Women Who Made Music History

$11,705 of $20,000 goal

Raised by 150 people in 25 months

We are Paula and Peggy. For the past 10 years, we've produced and performed in several shows that focus on female music icons and legends. We are now poised to take all this experience, all these successful shows, and all this momentum we've generated, and pour into- our Next! Big!! Project!!!

We are are asking for your donation to launch our Women Who Made Music History Concert Series where we entertain and educate, while we honor and pay emotional tribute to an array of influencial divas, dames and darlings. Our intention is to pitch these shows to  Performing Arts Theaters in communities, colleges and universities throughout the region and beyond.

The money we raise will go directly toward a marketing package that includes professional promotional videos and photo shoots for each concert in our series. In addition, money raised will help offset the cost of costuming, CD recording and replication, music licensing, venue rentals, registration and showcasing fees at conferences and networking seminars. These conferences and seminars place us directly in front of the people who will sign or book us. 

Unlike other crowdfunding sites, gofundme is set up to allow us access to the funds as the money arrives. This will allow us to pay our music arranger, solidify a date for our first "sizzle reel" (promo video) and to register for the prestigious SouthArts Music conference (Atlanta) and the North Carolina Presenters Consortium (Raleigh) where we will perform a sampler set in front of as many as 300 music buyers from the southeast. Huge!

Women Who Made Music History Concert Series presented itself because we attracted it.  We followed the signs and answered the call to honor iconic female music artists of the past; the ones who inspired us to pursue our own careers in music. Artists like Linda Ronstadt, Etta James, Bonnie Raitt, Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday.

Our alignment with the project and it’s alignment with us, is happening at just the right time. We have been manifesting this path for a very long time. We trust the process and we are honored that you will be part of our dreams coming true.

Your generosity will allow us to continue to make a living in this precarious and exciting music industry; specifically  within the performing arts theater circuit. Our vow to you, is to never take your altruism for granted. We vow to pay it and play it forward. 

A Letter from co-creators, Paula and Peggy:

The reason we have created the Women Who Made Music History Concert Series is because we are passionate about singing and performing, and we are dedicated to sharing this meaningful project as our personal and primary musical commitment as we move forward in our careers.

We are moved by the human voice, by melody and lyric. We have been touched and inspired  by many female artists, their life journeys, their bravery, their career choices and their personal interpretations of iconic songs.

We see the importance in continuing to bring women to the forefront as their greatness is often muted or dimmed. We also feel a sense of responsibility to share with our young and upcoming sisters about the courageous souls who have preceded them and to EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE them, and bring more LOVE and CONNECTION to this planet in our own way.

Creating shows that encompass great music and moving stories is what we can do. It's what we know how to do, what we love to do, and it's what we want to do!

We hope that you can feel our passion and we would appreciate it if  would help spread our message!
With much love,
Paula and Peggy

*Please visit our newly created website at www.womenwhomademusichistoryconcertseries.com 

Your donations will help fund the following elements as we continue to launch Women Who Made Music History Concert Series:

* Professionally done promotional videos
* Song licensing
* Photo shoots
* Performing Arts Music/Entertainment conference      registration and performance fees
*Lawyer fees
*Accountant fees
*LLC costs
* Professionally executed scores and arrangements
* Studio Recordings including mixing and mastering and paying the studio musicians
* CD replication
* Graphic Art
* Printing & mailing
* Radio and print ads
* Costuming
* Travel and accommodations to conferences
* Touring Merchandise
* Costumes

Your donations will also enable us to legitamately pay the incredible area musicians who have agreed to take this journey with us. The all-star cast of players who will also benefit from your financial generosity include:

~Grant Cuthbertson - Upright and Electric Bass and song arranger

~ James Vandenberg - Acoustic and Electric guitarist and backing vocalist

~ Bob Bencze - Keyboard Player and backing vocalist

~ James Kylen - Drummer

We invite you to check out our creative and fun rewards as a way to say:  Thank you, gracias, merci, grazie, mahalo iā ʻoe, dank je, danke, obrigado, wado!
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Women Who Made
Music History Concerts
Crowd Funding Update!

We’ve created a 7 minute slide show video that chronicles our journey thus far. It beautifully illustrates how your past donations have changed, and your future donations will continue to change, our lives for the better. With your generosity, friends, family and fans, see in this video how we’ve been able to set our dreams in motion. This is a pictorial account of your hard earned and philanthropic contributions to Women Who Made Music History Concerts, LLC, in action!

