The Terence McKenna Archives

$5,960 of $12,000 goal

Raised by 103 people in 15 months

“Kevin has put an incredible amount of time and effort into this exciting and important archival project. From his careful collection, preservation and transcription of the vast material that is my father's work to his thoughtful and extensive interviews and biographical sleuthing, he has shown himself to be skilled, effective, respectful, meticulous and utterly devoted to the many facets that a project of this depth requires and for this I am most grateful. Not only is his dedication profound but he has also been a good friend to me and my family through this process and I place complete trust in his abilities and intentions. I am excited and honored that he has taken such care with this endeavor and I look forward to great things resulting from this including but not limited to future publishing projects and the necessary advancement and growth of Terence’s online presence. I urge anyone who appreciates Terence’s ideas to help us make this happen by contributing to this monumental project.”
   -Finn McKenna

[To clear up any potential confusion: this campaign launched publicly on Friday Feb. 23. GoFundMe lists the campaign as beginning on Feb. 7 only because that was the day that the GoFundMe page was created]

The Terence McKenna Archives is a multi-pronged effort to collect, digitize, transcribe, store, and preserve the imprint of Terence McKenna's presence from his birth in 1946 to his death in 2000 as well as the persistence of his influence into the present. The project aims to work closely with Terence's family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and those who have been sufficiently influenced by his work in order to find and preserve traces of his life that might otherwise go missing or disappear and collect them in a single archive.

A much more detailed, jam-packed, crowdfund incentive catalog (which has photos of the items and many more books and photo & art prints than are available here on the GoFundMe page can be found at: https://terencemckennaarchives.com/crowdfund/(I will try to update this catalog as often as I am able to show items that have been sold-out, so please do check back to make sure you have the latest version to help make it less likely that you'll donate for an item that has already been claimed).

There are five major sub-projects at present, all under the banner of The Terence McKenna Archives:

1) A Collection Project: to find, collect, store, and preserve, either physical (or at least digital) copies of any material related to Terence McKenna. A full list of the physical & digital holdings are available at terencemckennaarchives.com.

2) A Transcription Project: to transcribe all of Terence McKenna's 500+ hours of audio/video material that is freely available on the web into a searchable database. This crowdsourced, volunteer-based project is already ongoing and incredibly successful and can currently be found at terencemckenna.wikispaces.com. If you would like to help contribute by transcribing Terence's talks, please join the effort there and on The Terence McKenna Transcription Project Facebook Page.

3) An Interview Project: to interview any family member, friend, colleague, acquaintances, workshop attendee, correspondent, interviewer, critic, collaborator, or any person suitably inspired or influenced by Terence McKenna.

4) TerenceMcKenna.com: Terence's son owns this domain and it currently houses the Terence McKenna Bibliography, but we need resources and talent in order to build into the online McKenna hub that it can ideally be, eventually hosting the searchable transcription database, an online digital archive, and much more.

5) I should mention, as a fifth, long-term, goal, that there is a lot of potential for future publications, including a comprehensive biography based on the collected archives and extended research, a volume of interviews about Terence, unpublished or out-of-print writing and interviews, etc. But, these projects will require some further development and time.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. For more details on the project along with a much more detailed PDF catalog of all of the available crowdfund incentives, please visit terencemckennaarchives.com .  Finally, if you have items that you would like to contribute to the archival collection, please contact us with details.

Thank you very much for your support of this massive archival effort!

[Important Note: GoFundMe has an all-or-nothing policy about donors providing their mailing addresses. Either everyone has to provide them or nobody does. Since some donors will only be receiving digital items or no items, and since some of those donors who are not receiving items by mail may wish to donate anonymously, I am not requiring donors to enter their mailing address. Please note that this means that if you are receiving items by mail, you will have to send an extra message with your mailing address. I apologize for any minor inconvenience, but thank you for helping to allow donors to maintain more anonymity if they choose to.]

For those who prefer to be even more anonymous or who simply prefer to support The Terence McKenna Archives through cryptocurrency, we have the following cryptocurrency wallets available to you:

