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$2,691 of $7,250 goal

Raised by 74 people in 8 months
Araquel Bloss  SOUTH BEND, IN
We are on the cusp of a very big moment in history, a turning point, the significance of which cannot be overstated, and how we respond to this moment, whether we give up fighting this political revolution or whether we stand up together and press on, will have repercussions felt for decades to come. When we fought tooth and nail for Bernie Sanders, we knew our passion for a better, more just society had be ignited, we knew we had a calling, and we knew fighting for our neighbors and communities was worth it. Now, we must keep that fire alive in each of us as we remember how we got here and why we must continue. 

In March 2016, I wrote a petition asking for a united Progressive Independent Party and there was so much enthusiasm, we went ahead and launched it. Initially, it was only a "Plan B" if Bernie Sanders did not secure the DNC nomination, but we built it as if it was "Plan A" because we had a lot of work to do and we knew it could potentially be important that we do it right. And now, today, facing the same questions of how to defeat corporate interests, replace the Oligarchy with Democracy, and lift up ALL people, not just a chosen few, we are glad to offer one possible solution to our ongoing political crisis.

We all know “in our bones” it’s time to take our government back, it’s time to finally have a vibrant, exciting, VIABLE third party in this country, a place where many of us who feel disenfranchised; Progressives, Greens, Democratic Socialists, Independents, and frustrated Democrats and Republicans alike, can feel empowered in the promise of democracy in our county. There is a sense in the air, if we miss this opportunity to unite together in our common cause, it could be decades before the enthusiasm for another movement, like the one which we saw fill stadiums and rallies, rises up again.

As Bernie Sanders’ supporters, contributors, and volunteers, we all know exactly what’s at stake if we fail this opportunity, for our country and for our planet, which is why we should put pride and splintered progressive politics aside and do our best to unite

What we are proposing we build together is something which has never been done before in US history; build a long-term, truly viable coalition-based third party. We believe we can do it; with the same enthusiasm and love we have for Bernie Sanders, we believe we can inspire unity with a shared mission to continue the fight and keep the progressive fire alive for many generations to come.

Great achievements do not come easy nor without sacrifice, for if we truly want to make history and change the political landscape in this country we must unite, we must keep up the good fight, and we should do so as if a better tomorrow relied upon it.

Please join, contribute, volunteer. We are the 99% and we must unite the fight. 

Thank you,

Araquel Bloss
Founder, Progressive Independent Party

Did you see our feature in Huffington Post ?
Bernie Sanders Just Paved The Way For The Largest Progressive Coalition in History

Have you read the original petition which launched the Progressive Independent Party?
Unite to Create a Progressive Independent Party

Have you visited our website?

" You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one"
- John Lennon

"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future."
-John F. Kennedy

"Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war."
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

You can find us at PIPUnite or PIP Facebook 

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Update 4
Posted by Araquel Bloss
1 month ago
Thank you everyone for your ongoing support in our call for UNITY! As lead co-organizers of #OccupyInauguration we were able to help build important relationships and coalitions. The Progressive Unity Summit we hosted on Sunday, Jan 22, was an amazing collection of progressive leaders, activists, and voices for our movement. We can't wait to show you more pictures, update you more fully on all the Occupy Inauguration events and the latest PIP news! But first, we want to share this slideshow presentation to let you know, we are still fighting the good fight, resisting Trump, and lifting voices up.
Occupy Inauguration and the PIP Summit
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Update 3
Posted by Araquel Bloss
3 months ago
We are currently very busy as part of the coalition organizing "Occupy Inauguration" and building a movement to unite to advance our fight for the 99%. Please check out our demands, endorsements, and mission statement at

As a part of Inauguration weekend activities, PIP will be hosting "Occupy Inauguration Summit" which we are very proud to present. The Summit will invite the distinguished speakers, presenters, endorsers, and organizers of Occupy Inauguration to get together to discuss how we can unite our efforts moving forward.

The Occupy Inauguration Summit will include a casual, social event on the evening of Friday, Jan 20th for relationship-building and will also include a "Meeting of Minds" discussion on Sunday, Jan 22nd which will include a continental breakfast and light lunch. These events will be at the beautiful Kabin Lounge in Washington D.C.

During this final event, we will talk about how we can build our movement together. As PIP has been a leading, grassroots movement calling for unity, we are thrilled to present this unique opportunity.

Through Facebook fundraising efforts, we've raised $1,100 for the event in just a week, this shows us the excitement surrounding this event. We've also had an American documentary team from Germany ask for access to this Summit as a part of their documentary filming of the inauguration about building "The Resistant."

If you'd like to contribute to this unique event, your name will be added to the program handed out to our participants to honor your contribution.