We are in the middle of the final phase of our crowdfunding campaign via Gofundme. You can still make donations through the end of the year here:

We’ve sent our most recent donors, a pre-mastered track of our upcoming CD release of Love is a Rose, Celebrating the Music of Linda Ronstadt in celebration of our 2 year Anniversary! If you contribute $5 (or more!), we’ll send it to YOU TOO! This additional, special anniversary “instant gratification” thank you gift will run until the end of our campaign, Dec 31, 2018.

We stand in a ocean of gratitude for all of you, as we continue to manifest the project of our lives!

Visit our website http://www.loveisaroselive.com for all our upcoming “on tour” show dates 2018-2020!
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Hi friends! Please take a few minutes to read this update in its entirety (1:20 is all it will take you!)

At midnight on April 2nd, we will suspend our Women Who Made Music History Concerts, GoFundMe campaign, which is currently funding the development and promotion of our LOVE IS A ROSE: Celebrating the Music of Linda Ronstadt show.

We are excited to point out that this is the last chance for any of you who have intended to support us, to do so within the next 10 days!

Yes we only have 10 DAYS LEFT to meet our goal of $20,000 ($10,800 still needed), AND we are elated to have received $9,170 from 103 of you!


We humbly ask for your support to help us to:
1- Complete the RECORDING and PRESSING/PRODUCTION of our LOVE IS A ROSE concert CD
2- Pay to ATTEND AND SHOWCASE for 3 BOOKING CONFERENCES in 2018- Arts Midwest, Arts Northwest and South Arts.

The money we've raised has already been invested in:

--Hiring a lawyer to negotiate our LLC Articles of Incorporation, and our Booking Agent Contract
--Attending, Exhibiting and Showcasing at 3 Conferences in the past year (including entry fees, printed materials, travel, accommodations/food)
--Hiring an arranger to 'score' the show.
-- Hiring two professional video teams to develop, produce and shoot our two promotional videos.
--Hiring a professional photographer.

For the past 18 months, we have been on the fast track to making this a reality; and we have all of YOU to thank. We are now on the home stretch & anticipate flying on our own by Fall of this year. But we need this extra last push! Therefore, with humble hearts, empowered minds, and brimming excitement we're asking you to help us get there!

*Our intention in suspending our campaign is to begin distributing our promised thank you gifts. Suspending our campaign allows for more donors who have intended to support us, this last chance in our launch phase, to DO SO NOW, and allows us to reopen it at some point if we so desire.


Love and endless blessings!

Peggy and Paula

Love is a Rose Promo Video!
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Women Who Made
Music History Concerts
GoFundMe Campaign UPDATE!!
For those of you following our GoFundMe campaign & journey, you already know Paula & I will be closing out our account at the beginning of April. Therefore, we are ramping up our GoFundMe campaign for the last time!
We will close down the donation page on April 2nd! (just couldn't bring ourselves to close it down on April Fool's Day!)
Consequently, we will be emailing reminders each week until shut down day, all the while allowing for the financial abundance awaiting us from you, our friends, family, fans & previous donors!
We will excitedly & fervently
pay your kindness forward!
Plus! GoFundMe has recently omitted their fees, allowing us in the coming months, to retain more of what we receive!
This email comes with a request aimed at future first-time donors & especially to those of you with little expendable income. Our goal is to attain fifty (50) $5 to $20 donations by March 1st! And as a thank YOU, the first 25 donors will receive via email, a professional
recording in mp3 format of Peggy, (accompanied by the incomparable Patrick Boland on piano) singing the Beatles hit (written by Meredith Wilson) Till There Was You, and Columbus Street, an original and poignant love song from Paula's CD, The Only Voice.
Conferences and showcases that we attended last year, we plan to attend again this coming year. Like last year, you helped us get to, as well as showcase at these conferences by contributing to our campaign, which allowed our needed monetary momentum to even begin!!! The mentors and booking agents we have met through these conferences and showcasing opportunities became attracted to us right from the start because of A) our authentic intention to shed more light on female music icons of the past and present during an extremely potent time for women; B) our talent and work ethic; C) our tenacity and earnestness in bringing our desires to fruition. But the most important take-away from them that involves you? They told us last year that we’d need $20,000 to pursue this dream, because aligning ourselves with the Performing Arts Theater talent buyers and agents who could choose to book our shows, costs money; and that it would take up to 2 years to happen! We are so very pleased with our progress! One year down and one more to go!
All Because of YOU!
We will soon be signing an exclusive booking contract with 'our dream team', a successful boutique booking agency out of NYC, who are lit up about our shows and poised to take us where we've been headed all these years:
On National Tours!
To prepare, there are expenses we still have to meet before we are fully & completely launched!
To date, we have raised just over $8500 of our $20,000 goal!
(Since last week's reminder email, we raised almost another $500!)
Here's how our remaining expenses break down:
4 showcase performance slots at 2 conferences: $3600
Travel/Accommodations for 2 conferences: $1950
Studio recording for Love is a Rose CD: $5000
Costumes: $900
Total ADDITIONAL goal:
To raise $11,450.00 by April 2nd!

