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Wir sind der Batu Bambu Kids Foundation e.V. in Kuta Lombok in Indonesien.
Seit zwei Jahren kommen die Kinder aus dem Dorf in das Batu Bambu Guesthouse zum wöchentlichen Kindersonntag mit verschiedenen Aktivitäten.
Die derzeit zur Verfügung stehenden Räumlichkeiten reichen nicht mehr aus!
Wir brauchen dringend ein eigenes Zuhause. Nur so können wir den Kindern die Möglichkeit geben, 5 Tage in der Woche am Nachmittag zu uns zu kommen.
Mit unserem Lernhaus wollen wir einen Ort schaffen zum Kind sein und zum Lernen.
Die Kinder können an verschiedenen Aktivitäten teilnehmen wie z.B Englisch und Musik Unterricht, Workshops und Umweltschutzprojekte.
Zudem bauen wir das erste Plastik Recycling Center in Kuta Lombok!
Lern Haus und Plastik Recycling Center unter einem Dach. Eltern und Kinder eingebunden in ein ganzheitliches Projekt.
Bereits im Juni 2019 beginnen wir mit dem Bau und freuen uns sehr, endlich ein Zuhause für unsere Foundation zu haben.
Wir freuen uns über Ihre Unterstützung und danken von Herzen!

Elisa Bracht
im Namen der Batu Bambu Kids Foundation

Ein ganz besonderer Dank an
N'Eis- das Neustadteis aus Mainz

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Wenn Sie eine größere Summe spenden möchten und eine Spendenbescheinigung brauchen, dann spenden Sie bitte ab dem 01.01.2019 auf folgendes Konto.

Batu Bambu Kids Foundation
Volksbank Halle Saale
IBAN: DE26 8009 3784 0000 0566 77
Verwendungszweck: HOME

Wir können erst für das Kalender Jahr 2019 eine Spendenbescheinigung ausstellen!
Gerne können Sie uns bei Fragen über gofundme kontaktieren.


We are the Batu Bambu Kids Foundation e.V. in Kuta Lombok, Indonesia.
For two years, the children from the village have come to the Batu Bambu Guesthouse for our weekly children's sunday with various activities.
The currently available premises are no longer enough!
We need to build our own home to give the children the opportunity to come to us 5 days a week in the afternoon.
With our "Learning House" we want to create a place for our kids to learn and to play.
The children can participate in various activities such as English and music lessons, workshops and environmental projects.
We also build the first plastic recycling center in Kuta Lombok!
"Learning House" and plastic recycling center under one roof. Parents and children involved in a holistic project.
Already in June 2019 we start construction and are very happy to finally have a home for our foundation.
We appreciate your support and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Elisa Bracht
on behalf of the Batu Bambu Kids Foundation

A very special thanks to
N'Eis - das Neustadteis aus Mainz

Please note:
Unfortunately, we can not issue donation receipts via "gofundme".
If you would like to donate a larger sum and need a donation receipt, please donate from 01.01.2019 to the following account.

Batu Bambu Kids Foundation
Volksbank Halle Saale
IBAN: DE26 8009 3784 0000 0566 77
Purpose: HOME

We can issue a donation receipt only for the calendar year of 2019!
You are welcome to contact us with any questions via gofundme.
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Dear Donors and Supporters,

I'm grateful and happy to see that we just got above the 5.000 Euro and raised 5.275 Euro on Gofundme with your help and support. In addition we received 2.301,75 Euro in the Batu Bambu Kids Foundation bank account!

TOTAL: 7.576,75 Euro !!! (at 25th of February 2019)

This is about 1/3 of our funding goal! This gives me and our kids foundation team great hope and motivates us to keep on working hard for our goal and dream!

What´s new?

1. Our SONG is online! We are so happy with the outcome and still hope to find more people who will cover our song. If you have any contact to musicians please let us know! See VIDEO attached!!!

2. ART for support. The beautiful sketches by Artist Inna Smirnova are online on our instagram and Facebook. People can Share to spread the news about our fundraising! If you know any artists or like to draw/sketch your self, please support us with your art!

3. We got a GUITAR donated;)
A lovely expat living in Kuta Lombok donated his guitar! Raga Fullmoon will pick a small group of Kids who are interested in learning how to play guitar;)
We believe that music and art lessons are not enough included in the Indonesian school system, yet music and art is so important!
Thank you BRAM!!!

