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The most successful GoFundMe fundraising campaigns of all-time.

Parents use social media to save daughter
4-year-old Eliza was diagnosed with a terminal disease that will eventually make her lose all motor functioning. Determined to get her to a potentially life-saving therapy trial, her parents created a GoFundMe campaign, a viral video, and a hashtag, #savingeliza.
Thousands unite to help double amputee
Jeff Bauman was a victim of the Boston Bombings, which claimed both of his legs. His story of courage inspired thousands, who returned the favor by donating to aid his medical costs, making his the largest GoFundMe campaign to date.
Recovery support for mom and daughter
Celeste and Sydney went to watch the Boston Marathon together, and were both severely injured by the blast. Thousands stepped up to make sure money was one thing they wouldn't have to worry about.
New home for paralyzed woman
After beating cancer twice, Melissa was diagnosed with a neurological disorder, leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. Her sister couldn't bear the thought of her living in a non-wheelchair accessible home, so she reached out to the Chive community to help.
Native Bostonian begins recovery
Roseann had been to the Boston Marathon many times, but nothing could have prepared her for what happened on that fateful day. The blast claimed her leg, but she continues to heal, supported by thousands of well-wishers.
Dog rescue kennel saved from closure
When The Downtown Dog Rescue Kennel found out their building was being sold by its owners, they knew they needed to act quickly. They quickly created a campaign on GoFundMe and put the word out to animal lovers everywhere.
Cancer survivor integrating new cure
Ivelisse, a survivor of stage 4 cancer, is a firm believer in a European treatment style called "Mistletoe Treatment." She turned to GoFundMe to raise the funds to run a clinical trial in the U.S., the first step to integrating it into our healthcare system.
Thousands aid Boston Bombing amputee
Mark was one of many spectators severely injured by the blasts, losing his right leg above the knee. He continues to heal with the support of his family, especially his 5-year-old son Gavin.
Support for mom's cancer recovery
Shortly after Jenna gave birth prematurely to twin daughters, she began having difficulty breathing. It was discovered that she had developed a rare pregnancy-related cancer and needed immediate treatment.
Bombing victim receives relief
Heather was among those injured in the bombings. A severe injury to her foot resulted in a leg amputation below the knee. She continues to heal, and is grateful for all of the support given to her throughout the process.
Thousands support beaten father
When Steven Utash got out of his car to check the condition of a boy that he accidentally hit with his truck, a large gang of men attacked him. The resulting injuries left him in a severe coma, so his daughter turned to GoFundMe for help.
Donations for family of murdered athlete
While going for a jog, Christopher Lane was randomly shot by three teenage boys. He tragically died at the scene. His GoFundMe campaign was created to raise enough money to fly his body back to his family in Australia.
Hundreds aid newly widowed mom
Just weeks before the birth of his first child, Nathan Trapuzzano was mugged and shot to death on his way to work. This GoFundMe campaign was set up to support his widowed wife and their newborn baby girl.
Home renovations for disabled toddler
When the Steins welcomed triplets into the world, they were shocked to hear that one of their children had been born without eyes. Knowing that their home was not fit for their son's condition, they turned to friends and family for help.
Homeless man rewarded for good deed
Glen James, a Boston area homeless man, stumbled upon an abandoned backpack containing $40,000. Without a second thought, he turned it into the police. Inspired by his selflessness, thousands came together to return the favor.
Injured paramedic healing thanks to help
Billy Wynne, a flight paramedic, was severely injured in a medical helicopter crash that killed both the pilot and nurse on board. His family is staying close by his side while he recovers from multiple breaks and burns.
Peers support fellow student in coma
Muhammad Shahzaib Bajwa was driving with friends when their vehicle hit a deer. Muhammad suffered a heart attack and subsequent brain damage as a result. Friends started this campaign to transfer him to a nursing home while he heals.
91-year-old WWII Vet saved from eviction
John Potter's only daughter tried to evict him from his self-constructed home of 56 years. Distraught, John's granddaughter turned to GoFundMe to try and raise enough money to make sure that didn't happen.
Thousands raised for grieving family
In December, Ronan was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer, and it was determined that it was terminal. A family friend set up a GoFundMe campaign to collect donations for the family during this difficult time.
Gamer turns to Internet for cancer costs
Brandon Boyer is well-known in the gaming world. When he was denied insurance coverage for $100K in cancer treatment bills, his many friends and fans rushed to his aid and he surpassed his goal in just a few days.
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