My brain tumour leads me to HEALTH : Katharine

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38330242_1554711379365624_r.jpegYour assistance is really appreciated as a large amount has been paid to the National Institute of Integrated Medicine for use of their machines and intravenous drips. .  Ongoing donations make my health purchases possible from the dispensary, and for my cbd oil treatment, which I have been fortunate enough to obtain.

My story: All the beautiful music I love started sounding a little distant last year, but distracted with the wonder and intensity of having a new baby, I didn't prioritise my concerns. When I eventually had an MRI of my brain to address the disturbing deafness, a tumour was discovered. I guess you could say I'm lucky the hearing loss led me to it, as we've found the tumour before it's become too large.  Losing your hearing as a dj who loves lush, sublime grooves has been challenging enough, but to have it then be completely overshadowed by something considered a whole lot worse, well, it's definitely called forth my inner strength and a sense of humour. The surgeon says it's a low-grade glioma, urging us to remove it straight away, but also agrees we can choose to watch and wait for a few more months.

Brain tumours are not an easy cure with surgery; they often return, and the long recovery, coupled with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, is a very unattractive scenario. The whole thing is risky. My husband and soul mate Ben and I are un-schooling our children, so life is very busy, every moment a chance to marvel at life with them and engage with their natural urge to learn and understand.  Ben works full time while I maintain the homestead, a challenge in itself as little Ari has just started walking....bless his chubby thighs. My son Eli is a powerhouse at 8, hilarious and profound, most often at the same time.  He knows only that I face a health challenge, and joins in with my daily determination to heal through joy, nutrition, ancient knowledge and modern treatments. There's really no way to imagine our lives continuing in this vibrant way if I have surgery.  My amazing mother is doing everything she can to help me so I am not too overloaded, but if I were to be bed-ridden, caring for our children would become incredibly difficult. We must be strong and choose to imagine a long future together, as leaving my children, husband and mother early is quite simply not an option.

So I have embarked upon a lot of research and am seeing a doctor at the National Institute of Integrated Medicine. We are following an action plan combining ideas from my GP, naturopath and surgeon.  I also have a Network chiropractor who works on my nervous system, and have been gifted reiki. No medicine has been offered to me.  From the surgeon's perspective it's simply a matter of operate, or do what you can to heal right now, hoping the tumour doesn't suddenly grow. It apparently could double in size in 160 days, but so far it hasn't: I thank my naturopath and mind powers for that.  I was also fortunate enough to have a cbd oil donor for three months, in which time the tumour did not grow, but I cannot afford it now, like many others seeking access to this natural wonder.  My doctor can only prescribe it for me if I am in intense pain, which I am gratefully not, yet feel deeply the irony of being unable to access the very thing which may well be shrinking my tumour. 

*May is the month for me to start more treatment.  It is a costly affair, but what price can you put on staying alive for your children and family? It involves the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, heat and intravenous vitamin c, all considered immediately essential for me if I am to stop the tumour expanding and affecting my brain further.  Even attending appointments is a huge challenge for a breastfeeding mother, always with her two children. 

I love to share and connect with fellow hue-mans, vibe-ing on music, knowledge, dancing and BEING, and I plan on living on to inspire others through the experience of my healing.  Our physical selves are a symbol of where we are mentally, and I am embracing healing on all levels, daily chugging my beloved mushroom tea (the miraculous Ganoderma root, recently featured in this year's January National Geographic for its tumour shrinking properties) as I raise our boys, contemplate existence and learn to listen in new ways.

My close friends' faith in my healing is a beautiful thing, and I appreciate so much their bringing me green vegies and their good humour. I also have a step-daughter Sophie whose presence is a rock in my life.  I choose to be extremely positive, and send love to the tumour; I must make what good I can of it. We only really have this moment, so being joyful seems the most sensible way to approach things; but as much as I want to smile and make light, it is serious. 