Bitcoin address: 1CvZ6AeoRDwwSYt94haPGEN9EffKUyTiDB

Bitcoin Cash address: qrzvpkx735tguwaxwfc7nu9y8vcd7us50c9s4c9lxa

Ethereum address: 0xb3cc6e13F36AB91008Fe636E255980CCe7017c76

Litecoin address: Lfk2u84QNHtteGVCL3WGja2R5NaSKT4QcP

Rare Terence McKenna Radio Debates
As Motivation for Timely Donating

One of the reasons the crowdfund is happening now is that I have an offer on the table for a rare and expensive art book, called ‘Synesthesia,’ that Terence collaborated on with artist Timothy Ely. Only 75 were made. Each was hand-painted and the typography (from Terence’s text) was set uniquely for each before being hand-bound and boxed. Each originally sold for $1,750. Most are in major research libraries. Several are in the homes of private owners. One such owner has accepted an offer of $2,012. There are three copies available online, ranging in price from $2500-$4500, so this is, despite the expense, quite a fair offer. However, in order to secure the deal, I need to make the payment by March 15, 2018. In order to help ensure that this happens, I have some rare & unusual radio interviews with Terence that I’d like to entice you with in hopes of reaching this amount more quickly. Here’s my deal:

If we receive $3000 in donation by March 4th...

I will post on YouTube, freely + publicly, a radio debate between Terence McKenna and a representative of the Young Republicans.

[Note: I have another much-desired radio interview/debate with the chief of Police of Los Angeles, Daryl Gates, that I will offer in a similar fashion after this first milestone is reached]

Contributing artists, authors, and other helpers:

Ralph Abraham - http://www.ralph-abraham.org/
Ken Adams - https://vimeo.com/user26500981
Lucy Barritt - https://lucyhannahbarritt.com/
Peter Bergmann - https://www.facebook.com/wpahp/
Steven Clay - https://www.granarybooks.com/
R.S. Connett - http://www.grotesque.com/
Mike Crowley - https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Drugs-Buddhism-Mike-Crowley/dp/0692652817
Jeff Drew - http://jeffdrewpictures.com/
Timothy C. Ely - http://www.timothyely.com/
Robert Forte - https://ciis.academia.edu/RobertForte
Elysium Foundation - https://www.facebook.com/TheElysiumFoundation/
Michael Garfield - https://michaelgarfield.blogspot.com/
Adam Gorightly - http://www.adamgorightly.com/
Kat Harrison - http://botanicaldimensions.org/
Charles Hayes - https://www.amazon.com/Tripping-Anthology-True-Life-Psychedelic-Adventures/dp/0140195742
James W. Jesso - http://www.jameswjesso.com/
Jonathan Laliberte - https://www.asktmk.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/groups/terencemckenna/
Tao Lin - http://www.taolin.info/
MAPS: Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies - http://www.maps.org/
Chris Mays - http://www.terencemckenna.com/tmbib/
Finn McKenna - http://www.terencemckenna.com/
Mesloes - https://mesloes.nl/
Sheldon Norberg - http://www.healinghouses.com/
Matthew J. Pallamary - http://mattpallamary.com/
Lex Pelger - http://www.lexpelger.com/
Joanna Sasso - https://www.etsy.com/shop/SassoJoArt
Ben Sessa - http://www.drsessa.com/
Chip Simons - http://www.chipsimons.com/

TMA T-Shirt (black, navy, charcoal, dark read, olive)

Stoned Ape Theory by Jeff Drew:

Terence McKenna photo prints by Chip Simons (see full catalog for all 17):

'Every Day is a New Year' art print by Michael Garfield

'Crustaceopods' by R. S. Connett art print

'The Night Trawler' by R. S. Connett art print:

'Microcosmic Garden' by R. S. Connett art print:

'Illuminatus' by Robert Venosa w/ Text by Terence McKenna:

'Some Simple Tryptamines' (2nd ed.) by Keeper of the Trout & Friends

16-Photo Chip Simons Collage (20"x20"):

MAPS Bulletin:

Terence McKenna Bookmarks (Double-Sided):

'Buddhasphinx' by Robert Venosa (Poster):

'Alien Wind' by Robert Venosa (Poster)

'Terence McKenna' by Matthew Scott Lawrence

'Shamanistic Explorer' by Aaron Raybuck

'Terence McKenna' by Joanna Sasso

'Timothy Leary' by Joanna Sasso

'Alan Watts' by Joanna Sasso

'Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider)' by Joanna Sasso

#251 of 300, Deluxe Edition, 'Persephone's Quest: Entheogens and the Origins of Religion' by Stella Kramrisch, Jonathan Ott, Carl A. P. Ruck, and R. Gordon Wasson

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An incentive update for the psychedelic bibliophile and collector!

I have received a unique donation from Mark Hoffman (Wasson's archivist, colleague of Carl Ruck, former editor of Entheos, etc.) that needs to find just the right home. It is...

Copy #251 of 300 of the limited Deluxe First Edition of 'Persephone's Quest: Entheogens and the Origins of Religion' by Stella Kramrisch, Jonathan Ott, Carl A. P. Ruck, and R. Gordon Wasson. This is a fine hardcover book that slides into a hard outer sleeve. A rare opportunity for a special collector's piece.


