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Hi, my name is Mike Kennon, when I was young (age 10) my father died of a brain tumor, 2 years later my mom remarried a man that was mentally and physically abusive and I started running away. Adding to those challenges, I was sick. Was on Ritalin from 5 to 14, had adhd,  severe food and inhalant allergies. As I got older, the illness got worse, but since it was so difficult to diagnose, I went into denial.

From my teens to mid-twenties bad lifestyle choices compounded my health problems, and then my wife and I were exposed to mold in 2003 creating a 'severe exacerbation' (docs words) of my symptoms.

I was finally diagnosed with systemic candidiasis in 2012 (yeast showed up in lab results when I was 14 years old and may now be in my bloodstream). Read what the CDC says about Invasive Candidiasis. This describes me to a tee! https://www.cdc.gov/fungal/diseases/candidiasis/invasive/definition.html) The doctor said this could have been in my body since birth, and could be fatal if left untreated.

For me, this disease often mimics dyslexia and dementia making it very difficult to function and created a laundry list of symptoms and infections, including sinus infections, ear infections, lung infections and others--which I have been on antibiotics every year for over 20 years (sometimes more than once a year and often when I was younger). In my early teens, I had what the doctor called a symptom switch; to chronic fatigue, chronic depression and chronic bronchitis, to now, sinus pressure, a constant tension headache since 2010, inflammation, gerd, a bleeding ulcer in my esophagus, severe brain fog, severe tinnitus, other areas of bleeding, raised body temperature, shortness of breath and plantar fasciitis.

I've actually filed for disability with Social Security with more than enough proof and documentation (from several very highly respected doctors and labs) but was denied (no explanation and cannot afford an attorney to fight it). In 2010, Dr Allan Lieberman, North Charleston, SC did a 4.5 hour consult and gave me a several page yeast eradication plan. The cost for the yeast eradication plan that I need could easily exceed 14k!

Currently, with all the tests, drugs, supplements and diets (just to stay functional), we cannot afford to fight this illness. 

Unfortunately, almost all my family is now gone--also from health issues (mom, dad, aunts, uncles, and grandparents--both sides), so may be hereditary (autoimmune, cancer, etc). 

The financial burden of fighting a seemingly endless battle has been overwhelming. Any help is greatly appreciated, along with your prayers and support! Again, thank you so much in advance !!

PS, something, anything,...$5 will help!

Please read recent updates for full disclosure of where the donations will be going, history and progress. Even small donations will go toward maintenance and just staying functional. If I can meet my goal, I will continue treatment and help pay down some of the debt that has been occurring for years due to my illness. Doctors, hospitals, tests, lab work and treatment have already exceeded in the hundreds of thousands!
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Almost 7 years ago we were moving from a home we loved in Charleston SC for the most part because we had a newborn grandson but also because I was struggling with my health and wanted my wife to be around her family.

After several more visits to doctors, diagnostic centers, trips to the ER and several months in bed, I finally gave up the battle. If you read my GoFundMe you know that this has been a lifelong battle but I was tired. I knew God had always been there and so I said okay Lord I trust you and I give you everything, I surrender!

In 2012, we were going to a diet class and watched 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' which motivated me to start vegetable juicing and that helped put me back to a functional state but still had all my symptoms. In 2014, I started on a product called Lunasin (youtosuperyou.com) and that has got me up to a 65% functional stage.

I still believe that the one diagnosis I got in 2012 was (finally) the correct one. The doctor believed that my infection--that I may have been battling since childbirth--had gone systemic. This diagnosis was a result of hundreds of thousands of dollars in tests, countless doctors and diagnostic centers.

Here's the beauty; I believe God is continuing to orchestrate good out of the bad because now I feel like I have a new lease on life, a second chance! I still need help maintaining the minimum of $5 to 7k per year it takes to stay functional but God has given me the ability to do it.

