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33474400_1544574905849493_r.jpegMy wife, Leah,  became severely sick in 2015 with a life threatening disease. She has been diagnosed with a rare condition and a very complex detail of her illness is that she has severe mold exposure from back in 2015. That is where this all began for her. She went from being a very healthy, active, happy, free spirited, God loving woman and mother...to being bedridden. She has been fighting hard and struggling every single day for almost 4 years now. Our family has lost all of our financial income that I was able to provide. I resigned to be able to give her 24/7 care and to help to take care of our daughter. Leah has been diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Disease, mold exposure, multiple chemical sensitivity, tick borne disease including Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella.  She also has been diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis with ovarian endometrioma that ruptures one to two times per month(Leah is too weak to withstand surgery to get the mass out), severe migraine disorder, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, immune system dysfunction, dysautonomia, memory loss, stroke like symptoms, neurological degradation that is now thought to be irreparable, autonomic dysfunction, POTs and a list of others. She also has been diagnosed with diabetes insipidus due to the mold exposure. She suffers with extreme pain daily and is not able to take pain medicine due to her allergies. She has 4 safe foods. Her body is very malnourished. She has endured so much pain and suffering on a daily basis. She is on oxygen therapy,  in a wheel chair, and has to wear a respirator to even go to the hospital to get her IV treatments.  She has been going for these treatments for over 2 years now.  She is beginning to get beyond weak and tired. Her brain is not working as well and she is experiencing stroke like symptoms very often. She will wake up and not be able to move and she will struggle to breathe at times. She is taken by ambulance very often due to her condition.  Her symptoms have been getting much worse. And she is turning into one of the most severe cases her doctors have seen. She is not able to tolerate most of the standard treatments. Every other day she endures blood draws, IV infusions, hospitals, labs and she still makes sure to come home to our daughter every night and be her mother. Our little girl also has some issues from the mold exposure and allergy and we are Praying that she will never go through what her mother is battling. We have exhausted all of our financial resources. We took out 401k, Federal Air Marshals donated money and leave, Marines pulled together to help raise funds for us. Family has pulled together for us and Church's have held fundraisers. We appreciate everything and are grateful. We have lost our home, our car has been voluntarily repossessed, we have sold Leah's engagement ring and now her wedding ring. We have spent over $100,000 in medical bills and treatments and still owe a lot more money. Our focus is now on survival. We had hopes Leah would recover quickly and we were delivered the news today that in her current environment, since she was exposed to so many  forms of mold before this in 2015...HER BODY IS SHUTTING DOWN AND OUR DOCTOR FEARS THAT SOME DAMAGE EVEN WHEN IN A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT MAY BE IRREPARABLE. She is not able to even begin treatments until she is living in a sterile, clean room environment.  We are trying to build her a safe space where her body can begin to heal using MGO board that she can tolerate , low EMF and a positive pressure, air filtered, hospital grade, clean room that she can stay in to try to repair some of the damage to her body. She is being placed on home care once we get into a clean environment. The longer we wait the worse she gets. She has not been in public besides medical facilities since 2015. Here are some pictures of Leah before she became sick.  33474400_154457495359952_r.jpeg33474400_1544575032198314_r.jpeg33474400_1544575061486738_r.jpeg
To those that know us...we really struggled with asking for help. But, at this point we feel we are backed into a corner. Her biggest fear is leaving our little girl.  We appreciate any help and any donations. We really need Prayers. Leah says, "God is bigger than this...He will work it out." Her chant during every medical procedure, or when she is in so much pain and scared for her life is, "God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at the break of day." Psalm 46:5  Thank you for your time and your Prayers. GOD BLESS https://tmsforacure.org/symptoms/symptoms-and-triggers-of-mast-cell-activation/   
Patient Worthy also wrote an article on Leah. You can view that here: https://patientworthy.com/2018/12/03/holding-on-to-faith-and-hope-leahs-story-part-1/ 
This is a glimpse of what she is going through daily. 33474400_1544575106815915_r.jpeg33474400_1544575136803311_r.jpeg33474400_1544575171806870_r.jpeg33474400_1544575220468380_r.jpeg33474400_1544575246175609_r.jpeg33474400_1544575272133057_r.jpeg33474400_1544575307711913_r.jpeg33474400_1544575340358294_r.jpeg33474400_1544575360458411_r.jpeg33474400_1544575384948810_r.jpeg33474400_1544575411676806_r.jpeg33474400_1544575430822912_r.jpeg
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Here is a Video Update on the Safe House. Leah is having a pretty rough time. Waiting to hear back from her doctor and Praying things will let up. I need to get her into this space as quickly as possible. Prayers are appreciated. Thank you to everyone and God Bless.
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Wanted to give an update.
We have been so busy with surviving and taking care of Leah and trying to get supplies for the house. I'm sorry I was not able to update sooner. I'll try to give a quick run down.

