The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer

$1,050 of $6,500 goal

Raised by 34 people in 22 months
Hawke Robinson  SPOKANE, WA
I volunteer, design, and provide, for FREE, services for special needs populations throughout the greater Spokane, Washington area. This includes using role-playing games (RPGs), recreation therapy, music therapy, and other services that help people. I run both regular and adapted games, for both regular and special needs populations.

The goal of this fund raiser is for the down payment to build a wheelchair friendly trailer making it affordable to expand providing these services throughout the Northwest and North America.

You already know the many great benefits from RPGs. The RPG Trailer will make it much easier to provide free RPG sessions using tabletop, computer-based, and live-action (LARP) role-playing games for those who need it most, but have the greatest difficulty being able to participate. There is 30+ years of research on the many benefits of RPG , and coupled with the Recreation Therapy profession, the RPG Trailer will help make it possible for people that need RPG the most, who have the greatest trouble getting to participate in RPGs, such as living in rural areas or in a wheelchair, to experience the joy and benefits of RPGs. 
The RPG Trailer will also help with advocacy and education regarding RPGs, by being a very visible symbol, triggering opportunities for discussion about the truth, and disproving the myths, about RPG and gamers.

Many schools, facilities, organizations, and professionals throughout the world, have found that using role-playing games are highly effective as an instructional modality for increasing student engagement and retention in many topics.
The RPG Trailer will make it possible to arrive at your educational institution, providing RPG sessions for students, and/or provide traning to educators, enabling students to engage more fully in the learning process, leading to better retention, and many other benefits.

Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, including Recreation Therapy (RT) / Therapeutic Recreation (TR), psychology, and neuroscience, using relevant evidence-based and theory-based approaches, based on well-established professional standards and RT/TR methodologies to provide intervention program plans using 30+ years of research on the various forms of role-playing games as an intervention modality to achieve clients' specific therapeutic goals.
The RPG Trailer will make it possible to provide RPG sessions for your clients directly, and/or provide training to health professionals in how to design and implement regular and adapted role-playing games to facilitate achieving your clients' goals.

The services primarily include using role-playing games of all types: tabletop, live-action (LARP), computer-based, and interactive choose your own adventure. My volunteer work also includes other Therapeutic Recreation (TR) and music therapy related services as deemed best for participants.

The services are being provided for free to those in need, that are based on proven Therapeutic Recreation methods to help achieve education and/or therapy goals for individuals and groups, primarily using non-adapted, and adapted role-playing games.

A custom built trailer, designed from the ground up, to help provide much-needed services to special needs populations such as:
* At-risk youth
* Brain injury (traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, etc.)
* Autism spectrum toddlers through adults (ASD / PDD), Asperger's, ADD/ADHD, etc.
* Cerebral Palsy (CP)
* Downs Syndrome
* Parkinsons
* Elderly

* Deaf
* Developmentally delayed
* Cognitive impariment

* Those residing in rural and underserved areas.
* Many others.

See the website for more details, photos, videos, and other information about the trailer, research, presentations, and other useful information.

The following donor levels provide a number of ways to thank you for your donation:

$5+ GoFundMe Thank you.
Heartfelt thanks to you for your support, and a public thank you for your donation on the page. For individual donations equal to $5 US dollars or more.

$10+ GoFundMe & Twitter Thank you.
Heartfelt thanks to you for your support, and a public thank you for your donation on the page, and the thankyou shared on twitter
For individual donations equal to $10 US dollars or more.

$20+ Website List of Donor's.
Public thank you as previous level, plus a listing on the RPG Research website's List of Donors to say thank you for your generous help in turning this vision into reality.
For individual donations equal to $20 US dollars or more.

$50+ Website & Social Networks Thank you.
Public thank you as previous levels, plus a public thank you on the RPG Research Blog at  and the RPG Research Facebook and other social network accounts (Google+, Tumblr, etc.).
For individual donations equal to $50 US dollars or more.

$100+ RPG Research Status Update Video Thank you.
As previous levels, AND a verbal thank you from Hawke Robinson, founder of The RPG Research Project, in the next RPG Research Project status update video (roughly monthly) on the RPG Research Youtube Channel For individual donations equal to $100 US dollars or more.

$250+ Dedicated Thank you Video & Donor Placard.
As previous levels AND your name mentioned in a dedicated thank you video on the RPG Research Youtube Channel , AND if fully funded added to the "Thank You" Donor Placard that will be in clear view on the inside of the trailer.
For individual donations equal to $250 US dollars or more.