Below are the details for how I will handle the sale:

This item was sent to me with a valuation of $400. If you'd like to buy it immediately at that price (shipping included), it can be yours right away. If you would like to make an offer for the book that is less than $400, I will entertain and compare offers over the course of the crowdfund and won't make a final decision without alerting all interested parties and giving the opportunity for counter-offers. If multiple people contact me in the first 24-hours (after this update is posted) willing to pay $400, I will put it up for auction to the highest bidder. After the first 24-hours, it will be first-come, first-served.
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I have several new incentives that have come along through kind benefactors such as Jesse Jarnow, Joanna Sasso, Matthew Scott Lawrence, and Aaron Raybuck. [All prices include shipping within U.S.]

Jesse Jarnow has donated two signed copies of his (hardcover) book, 'Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic America' [$35 each]

Joanna Sasso has donated several arts prints: 2 of Terence, 2 of Timothy Leary, 1 of Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider), and 1 of Alan Watts [A4 size] [$40 each]

Matthew Scott Lawrence has donated several prints of his 'Terence McKenna' art piece [8.5x11] [$35]

Aaron Raybuck has donated several limited edition (x/100) prints of his 'Shamanistic Explorer art piece [24x12] [$50]
by Joanna Sasso
by Matthew Scott Lawrence
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We've moved into PHASE TWO of the Terence McKenna Archives crowdfund. We passed our initial $3,000 milestone in enough time to secure the acquisition of one of the 'Synesthesia' art books that Terence collaborated on with artist & bookmaker Timothy C. Ely. I have also arranged to acquire a full-set of 'Gnosis' magazine, where Terence appeared frequently, from the editor who has a few sets left. And, I've begun to upgrade the quality of storage materials for the magazines, comic books, and other small items by acquiring archival, acid-free sleeves for each and archival storage boxes.

As promised, upon reaching the $3,000 milestone, I published a rare audio debate between Terence & a representative of the Los Angeles County Young Republicans from 1991.

You can hear that debate here: https://youtu.be/5OONsjJsOI0

Our next milestone will be: $7,500

Upon completion of this 2nd crowdfund milestone, I will publish another rare recording, this one rather fabled (and a bit of an urban legend) in the community of Terence recordings. It is a radio interview with none other than the Chief of Police of the Los Angeles Police Department, Daryl Gates, who is infamous for saying, unabashedly, that casual drug users "ought to be taken out and shot." And, Terence is known for subsequently calling Gates a "pussy cat" as a result of the encounter. You can eventually decide for yourself. It's certainly a strange 30-minutes and speaks volumes in subtext.

I also have a few new incentives that have been donated by very generous benefactors, but I will mention those in a separate update.

Thanks for your continued support!
Terence McKenna vs Young Republican
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For those awaiting digital documents...here are some status updates:

1) The Synesthesia Location Guide will go out over the next few days to all donors.

2) The User's Guide to Synesthesia should be ready relatively soon. There are some additional materials related to the production of the book (correspondences with Terence, etc.) that I need to have an additional look through before finishing my own article about the place of the book in Terence's oeuvre. I am also waiting on Columbia University's Rare Books and Manuscripts Library to digitize and send a tape recording of a conversation between artist Timothy Ely & Terence McKenna, which I want to hear and be able to refer to in the PDF. All other materials are ready and simply need some editing.

3) The Companion Guide to Terence McKenna already has nearly 100-pages completed, but still needs some interviews, other text, art, and formatting before it's ready to be finalized.

So, thank you for your continued patience. I hope that you'll find that the final documents are significantly better for the wait! If you've already donated and DIDN'T get the PDFs as part of your donation....now is the time to reconsider donating a bit more to get these excellent documents.

See the full PDF incentive catalog for more details about each: https://terencemckennaarchives.files.wordpress.com/2018/02/tma-crowdfund-donation-menu4.pdf
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$5,960 of $12,000 goal

