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Raised by 39 people in 4 months
37357330_1554096248662826_r.jpegThank you for visiting my page. My family's story was featured in the last hard copy print addition of the Seattle Weekly, on February 27, 2019, written [also; photo provided] by Journalist Melissa Hellman; "Does Mary's Place Work With Known Slumlords?"- https://www.seattleweekly.com/news/does-marys-place-work-with-known-slum-landlords/ My name is  Christy X [Nc17] I am a Single Mom, cis-WOC, anti-racist filmmaker and instructor, I have written, produced and directed several short films over the course of nearly a decade in Seattle, WA.

After 5 years of tenancy in West Seattle [as a regular cop watcher, community builder/accomplice/activist and wage worker] my family was evicted on December 3, 2018 [post my second college graduation]. Over the course of 6 months [which include being served the unlawful detainer, our court date and physical eviction leading up to today] our lives have been thrown into chaos and instability, while being forced into a second round of houseless/homelessness by a largely destructive non-profit business; Mary's Place.

Back story;

In efforts of supporting my family and finding new housing post my eviction, I was referred to Mary's Place [who is widely supported by Amazon through; fiscal, networking and food donations while providing the bulk of "homeless family services" in the Seattle area]. After being refused service at a Mary's Place shelter my family was unethically referred [by Mary's Place, and without any previous knowledge on my families part] to a well documented and decades old slum lord Alan Hua, the property owner and landlord of;The Coniston building. 

Due to the uninhabitable, unsustainable and dangerous living conditions including building wide; roach, rodent and lead paint infestations, my family was forced to leave the building. Prior to our move in, Mary's Place had promised to pay our February 2019 rent, only to later pull out, both refusing to pay the additional rent promised AND/OR help my family relocate to a safer, cleaner and habitable apartment [after exploiting us].

Mary's Place relationship with slumlord Alan Hua has forced us back into a second round of houseless/homelessness resulting in  a 7th move for my family in 3 months. In spite of this, my 17-year-old Daughter has graduated with her GED and will begin college during the Spring quarter. In addition to film production and instruction, I have maintained a full-time wage job while dealing with our housing crisis. Without a tax return coming this year [I owe $600] we have no moving money to secure new housing. 

Your immediate donation will support my family's recovery from our eviction and the second layer of trauma added by Mary's Place exploitation and unethical business practices. Your donation will help my family;

Cover the cost of a at least 2 months rent; $4,000

Cover the cost of movers and storage = $1,000

A. PLEASE READ the Housing Update on; 3/25/19. As of this date; my family has secured a safe & habitable 1 BDRM apartment. Our new apartment has doubled our rent from the previous; $810 to the current $1733. This doubled rent now requires me to secure a second FT evening wage job. In efforts of supporting my new job search, we are keeping this GoFundMe active until we raise ALL the donations required and/or I am able to secure additional rent support off line. 

My family is grateful for your care and support. Without collective community building/organizing and a real demand supporting housing for ALL [Housing is a Human Right!] Seattle evictions partnered with the unethical and exploitative business practices of the non-profit industrial complex [Mary's Place is only one example!] will continue. Thank you for donating and sharing this page. 

*Important* Any and all additional funds will go towards supporting my short documentary film depicting my families experience working with Mary's Place while surviving the conditions of the Coniston apartment building in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, of Seattle, WA.

My film website: http://www.guerrillafilms.co/
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Good Afternoon Comrades! Wishing everyone a fantastic Monday! With only $331 left to raise of our permanent housing goal we are sprinting to the finish line! Each combined; page, email, text and WOM [word of mouth] share supports our families post eviction trauma by providing rental support. 7 months after our eviction, WE ARE STILL HERE and grateful to have the necessary opportunities to rebuild our lives.

Important read; “101 Notes on the LA Tenants Union” – written by Tracy Jean Rosenthal – Check out the frontline tenants’ rights [inspired] declaration published by Commune magazine!
The BEST part; # 77 – “Calling for the eminent domain of their building subsized with zero interest loans, Hillside Villa’s regular actions exposed the scam of public investment for private gain and the lie of affordability itself”.

THIS powerful prose breaks down what is causing/requiring evictions. Don’t believe the hype regarding the; “affordable housing crisis” OR possibly worse; “homeless crisis”. This shit is literally defined, created and executed by the real-life capitalists controlling the narrative; business developers, politicians, non-profits, and landlords. ALL protected by killer cops.

