The Stone Boat pilgrim house

$4,600 of $8,000 goal

Raised by 48 people in 8 months

“Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey.”
- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Welcome to a 30 day quest to help to open the doors and begin the journey of this unique little refuge for pilgrims, sojourners, and friends in the Spanish village of Rabanal del Camino, an old Knights Templar hangout where the Mystery is strong and the monks still sing their song … 

Many dream of having a place on the Camino. It has taken over fifteen years, thousands of kilometers on foot, and the shedding of many layers for this to be revealed and to finally hold the key. I am inside of this dream now in real-time, inspired to share this next part of the journey, and to invite you to come along.  

Since I posted the announcement - the one with all of my worldly possessions at the front door - I have had many questions and inquiries … What is the Camino? How can I become a pilgrim? How can I help? What do you need? … And a question that comes up often on this long and winding journey of mine, Aren’t you afraid? 

It has been during conversations with two thoughtful and generous Camino Pioneers that the suggestion came up to create a donativo (donation) page to help to prepare the house to open as soon as possible, and to answer at least some of the questions above.  

The vision is to offer a comfortable stay in a supportive, soulful environment, with future plans for writing workshops and creative retreats that nurture the journey, and artist/writing studio space in the wintertime when the pilgrim Way is quiet. 

Not all stops along the pilgrim trail offer these things, and my feeling is that it is divinely designed this way so we know contrast. After a night on the cold floor of the old schoolhouse, the next one spent in that lumpy albergue bed feels like a gift. It is all part of this fantastic adventure of the spirit that we signed up for.

For over 15 years, I traveled as pilgrim and seeker being met time and time again with the kindness of those who care for others along this Way.  People — angels even — who know the true meaning of Service. I have been on the side as hospitalera, learning the rhythms of deep listening, blister care and scrubbing floors. Lastly, in the role of mentor/guide, humble witness to mind-bending synchronicities, transformations and the mysterious power of this long, strange and beautiful Road. What I have come to understand that it is in a Divine Flow of both the giving and receiving that we can all take part in this dance.

At the End of the Land, Finisterra, Galica.

After looking into Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon and other platforms, we decided that because gofundme allows for the contributions to be used within a couple of days of being pledged, this is the best match to allow the work to happen as quickly as possible. Pilgrim season is upon us. It would be great to open the doors by the end of this campaign quest.

So, for the next 30 days, with my deepest appreciation for your kindness, support and belief in this project, this donativo box will be open. Offerings and talismans will be lined up and ready to ship out from here, and as much as time allows - field notes in the form of words, images and maybe a moving picture or two will be published just for you. The website will be up shortly, and there you can see the progress of this story, one that you are helping to tell. And with a little help from the ‘Angels in the Rigging’, this little stone boat - sheep barn turned pilgrim refuge - will begin its voyage and place in the history of this Holy Road.

One last thing, before I send this out into the ethers … It is with the knowing that not everyone will be able to make the physical journey here, put road-weary feet up by the fire, share the harrowing tales of symphonies of snoring, mystical meseta visions, or rest a ‘tired but emptying’ head on one of the pillows upstairs. It is also for you that I offer up this story, perhaps it will touch you in some way, wherever you are tuning in from. And whether or not you are able to show your support with a donation … know that all good will be taken directly to heart. It will be because of you that those who are called to make a stop at this house will have a place to rest, one that was built with love and care, that was once just a pilgrim dream. 

And for those who's destiny it is to walk westward towards Compostela, when you arrive to this door - as I have heard it said and continue to learn to live - ‘knock and it shall be opened to you’… pilgrim, sojourner, friend.

Thank you and Ultreya! 


Winter pilgrims (The view from the front door).

Traveler, there is no path.
The path is made by walking.

Traveler, the path is your tracks
And nothing more.
Traveler, there is no path
The path is made by walking.
By walking you make a path
And turning, you look back
At a way you will never tread again
Traveler, there is no road
Only wakes upon the sea.”

― Antonio Machado, Border of a Dream: Selected Poems


(click here for current photographs)

KITCHEN DESIGNED/BUILT:  Estimate to do the kitchen is around 3500+ euros. Including appliances to support vegetarian menu. Electrical upgrade for safety and to prevent circuit of tripping.

BEDS: 6 beds needed, plus linens, blankets and towels.

HEATING: The source of heat for the house and the water is a gas/oil system. The tank holds 720 liters of diesel @ .73 euros per liter.The snow keeps falling, and this is the most immediate need.

