Bringing the Ziegler Boys Home!!

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Imagine having your newborn baby taken away from you because of a falsely reported phone call to Child Protective Services and what that would feel like. And now imagine that they will not give your child back to you, despite years of jumping through hoops to prove that you are a worthy parent, with no evidence to the contrary.
As a mother of two children, I can’t imagine a more terrifying world to live in...and yet, I’ve seen it happen to someone else. I’m here to share that story with you.
Before going into the story, it seems fair to briefly tell you about who I am. Besides being a mother of two wonderful grown children, I am a doctoral student with an M.S. NDR (negotiation and dispute resolution), a B.S. in social science/psychology and an associate degree in criminal justice. I have over 20 years of volunteering in non-profit organizations and currently, I work as a Professional Mediator and Life Coach ( www.aktionnow.com) I only share this because it helps to know that my education level and field of study qualify me to make these assessments and hopefully brings credibility to the story.
I have been volunteering my time with a family as their life coach/mentor. I met them in May 2016 when I was volunteering at the Department of Human Services (DHS) Child Protective Services (CPS) in Bend, Oregon. My position was to monitor parent visitations for families that had their children in the State of Oregon’s custody.
I met Amy and Eric when I was the case worker required to observe them during home visits with their nearly 3-year-old son, Christopher, every Friday. Each visit was for three hours, which provided a lot of interaction for me to observe and document. I quickly discovered that this family had no problem at all taking care of their son. They showed loving attention, were attentive to his needs, and at this point had been fighting faithfully in court for almost three years to prove to CPS that they were capable and loving parents. For those of you doing the math, yes, Christopher was removed from them when he was only days old.
In my professional opinion, after multiple sessions observing Amy and Eric interact with their son for hours on end, I found no reason they should have had their child taken from them and placed in the State’s care. Any reasonably trained and educated CPS worker should have arrived at the same conclusion, as I documented in the session notes of every visit.
The couple demonstrated competent parenting skills with Christopher, had no history of abuse or neglect, and expressed a deep desire to have Christopher returned to them to raise him along with the mother’s twin boys. I would also add that it was apparent from their body language and how they treated each other that the couple was in love, and while that is not a requirement to be a parent, it’s a big bonus for a child.
So why was a newborn baby taken away from his mother and father? As the caseworker assigned to the family, I learned their story…
Seven days after losing her own mother, Amy Fabbrini (the mother in this story) gave birth to Christopher at home. She was unaware that she was pregnant. Amy suffers from kidney issues (which she says is a genetic thing passed down from her family), causing intense pain at times. She had associated the symptoms of pregnancy with the disorder. After helping with a surprise delivery of his new baby boy, Eric (the father), immediately called 911 and had mother and baby brought to the hospital. Both were in shock of this and were understandably probably affected by this traumatic event.
Amy had been living with her parents and her two twin boys after a divorce with the father of the twins. After losing her mother to Alzheimer’s and the surprise addition of a new child, Amy told her father of this event; to hear him tell her that she may not bring the infant back to his home. She was forced to make the decision to move with her twin boys in with her newborn child’s father, Eric. What happens next is what I believe to be a traumatic panic, her grieving father, dealing with the recent death of his wife and now losing the companionship of Amy and the twin boys, called CPS and falsely reported neglect, after he had already known about a falsely reported call from Eric's roommate (after an argument that they had). It sounds confusing but this is the mess the couple was in days after the infant had arrived, without having a chance to settle in as a new family, get adjusted to the idea of a new baby, or get the house ready for such an event, they were dealing with negativity - rather than excitement of a precious little baby boy.
Sadly, CPS took infant Christopher, and he has been in foster care ever since. At the time that they took the infant, they also took Amy's twin boys and gave them to her ex-husband who had not really been involved with the boys much. Amy lost all three of her boys within a week after her loss of her mother to Alzheimer's. She was not given grievance counseling or condolences to this day from CPS. Additionally, the parents have complied with all of CPS’s requests from the beginning. There was no abuse. There was no neglect. There was no alcohol or drug use. CPS has simply claimed that they are “retarded” (yes, that was actually the term used by a CPS worker) and that they do not have the intelligence to raise a child.
When I questioned this supervisor assigned to the case, he replied with derogatory remarks about the father and mother. I asked why the couple had not been given their child back. His reply shocked me.
He said, “Eric is retarded, fat and lazy - he doesn't even brush his teeth. There is no way that I am allowing them to have Christopher.”
The way that this supervisor spoke about the parents was anything but professional. It was then that I realized that this couple had been up against a powerful agency that seemed to have little or no accountability.