4. "N´eis - Das Neustadteis" from Mainz (Germany) is supporting us so much that I don't know how to ever thank them enough. They do fundraising in their eiscream shops, just did an auction and even plan to do a fundraising concert for us! Thank you ANKE and team!!!


5. We got great support by a small table from a Batu Bambu Guest!
For every product sold in the online shop the Kids Foundation will receive 1 Euro!
This such a amazing support for us!
Thank you ESTHER from "Blue Rizon"


6. I also really want to thank the team who is supporting over in Germany!

A huge thank you also goes to MUKHLA who is supporting so much and being my right not only as manager in Batu Bambu Guesthouse .
He is doing so much indonesian paperwork for our Foundation such as registration forms, letters to the village and also teaching English every Sunday to the Kids! A great and supportive soul!

A big Thank you also to my boyfriend STEVE who is taking care of our website and constantly keeping it up to date! Uploading videos, flyers, photos... You name it he does it! ;)

I'm more than thankful for the outcome of our fundraising so far and want to thank you all for your great support and effort!

We still have a long way to go so lets get back to work;)

Love from Lombok
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Dear Donors and lovely Supporters,

I want to thank you again on behalf of the Batu Bambu Kids Foundation e.V. I want to thank you for your great support and donations.

Today we had our weekly “ Kids Sunday” and great fun with a little Batik workshop. See the attached Fotos!!!

Whats New:

1.) The little documentary about how I came to Lombok and how the Kids Foundation started is online now. See attached video. If you can, please share.

2.) The Flyers are 99% ready! We will share them with you as soon as we can. Steve, who is working on how to upload them on our website had to go to Australia for an operation;( As soon as he is better he will upload the flyer!

This week we will share the first little sketch. We will share on Instagram and Facebook. Share if you can. Still we are happy to finde more artists for little sketch!

Our video of the Batu Bambu Kids Song “ WE ARE THE FUTURE” is almost done. We can share it by the end of next week and we are super exited!
We found a few great singers who will cover our song but there is always room for more;)

5.) The Kids Foundation video of polish filmmaker will go online on Wednesday on our Facebook and Instagram.

If you want more updates on what we do with the kids you can follow us on Instagram:
or Facebook:

We will upload a whole album about our Kids Sunday today on Facebook;) We got many great photos!

Lovely greetings from Lombok!

Elisa and the Batu Bambu Kids Foundation Team
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Dear Donors and lovely Supporters,

On behalf of the Batu Bambu Kids Foundation e.V. I want to thank you for your great support and donations.
I wrote an update already on Sunday but unfortunately the update was not saved.

I want to share with you what’s new:

1. We almost collected 4,655 Euro on gofundme and 1,167 Euro in the Foundation Bank account. That is great news.

2. Our flyers are unfortunately not ready yet but our lovely graphic girl is on it!

3. Last Sunday we recorded our Batu Bambu Kids Foundation song “We are the future” with our kids. It was a great day and I think we have a beautiful result. We will share the song soon with you.
This is the lyric:

I´m only a child but I´m the future.
The next generation.
What you teach me
I will bring to this world.
Let's write our future now.

Mother Nature is our home.
We have to care or she'll be gone.
Brother Ocean makes us live.
Let's take care so he can still give.

Refrain: (kids sing)
Teach me good.
Teach me right.
Teach me to be honest and to fight.

Teach me love.
Teach me right.
Teach me about moon and sunlight.

What you destroy, we have to fix.
The faults of your generation
Is what we will have to live.
Make it good, make it right.
Leave something good for us behind.

Remember ohohoho (kids)
Remember ohihoho (kids)
I'm the future of this world.

Teach me good.
Teach me right.
Teach me to be honest and to fight.

Teach me love.
Teach me right.
Teach me about moon and sunlight.


4. We decided that it might be better to ask people to actually cover our song rather than the first idea we had asking musicians to make a 30sec video for us.

Art and music is what we want to use to promote our fundraising. If you like to draw or happen to be or know an artist let us know! We are looking for creative people to make a little sketch about plastic pollution and or about our project.
The pictures we will share on social media to create attention. The Russian artist Inna Smirnova will do the start;) Soon we will share what she did draw for us!

6. Next Sunday we will of course have our weekly Batu Bambu kids Sunday again and will do a little Batik workshop with the kids;) We are looking forward to it!