WOOD STOVE: I have two estimates for a wood stove. Simple wood burning stove, or one that can hook up to the radiators, a more natural option. Estimate between 800 - 1000. euros for a good quality wood stove/chimney pipe (to install the chimney (they have to go up through the second floor and out the roof) an additional 700+ euros. For the natural option connected to the radiators, 3000 euros for stove and chimney.  

CEILING/ROOF LEAKS: The builder who would install the woodstove/chimney said he will check the roof at that time.

BATHROOM FIXTURES REPLACED: Bathrooms are in quite good shape, but need new fixtures.

DOWNSTAIRS BATH: Install washer and dryer.

WOOD CLEANED, REPAIRED, PAINTED, STAINED: Also, if possible, stairs to be refinished.

STONE CLEANED/REPAIRED: Looking for a solution to get the paint and cement off of the stone. 

WINDOWS/GLASS REPLACED: Condensation between double paned glass panels. Already ordered, need to be installed. Downstairs bedroom window leaking quite badly.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: Expiration date 2015. Not sure if they can be recharged or need to be replaced. 

LIGHTING: Remove florescent tube lights and replace with kinder lighting.  Also, safety lights need to be purchase, installed, and then official inspection.

APPLIANCES: Fridge, stove, washer/dryer, vacuum, a few tools. 

‘GIOVANNI’ - Trusty truck, named after previous owner, has a loud rattle in the back wheel well that needs attention so can make it safely to Astorga for provisions.


- Sello print
- 1 night stay at the house in Rabanal
- Hermit Stone (small slate) from the Valley of Silence
- Poetry slate, medium, large, and grande
- Mentoring: Prepare for your Camino & 3 night stay
- Hero/Heroine’s Journey: 14 Day Journey to Santiago, includes 3 nights at the house in Rabana, 11 days acommodation to Santiago de Compostella, mentoring package (above), guide book, credencial.

How to choose your slate poem: First, choose the size you would like through the  gofundme rewards option (either medium, large or the grande), then click on the link below to choose your poem. Then, you may email me via the website or at soulfulroad@gmail.com and let me know the poem you like and I will create the slate piece for you.



The significance of the name of the House, the making of a Sello, the making of our Sign, the naming of the Rooms, the Village, Monks and Pilgrims, Nellie, Treasure hunting at the Flea-mercado, Repair and small successes reports, Final website & Facebook page and opening day. 

You can visit the website for more details, images of the house, details on the offerings, and more. Subscribe there for updates from this 30 quest to open this little refuge. Thank you again for your support and for following along. 

Click on the link below to visit the website and more of the story.

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Last night the ocean dreamed me. I was sailing over the surface of a dark sea and could taste the salt spray carried on the wind. It felt like flying.

I woke up late today. The church bells I usually hear at eight were lost over the roar of the deep, I figured ... must have needed the sleep. It has been well over a month of getting up early to meet the carpenter, the sound of power tools and lots of dust. This morning all was silent, seems the hard part is over. Except for a hole or two in the ceiling - crafted just right for that beautiful wood stove gifted by Freddy, guitar maker and founder of caminoartes.org, - it is a wrap ... time to clean, patch, paint and put the beds together.

First things first. Today I have turned fifty. Contemplating this, I sip strong coffee while feasting my eyes on this little pilgrim kitchen taking shape before me through the generosity of many angels and helping hands. Be Bold! is what Fernando the carpenter told me at the start of all of this. I look forward to revealing the big picture to you in the coming days.
I finish my coffee and decide it is a good day for a drive. Over the country roads I go ... through blooming fields ... to see what I can see. The little truck putts on through a handful of small villages - most without a soul to be seen. I park and find myself at the giant wooden door of an antique shop, stepping inside - I think I found a clue to last nights dream ...

It is hard to explain Camino Magic, the mystery of this Land, and this journey. I do my best to remember to live these days, letting them unfold with a natural rhythm and timing. When I try to rush, push or force, it is like trying to sail directly into the wind. The sails begin to luff and I find myself in irons. I get nowhere.

Recently, I asked a Seer-friend of mine … what it is exactly that I am doing here on this mysterious Holy Road? She said simply, Kim, you are here to create a life.

. . . . .

I was born on Father’s Day, 1968. My dad is one of the kindest, most genuine beings that I know, and has encouraged me my entire fifty years on this earth. Never a discouraging word to my dreams, always gifting with his time, a lucky hat, or treasures - including the Lorca book that has traveled far and wide with me.

. . . . .