After encouragement from dear friends, here I am: at Gofundme. Obviously my family will do anything they can to help me access these treatments, but draining their savings creates a huge amount of stress on us all, and stress and healing don't go well together. If I can allow funds to flow to me, surrendering to being assisted and being public with this journey - no small thing, then my gratitude for everyones' love and support will expand even further:  Beyond words. It's a strange thing to contemplate how deserving you may be for help, but however you look at it, my darling children need me alive. I believe I have found my tumour with enough time.  Let's show that HEALING from cancer IS possible: that it's an opportunity to unblock our energy and grow, emerging from the experience with a deeper respect for our own consciousness and realisation of our power.  I believe in the importance of healthy belief systems, and being in alignment.  I want to be vibrationally conscious of who I am. 

Thankyou so much to the friends that have already helped me, and if you can share this for us, then I thankyou yet again.  In May the next stage of healing begins.  

"The management of low grade glioma is one of the most controversial areas in clinical neuro-oncology."

(Journal of Neurology, Neuro-Science. https://jnnp.bmj.com/content/75/suppl_2/ii31)

The money is going towards the treatments at the N.I.I.M. clinic, cbd oil and naturopathic medicines.


*I have always been very interested in mind over matter, and have most recently come back to the Seth Books after an initial read 15 years ago.  They contain wonderfully profound information on the nature of consciousness. I have just received a book written by Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu after following my intuition and searching 'Seth' and 'healing'.  It is called 'The Secret to Healing Cancer' and looks to be a treasure trove; he spent ten years researching curing cancer through psychological and spiritual growth.  So yes, it is confronting saying publicly that you have a form of cancer, as it's declaring to the world that your spiritual and physical have become unaligned; but cancer can be a life-changing turning point, a realisation of your own power and need to step-up and become more responsible for your life.
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This interesting thing on the very top of my brain continues to be mysterious. The good news is that we are unsure whether it has grown a millimetre or not. This means it is either a slow growing tumour or just something else that still isn't causing much havoc. We have decided to call it something else - a lesion maybe. I had an accident almost 20 years ago where I tripped over on Hardware Lane, flew through the air and headbutted an old brick alcove - right on the top of my head. Perhaps this caused it.

We continue to look at the meaning of it all, consciously releasing emotions attached to old incidents, realising and working through any repressed thoughts, and giving my whole self a clean out. I ponder the body as metaphor for the mind, and marvel at how little we know about, and how we little we discuss, the nature of our existence.

So we shall wait another 6 months, perhaps investigating some alternate ways to ' break down' this little mass without invasive surgery, which my surgeon still declares will only give me another 15 years maximum. She also says it will never go away. We prefer our way of thinking, especially since I have come across various folk over the last 10 months who have shrunk their own tumours, and some of those were in the brain. It is very interesting facing these conflicting belief systems.