Raised by 103 people in 15 months
Synesthesia Loc
Synesthesia Location Guide: TM co-produced a rare, expensive art book. This PDF details the locations of 40 viewable copies in 5 countries and 19 U.S. states.
TM Bookmarks
Pack of 3, dual-sided, high-quality bookmarks with Chip Simons light photography photos of TM in his library. (Includes shipping, add $10 to ship outside U.S.)
Synesthesia Key
User's Guide to Synesthesia: PDF incl. three articles about this rare art book of Terence's + interviews with the artist & publisher + the location guide.
3" TM Magnet
3" (diam.) circular magnet (or button) of TM in his library from 1991 light photography shoot with Chip Simons. (+$6/each after 1st) (+$10 to ship outside U.S.)
MAPS Bulletin
Choose a MAPS Bulletin magazine (mailed; add $10 outside U.S.): Vol. 16 No. 2 (2006), Vol. 16 No. 3 (2007), Vol. 26 No. 3 (2016), or Vol. 27 No. 3 (2017).
TM Photo Print
8"x10" high-quality photo print from 1991 light photography shoot by Chip Simons of TM in his library. Photo appeared in 1992 High Times magazine interview.
TM Photo Print
10"x10" high-quality photo print from 1991 light photography shoot by Chip Simons of TM in his library. Photo appeared in 1992 High Times magazine interview.
TM Companion
Companion Guide to TM: Unique, hand-crafted PDF incl. many rare interviews w/ TM, reviews, art, poems, reminiscences, photos & lots of material from the archive
MSL Terence Art
8.5" x 11" digital art print of Matthew Scott Lawrence's 'Terence McKenna' art piece. (Add $10 to ship outside U.S.)
All PDFs Pack
Includes the User's Guide to Synesthesia (including the Location Guide) & the Companion Guide to Terence McKenna (packed with material from the archives).
TMA T-Shirt
Fine cotton T-Shirt w/ white Terence McKenna Archives logo. Black, Navy, Charcoal, Dark Red & Olive Green. (+$10 to ship outside U.S.) (+$25/shirt after 1st).
Jo Sasso Art
6 of 6 left
A4-size prints by Joanna Sasso. Available are: 'Terence McKenna' x2, 'Timothy Leary' x2, 'Alan Watts' x1, 'Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider)' x1. (+$10 outside U.S.)
Venosa Poster
Robert Venosa Art Poster - Choose from 'Alien Wind' and 'Buddhasphinx'
Stoned Ape Art
'Stoned Ape Theory' high-quality (8"x14") digital art print by Jeff Drew. (Add $10 to ship outside of U.S.)
M. Garfield Art
10x20" digital art print of 'Every Day is a New Year' by Michael Garfield. Based on a 'What If?' question about Timewave Zero in 2012. (+$10 to ship outsi U.S.)
8 of 10 left
12" x 24" fine art print of 'Shamanistic Explorer' by Aaron Raybuck. Limited edition, signed, and number (x/100). (Add $10 to ship outside U.S.)
Tryptamines Bk.
2 of 7 left
Some Simple Tryptamines (2nd ed.) by Keeper of the Trout & Friends. "When people ask for the definitive reference, I know what to tell them." -Dennis McKenna
Photo Collage
20"x20" photo collage of 16 light photography prints (4x4 grid) on white background from 1991 shoot with Chip Simons in front of TM's library.
TM Photo Shoot
Full set of 17 (8x8) light photography prints of TM by Chip Simons shot in 1991 in TM's library. TM snorkels, smokes, wears a gnome mask, meditates, and more.
Venosa Art Book
0 of 13 left
Robert Venosa's Illuminatus with text by Terence McKenna. Large, hardcover fine art book. "A fantastic journey into the canyons of the imagination." -T. McKenna
0 of 2 left
R.S. Connett - 'Crustaceopods' Giclee Print (Museum Quality)(22"x22"x0.2") Ltd. ed. of 50 signed/numbered. Gorgeous! Only two available.
Night Trawler
0 of 2 left
R.S. Connett - 'Night Trawler' Giclee Print (Museum Quality)(30"x22"x0.2") Ltd. ed. of 50 signed/numbered. Beautiful & Dreamy! Only two available.
Microcosm Gardn
0 of 2 left
R.S. Connett - 'Microcosmic Garden' Giclee Print (Museum Quality)(22"x22"x0.2") Ltd. ed. of 50 signed/numbered. Exquisitely detailed! Only ONE available.
Persephone Dlux
RARE BOOK! 1st Edition, 'Persephone's Quest: Entheogens & the Origins of Religion', Deluxe Edition in hard sleeve, #251 of 300, Made & Designed in Verona,Italy.
Boat Builder
You get all PDFs, 'Stoned Ape Theory' art print, Full set of 10x10 photo prints & personal Skype session w/ archivist. Acknowledgement on TMA webpage.
Heroic Donor
PDFs, Jeff Drew art print, Michael Garfield art print, 2 full sets of 10x10 photos, Skype w/ archivist, acknowledgment, any future publications.
This would cover the purchase of the most costly single item for the archival collection. All rewards from $1000 level + focused research requests to archivist.
Full Sponsor
Become a full-fledged sponsor of The Terence McKenna Archives to ensure the success of this effort to preserve the cultural history of the psychedelic community
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