After I had spent almost three months observing this family and reporting weekly on my observations, we learned that none of the reports I had submitted to CPS were given to the court or the attorneys representing each parent. Eric continually asked his attorney to get copies of the reports that I had submitted. After no reports were produced by CPS, Eric’s attorney asked me if I would be willing to testify in court regarding my observations of the visits. I agreed.
While on vacation in California, I testified telephonically in court on behalf of Eric and Amy to report my observations that were in the reports which could not be obtained from CPS by either attorney. I reported the interactions that I observed between Eric, Amy and their son, Christopher. I told the judge that I did not understand why CPS had not returned this now almost 3-year-old child back to his parents.
Just a few days after I testified in court, I was notified from CPS that they “no longer needed my volunteer help” because they “had recently hired someone for the position.” I was asked to come in and return my key to the building along with all equipment that CPS had given me to use while I was in an observational role.
When I got back from my vacation, I met with the supervisor and turned everything in. During that meeting, I asked for clarification as to why I was being released [just days after my testimony] from a “volunteer position,” and why I was being treated so differently by him that afternoon. He only replied with “we have a new hire for your position,” and then said, “I will need to walk you to the door; you now have no clearance to walk freely.”
As I walked to the door (which was approximately a football field away in distance), he walked behind me. The feeling from him was cold as if I did something criminal. His demeanor was completely opposite of how he used to conduct himself in my presence. Prior to the testimony, I gave in court, the supervisors would tell me how thankful they were to have me and my expertise.
I decided to continue to work with the family as a life coach and mentor, volunteering my time to help them get their son back. Their case with Christopher is currently back in the county courts, after going to the appellate courts and the supreme courts of Oregon. CPS has moved toward adoption, permanently removing the child from them and terminating their rights as parents.
Eric has a normal high school diploma and tested in the middle of his class. Amy also has a normal high school diploma. The two of them have newer vehicles, a three-bedroom, two-bath house and live in Redmond, Oregon.
Recently, Amy gave birth to another healthy boy, named Hunter. Even though this new baby is viewed as a “new case,” CPS came into the hospital and took Hunter from his parents. They did not do any investigation to see if this child was at risk. They simply took him.
When the worker arrived, he was not even prepared to take the newborn infant. He had to ask the hospital for diapers, wipes, blankets, an outfit, formula and did not once ask the nurses about the care of the infant with the parents. I had spent hours with the family in the hospital, and they kept hourly records of their child (e.g., when he nursed, when he wet the diaper when he had a bowel movement, etc.). They were very caring, attentive, happy, and in love with their new baby boy.
The night before CPS came to take the child, they informed me that they were coming to take the infant. I offered my home to CPS for the child, and that I would provide 24/7 observation with the family in my home, and that I would work from home to give this mother a chance to bond while CPS did their “investigation.” They refused.
The next morning, I emailed the case worker peer-reviewed journal articles explaining the neuroscience regarding the trauma that occurs to an infant when it is taken from his mother, and how the first several weeks are a very crucial time for nutrition (from breast milk), bonding and attachment development. He emailed me back with, “Can I call you?” However, he never called. He came that day at 2:00 pm and took the infant.
In court the next Tuesday we pleaded to have the child returned to me as a caregiver so that Amy could nurse and bond with the infant. The judge agreed to have CPS perform a background on me and encouraged the infant to return to the mother with 24/7 monitoring until CPS was done with their investigation. To this day, they still have not performed a background check on me. I have sent probably 20 emails. We are now asking for an expedited court date and want to expose this case. It is criminal and inhumane what CPS is doing.
If you have any ideas; (i.e. contacts for news stories, lawyers, or other organizations that you feel you can connect me to; I would be most appreciative. Please send all inquiries to sherrenehagenbach@gmail.com See updates on news coverage and up to date info and news investigations