I am having amazing healing sessions with a team of 4 who I met through my naturopath, and they are all such wonderful beings. It's all very deep and emotional, as are my corresponding dream experiences. The reiki healers do Body Electronics by Jon Ray if anyone wishes to investigate further. For the lovingly concerned, these healings are free: I'm truly experiencing caring individuals who want nothing but the best for me and my family, and the continuation of my earthly journey Thankyou for continuing to send me your loving well wishes and supportive visualisations. We may as well be joyful x K
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I have my first MRI in 6 months tomorrow, being Wednesday 31st July, at 9:45am. I then get results at 11:30. If you could visualise me having tremendous reason to be jumping for joy & feel like sending a prayer with this intention, then I am extremely grateful. I feel excited to know. Love Katharine
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To everyone who has reached out to help me - this is a special month for us. At the end of July I have my next MRI, where all my exuberant efforts (note I could have said 'hardwork' but instead chose more positive words...) will show evidence of my transformation. The tumour did not grow during the first 3 months we knew of it, so hopefully I had already commenced addressing the root cause. However, this is a very stressful time for Ben and mum. They do their best to share my positivity and I thank them so much for that. Eli also must feel the worry, although he does crystal healing with me and loves demonstrating his innate shaman skills. I could not have done the treatment at N.I.I.M. without the help of you all, and it brought me great relief to know I was engaging in cutting edge therapies - that 'traditional' and natural doctors both agree are of great help. I know I come across as very fast whenever my friends and family engage with me, but anyone raising an 8 year old boy AND a toddler, know that windows to communicate on other important topics are brief and must be utilised to the max. I still have so much I want to research and books to read, but it's all a matter of priorities: feeding children, engaging in joyful activities OUTSIDE, keeping a clean lovely house, sharing meaningful exchanges with those you love, caring for animal companions, the garden, and then taking all the beautiful natural foods, herbs, drops and minerals that I've learned can only assist my healing process. The day is only so long - so visualising time creatively is another technique I use to make the most of my flow - even setting intent to understand my dreams, which bring me insight and at times, extremely good feelings. You could say: "I have all the time I need for all I need to do" as a mantra, but I digress, (I know updates should be brief - but heh, 'shoulds' are an unnecessary weight on the soul.) I've also learned that feeling blue is therapeutic - maybe keep this in mind yourself - just feel when it's time to let the blue pass through. Anyway, please feel free to keep sharing my story if you think it may touch someone else. I have made many connections this last 8 months and enjoyed many validating synchronicities. I would like to pay a debt off as well as keep affording my needs. Having oxygen fortnightly and buying cbd oil would help, so fingers crossed further funds allow for those things. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. I mentally group hug you all often :) I must go - baby has woken from his brief sleep.
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For two weeks I've been heading into the National Institute of Integrated Medicine every two days. I have an intravenous drip of vitamin c put into my arm, which takes between 2.5 and 4 hours to finish. During that time I'm walked down to the Celsius 42 machine. I lie on a padded table and my brain is on a round pad full of liquid. Then an arm with a matching pad is brought down parallel with the one under me. It is an electromagnetic frequency which has no affect on healthy cells, but speeds up sick cancer cells. I have built up gradually to one hour in there at the maximum temperature - 42 degrees for 42 year old me. I only feel slight heat, and we put a paper over my eye to deflect any excess heat. After 7 of these sessions, I just found out no one on this machine has had as many sessions so consistently as I for their brain tumour, so let's hope I am a trailblazer and can draw attention to this gentle non-invasive and non-toxic therapy.

A few hours later, or first thing, I have hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I get changed into my blue hospital pyjamas, have my blood pressure taken, chat with the wonderful and knowledgeable Stuart who has worked with hyperbaric for over 20 years and also infra red sauna technology, and is a wealth of information, having 'observed', as he puts it, many wonders occur. He is a great believer in the power of oxygen, it creates new blood cells when absorbed in high amounts under pressure, which is equal to healing. I then sit on a bed that is rolled into a glass cylinder. Stuart talks to me through a handset as it's soundproof. He then gradually turns up the pressure. My ears hurt, as they were damaged when I was young through infection, but through yawning, making crazy faces and popping my ears, I eventually reach the optimal pressure. I put on a mask with air coming through, but could breathe in there without it. I am then left for an hour to meditate or use the remote to research all my fascinating health topics on Youtube.

Right now I am very interested in the Bob Beck protocol for blood purification to get rid of pathogeons - parasites, bacteria & fungus. This leaves our immune system as it should be, strong and able to resist and heal from any diseases. It's amazing how little we are taught in mainstream education about our bodies, however, use of this system and the pulsed electromagnetic field machines are common for anyone familiar with alternative therapies. I like the idea of releasing parasites from my blood and tissues! Bob Beck was an amazing person - research him if he's new to you. Hulda Clark and her zappers are a similar technology too.

At the end of the hour Stuart gradually releases the pressure and I just put my hand up if it hurts at all and he waits for me to say continue. I must say, spending time with these wonderful people has been very interesting. There's nothing like creating a brain tumour to get out and about and meet new people.

The brain frequency machine may have enhanced my psychic powers. I was compelled to ask Elizabeth, the lovely woman who operates the Celsius 42 machine, when her birthday was, as I felt quite connected to her. She asked me why, and asked when mine was. I said November. She said hers was not in November. It was in fact, that particular day, but she hadn't told anyone as she hadn't wanted a fuss. Not bad, eh? This also makes her a Gemini which is 6 months from me - Sagittarian, and yes, you are meant to get along with your opposing sign. Following hunches and being curious connects.
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$12,140 of $13,000 goal

Raised by 105 people in 4 months
Created April 8, 2019
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