PIP is truly the little engine that could; we keep building a platform for unity and we appreciate your ongoing support.
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Update 2
Posted by Araquel Bloss
4 months ago
We are co-planning Occupy Inauguration! Please help us fund this important event for the mission of building our progressive coalition moving forward. We must build a resistance to Trump, but also fight the corruption of the DNC and GOP. We must be prepared to fight the establishment issue by issue and on every front line in 2017 and beyond. Please visit our sister site for further information. Please help us however you can to face the obstacles of today and moving into the Trump Administration. We will continue to build our coalition-based third party as we do not believe the DNC can truly be reformed. Please join us in DC on Jan 20-21, 2017 and join PIP moving forward to fight the good fight. Thank you for contributing anything you are able. We are the 99%, let's make our voice heard!

The Occupy Inauguration Mission Statement:

Occupy Inauguration is a mass rally and protest taking place in Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day, January 20th-21st, 2017.

Regardless of who sits in the White House the voices of the 99% will be shut out. From day one our movements will need to unite and fight to advance the revolution.

We reject the domination of Wall Street and the billionaire class over our society, and oppose this rigged political and economic system. We stand against both the fear that Trump represents and the corruption that backed Clinton. Neither party represents the interests of the 99%.

The goal of this action is to build a new independent coalition movement for the 99% that stands outside the stranglehold duopoly of the GOP and DNC. We recognize the establishments of the Republican and Democratic parties to be part of the problem, so we will not be inviting leadership from, or endorsement by them. We believe the 99% needs its own political representation that rejects all corporate cash and influence, and puts people and planet over profits.

We call upon the new president to act on these demands:

*NO Mass Deportations! We reject Trump’s current plan to deport 3 million people and call for mass resistance against all attacks upon immigrants, refugees, and their families at local, state, and federal levels.

*Stop ALL Attacks on Human Rights! Bring an end to all forms of discrimination and oppression against women, Black and indigenous communities of color, Latinx communities, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ+ people, and disabled individuals.

*Black Lives Matter! Engage in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives to end institutional racism and police brutality. Acknowledge the value of BLM’s principles to guide law enforcement practices and affirm the demands of their platform. End federal funding for police militarization and the racist war on drugs.

*Honor Treaty Rights for ALL Indigenous First Nations. Cease construction on the DAPL pipeline at Standing Rock and prohibit any further industrial operations on treaty-protected indigenous lands!

*Get Money Out of Politics and End Corporate Rule! We demand a constitutional amendment be passed to abolish ALL "corporate constitutional rights" and "money equals free speech" that leaves for NO loopholes.

*Healthcare is a Human Right! We demand Medicare for All and to pass the Disability Integration Act.

*A Green New Deal, with massive investments in renewable energy and infrastructure to create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs.

*ACT Against Climate Change! Halt all construction of new oil pipelines and coal terminals, and place a moratorium on fossil fuel extraction including fracking. We demand a just transition for all energy industry workers.

*Free College Education and the Cancellation of Student Debt.

*Electoral Reform and Integrity! We call for a universal Right to Vote, a Ranked-Voting System, and automatic voter registration. End the Electoral College and partisan gerrymandering of voting districts.

*End Too Big to Fail! Break up the big banks at the heart of the 2008 financial crisis and stop manipulation of wealth before the next economic collapse.

*NO Permanent War! We call for an immediate end to the bombing of foreign nations, military bases occupying foreign soil, massive U.S. military spending, and the U.S. role as leading arms dealer to the world.

*End the surveillance state!

*Grant immediate pardons for all political prisoners and exiles including Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Mumia Abu-Jahmal, and Leonard Peltier.

*Pass a federal $15/hour minimum wage.

*Scrap the Trans-Pacific Partnership! Should the TPP come to a vote, Congress should immediately vote it down.

Until these demands are genuinely addressed, we remove our consent to be governed.

Our first act will be a national bank exit call-to-action on January 20th. We call the American people to remove their money from Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo and all their affiliates.

Should our demands continue to be ignored we will proceed with further boycotts, labor strikes, and occupations.

We know that mass movements are how real change is won, and we are organizing in solidarity with the inspiring resistance at Standing Rock, and all Black Lives Matter actions. We feel that the voices of Black and Indigenous People of Color are crucial to issues of oppression we wish to address in D.C. during the Inauguration.

We invite you to involve and express yourself at whatever level you choose. We do not represent any particular party or group, as our focus is on movement building. This action is aimed to confront Wall Street directly and the RNC/DNC's influence over our political system. We support, represent, and welcome a diversity of voices and concerns.

We stand in solidarity with our current endorsers and welcome other groups who share this vision to organize with us.