The funds will go toward: *representation in court
*legal assistance
*payment for office supplies & mailing
*clothing for court
*fees that Amy now has since she has to pay child support for the twin boys that CPS took
*payment for services of daily communication with team advisor(s) - *transportation to and from their meetings and court dates
*any additional funds that are needed to assist in this the fight for justice (i.e. advertising, psychologist testing, etc) ...anything we need to pay to prove they are fit parents.
Sherrene Hagenbach  is Eric & Amy's Life Coach & Advocate, she will be 100% responsible for allocating the money to pay for the items listed above, needs the family has, & to pay for all assistance on this case.
All receipts will be kept & will be required for reimbursements!  
***in addition she will provide Eric & Amy with a pre-paid card for travel expenses when we have court, items needed for court or representation, or other travel expenses in regard to getting their boys back.

All they want is to have their boys back home where they belong. They also want to set a precedent for all other families in this situation; they want to be a spark of hope for others. To never let go of of the dream for your family to one day be reunited. 

We need an army of support immediately. They need to get their case overturned. The Child Welfare System in Oregon NEEDS reform, it needs accountability and it needs their time to go toward the children who are REALLY abused and in need of their time & funding to get them to safety. This couple has a loving home for their boys to live in. They are fully capable of providing parental care, with a safe and loving environment. If you have been blessed with any amount of extra funds that could go toward their fight - we would greatly appreciate it. We hope that to the measure you give it will multiply back to you. 

Thank you so much for every penny that is collected on their behalf.
 aKt'ion Now
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Shocking & very confusing.... Christopher's attorney filed an appeal to Judge Flints' decision in reunification!!
How long does this need to go on? When is Christopher's best interest in reuniting with his biological family (who has fought for over four a D a half long years) ever going to matter?
I am asking...Who is this attorney really representing?

Hunter now has to wait even longer for his brother to return to their family. He looks happy, healthy, and cared for. The same as Christopher would look once returned.
The battle continues to bring Christopher home! Please continue with any prayer and support you can for Eric, Amy & their boys. Truly this needs to end.

So thankful for this lil guy in photos - but the family is still longing for Christopher!
Hunter happily reunited with his parents...But waiting now for his big brother.
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Partial VICTORY!!! It was ruled that the Termination of Parental Rights were denied!!!!! CPS still has jurisdiction over Christopher. We go back in two weeks to provide the judge with the plan to continue any needed services for Christopher, to have a detailed plan with their support system in place, and to discuss how the reunification of Christopher will take place for the least amount of trauma to him. The greatest pleasure Eric Ziegler and Amy Fabbrini have is knowing that they will have their two visits per week for the next two weeks UNSUPERVISED at their house. They will have 5 hours to do whatever they want to do with their son WITHOUT CPS watching them through the window taking notes on every move they make. They feel happy - I think they are shocked tonight. Chris and I took them to dinner to discuss what all this means for them and how things will look. They seemed like two deer caught in headlights. I am so thankful for all of your support for this family. Please continue to pray, send the good vibes and words of encouragement to them. Until CPS is totally out of their lives, they will not relax. BUT what a HUGE victory for this couple. I am so thankful for all of the support and encouragement along the way.

So now that I gave the update, I would like to say this...