$500+ Trailer Single Sign Thank you.
If fully funded, all donations of $500 USD or more includes all of the options from the lower donor levels, PLUS your name listed on the outside of the trailer (with your permission) saying Thank you, (with other donor names of this donor size if applicable on a single 24x36 sign or painted on one side of the trailer directly) near the RPG Research Logo on one side of the trailer.
For individual donations equal to $500 US dollars or more, and requires campaign to be fully funded.

$1,000+ Trailer Visit Thank you.
If fully funded, all donations of $1,000 USD or more includes all of the options from the previous donor levels, plus your name listed with a "Thank you", on all three sides of the trailer, AND if you are within 500 miles of Spokane, Washington, or anywhere within 500 miles of the route between Spokane and Mesa, Arizona (where the trailer is built), after I pick up the trailer, if scheduling permits, I can swing by on the way back to Spokane to show you the trailer that you helped make a reality, for a visit of up to two hours (if you wish).
For individual donations equal to $1,000 US dollars or more, and requires campaign to be fully funded.

$2,000+ Trailer Visit with Session Thank you.
If fully funded, all donations of $2,000 USD or more includes all of the options from the lower donor levels, PLUS (if you wish) if able to visit you within that 500 mile radius from the trailer pick up route, I will personally run a tabletop role-playing game session for you and your friends (up to 6 players total) for up to 6 hours, as a huge thank you for making this a reality. If you are outside of the 500 mile reach of the route, if all funding costs are met and you wish to donate additional funds to cover the additional travel costs to your location, I would be happy for the opportunity to come to you, calculating roughly 10 miles per gallon for gasoline (roughly $3.50/gallon currently) for the distance round trip. For individual donations equal to $2,000 US dollars or more, and requires campaign to be fully funded.

Any additional funds beyond the campaign base goal, after travel and incentive costs, will be applied entirely toward paying down the principle on the loan balance for the rest of the cost of the trailer, so anything beyond the minimum goal will be very helpful as well.

My name is Hawke Robinson . I had a successful career as an executive in technology industries. Residing in Spokane since 2004. I volunteer at many locations, using Recreation Therapy (RT) methodologies. I have been involved with role-playing games since 1979.

I have been volunteering extensively for many years.

I am registered with the Washington State Department of Health as a Recreation Therapist #RE60526204 .

I am also currently a student at Eastern Washington University (EWU) working on degrees in Recreation Therapy, Music Therapy, Neuroscience, & Research Psychology.

I have completed the Mental Health First Aid certification program.

After completing two internships (recreation therapy and psychology), I am planning to sit for the NCTRC  CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) exam.  I also plan to continue onward toward graduate and post-graduate degrees.

I am a member in good standing of the Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association ( WSTRA) & the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) .

The populations I have been working with include (but are not limited to): 
* At-risk youth
* Autism spectrum (ASD & PDD) youth & adults, ASD toddlers at Eastern Washington University
* Cerebral Palsy (CP)
* Brain injury (stroke, TBI, etc .) & Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patients at Saint Luke's Rehabilitation ,
* Deaf community, including the Eastern Washington Center for Deaf & Hard of Hearing (EWCDHH) , the Deaf community in general
* Parkinson's patients at Rockwood Clinic ,
* Boy Scouts of America day camps,
* Campfire USA's Camp Dart-lo , as a camp counselor, certified archery instructor, activities coordinator, and darma/theater instructor
* HIV/AIDS patients at Doxie Hatch long-term care facility (Utah),
* Developmentally delayed & intellectually disabled patients at Hillcrest Care Center (Utah),
* Senior citizens at assisted living and long-term care facilities in Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, Northern Utah, and others.

There are already many individuals and groups throughout Eastern Washington & Idaho, as well as Seattle, Tacoma, and other states, that have indicated they are just waiting for me to be able to provide these sessions as soon as I can find the means to do so. After significant research it is clear that the best way for this to be accomplished is by building a wheelchair friendly trailer as a mobile facility.

The minimum goal covers the minimum down payment and transportation costs of a portable office (trailer) that is designed from the ground-up to be more than just wheelchair accessible, it is designed to be wheelchair friendly. It also includes the costs of the campaign to receive donations.

This trailer would completely replace the need for the expensive offices in different cities/towns, or the various insufficient facilities (stores, schools, churches, community centers, etc.) that are  inadequate/sweltering/uncomfortable/noisy and/or not wheelchair friendly, and/or not friendly or feeling safe for those with special needs.