With Harper, every day she is our drive to keep going. Especially for Leah. Harper has to do a 3 day stool test to rule out a few other GI issues. Her blood tests came back confirmed Celiac disease so her GI pediatrician feels comfortable with diagnosing her and not putting her body through an endoscopy. She is now totally gluten free. Her stomach has still been hurting on and off. But, she seems a bit better. She is also getting her 6 yr molars and losing her two front teeth. This little girl brings so much Joy and we are so thankful for all the Prayers for her. We Pray her GI symptoms calm down and she heals up very quickly. We Pray for health and comfort for her.

Leah had to go to the hospital yesterday. We were grateful that her primary care team saw her in their office and did an EKG and hemoglobin test and then sent her for a STAT chest xray at the Hospital. They ruled out hopefully all the really bad stuff. We try to wait it out, but her Primary wanted her to go, the pain was there for two days and is starting to get a bit better we Pray. Hurt her to breathe, or walk, or talk and move. We are still trying really hard to get the Leucovorin into her body and the b12. She was not making RBC and hemoglobin like she needs to be and she gets very tired to the point she passes out some times and then has a rough time waking. I have been pureeing all of her food in Hope's it will absorb better. Her short term memory is not as good and constant pain and brain fog. This on top of all her other debilitating symptoms. She has been having some other symptoms that are newer and we will talk with her Dr. about at her next appointment. She will keep trying. She still homeschools Harper from bed and is able to get up and wash up with my help, sometimes on her own. We are Praying this is her body healing and we know she has to get a bit worse usually before better. Her Dr. was hoping she would be in the safe house by now. Since, we are not, her Dr. said we will have to try the b12 and folinic acid no matter what. She has been doing it. She asks for Prayers to keep her eyes on God and to keep love and gratitude in her heart. She also Prays that Harper and I will feel her love no matter what the day brings for her. We do. But, she Prays that. And she Prays for God to breathe new life into us and her. We will keep trying every single day. So many people have been reaching out from her past and she is so touched and comforted that everyone who was such a good part of her life has been so supportive. It means alot to her. In the times she can lift her head and make her phone calls and emails she has been working really hard to get donations for the safe space. She will not quit. And people have been so kind to us. She watched a video of herself from last year and you could see her get pretty defeated. I Pray this safe space will allow her to get back to that and so much better, very soon.

Here is where we are at with the build. We had no idea how we were going to piece this house together after the Charity was not able to help us. We Prayed hard and we reached out to CodeofVets. They are a grassroots Veterans organization. Gretchen and Cindy have helped us to get the word out. Then, Leah heard from a woman named Kim, whose husband went to high school with Leah. She read Leah's story and they immediately became close friends. She supports Leah daily and talks with her and reaches out to people for us. Dan, her husband, is a combat Marine. Dan has really been helping with piecing things together for us and our long list of electrical and HVAC needs. Our little girl's got to play together, which is so nice for Harper. God sent them to us at the exact, right time. They are a beautiful family and we are so grateful. Kim reached out to someone who Leah really admires and I do too. Marcus Luttrells organization, Team Never Quit. Leah is so inspired by him. His organization Team Never Quit has been getting involved a bit and that's really lifted Leah's Spirits. Never quit. We have so much respect for this community and family we are a part of.

Companies that have been helping us include:
Sharkskin Underlayment Roofing-donated roofing underlayment
Isaiah Industries- donated metal shingles
Best Buy Metals -donated metal shingles
Lowes- local Vestal and Binghamton-all windows donated and they reached back out to see what else they can help with.
Home Depot-Johnson City,NY- special request from Congressman Brindisi and Jason who is Deputy District Director. We are still working on this.
Barney and Dickenson Inc-concrete donation
J.Hulslander Custom Concrete will be doing the slab next Saturday.
ANC reached out and said they would donate a few things regarding the air filtration. We still have to figure all this out with HVAC specialist who is also donating his time.

*Harper said last night, "God made all these people so kind. "*

We still have a ways to go, but we are seeing God work in so many ways through so many people. We know it is God at work. It all hit at once. Leah says, "God is going to build this house." We are so thankful and so encouraged and everyone's Prayers mean so much to us. Every donation, every little note she gets, every single Prayer she holds deep and reads over and over. The special shout out online from Team Never Quit, she lit up that day. We have so much respect and gratitude to everyone helping us.

