How GoFundMe Works

So you’ve decided to start fundraising – maybe for yourself, a good cause, a charity or to get that creative project you’ve always been dreaming of off the ground. Well good news – GoFundMe is the best place to do that.

GoFundMe is a custom-build platform for crowdfunding and it’s free to start your fundraiser. All you need to do is think of a snappy title, upload your fundraiser story and set the page live to see the donations rolling in.

But how does GoFundMe work? Fear not, as this page is here to explain all you need to know. Start your GoFundMe today to get going on your crowdfunding journey.

Start a GoFundMe


Start your fundraiser

The first step in starting your fundraising journey is just that – starting your fundraiser. Once you’ve created your GoFundMe account you’ll need to:

  • Set yor fundraiser goal. How much are you looking to raise? Remember, this can be easily changed should you meet your initial target.
  • Tell your story. Why are you fundraising? Tell your audience about why it’s important to you to raise this money. Maybe it’s for a charity close to your heart, or a friend in need.
  • Add a relevant picture or video. This helps to tell your story even further. 
  • Watch a video tutorial

Then set your fundraiser live and it’s as simple as that – you’re good to go. If you’d like some more information on how best to hone your fundraising story, take a look at our post on that topic. 


Share with friends

An important part of any successful fundraising journey is sharing your page with anyone you can – friends, colleagues, neighbours! Thankfully in this day and age, the existence of the internet and social media makes this far easier – but don’t forget the value of good old fashioned posters (with a bit of QR code magic!). 

  • Send emails. When you’ve got your fundraiser link, email it out to whoever you can! Do a round robin to your family and friends with an introduction as to why you’re fundraising.
  • Send text messages. Make use of those group chats and send the link to as many as you can.
  • Share on social media. Harness the power of social media with regular tweets, Instagram stories and Facebook posts.
  • Watch a video tutorial

We’ve got a blog post on posting your fundraiser on social media if you need more tips, too.


Manage donations

Once you’ve started to see donations roll in, it’s important to acknowledge donations and say thank you when you see them. GoFundMe has inbuilt tools to make this easy, but sending emails or texts with a personalised thanks is always appreciated.

When you meet certain fundraising goals, it’s also a good idea to post updates saying a general thanks. Remember to update on anything to do with your fundraising journey, too – training, offline fundraising events, anything you think is relevant to keep generous supporters in the loop.

“This website rocks! I raised close to £10,000 in less than 48 hours for my nephew’s medical needs, and your customer service was so prompt and helpful.”

Monica S.

Raised £16,000 on GoFundMe

Fast and safe

Millions trust GoFundMe as the #1 online fundraising expert. That’s why more people start fundraisers on GoFundMe than any other platform.

Success stories

Ultraman 2024

Ashley Cain has raised nearly £100k in his latest fundraising challenge to help children with cancer, in honour of daughter Azaylia. In a world-first, Ashley crossed Britain three times, once cycling, once running and once kayaking. That’s 2780 miles of pure endurance for Ashley. 

He wrote on his page: “It’s an opportunity to campaign for key change in childhood cancer, so please follow The Azaylia Foundation on Instagram so you’re aware of our calls to action.

And it’s an opportunity to meet people supporting this movement across the country, and especially families of children with cancer, and share their stories.”

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Football Beyond Borders

To mark the Women’s World Cup, Football Beyond Borders launched an inspirational campaign to get more women and girls involved in the beautiful game. 

With a goal of getting a generation of girls playing football and not missing out, the campaign was created nearly a year after the 2022 UEFA Women’s Euro victory.

Raising nearly £60,000 the campaign saw celebrity support  from the likes of Ian Wright and Amelia Dimoldenberg. 

Their fundraising efforts saw an interactive display installed at Kings Cross, in London, which had an estimated footfall of 165,000. 

Money raised from the fundraiser will go towards helping young girls in school with their education and social life. 

Their programme has so far has helped thousands of girls stay in school, discover their passions and grow in confidence.

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Vagina Museum

The Vagina Museum is the world’s first bricks-and-mortar museum dedicated to the female anatomy. They turned to GoFundMe to fundraise when they needed to find a new home to continue their educational efforts. Over the course of 2023, they raised a massive £91k and found a new home.


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