For now, I'm going to keep the GoFundMe site live because of the hope I have found and pray it will help and encourage someone else....besides that, my goal(s) remain the same; find a doc willing to donate their time and resources (use me as a guinea pig!) or work toward and generate enough money to get treatment!
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Here's something I've toyed with putting out there for some time; my symptoms. My hope was and still is, to generate enough financial support for treatment or reach out to a medical professor, doctor or facility.

Bottom line, I've been sick as long as I can remember--but around 1994 I started having trouble controlling my symptoms and I've been trying to find a way to afford treatment ever since.

The biggest issue for me was never being properly diagnosed. As you probably read, one doc did diagnose me with systemic candidiasis (candida also showed up in lab results when I was 14 years old and may now have gotten into my bloodstream). My symptoms are most likely linked back to when I was 5 (50 years ago).

Thankfully, I had a mother who got into the alternative health field in the 70's due to health issues in our family. At that time, however, I was also dealing with abuse from my step-father and was unable to receive the attention and care needed.

Lunasin from Reliv has worked when nothing else has. When I was introduced to Reliv, my first comment was that it's expensive; but the truth is, doctors and hospitals are expensive. Drugs and labs are expensive. And taking those drugs only bought me time and masked the symptoms. Lunasin is a superfood, not a drug. Unfortunately, I still have to live with the disease, Lunasin is not a cure, and I still have to find a way to pay for it (along with proper diet, meds, supplements and treatment). Modern medicine has been far more expensive with less results.

With that being said, here it is...

First of all almost everyone on both sides of my family have passed away--mainly from cancer, but virtually all have died too soon due to health related issues. Possibly genetic.

Attention deficit disorder--learning and behavior problems in youth. Probably only read two books in my life but went to college.

Hyperactivity--when I was young. As I got older I remained hyperactive but had chronic fatigue at the same time. My father was also hyperactive, even at 43 when he passed away of a brain tumor. Incidentally, my moms mom also died of a brain tumor.

Allergies--both food and inhalant.

Sinus infections (bacterial vs viral vs fungal)--tension headaches, ear infections, fluid buildup around the ears, nose and brain, along with fever, chills and additional symptom and are almost always the result of needing antibiotics.

Lung infections, chronic bronchitis and shortness of breath--Since I was about 14 or so, I have had trouble breathing. Lungs were so bad I would cough uncontrollably and discharge large amounts of mucus. Could not breathe in the am until I had a shower and coffee. Habitual use of inhaler from 14 until my 30's. Today, it still feels like I'm not getting oxygen to my brain.

Severe Magnesium Deficiency--test results from around 14 to 40's show severe magnesium and other vitamin and mineral deficiencies. As mentioned, one doc at approx age 19 said I was so deficient I would not make it another year. Test results have always been the same.

Chronic fatigue--I used to call this 'debilitating lows' as there were times I could not get out of bed, think, concentrate or function.

Chronic depression-- from teens until late 30's.

Inflammation--pain throughout my body which usually parks itself in certain areas. The affected area(s) is very painful and virtually debilitating. For instance; I had it in my elbow for a long time, there were times I could not pick up a cup of coffee, then in knees, shoulder, etc. Hands and feet fall asleep every night (thought to be magnesium deficiency).

Gerd, acid reflux and possible leaky gut syndrome. Food does not digest well leaving a rancid taste, and is sometimes regurgitated. Been taking Prilosac since 2014; if I don't take it, food will not stay down and leaves a burning sensation in my esophagus (one doctor did say I have a bleeding ulcer in my esophagus).

Tension headache--off and on since 1995. Got worse in 2007, and has been constant since 2010. This headache--which I'll describe as a throbbing and wobbling pain--does not go away and is probably one of my worst symptom right now because there are times it's crippling. In terms of pain from 1-10 (10 been the worst), it is often or averages a 6, but in 2010 and 2011 it was a 9, I was unable to form a sentence and was taken to the ER, twice. With juicing and Reliv it has lessened considerably, but it is always there and day to day.

Brain fog--I've had this as long as I could remember. I often refer to it as dyslexia or dementia. It's not your typical 'forget things'; when I read, I do not comprehend. When I have a thought, I often cant remember that thought the next minute. Reading is with great difficulty and always has been.