From Leah:
Every day for us is pretty hard and we are really hanging on...and everyone helping us and Praying and sending thoughts and Prayers and donations and being so kind is so powerful in lifting us up. God is working through so many people. Thank you for being so good to us. We truly love everyone. Our friends who message me to check on us and who pull over to Pray with me while they are driving home from work at 10pm at night. Kim and Dan for opening your family to us and all the people from my past who have been reaching out to check on us. I wake up daily to Tito's Bible verses he sends to Dorian and I. We are inspired by Tommy who is another Marine and by Doug and so many others that I know are trying to get the word out for us. We are inspired by codeofvets and all you do. Marcus Luttrell and Team Never Quit and all these strong, strong people. And all the people who send their Prayers. I really do read every single one and I cling to it through out the day. I'm so grateful. I am inspired and driven everyday to keep trying when I see my sweet little girl go to the window in our room and bow her head and whisper her Prayers to God.We will keep trying and I know God will get us through this. All the Glory goes to God. He is working in our lives. I'm Praying to enjoy every second I can and give little Harper as much of me as possible, as I feel lately there is becoming less and less time during the day. And to make her feel so loved and heal. I'm Praying for healing. -Leah

Sorry so long, we had alot to say and I attached a video update. If we left some things out which I'm sure we probably did, I apologize and we will try to do more updates regularly. Just been pushing hard on all fronts lately. God Bless everyone and thank you for everything. We are truly humbled and amazed and thankful. -Dorian, Harper and Leah
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Update and video attached.

Just wanted to give an update. Harper has to go for more bloodwork on Thursday. Thank you all for keeping her in your Prayers. She turns 6 next week. She is so brave and has some points where she cries because she doesn't want to have it done, but then Leah talks with her and they Pray about it and they have their little inside jokes about what they will do while getting the blood drawn and she is back to her happy self. We thank God that her GI doctor doesn't think he will have to do a scope on her. Just know that she is always so happy and positive and always keeps us grounded and thankful to God.

Leah has been pretty worn out. Her red blood cell count is dropping along with her hemoglobin and she had her appointment with her mast cell doctor, Dr. Dempsey (our main specialist for her) today. Her RBC is dropping due to severe anemia from basically zero folic acid levels. She has been trying to supplement every kind of folic acid, there are many and certain ones that she needs to take due to her specific genetics. She gets very sick with even a tiny amount and she has been trying for months. I puree her food for her and she takes organic beef organs that are specially made in a capsule that she can tolerate, but it is not enough. Her levels are dropping. We are going to back off on the blood draws to twice a month unless absolutely necessary and her Dr. called her in a prescription for Leucovorin. This is a drug used for low folic acid. Usually in chemo patients, so we are hoping she tolerates it. We know it could be absolute hell for Leah trying to get it into her body and she is prepared for it. She told the Dr., "as long as it won't kill me, I'll keep trying and doing it no matter what." She is serious. She will keep doing it no matter what if she has a chance of getting a little better and correcting some things. We are going to hold off on the cardiology medication. She saw a cardiologist and EP(focused on abnormal electrical activity in the heart) for last 2 weeks and her holter and EKG and Echo came back okay just very fast so we will need to address this, but will hold off and are thankful all looks not too bad. We are holding off on the medicine because she will need to try that in the ER and right now the Dr. feels her folic acid and levels are top priority. She said she does not know how Leah is even functioning at this point with her folic acid and anemia the way they are. Which she stressed are basically non existent. She said endure it, and only stop if you go anaphylactic. So we Praise God...Leah has been having episodes of where she will just pass out from extreme exhaustion and memory problems so we are thinking this is the cause. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome as well today. We always suspected it, but now her levels are coming back very high for the markers for it and that could be why she is making so many painful ovarian cysts. We will continue to deal with that. So we will keep everyone up to date and keep trying. Leah will keep Praying and she loves her Prayer shawl that Denise made for her. The sooner we can get into this safe space the sooner she can start to heal. We truly believe that, as does her Dr. We are so thankful for the Prayers and the thoughts for her healing.

To Mr. And Mrs. Wike's class at Seton Highschool,
We don't know who got ahold of the GoFundMe and spread it around, but we are so thankful. Leah's parents have been affected by her being sick as well and seeing you all pull together for their daughter means the world to them. It really has uplifted all of our Spirits. We thank you all so much and we will never forget how generous and loving you all are. We are going to put the money toward a roof, which is the next step in the build. We are so grateful.

Lastly, we reached out to Codeofvets since I am a former Marine and they have really been helping us get the word out there via Twitter and other resources. We are grateful for all they do. And we have met so many generous and loving people who will donate and Pray with us and for us. We can not thank you all enough. Also, all the people that keep donating repeatedly thank you so much, we feel bad and humbled and encouraged all at the same time.

We know one day we will have alot of good news for you all. And we will keep Praying for that day. We feel bad that we are always posting things that are extreme and sad, but unfortunately right now this is life. However, we are grateful for each day we get together and we know God is strengthening us and carrying us. Our Prayers are being answered daily through you all. "God please keep carrying us and thank You Lord for this life."That parts from Leah.

Thank you and God Bless
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$31,840 of $75,000 goal

Raised by 328 people in 7 months
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