On the way back to Rabanal, I pass the Rainbow Bench, just after the Cruz de Ferro. I think of my dad every time I see it. The simple graffiti an inspired pilgrim left behind reminds me of that time I entered a 24-hour skate-a-thon at the Rainbow Roller Rink on the Western slope of Colorado. I was about nine and determined to take on this challenge … alone, of course. Somewhere about 8 hours in I lost steam and called on dad to come and pick me up. I give up, I simply can’t do it, I say. I am just too tired. ... But, when I saw him come through those doors in a swift rescue, I suddenly caught my second wind and was whipping around the rink. He asked if he should stay and I said no, that I could continue - I felt strong! He said okay! You can do it! … I would end up calling him back in the middle of the night from the payphone by the popcorn machine. He drove back to the Rainbow Rink and stayed with me until I finished my Quest. I can remember he even took me for an egg mcmuffin reward afterwards. And in the years since, always supportive and reminding me that all things are possible … that the adventure, life experiences, and people that we meet along the way are the most valuable of all treasures … love, kindness and a little mystery here and there is Gold.

So, I send out this little sketch of my day ... a thank you for following along on the journey of The Stone Boat, your kindness and support that has flowed my direction, and a message to say happy Father’s Day, Dad. I am now fifty and finding my second wind …


*I have posted this on the Facebook page and since not everyone here can see it, I am sharing here. Will send out an email soon regarding the slates, talismans and offerings and when those will be shipping out. Thanks everyone!

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Dear friends of The Stone Boat,

I am sending out an update this morning to express my heartfelt appreciation for your support for this pilgrim house project. I am humbled and encouraged by your kindness and generosity.

When I first stood at the doorway of this house made of stone, I said aloud, Tell me your stories, what do you want to become? Show me the way …”

Over the days since, things have unfolded in their own time. I had been cautioned about something called ‘Spanish time - similar to island time,’ but what I have experienced this month is a unique and mysterious ‘camino timing,’ with its ancient rhythm to things, aligned with the humility of pilgrimage, winding itself around the corners of the ego, helping to transform both within and without.

This reminds me of my first Camino in 2003. I thought then that I was the one in charge. I smile now thinking about it, and I know that if I had not surrendered to that journey, for sure I would not be here writing these words here, or creating a place for you to arrive to one day when the time is right.

This has been one of the biggest lessons of this quest so far. Originally, I believed I could push things to open by May 1, but here it is on the 3rd ...

Having said this, the project has come a long way, new and even better solutions have revealed themselves, characters, helpers and angels have joined the crew. I soften into these lessons and keep asking to be shown the way.

There is still quite a bit of work to be done before we can receive guests and in this moment I won’t put a deadline on it, but not too far off. I will be keeping this page open for a while longer ... thanks for sharing if you know of someone who might like this project.

And, because of you and your generosity, Giovanni the truck is fixed, running great and ready to provision. The heating system is fully operational, full up and the house is warm (it was snowing just two days ago), the woodwork in the house has been restored and looks amazing (also helping to support Fernando, a soulful carpenter/artist in the village), we have some tools for the house as I started doing much of the work myself, the stonework repaired and being cleaned, 7 amazing comfortable beds will be arriving when the dust is clear, and a beautiful woodstove called ‘Freddy’ now lives in the corner of the salon.

We are trimming the sails a bit and are simplifying things. The big piece to come is the kitchen and finding a way to lower the cost by using wood on hand in the woodpile. This was one of the biggest expenses, but necessary. Fernando, the carpenter, is working on a creative solution. Next up is to connect the chimney to the woodstove and go up through the roof, fix the roof leaks, lighting updates, linens and some kitchen appliances.

The house sello is being created by an artist/pilgrim in her studio on the West Coast of the states and looking forward to that being revelead and shared. I will also be sending out a call for the poems for your slates if you haven’t told me already.

I will also send this out as an email, and I will be posting on facebook and also on the website, if you want to have a look, you can also visit:


... oh, and Nellie will be delivering her kittens any day now, so if anyone wants to reserve their Camino kitten, let me know. Must be picked up in person.

Thank you,


The Stone Boat
(a house for pilgrims, sojourners and friends)

Nellie, village cat who loves the boat.
Fernando. A carpenter, now boatbuilder.
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Thank you everyone for your support and kind words.

I thought I would make this video for you to give you an idea of what the slates look like as well as the sizes. I have also updated the website page with some poems for inspiration. I have my little pot of white paint ready to make some magic for you!

Again, thank you for all, email me if you have any questions and will post more as the work begins ...


Offerings and talismans
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$4,600 of $8,000 goal

Raised by 48 people in 8 months
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