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Noah Kennedy is the sole survivor of a terrifying and tragic event.  For half a century he becomes obsessed with finding a way to change history. Then the possibility opens up. But to save his friends and the woman he loves, he will have to relive it again.


Pulp Productions is an independent film production company based out of Antioch, Illinois. It was started by Brian Naydol, who has written and directed four independently produced feature films. Until The End Of Time is our fifth feature film. Our films have been shot all over Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and Chicago. For this film, we are amping everything up, from new equipment to new locations to a stellar team.

Here’s a look at what we’ve done and what’s to come:


Tread This Fantasy (2017)

Darkness Has Covered My Light (2016)

The Barlow House (2015)

Victims of Fun (2014)

Coming Soon:

Until The End Of Time (pre-production)

Measure Of Devotion (pre-production)


Large Sausage 16 (2017) (post production)

Pizzodyssey (2011)

Bumpkinism (2010)

Web Series:

Roomies (2012)


Movies are a source of joy in people’s lives and as indie filmmakers we feel inspired to spread that joy. We look up to the great filmmakers who are out there right now sharing stories and making art. We have built a team of dedicated and talented individuals that share this common goal.
Horror films have a huge cult following, and indie films thrive in this genre. Our goal is to appeal to this crowd of people seeking indie horror, and give them not only that, but a truly good movie. Until The End Of Time is a unique blend of horror, sci-fi, romance, and comedy like you’ve never seen before. It is the story of what happens when you have the power to influence the past and change your circumstances. We want people who see this movie to enjoy themselves, and to be totally invested in this universe and the characters in it. We are all unbelievably excited about this film, and we can’t wait to share it with you.


Writer and Director: Brian Naydol

Cast and Crew:

Bianca Bakanec, Roc Bauman, Jordan Biagomala, Abbey Bobzin, John Carter, Kyle Conner, Alexander Johnson, Pia Macias, Talen Marshall, Alma Martinez, Andrew Stachurski, Devan Tonn, Jessica Trznadel

More cast and crew announcements coming soon!

Our team is built with both Pulp Productions veterans and enthusiastic newcomers. With this team, we have high hopes that this will be our biggest project to date. Stay tuned for bios, updates, and videos from the cast and crew!

Meet the cast and crew:
TIMELINEFebruary 1, 2017: Launch the fundraising campaign for Until The End Of Time.

February 8, 2017: First read thru of Until The End Of Time.

March 18, 2017: Fundraising event for Pulp Productions at the Underground Collaborative in Milwaukee. (Event page coming soon!)

April 17-23 2017: Shoot Until The End Of Time in Gatlinburg, TN.

Early 2018: Shoot second section of Until The End Of Time.

Spring and Summer 2018: Post Production

Fall or Winter 2018: Tentative premiere for Until The End Of Time.


To make this vision a reality, we can’t cut any corners. Our top priority is to upgrade our equipment, so the quality is up to standards of submission to streaming sites and festivals. We are looking for funding for the following:

Cabin Rental

Sound Equipment

Camera Equipment

Car Rental/Gas

Special Effects Makeup

Props and costumes


Our goal is to raise $20,000 by the time we start filming in Gatlinburg.

Independent film runs on fundraising and donors, which is why we are grateful for every single no matter how great or small. If you cannot donate, but this film sounds interesting to you, don’t worry! Any form of support will help us achieve our goal. Sharing this campaign, following our facebook or instagram, or stopping by our booth at a convention, are all ways you can get involved!


If you are interested in learning more, here are some links you can check out!

Tread This Fantasy article

Darkness Has Covered My Light Trailer

Merchandise, Photos, and More

Follow us on Instagram @pulpproductionsfilms and Facebook at facebook.com/PulpProductionsFilms

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Our fourth film, "Tread This Fantasy" is coming to the theater! We are less than three weeks away from the premiere at the Fox Bay Cinema Grill in Milwaukee on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 9:30pm and we will be running a little contest. The winner will get a reserved table of their choice which seats up to 4 people. They will get a large pizza of their choice and pitcher of a soft drink of their choice to enjoy while the film plays. They will get an 11X14 poster signed by cast and crew including writer/director Brian Naydol star Jessica Trznadel, supporting actors Abbey Bobzin, Talen Marshall, Rose Grizzell, Kyle Conner and Jeremy Lindholm, who has also been in Z Nation as well as Twin Peaks among other claims to fame. Winner will also get a photo op with attending cast and crew following the film.

