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My name is Gregory GOrDon and this Go Fund Me is to raise funds to build a working model of a Vortex Force Reactor.

About this project   "For the Lord shall rise up as at Mount Perazim.  He shall be angry as in the valley of Gibeon that he may do His work.  His awesome work.  And bring to pass His act.  His unusual act."  (Isaiah 28:21)

The awesome feat that we are going to accomplish together will require a little bit of money, some hard work and a great deal of brain power.   My first job is to prove that I possess the required brain power to complete the mission. Therefore, the opening of this project begins with a very short IQ test.  I passed the test.  Can you?  

Here goes:

You come to a fork in the road.  One road leads to Heaven the other to Hell.  At the junction there is a guard who could either be an angel who can only tell the truth or a demon who can only lie. And you won't know if you are talking to the angel or the demon.  You have only one question to ask to know which road to take.

That is the member given Mensa Test.  Mensa is the organization whose members all have a very high intelligence quotient or IQ.  Prior to me, Gregory GOrDon, taking the test it was presumed that there was only one question that could be asked to be sure to get to Heaven.  I passed the test by asking a totally new question along with a response to the answer that would ensure I was taking the road to Heaven.

They say that there is a fine line between utter madness and creative genius.  I know this to be true as I've walked that line.  In fact instead of simply referring to myself as a mad scientist, I've embellished the term and jokingly call myself THE PSYCHO SCIENTIST.  

My first invention was a way to turn black balloons into laser-like-light.  I used my light form to critical acclaim in a wild and crazy performance art piece in various New York City area nightclubs such as The Gallery, Studio 54, Paradise Garage, Club Cheetah, The Fountain Casino, The Roxy, and the Best Little Night Club in the World: The Melody Bar in New Brunswick, NJ.

In the routine I played the second coming of Christ using his light to expose then president Ronald Reagan as the anti-Christ; both facets of which I believe to be true to this very day.  On July fourth of 1990, I broke into Reagan's retirement home in a mock assassination attempt / publicity stunt for my act and the books I had written to present my Biblical Theory.  

The publicity stunt was a major success.  It made headline news around the world.  After getting out of prison I appeared on numerous television shows, pod casts and radio programs including the Howard Stern Show which was at the time America's number one syndicated radio program and cable television show. 

My Biblical theory was recently confirmed in an online Patheos.com blog post by a noted Bible Scholar.  And, I was recently told by my case manager that I had finally reached the point of mental wellness where I no longer need therapy.

I mention all of this only to say that now I have used my genius for abstract reasoning to invent a first of its kind perpetual motion machine. Just as with the Mensa Test, prior to my making this invention it was widely assumed that there was no way to create a perpetual motion machine.  I have found a way to build a perpetual motion machine and I need your moral and monetary support to build a working prototype.

What is it?
I call the machine the PET Vortex Force Reactor.  It consists of two basic components. One component is the Perpetual Electricity Turbine that creates the electricity and the other is a water vortex creating reactor. The overall machine is built upon the principle of using the Earth's Coriolis Force (the force responsible for the creation of hurricanes and tornadoes) to create a water vortex which is tapped to spin a flywheel turbine attached to electrical generators.

I have been working on the project for several years now and have built a working model of the reactor component that sustains a vortex indefinitely. The next step is to perfect the method of extracting more electricity from the machine than it uses.  As you will see in the video at the website my first thought was to tap the vortex from the top by using an impeller attached to an ordinary hydro generator.

How to make it work
Since creating that first prototype I have found a better way to tap the vortex.  Instead of inserting an impeller into the vortex I am now going to tap the speed of the water that has passed through the vortex.  You see, as the water comes through the vortex and is expelled from the hole in the Vortex chamber it bursts out in an explosion due to centrifugal force. To tap that explosion I have created a patent pending nozzle that redirects the exploding water into what I call the Perpetual Electricity Turbine or PET for short.

The Reactor Body

The Zen Online Water Purifier is pictured above. It has two tanks and all of the basic parts needed to create a working water vortex as we have seen.  The plan is to create an insert pod or module between the two tanks that will contain the Perpetual Electricity Turbine and generators. Using the off-the-shelf reactor body along with the PET insert will help keep production costs and assembly time to a minimum once we reach the production stage.

 Since we are now concentrating on the speed of the water ejected from the Vortex Chamber hole to produce the power we need we can use small high speed generators to create the electricity.  Some of them are very small about the length of a king size cigarette.  This size generator would fit nicely in the Zen Online Water Purifier reactor body. 

When I say high speed I mean really high speed.  To make the Reactor produce the amount of power that we desire speeds of between 10 and 15 thousand RPM may be required.  Fortunately high speed DC motor - generators don't cost a lot of money.  In fact cheap limited use motors are less than twenty dollars apiece when bought from China.

For the purposes of building a proof of concept prototype for the PET these cheap generators will do just fine.  Later if we build a production model using the same Zen Online Water Purifier reactor body we will use more expensive heavy duty generators that can run for very long periods of time without overheating.

The Economics
What puts this invention in the realm of a miracle is that it produces electricity at an extremely low price.  As designed it is meant to compete with home solar and wind power systems.  A standard eight kilowatt home solar system can cost anywhere from eight to 25 thousand dollars and produces electricity only during daylight hours.  Therefore as our system runs 24/7 we can get the same amount of electricity using half of the rated kilowatt hours.