Housing update; after securing a second wage job, I am now working 7 days a week. This was not my initial plan, but none the less, I am managing it in efforts of stabilizing us and keeping our new apartment. With the amount of post eviction housing debt incurred [not including our doubled rent], it’s likely that I will need to continue this scheduled workload [in some form or manifestation] for at least a year, if not longer.

The positive; as post production of “1403” continues, our 2019 Seattle Weekly article juxtaposed with the 2006 Seattle Weekly article [exposing slumlord Alan Hua] is making serious rounds. After being contacted by Melissa Hellman [writer of our 2019 article] regarding the “Project Homeless Taskforce” [created & operated by the Seattle Times] interest in writing a possible follow up to our family’s story, I opted to question the Seattle Times “Homeless Taskforce” agenda with push back and here’s why;

The credibility of the “Project Homeless Taskforce” should be measured by their collective work, just read the articles. The majority of which are pro; city/state policies/legislation, killer cop agenda & nonprofit industrial complex. Not a surprise, when the funding comes from; BECU, The Bernier McCaw Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Campion Foundation, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, Raikes Foundation, Schultz Family Foundation, Seattle Foundation, Seattle Mariners and Starbucks.

And just for kicks here is the caveat regarding their task force reporting; “Seattle Times editors and reporters operate independently of our funders and maintain full editorial control over Project Homeless content”.


Reminder; after initially contacting the Seattle Weekly 2006 journalist Nina Shapiro [who currently writes for the Seattle Times], Nina passed my info along to the “Project Homeless Task Force” editor who passed up on our story. Funny how things work out.

*Bonus material* The Schultz Family Foundation & Starbucks are deeply intertwined with Mary’s Place. Hell, if you read the Seattle Times most recent pro-nonprofit industrial complex articles, they feature Mary’s Place! Why am I telling you this? Because the old saying goes; “Never trust media”, why? Because you shouldn’t until they prove themselves.

Here are a list of questions you ALWAYS need to ask prior to partnering with any media & after researching them;

Do I like the work? What style of writing is used?
What are the writers [or collective body] politics? How will it benefit my story?
What is the critical analysis presented in each body of work and or content?
Who funds the work?
What side are they on [will they challenge funders directly or even better; will they expose corruption?] Anything or anyone who refuses to speak truth to power, should be passed up. OR? Forget it.

Me included.

Regarding a follow up article, my goal & intention remain the same; to partner with a journalist who will expose the larger systemic issues spurring evictions and homeless/houselessness in King County. Which in our case, directly correlates with donations/funds spearheaded by massive corporations like Amazon [benefiting Mary’s Place] which in return, are directly funneled into the deep slumlord pockets of capitalist scum like Alan Hua. Our second displacement post eviction, [at the hands of Mary's Place] is only ONE take away.

When the time comes, the journalist [whoever they are] will directly benefit from the information I have to share, including my film content, community and film festival screenings. Lot’s of cool organizing and other stuff will follow! M y most recent film curriculum written for the 3rd annual ROAR conference includes this.

Regardless of circumstance, my DNA pushes, inspires & requires me to kick ass, daily. Our eviction and 2nd housing displacement, was no exception to my ancestry. As I choose to confront, unpack and embrace, the tremendously painful loss of our housing, including; the forceful destructiveness & complete wreckage of our eviction and 2nd housing displacement, partnered with the isolation and further marginalization of overworking my body [as a result of multiple wage jobs, and late hours] I am healing and can’t stop now.

#HousingIsAHumanRight #StopDonatingToMarysPlace #HousingForALL
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Good Afternoon Comrades:)
Just a quick "4thofJuly =" reminder; In recognition of the Fourth of July, Fredrick Douglass’s famous speech on the topic - "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?"

Excerpt: "This Fourth of July is yours, not mine. You may rejoice, I must mourn." https://www.theroot.com/what-to-the-slave-is-the-fourth-of-july-1836083536/amp

Yesterday, an organizer reminded me that in the history of the "4th of July" there have always been children in cages. Please continue supporting the multi-faceted Anti-Racist & Anti-Fascist frontline work that is required in order to #CloseTheCamps #AbolishICE #AbolishPolice

Housing update; we are in the final stretch of raising only $364 to meet our $5,000 housing goal! As we continue to battle and embrace the long term impacts & devastation of our eviction including; emotional, physical, mental exhaustion, housing debt, and the doubling of our rent - Community solidarity counts now more than ever! As Marley tackles her second quarter in college, the accumulative past three months of 2nd wage job searching and collective work hours, have taken a massive toll on me, in spite of our real challenges, we continue moving forward.