We have two ways of entering. First, buy tickets through our website. With each advanced basic ticket, we will include two entries into our contest, with the advanced poster ticket, three entries, with the advanced poster and shot glass ticket, four entries. The second way is to donate either through our website store or our GoFundMe. Every $5 donation will get you one entry. We will run this until the end of the day on Monday, October 9, 2017 and we will announce our winner on Tuesday, October 10. All donations will help us complete "Until the End of Time." The ticket link in our website store is below. Please note, this is an upgrade for those attending and tickets are not included in the prize.

Come on out, have a good time and help support a good cause and see a scary movie just in time for Halloween! Many of the people who were involved with "Tread This Fantasy" are also part of "Until the End of Time," including Jessica Trznadel, Abbey Bobzin, Talen Marshal, Pia Macias, Randall Cropp and Brian Naydol. We love making movies, we are excited to share this one with you, help keep it all going!

Come join us!
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It has been some time since I have posted and I wanted to share an update on everything as well as our first teaser for our film Until the End of Time. My teams and I have been finishing two other film projects and are finally ready to put our full focus back into Until the End of Time with a goal of having shooting complete by the end of October and post-production complete by February 2018. I want to walk through the process we have gone through so far and where we are going from here to complete what is going to be a very good film.

We took on this project in February of this year and had a goal of putting a team of 19 together to do this. It was my intention to film in April and May while other projects were in post-production and I could balance my time between everything and continue to work on multiple films in various stages as they happened. Through the first two months, our job was to fund raise with a goal of $21,000. My team and I worked to achieve this goal. We broke it down to each person being responsible for raising $1105 and each team member committed to this goal on day one and agreed it was achievable, and we went for it. We posted our GoFundMe, we had four live fundraisers and in the end we, unfortunately, came up short. We raised about $6500. We also had an investor contribute which made it so we could get the first phase of the film finished, going to Gatlinburg and filming the bulk of the movie.

Our shoot in Gatlinburg was epic, productive and tiring. Prior to the trip, we lost several people who broke their commitments which hurt the team going into the shoot and made the workload much heavier for the rest of us We figured that we worked for 108 hours around the clock in a six day period. We filmed in the cabin, on a mountain, off a river, in town, and at the aquarium. I still think about how much work we did, how much everyone did out there with awe. We had people working on everything, constantly keeping things moving forward. Of course, having so many people together for so long and working as we did didn't come without a price and stress. I have personally never experienced anything like it before, but what we did was nothing short of amazing. I will admit, when I got home after this, I broke down from mental fatigue. It was the most difficult thing I have ever done for a film, nothing else even comes close, but it was worth it because what came out looks incredible. Sometimes we have to sacrifice for our art and despite all the issues at that point, we made it all work and it couldn't have looked better.

Afterward, we still had a job to do, filming is only a small part of the overall production, and while the bulk of it was done, there was more than needed to be finished and more money that we needed to raise to be able to complete the project. Over time, we filmed several more important scenes and at this point we have two shoots left, but our finances have been drained and without a budget and with fall coming and the leaves starting to change, our time is very limited as we have to match footage to our April footage before it's too late and we have to prepare for the post-production and get another skilled team together which will include an editor, an FX supervisor, a sound engineer, and a colorist among other jobs which I am estimating at a low cost would be around $10,000. These are big and important jobs that need specifically skilled people to do them properly.

This leads us to where we are today, looking for the means to complete this film. For us, your continued support is the all important factor. We can overcome any challenge that faces us and we will continue to push forward, but that support is what we really need to keep it all going. Please, continue to show that support by following the Facebook page www.facebook.com/PulpProductionsFilms and our Instagram @pulpproductionsfilms. Above all, finances are the thing we need most to be able to continue and finish this epic project, please share our GoFundMe with anyone who will listen and help us reach that goal. Securing these funds is the only way we can complete this movie.

