Here’s What You Can Do to Get Financial Help for Veterans

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Veterans are our family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours. With an estimated 2.4 million veterans in the UK, you may well know someone who has served in the armed forces – or you may have even served yourself.  

It’s never simple making the transition back to civilian life, especially when it comes to finances. Many veterans find themselves facing financial emergencies or financial pressure – and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

 Outlined below are several options that offer financial help for ex-service men and women.

Key reasons to help veterans

  • Elderly veterans and combat veterans who are disabled are especially vulnerable when it comes to financial stress.
  • Thousands of veterans have additional medical needs 
  • Thousands of UK veterans are also homeless. 

Resources for veterans

There are quite a few resources dedicated to helping veterans. We’ve found the following sources of financial help for veterans:

  1. The Veterans Welfare Service which provides help to those supporting veterans
  2. Combat Stress offer help to veterans
  3. Veterans’ gateway helps ex-servicemen and women get in touch with services to support them
  4. Help for Heroes which is designed to help veterans
  5. Togetherall which offers online support to veterans looking to discuss mental wellbeing
  6. The housing charity Shelter has specific advice for veterans facing homelessness 

 Crowdfunding for veterans

One way to show gratitude is by crowdfunding for veterans causes. You can raise funds to give directly to veterans or give the funds you raise to an existing organisation.

Even though there are government programmes and charities which provide aid for veterans, you personally can make a positive impact too. If you know a veteran who is in need of financial assistance – whether they’re reaching out after a setback or because they’re reaching for a dream – you can start a crowdfunding fundraiser on their behalf. Or you can simply raise money for your favourite charity for veterans.

Be of service to a veteran

Whether you decide to crowdfund for one of these organisations or raise funds directly for a veteran friend or family member, we’re here to help you provide emergency financial assistance for veterans. People use our crowdfunding platform to raise money for veterans every day.

Start a veteran fundraiser

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