7. The meeting with the village was a great success. We have a strong village community behind us who is grateful and will support the building site. Each parent of the Batu Bambu Kids will help building for 3 days!

If you want more updates on what we do with the kids you can follow us on Instagram:
or Facebook:

Lovely Greetings from Lombok and again a big thank you for your great support!


Fotos: The 3 uploaded photos are from last Sunday. Raga Fullmoon did a great job working with is team to do the recording. We had 28 kids join for our kids Sunday last week. The kids had a lot of fun until they where just looking forward to jump into the pool. It was not easy to tell 28 kids to be quiet while recording;) But we are sure you will love the recording results!
Big thanks to Raga and his recording team to make it possible!
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Dear Donors,

Im back in Lombok now and we had a great Kids Sunday with the Batu Bambu Kids yesterday.
On behalf of the Batu Bambu Kids Foundation e.V. I want to thank you for your great support and donations.
We are sure that we will eventually reach our goal of this fundraising.
As we need to create more attention to our fundraising we are putting a lot of effort into that field right now.

1. We have one more video from the Kids Foundation which will go online next week. (Video by Kuba Kubiczek from Poland).

2. Also next week there will be flyers for download on our website. If you want to support us again you can download the flyer as PDF (There will be an English and a German version). You can print the flyers and put them in your favourite cafe, into your friends shop, take them to work or anywhere else where you think they should be to support us.
That would be a great support!

3. In 2 weeks there will be a 3 minute documentary about Elisa and Batu Bambu by Film maker Alvin Bechter online (he also made our fundraising video).
We also hope that many people will see the video and find out about Batu Bambu Kids trough it.

4. We asked few musicians we know to support us by sending us a 30sec. video where they sing or play a part of one of their songs and mention Batu Bambu Kids Foundation and our current fundraising.
For example the German singer Songwriter Leonore Bartsch is one of the musicians such as my cousin Creativemaze with his friend Spiritchild from the US.
If you happen to know any musicians who would get involved into that project please contact me!

5. Saturday the 16th of February we will organise a big beach cleanup in south Lombok together with the surfers of Kuta Lombok Board rider community and also in cooperation with Bye Bye Plastic Bali/ Bye Bye Plastic Bags.
The girl from Bye Bye Plastic Bags Bali will support our Fundraising with sharing it to their big community online.

6. Sharing is the key.
We know that you donated already but maybe some of your friends would like to if you tell them about it or simply share our social media posts.
We already have great support by people who for example do not want presents for their birthday but ask for a donation to Batu Bambu Kids Foundation instead.
This is what I will do for my birthday as well in April.

On Wednesday we have a meeting with the parents, the head of the village and our neighbours about the project. We need the involvement of the entire village to make our project succeed.

If you want more updates on what we do with the kids you can follow us on Instagram:
or Facebook:

Just yesterday we practiced a a song I with my Lombok friend Raga Fullmoon. He will be the music teacher of Batu Bambu Kids as soon as we have a real HOME.

Unfortunately I can not share the video in this update but you will find it on our Facebookpage.
We are planing to record the song with the Kids next Sunday. Yesterday we have already been practicing and the Kids loved it!

Lovely Greetings from Lombok and again a big thank you for your great support!


About the Photos:
Photo 1: Raga Fullmoon and me are writing the song for our Kids which we will hopefully record next Sunday with the Kids.

Photo 2: Some of the Kids in our pool yesterday. They do love the new Unicorn which a Batu Bambu guest left for the Kids;)

Photo 3: Randi aka Oskar (as he likes to call himself) is the new child we support trough our room NARY. Nary did finish her Highschool and woks now in a Hotel in Kuta. We started supporting Oskars Highschool 6 months ago and he just got his first school report. He is the 3rd best in class and very proud and also makes us very proud. He is a very talented young boy and very gifted in many ways. Unfortunately his parents could not effort his school education, that's why we stepped in. He goes to the same school as Nary went to. A school about 20 min drive away which focuses on subjects in the field of tourism. Oskar did pick "Guiding" ( which involves: history of Lombok/ Indonesia, culture, guests relation and communication, tour planing, computer courses etc.)
Of course he is taking classes also in the main subjects such as Mathematics, Indonesian, English, etc...
Currently we are trying to find a place where he will do his 6 months work experience starting this summer.
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€6,095 of €23,000 goal

Raised by 111 people in 5 months
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