This trailer will make it affordable for me to provide sessions in rural areas that are completely lacking any facilities. After the down payment, the monthly cost of the trailer is less than my monthly office costs in Spokane.

* View my 90 minute presentation video at Seattle Children's hospital from April 2015 for the Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association  with a comprehensive overview of role-playing games, and more information about how role-playing games can be very beneficial to participants. My presentation was certified by the American Therapeutic Recreation Association for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

* Video & Audio from Hawke Robinson speaking at WorldCon 73 / Sasquan.
Many years of research provides significant indicators that participation in role-playing games can inherently provide many benefits to participants, and can also be a very powerful tool to help with the development and rehabilitation of many individuals and groups from a wide variety of populations. The RPG Research Project

It has become increasingly clear that role-playing games are an excellent modality for intervention using therapeutic recreation / recreational therapy methodologies to meet the needs of specific clients' development and rehabilitation goals.

Please donate today and help spread the word!

Here is a link to some examples of my programs:
* Recreation Therapy adapted RPGs to help Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) toddlers, youth, & adults.
* Brain Injury (stroke, TBI, etc.) recovery program, presentation.

The trailer will support all forms of role-playing games: tabletop, live-action (LARP), interactive choose your own adventure, and computer-based. It will accommodate up to 6 participants in wheelchairs or up to 10 non-wheelchair seated participants.

Once this funding goal is achieved, it will take the manufacturer approximately 9 to 16 weeks to build the trailer. The more money I can raise for this program, the more people I can provide free sessions to across North America.

Many thanks for the kindness and support!

-W.A. "Hawke" Robinson
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Update 36
Posted by Hawke Robinson
14 days ago
We're making stead progress preparing for our 2 days of events with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) for their summer camp. We'll be providing adaptive drum circles, tabletop and live-action role-playing gaming, for around 30 campers with Muscular Dystrophy (MD) on July 18th and 20th!
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Update 35
Posted by Hawke Robinson
3 months ago
Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, creators of The Gamers, JourneyQuest and many other great shows, asks you to support the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer today!
ZOE: Support the RPG Trailer Today!
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Update 34
Posted by Hawke Robinson
6 months ago
On Monday, October 10th, 2016, Hawke Robinson, Founder of the RPG Research Project Community Website, President of RPG Therapeutics LLC, and creator of the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer, was interviewed over a 4 hour period from 5:00 am to 9:00 am by KREM 2 news reporter Kaitlin Loukides, with 5 short 1-3 minute live broadcast segments each hour!
4 videos can be found here:
On KREM 2 News the RPG Trailer
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Update 33
Posted by Hawke Robinson
7 months ago
While still not yet the ideal of the Wheelchair FRIENDLY RPG Trailer, Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 I purchased a PROTOTYPE RPG Trailer. that will accommodate 2-4 people in wheelchairs - - None of the donation funds were used for this purchase, I used my own funds. We are still saving up for the more ideal trailer (and may apply this trailer to trade up when the time comes), so please still donate for the Wheelchair FRIENDLY RPG Trailer. See the link for many more details. Thank you so very much for your support!
Just purchased RPG Trailer prototype
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$1,050 of $6,500 goal

Raised by 34 people in 22 months
Created June 12, 2015
14 days ago
5 months ago
Jackson Robinson
5 months ago

This is so cool! I played tabletop RPGs as a teen and young adult and later helped some teens run a D&D game when I was a teen librarian. I now teach special education to and have been wanting to incorporate gaming into my classroom. This year I got the opportunity to participate in a life skills focused RPG based in second life with my high school transitions students and they love it! The students love the extra independence they gain while playing as compared to their relative lack of independence in real life and it really builds their confidence and social skills. Would love the opportunity to play a tabletop RPG with some of my kids and am so excited to hear a program like this exists.

Rob MacLennan
7 months ago

Not much, but hopefully it will help.

Synthetic Zen Band Checks from Indie Air Radio
8 months ago (Offline Donation)

REMINDER: Please support your independent artists today! All income generated from subscribing to Indie Air Radio and selecting to sponsor Synthetic Zen goes directly to support independent artists, and Synthetic Zen is donating all revenue directly to the down payment for building the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer to support people with Autism spectrum, cerebral palsy, at-risk youth, and more. More details about the trailer here:

Anonymous Face-to-face-donor
10 months ago (Offline Donation)

Thank you so much for your kind face-to-face donation (who wishes not to have name on Internet).

11 months ago (Offline Donation)
11 months ago (Offline Donation)
12 months ago (Offline Donation)
12 months ago (Offline Donation)
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