*Remember to peruse the thank you gifts for each of the contribution amount levels on our GoFundMe campaign site: https://www.gofundme.com/womenwhomademusichhistory

It is pivotal that we reach our remaining financial goal amount of $11,450.00 by April 2nd!
We won’t ever forget your support.
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Read a Previous Update
6 months ago

Ladies - I am so very proud of what you have done! And What a Beautiful Video! My filmmaker teen is proud of you too. That said I am absolutely sure your amazing crystal clear energy and the passionate love you clearly pour into this project will continue to bring you an abundance of all the things you so richly desire. I am out here routing for you!

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Linda Block
19 months ago

WoWoW! That is fabulous. Your voices go so well together and I love your energy and heart. GO FOR IT! And I didn't know the motivation for honoring Linda Rondstadt in particular, so thanks for sharing about her illness.

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$11,705 of $20,000 goal

Raised by 150 people in 25 months
Created March 12, 2017
Home Grown
Personalized thank you e-card with 1 song track attached in mp3 format, from the 'Love Is A Rose' CD. (ETA- 2018)
Silk Purse
Digital Download of Love is a Rose or CD (please specify) (ETA-2018)
Don't Cry Now
Digital Download of Love is a Rose or CD (please specify) Love Is A Rose Concert Poster (ETA- 2018)
Digital Download of Love is a Rose or CD (please specify) Signed Love Is A Rose poster Love is a Rose T-shirt (specify size S-M-L-XL) (ETA 2018)
Digital Download of Love is a Rose or CD 1 hr vocal coaching (Peggy) or 1 hr yoga class (Paula) In person or Skype
Simple Dreams
Digital Download or CD 2 reserved seats to our private wine & nibbles house concert in Asheville Sunday, September 17, 2017, 7pm
Digital Download or CD Your name or logo included in our multimedia slide show before each concert as well as a listing on our sponsorship website page!
Mad Love
Digital Download or CD A pair of tickets & backstage passes to a meet/greet at 1 of our concerts Sponsorship mention on website & slide show
Get Closer
Dig Dwnld or CD Sponsorship package Pair of tix + BS passes to 1 of our concerts Peggy and Paula will record your personal outgoing vm message!
Feels Like Home
Private House Concert - your location within 100 miles of Asheville or when we have a show in your area. Digi Dwnld or CD T-Shirt Sponsorship web & slideshow
Lush Life
Mad Love Pkg --w/special onstage mentions at all shows! We’ll Uber you and a friend to meet and treat you to lunch, in our town or when we’re in yours!!
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Diane Amos
4 months ago

Digital download pls. We love you gals! Go get em!

Darlene Kucken
5 months ago

Love you!

Susie Davis
5 months ago

Love you girls! I hope things continue to move forward exactly how you want them to!

shiner antiorio
6 months ago

Honoring Women who made/make music is so important. I applaud your endeavors to do that. Thanks

6 months ago
Norma Bradley
6 months ago

I love these two talented women.

7 months ago
Carole Gardner
7 months ago

I have always loved Linda Ronstadt's voice. She's so versatile. I believe these ladies are the perfect ones to honor her music and singing - all of her styles. This is destined for greatness, as it should be!

6 months ago

Ladies - I am so very proud of what you have done! And What a Beautiful Video! My filmmaker teen is proud of you too. That said I am absolutely sure your amazing crystal clear energy and the passionate love you clearly pour into this project will continue to bring you an abundance of all the things you so richly desire. I am out here routing for you!

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Linda Block
19 months ago

WoWoW! That is fabulous. Your voices go so well together and I love your energy and heart. GO FOR IT! And I didn't know the motivation for honoring Linda Rondstadt in particular, so thanks for sharing about her illness.

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