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The most successful GoFundMe fundraising campaigns of all-time.

MARCH 30, 2015 (5:19)
Quadruplets, power soccer, family
MARCH 23, 2015 (3:25)
Medical bills, sports, family support
MARCH 16, 2015 (3:32)
Class trip, commuter, fire relief
Parents use social media to save daughter
4-year-old Eliza was diagnosed with a terminal disease that will eventually make her lose all motor functioning. Determined to get her to a potentially life-saving therapy trial, her parents created a GoFundMe campaign, a viral video, and a hashtag, #savingeliza.
Thousands unite to help double amputee
Jeff Bauman was a victim of the Boston Bombings, which claimed both of his legs. His story of courage inspired thousands, who returned the favor by donating to aid his medical costs, making his the largest GoFundMe campaign to date.
Recovery support for mom and daughter
Celeste and Sydney went to watch the Boston Marathon together, and were both severely injured by the blast. Thousands stepped up to make sure money was one thing they wouldn't have to worry about.
Support for family of Connecticut priest
Matthew Baker was a respected and widely loved priest in Norwich, Connecticut. Tragically, his life was taken too soon as the result of a car accident. Thousands of people rallied together to support Matthew's wife and six children during this difficult time for their family.
Hope of research for a rare disease
Liza was diagnosed with a rare cancer, synovial sarcoma, in 2011. After a few years of remission, it returned aggressively. After a surprise wedding thrown for her ended, she received hope in the form of a non-traditional treatment method. This campaign was created to help fund clinical research for many people suffering from this rare disease.
Help for family after tragic accident
On December 8th, 2014, a small plane crashed into a residential house, killing those on board, as well as a mother and her two children who were home at the time. A friend started this GoFundMe campaign to help the grieving family in their time of need - thousands of people donated to show their support.
Wave of support for attack victim
Alan Barnes suffers from a number of disabilities including sight and growth problems. Recently he was attacked outside his home, resulting in a broken collar bone. What started out as a campaign to help him relocate homes turned into a massive outpouring of support from people all over the world.
Support for quadruplets who lost mother
Shortly after Erica delivered her quadruplets, she tragically passed away. Knowing that Erica's husband Carlos would need as much support as possible during this difficult time, friends and family came together on a GoFundMe campaign. Support poured in from all over the globe and thousands of dollars were raised.
New home for paralyzed woman
After beating cancer twice, Melissa was diagnosed with a neurological disorder, leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. Her sister couldn't bear the thought of her living in a non-wheelchair accessible home, so she reached out to the Chive community to help.
Donations pour in for tragedy survivor
15-year-old Cassidy's mother, father, and four siblings were taken from her in an act of terrible violence. Luckily, she survived the attack and was able to make a full recovery. This campaign was created to raise funds for Cassidy's future.
Native Bostonian begins recovery
Roseann had been to the Boston Marathon many times, but nothing could have prepared her for what happened on that fateful day. The blast claimed her leg, but she continues to heal, supported by thousands of well-wishers.
Father fights to keep disabled son
Leo Forrest, a newborn baby born with Down Syndrome, was unwanted by his mother. The baby's father Sam wanted to take Leo and move to New Zealand where he could have a better quality of life. Their story touched countless hearts, and hundreds of thousands were raised in just hours to help baby Leo thrive.
Donations pour in for soon-to-be mom
Just days after Amanda and her husband Chris found out they were expecting their first baby, Amanda was diagnosed with ALS, an incurable degenerative disease. A friend started this GoFundMe campaign in order to help them buy a wheelchair van, and to cover any future medical costs associated with Amanda's care.
Dog rescue kennel saved from closure
When The Downtown Dog Rescue Kennel found out their building was being sold by its owners, they knew they needed to act quickly. They quickly created a campaign on GoFundMe and put the word out to animal lovers everywhere.
Donors help shorten man's commute
James Robertson walks an exhausting 21 miles to work every single day. Despite his trek, he is never late and has a perfect attendance record. Evan heard about James' story and wanted to help buy him a car. Little did he know that the outpouring of support would be so widespread and life-changing for James.
Cancer survivor integrating new cure
Ivelisse, a survivor of stage 4 cancer, is a firm believer in a European treatment style called "Mistletoe Treatment." She turned to GoFundMe to raise the funds to run a clinical trial in the U.S., the first step to integrating it into our healthcare system.
Donations flood in for Ferguson cake shop
Natalie Dubose, a single mother, owns a cake shop that was damaged during the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. After seeing a photo of her crying on the news, thousands of people donated to a GoFundMe campaign to help her repair the shop's damages.
Support for family of late animator
Monty Oum, a web-based animator, tragically passed away after complications from an allergic reaction. Thousands of people, including friends, collagues and fans of his work, donated to a campaign to help support his family during their time of need.
Support for the Dorresteijn Family
Shari and Bram Dorresteijn were tragically killed in a car accident on April 24th, 2014, leaving behind two young children. Thousands of people showed their support by donating to this GoFundMe campaign so that their children could have some security during the family's trying time.
Cyclist recovering after car collision
While riding with a group of cyclists in San Diego, Juan Carlos was suddenly struck by a car that plowed into the group. He was taken to a local hospital where he began treatment for multiple wounds, surrounded by his family. Thousands of people came together to donate toward his recovery.
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