Yesterday's "day off" [after making the conscious choice many years ago to never celebrate the "4th of July" again] opened the door to some hard conclusions;

1. Solidarity VS charity is a real thing. After recently being confronted by someone's comments “about having donated” [after I had directly confronted them regarding some unnecessarily troubling behavior off line] it was clear to me that the folks who have truly cared about my families housing crisis are those who have supported our campaign based on solidarity principles VS. a "charity" mind set and or reasoning [hierarchical power over, or possibly worse; "ego" driven privilege/superiority]. This comparison is very real and necessary to confront now that we are housed & still struggling.

2. Consider that our dissemination court order agreement only covers WA state. To clarify; the dissemination order which the judge signed off on, is a new law blocking all third-party vendors [apartment screening companies] from lawfully passing my eviction order onto any potential landlord/apartment that I apply for [via credit report]. Just a reminder that one company has already broken the law by doing so [at the time of our eviction back in December 2018, no case had ever been tried in court upholding the actual law]. What does this mean? A WA statutory law is not upheld nationwide, meaning; if I attempt to move or relocate outside of WA state it’s likely that any and all third party vendors would be able to pass my eviction order to any and all potential landlords/apartments that I apply for. This would make it virtually impossible for me to physically move/relocate and get my own apartment ANYWHERE outside of WA state.

Note; There are only 2 “exceptions” or ways that I can currently think of [dream up] to possibly circumvent this and both are incredible long shots which I will have to face [both to personal and painful for me to write about], but I hope to someday have the courage and wherewithal to share these ideas publicly.

By law, no amount of money or lawyering will remove or conceal our eviction from my housing rental record [credit].

This is upsetting for many reasons, primarily because it was always my intention [and Marley’s] to leave WA state at some point. For me, the reasons were two-fold; my film career requires [and deserves!] more than WA state has to offer me and as a Californian I desire the opportunity to live in more like minded areas [LA and NY were always top shelf in my world]. As a person who has been evicted, I still NEED and WANT to reclaim my desired dream home, my own ideal living space/situation, regardless of the “eviction branding” which I have received via state supported mechanisms [backed heavily through stereotypes, criminalization and indefinite housing "reclassification" ].

This massive [permanent] blow is hitting me hard right now. Folks need to understand how the indefinite criminalization of eviction works and that the long-term impacts [harm!] are meant to not only permanently damage/destroy a person’s housing credit, but also any potential/future opportunities of collective; wage work, education, housing options, lifestyle choices [including future marriages, partnerships, etc!]

Simply existing post eviction is NOT expected.


As I fight to keep our new apartment, I ask that folks reflect on what it means to compete for housing and the long term damage the state, police and landlords/property owners [ALL capitalists] perpetrate by producing “revenue” via eviction/statutory business law [intersecting with tenants right!]. As housing is literally being seized [stolen!] off the backs of poor marginalized/working class, I AM ONE of THEM. Thank you for reading & sharing this housing update.
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Good Evening and Happy Pride Month Comrades:) wishing everyone a peaceful & restful weekend. As we stride towards our permanent housing goal with only $546 dollars left to raise, I am humbled by our community care! Each person that reaches out to ask; how Marley is & how the film is coming along supports our post eviction trauma and fall out in a real way! Acknowledging how hard it is to ask those questions, and how the systemic criminalization and stereotypes of those "evicted" creates a real barrier [designed to permanently disenfranchise those who are already marginalized through race & class via state apparatus] which is then upheld & carried out [with force/violence] via state watch dogs; kkkillerkkkops who routinely enforce "court orders" [with force/violence] "evictions " [like OURS!], and even worse; force houseless/homeless people into perpetual crisis via "private property" & "loitering" [abusive] statutory laws. Although we are up against IT, we are lucky to be alive and I never forget that part. Update; after several FTE grave/evening wage job interviews, I am continuing my search [the largest barrier has been finding an evening/grave wage job that doesn't impede on my current daytime wage job hours]. In spite of this, I push forward. Marley wraps finals week with ALL A's and a full 15 credits registered for Summer quarter. This is what life looks like post eviction.
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Happy Sunday Comrades:) Wishing all our good folks warmth and sunshine. Thank you for such an inspiring weekend! With only $646 left to meet our permanent housing goal of $5,000, the rubber is about to meet the road! Each precious housing gift supports the-post- eviction-reconstruction of our lives. Each collective; WOM [word of mouth] discussion, page and email share propels our housing campaign further. Gratitude and Love, always!
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$4,669 of $5,000 goal

Raised by 39 people in 4 months
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