Now, please enjoy our trailer, see what we are doing, donate and share. Thank you for making what we have so far possible. We cannot wait to share the final product.
Until the End of Time Teaser
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Lots of things are happening here at Pulp Productions Films. Our third feature "Darkness Has Covered My Light" is being upgraded, the biggest change is original music is being redone by the band Sulene based out of Brooklyn, New York. The final cut will be available by August. "Tread This Fantasy" has found its editor, Abbigail Rennes who is based out of Denver. I got the first scene back and I am extremely excited and am ecstatic to watch it all come together. Finally, with "Until the End of Time," we are almost finished filming, we have two shoots left and things are looking very good for this film, I attached a few new frames for you all to see. Once complete, we go into post production. Post production is perhaps the most important part of the project, all the footage gets cut together, effects are added, sound is corrected, music will be added, there is a lot of work that goes into this and we have to bring a new set of talented people on board who can make this film look, sound and feel like the film I imagined, for this we need your help again.

To bring professional editors, sound engineers, effects artists and musicians on board, it will cost a good amount of money. We are asking everyone who sees this to share with anyone possible who may want to help with our little film. Many of you who are reading this have already supported this project, please show people what we are doing and tell them why you are supporting us. Share it with everyone you can, your friends, your family, your neighbors, doctors, roommates, the person next to you on the train, anyone, anywhere you can. We want to be sure what we have made is the best it can be, professionally done in every way. We don't want to sacrifice quality because we couldn't get the right people to work on it because this film is going to be too good for that and we will wait until we can do it right to jump into post production. Please, keep supporting us, keep sharing, help us tell the world what we are doing. Below is also a link to our "Tread This Fantasy" teaser, on a side note, one of lead actors in the film and friend of mine Jeremy Lindholm made his "Twin Peaks" debut in the sixth episode. Finally, make sure you are following us on Instagram @pulpproductionsfilms for new photos from all our projects being posted all the time.

As always, thank you for everyone who has supported us so far, you are all heroes to us. Please help us get to the finish line.

From our Chicago Shoot
Who is coming in...?
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We have completed phase one of the new film "Until the End of Time." Thirteen people traveled over 1500 miles round trip to Tennessee. We spent 108 hours shooting in a five day period concluding at 4:15am Sunday morning. We shot at five locations including the town of Gatlinburg, the Aquarium of the Smokies, two spots in the Slokey Mountain National Park and our cabin. Several of us even hiked 3 miles round trip up a mountain to get the right shots. I want to thank my cast, Randall Cropp, Jessica Trznadel, Talen Marshall, Abbey Bobzin, Roc Bauman, Bianca Bakanec and Andrew Stachurski and my crew, fight choreographer John Carter, make up artists Pia Macias, and Devan Tonn, director of photography Jordan Biagomala, and assistant director Jesse Anderson. I don't think there is a harder working group of people out there. Through all the chaos they came through. They worked non-stop, they set up scenes, they acted, they did effects, they cooked and cleaned and they put up with me. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to them all. Making movies is not an easy thing, its a lot of work. I feel it right now as I am sure they all do, but in the end, as I look at all this footage we have, we did something amazing. This film is going to blow all my other movies away and its going to be spectacular. We will be moving on to phase two over the next few weeks, shooting in the Chicagoland area, then we will move into post production. Please continue to support the cause and share the fundraiser. We still have a lot of work ahead of us and need to continue raising funds to complete the film. The end result will be nothing short of amazing.
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$4,350 of $20,840 goal

Raised by 32 people in 18 months
No Longer Accepting Donations
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Created February 1, 2017
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16 months ago
Constance Rhodes
16 months ago

Congratulations I am so proud of my son John Edward Carter and The entire cast. I will help to raise more funds for you guys .

16 months ago
Howard Tonn
16 months ago

Good Luck, you have a ways to go!

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