Occupy Wall Street, Green party of the United States, Liberty Tree, Code Pink, Socialist Alternative, Climate Revolution, Progressive Independent Party, Move to Amend, Roots Action, Veterans for Peace, Equality Coalition, Indigenous Environmental Network, DUH Demand Universal Healthcare, Justice Party, United Progressive Coalition, Native Organizers Alliance, Veterans Party of America, Real Progressives, Disabled Americans for Change, Progressive Army, Bernie National Delegate Speaking Panel, Popular Resistance, Activate Now, Socialist City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, Native American Activist and former Vice Presidential candidate Winona LaDuke, Filmmaker and Environmental Activist, Josh Fox, Law Professor and Chairman of Progress For All, Tim Canova, Eco-Activist and Best-selling Author Julia Butterfly Hill, Move to Amend National Spokesperson and Stein/Baraka 2016 campaign manager David Cobb, Standing Rock Camp Coordinator, Lakota Elder and activist Phyllis Young...
Get Up, Stand Up! #SeeYouInDC
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Update 1
Posted by Araquel Bloss
6 months ago
We are excited to be on the forefront of this political revolution as we continue to support the efforts of other organizations, develop more relationships, and sponsor and co-sponsor actions.

Here at the Progressive Independent Party, or as we fondly call it "PIP", we are celebrating 6 months since our launch. We've seen tremendous political and organizational challenges in our earliest stages but we are proud to have survived those obstacles to continue to provide the revolution with another option moving forward, the option of uniting all of us; the 99%. The sole goal of PIP is to be a unifying concept, with all egos aside, we are building a national structure and state grassroots efforts for the movement to face and dismantle the Oligarchy, which has take a strong-hold of our government. We believe only together can we regain the electoral power necessary to break up two-party corruption and send an overwhelming message to our government: you belong to the people, we don't belong to you.

Thank you for your contribution for our efforts. Your contribution has helped us offset our website and promotional costs. But we still have a long way to go!

If you've followed along in my live streams, you might remember that PIP has developed a 3-prong approach for the people to regain their power in our country:

1) Forming a MAJOR third party presence with a parliamentary-style coalition of all the progressive-valued minor parties, disenfranchised Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike to form the largest progressive voting bloc in history. To build a party which represents the interests of the people, funded by the people, run by the people.

2) Develop an activist wing which supports front-line activism and to sponsor nationwide and local activism. At PIP, we know building a political party will take time and some of the challenges we are facing TODAY need to be addressed with immediacy, such as fighting the disastrous trade deal TPP, to stop police brutality, murder, and racial injustice, election fraud, and continued construction of environmentally dangerous pipelines -- those items cannot wait, so we must simultaneously develop and support actions to fight those TODAY and support those groups already fighting the good fight on the front lines.

3) Support and develop Independent Media to fight Mainstream Media Propaganda which has developed as an arm of the Oligarchy, corporate-controlled and corporate-interested. We continue to see an increase in censorship toward Independent Media - on Facebook, Youtube, Google. We must always understand who owns these sites and how their own corporate interests are beginning to infringe on our right to Freedom of Speech. We must stay connected and support those sources telling us the truth.

Have we set our sights high? Yes! But what other way can be fight the abundance of corporate money and power? What other way to fight our corrupted politicians paid for by corporate power and no longer interested in representing the interests of the people? What other way.......but UNITED?

In a couple days, we will announcing our co-sponsorship of a national action which has been endorsed by amazing partners in the fight for democracy. Please stay tuned!

And please consider continuing to contribute to our cause, not only with monetary gifts but with your participation in actions and on social media to spread the word: We can do this, but we must find a place to find common ground, unite, and get to work. We believe that the movement can find a home at PIP. And we hope you join us! We need you.

Please consider contributing a monetary gift today.

Also, sign up at and please "like" your state pages on Facebook by searching [your state name] Progressive Independent Party and finding us on Twitter at @PIPUNITE

In solidarity,

Araquel Bloss
Founder/Exective Director PIP
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Elizabeth Bacon
2 months ago

As Carol said below, monthly donations would be a good way of generating a continuing funding model. I originally donated $10 a month to Wolf-PAC (TYT campaign finance reform org) but stopped because I didn't like the way it was going. This will only work if you have recurring income. You would have to file paperwork to become a non-profit political organization & insure that it is structured so that it does not except dark money. Right now OurRevolution & Justice Democrats are structured so that they can technically take dark money.

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L Carol Auten
3 months ago

What about automatic monthly donations?

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$2,691 of $7,250 goal

Raised by 74 people in 8 months
Created July 17, 2016
Laura Pruskiewicz
14 hours ago
Pablo Zambrano
15 days ago


Ramesh Mantri
16 days ago
Lori Arnold
19 days ago

I am happy to belong to and donate to a party I can wholeheartedly support.

mark berlin
21 days ago

please send me only two stickers.

Don Tingle
27 days ago

Please tell me how I can donate $5 per week automatically.

Bridget Farrell
28 days ago
Gordon Chang
1 month ago
1 month ago
1 month ago
Elizabeth Bacon
2 months ago

As Carol said below, monthly donations would be a good way of generating a continuing funding model. I originally donated $10 a month to Wolf-PAC (TYT campaign finance reform org) but stopped because I didn't like the way it was going. This will only work if you have recurring income. You would have to file paperwork to become a non-profit political organization & insure that it is structured so that it does not except dark money. Right now OurRevolution & Justice Democrats are structured so that they can technically take dark money.

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L Carol Auten
3 months ago

What about automatic monthly donations?

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