In addition, in all of the cost estimates I have been able to come up with we can get the same amount of kilowatt hours as a solar power system for half the price.  Combining these two factors produces an overall cost of one quarter of that for solar power systems. The total cost may even be lower than that of the wholesale rate that huge electric companies pay for their electricity.

Ideally I want to get anywhere from one to four kilowatts of electricity out of this particular Zen reactor body.  Using four small motors rated at between .25 and one kilowatt each would achieve this goal in this particular reactor body.  Each kilowatt of power is worth 72 dollars a month at $0.10 per kilowatt hour.  That is what the power is worth when sent back to your electric company under the nation's Net Metering Laws.

Net Metering is the process where consumers can produce "green" electricity and sell it back to their power company.  As of now 43 states and the District of Columbia have Net Metering Laws.  While most of the laws are directly targeting solar power some states such as Florida also include "hydro" or water powered systems.

On a whole the average American household uses about 10,800 Kw hours of electricity a year.  Thus a one kilowatt system can produce almost all of a family's electricity needs for a year. A two kilowatt system will be more than enough.  And it should pay for itself in about ten months.  


Once we have our finished product it will be time to market the invention.  Part of the marketing scheme is built into the name of the machine: the PET.  

One idea is to market the machine as a type of pet in pet stores around the world.  The idea is to call the actual vortex a pet and sell the tanks in the fish department of the pet stores.  There are several products on the market already using this angle but as of now I know of none of them that are in actual pet stores.  One deal with a national pet store chain would guarantee distribution in hundreds of stores.

This is where it all gets exciting.  Imagine thousands upon thousands of homes using PET Vortex Force Reactors and producing enough electricity to offset their electric bills.  That would take a lot of pressure off of electric companies to use fossil fuels for their electricity.  At the same time it would reduce America's carbon footprint and help curb global warming.

The Vortex Force
Here is where you come in.  To help build awareness of this potential game changing technology I have created an organization known as The Vortex Force.   All of the rewards for supporting this project include membership in The Vortex Force and inclusion on the Vortex Force Email list.  As a group we will share news and developments regarding the PET Vortex Force Reactor through all means available; Social Media in particular.  

The Math
The mathematical principle upon which the Vortex Force Reactor is based is Einstein's famous E=MC2.  My version of this equation is this: The amount of energy that can be extracted from matter is equal to its mass times its speed.  Therefore if we can increase the speed of an object we can increase the amount of energy derived from it.

When one looks at the flow of water through the vortex one will notice that the speed of the water coming out of the hole in the vortex chamber is significantly faster than that of the water coming in. So much so that the water when it escapes through the hole actually goes out sideways due to centrifugal force. Yet over time the vortex remains stable and the level of water in the Vortex Chamber neither increases nor decreases.

I still can't figure out how this happens but that means that the same amount of mass over time is escaping but all of it at a much faster speed.  Tapping that speed is what produces more power than it takes to raise the water from the bottom tank back to the top tank, which is all of the excess power that we need.

In real life terms think of water flowing out of a hose.  Normally the water coming out of the hose can't do much work.  Yet when you squeeze the end of the hose the water can wash windows and sidewalks.  Or think of the same principle when using a power washer.  The vortex acts like the motor on the power washer increasing the speed of the escaping  water. 

The Secrets
By re-injecting a portion of the faster escaping water from the Vortex chamber hole immediately back into the vortex chamber itself before it flows into the turbine, we further increase the speed of the circulating water in the vortex chamber thereby ultimately increasing the velocity of the water escaping through the hole, thus providing an ever increasing amount of power to the generators.  

I call this part of the machine the water particle accelerator.  The process of acceleration takes place over a long period of time, perhaps as much as a week or even longer.  That is why the machine is called a reactor.  It reacts to the processes of the earth's Coriolis force as well as the processes inherent in the other parts of the machine.

In addition to the speed of the water entering the Perpetual Electricity Turbine the turbine itself is designed as a flywheel.  It is heavier than the total weight of the generators attached to it and uses low friction bearings.  That way when set in motion the whole contraption will continue to accelerate as long as the force of the water exceeds the friction of the bearings and the generators.

That part goes back to Newtonian Physics which states that an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

The above math shows me that it should be no problem to make the PET Vortex Force Reactor produce more electricity than it uses.  As long as we can do that we will have a successful prototype.  But can we get the hoped for one to four kilowatts out of a Reactor of this size.  Time will tell.

Once we have a working model it will be time to get them out to the public.  Supporters of this project will contacted first and be offered the opportunity to purchase one at cost plus shipping.  As of now I am living on a government SSI check once a month and i am doing my part.  In October of 2017 I am moving out of my group home back into a homeless shelter that I may have extra funds to help build the project.

Your support is needed and will be greatly appreciated.  I can't do it alone.  This is a project that if and when successful will help billions of people around the world.  If you have a bit of money that you can see your way to use to help support this effort that would make me very happy.  But even if you don't have any money you can help by simply sharing this project on your social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram or any other social media platform that is available to you. 

Please help build the People's Electric Cash Machine.  It means more clean energy for the environment and more money for those who could really use it instead of the big greedy power companies.  When the project is completed we will be able to say: "Look, we did it ourselves. With the help of Jesus."  Thank you very much.  

"The Vortex Force-Bringing Clean Power to the People."
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$20 of $2,500 goal

Raised by 1 person in 5 months
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