When I first started volunteering at CPS I thought I was just doing the normal thing I do...volunteering. I was a volunteer for organizations that helped children and families for over 20 years -so it was another organization to give my time to and hopefully make life easier on someone in some way. However, as time went on as the volunteer CPS worker for Eric and Amy I knew that I was there for a reason. I had the perfect educational background, the experience, the passion, the family, the ability, and the transparency...mixed with truth to stand up for them when I saw mistreatment. I AM NOBODY special. I am just Sherrene... just a vessel to be used - by the One who was wanting to help Eric and Amy. I was willing and so the mighty Hand worked wonders through my advocacy. I could not have done anything without my faith and belief that I am here for a purpose. We all have a purpose. I know that I am here to bring truth even if it seems impossible to get the truth out. To be transparent. To help...even if I am tired and weak...to continue. One day at a time. To finish. Buuuuuut... that is just me... we all have our own purpose. Is your purpose to help with environmental causes? Is your purpose to help the elderly? Is your purpose to be the best neighbor ever? I would encourage each person following this case to try and figure out what motivates you. Once you figure it out, do it with all your might. I hope that through Eric and Amy's case with CPS that the story does more than I have ever imagined. I hope that it causes people to not just complain about an injustice...but to get up and do something about it. We have a voice...together in collaboration we can work at creating social change in such a way that people are not judged in the way that Eric and Amy have been. That we can build each other up and see the positive in one another - not always looking for what others are doing "wrong." (We are all so different, we have all had a totally different experience in life than the person next to us, why do we think that one way is the best way? There are billions of people in this world, with billions of thoughts, ideas and experiences. That means there are billions of ways to look at something, so we can always be open to listen to the possibility that there is a "better way" or an "easier way" or a way that works for people INDIVIDUALLY and not always COLLECTIVELY. It is so easy to see the negative and complain, it is actually some times hard work and takes complete intention to find the positive in a situation that the negative seems so "obvious" - I hope that this case inspires people. I hope that this case does not drive division with the government or agencies; but rather that it compels others to think OUTSIDE OF THE WAY WE ALWAYS DO THINGS and into thinking for a new way or MANY WAYS to do the things that are not currently working for humans on this earth. I want to bring healing, forgiveness, happiness, love, compassion and excitement - while also using caution. We should stand up for one another and we should defend those that we see are being mistreated. We need to hold people/government/organizations/agencies accountable and there needs to be consequences...but not to be hateful or divisive, but rather to teach and instruct of what is not acceptable and what we will not stand for again. I hope that by this horrible four years of Eric and Amy's life; that they learn to trust again, that they believe and understand that... they are completely SUPER RAD and amazing humans with purpose. I hope that they reject what has been said about them... and that they turn what they have experienced into a positive and are able to help someone else going through something similar. PAY IT FORWARD and being thankful for each breath we have. Let's use this story to impact someone else in a positive way and get involved in social change if you are unhappy about something. Don't waste energy complaining... yet consider spending your energy working toward a solution. I hope everyone in support of Eric and Amy that have taken the time to share this, or have encourage them, or have given financially, or have sent an email or note to bring encouragement are paid back ten times what they have given. I speak for Eric and Amy and say... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Peace, joy and love to you all!! ✌️
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For an update on the family and the trial status... We will hear the Honorable Judge Flints' decision tomorrow at 3pm. Please continue to pray for Christopher to be returned to Eric and Amy. They have been fighting for 4 years and 4 months now. Thank you all so much for your support!!!
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JAN 10, 2018 — Please share this, forward, send prayers, good vibes, thoughts, requests of wisdom from the Honorable Judge Flint, and caring words in the direction of Deschutes County Circuit Court -- as I write this the closing arguments are being presented regarding Christopher; Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler's 4 year old son. They want him back at home with them where he belongs. They feel the State of Oregon and now the Foster Care Providers have WRONGFULLY taken him and now basically STOLE him - because how can you deem someone capable if caring for one child and not the other? Please hold this family up...They need a break from the traumatic last four plus years in court proceedings, visitations, and living without vacations, without being able to even travel to funerals of their grandparents...Because of court and visitations that are counted if missed. This has been horrific - please say a prayer and share and forward this to everyone you know!!!
Peace, love, & joy ✌❤️ to you all!

Hunter Ziegler & I praying for his brother to be returned today!
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