a crisis with personal finances. If you’re one of the countless people in need of car repair financial assistance, the resources below will help you get back on the road quickly and safely.

Surprising facts on car repair costs to consider

Even if you do have a fund to help with emergencies, car repair costs can run into the thousands. The price of a car repair can easily affect anyone’s budget. If you don’t happen to have enough savings, it may also quickly put you in debt. 

  • Repairs to a car, when needed, could cost hundreds of pounds.
  • Car maintenance in the UK can cost around £1,300 per year.
  • Some simple repairs could cost a lot of money – for example, a bumper replacement could cost up to £700.
  • According to, just 15% of adults have savings, meaning it may be harder to absorb unexpected repair costs.

Use these resources to help pay for car repairs

Car repair emergencies occur, whether you’re ready or not. If you’re wondering how to get help with bills, below are several resources that can point you in the right direction. If you need help paying for car repairs, these resources can be a lifeline. 

Car repair assistance for care workers

  • The Care Workers Charity has a grant of maximum £500 to help with car repairs.
  • You can apply for help from the charity if you work in the provision of adult, elderly or disability care. This includes day care, residential care, private care or supported living care.

Car repair assistance from clergy support

  • Clergy Support offers £500 grants for car repairs.
  • The organisation supports members of the Anglican clergy and their families.

Crowdfunding: the fast and easy way to pay for car repairs 

When the above options fall short and you’re left wondering how to pay for car repairs with no money, crowdfunding online can be a lifeline. Online fundraising can help you raise the money you need quickly—without lengthy applications, eligibility requirements, or endless waiting periods. The following tips will help ensure your car repair fundraiser is a success.

  • Write your campaign story in a way that is compelling, and makes an emotional connection with your audience. Let potential donors know what you’re going through, and exactly how their donation will help.
  • Consider including a video in your fundraising efforts. This helps strengthen your bond with donors and makes it easy to share your fundraiser on social media.
  • Keep donors in the loop with regular fundraiser updates. Let your audience know once you start using funds to repair your car, or if you’ve reached a fundraising milestone that you’re particularly excited about.
  • At the end of your fundraiser, make sure to thank your donors with a thank you letter. A simple gesture of gratitude goes a long way.  

Successful car repair fundraisers on GoFundMe

Take a look below at how others have used crowdfunding to quickly raise the money they needed for essential car repairs. 

Help Jeremiah with his car repairs

Jeremiah is a traveling musician who drives to most of his shows. He greatly depends on his car, which is a huge part of his livelihood. At his last event, he hit a bad pothole that ruined a part of his car’s rear axle. Unfortunately, the repair costs were more than he could afford. Jeremiah started a GoFundMe to get help. He surpassed his fundraising goal and has raised over $3,000 for his car repairs.

Unexpected car repairs

When Layla’s car was totaled in an accident, she had to buy a replacement vehicle quickly to get around. Unfortunately, the used car she bought ended up having a serious engine issue, which made raising her son and getting around in her daily life difficult. She launched a GoFundMe where friends, family, and community members raised over $4,100 to help Layla repair her car. 

Car repairs for journey home

To support her young son’s academic success, Sunday drove him the 900 miles from Seattle to San Francisco for a week-long, prestigious architecture workshop. While in the Bay area, their parked car was unfortunately broken into. Sunday had thousands of dollars of personal items stolen, including her son’s architectural model and sketchbook he had worked so hard on. Through her fundraiser, Sunday raised over $5,000—more than five times her original goal—to repair her car and get back home.

Get back on the road today

When you need emergency financial assistance for car repairs and don’t know where to turn, a starting a fundraiser is your answer. With crowdfunding, you can quickly raise the money you need to get back on the road fast. Sign up today and start your fundraiser so you can stop worrying about costly repairs and get back to living your life.

Written by Brittany Chambers

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