Tinnitus--a constant and consistent tone (both ears, actually sounds like stereo) that drowns out voices or sounds. It's like being at a concert and someone is trying to talk to you; you can hear them, but cant understand a word. Certain pitches blend in and always ramps up the sound. It also increases my tension headaches. If I hold my nose and blow, it clears my ears for a moment allowing me to hear better but the tinnitus never leaves.

Bleeding--I bled out of my rectum for several years. Did not have hemorrhoids. This was not explained. Also, 'green' urine (or the appearance of being green). Possible signs of urinary track infection.

Raised body temperature--from around 2008 to 2012 my average temp was over 100. From 2010 to 2012 it was around 101.5. Feels like living with the flu...for years.

Plantar fasciitis and problems with feet--as long as I can remember, I've had dead skin on the bottom of my feet. To make matters worse, I was often barefoot growing up, even when climbing trees (which was often). Today, I can barely walk without the aid of arch support.

Systemic candidiasis--all of the above happening at once. It often comes in attacks, like an asthma attack. I never know when, where or for how long. Recently, I was in bed 60% of the time from Dec 27th until the 2nd week of April. This 'percentage' has fluctuated throughout my life and obviously puts great deal of stress and strain on my psyche, along with affecting those around me. It is possible that invasive candida was the correct diagnosis all along. At an early age, I was doing treatment for it but my body went into septic shock and I've never been in a controlled environment or treatment long enough for it to work.

What's left is 'gofundme'. Treatment to stay functional has cost us over 28k since 2011 and proper treatment would cost another 14k, plus travel and expenses not covered in that treatment plan. Or, a doctor/treatment facility willing to donate their time and resources.

I would be happy to share lab results, doctors, diagnosis centers and treatment facilities I've been to; along with diets, fads, treatments and types of supplements I'm currently on (costing 4k to 7k per year) or have tried...but that would virtually be half of my life; a 5 drawer filing cabinet full. I have, however, condensed it into a small box that I sent to Social Security when filing for disability.
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This is a difficult update to write but it also comes with good news! I'd like to say all's well (and it will be) but unfortunately, April was a very difficult month. I was still sick (lung infection) since Christmas til the 2nd week of April. I was not able to afford a product that has been keeping me functional and without a/c in our house, my symptoms were not getting better. So, I did something I felt I just had to do... buy the product and get a/c with the last of our money instead of paying the IRS.

Ok, so, I know what you're thinking and you would be correct. The ramifications of that decision are not something I'm looking forward to. To make matters worse, we had hired a tax attorney to keep us out of trouble with them and since we did not pay the IRS, all that is void; the attorney was a waste and we will have penalties and interest on top of what we owe. My aunt said it best, however, 'so, you pay them what you can when you can pay it'.

That's hardly the worst of it. Long story (again), but let's just say, in part, due to my poor health, my work and or ability to work has suffered greatly. On top of that, my brother was admitted to the hospital and it was very serious.

Here's the silver lining... someone put a deposit on the Mustang, so we will be able to pay for the air conditioner. The product I've been using to treat my candida infection is working so I feel a heck of a lot better. But the best news: thanks to Operation Sight and The Eye Institute of West Florida, I'm getting my cataracts removed! The left eye is already done. It was so bad that I could not see the big 'E' on the eye chart, everything looked yellow and I had double vision (for years). I'll be getting my right eye done in 2 weeks. This is a game changer and I cannot express enough gratitude to them for doing this!

Back to unfortunately; asking for help is humbling and humiliating and I will probably take down the gofundme account soon. I will say, however, God gave me the ability to be resourceful and strong during times of trouble and I will get thru this. Thank you again for any help, thoughts, and prayers !!
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Thanks to Operation Sight, I have an appointment to get cataracts removed!

I've been feeling better the last couple weeks. Unfortunately was sick right after Christmas until then.

The daily regiment picture is just some of the products that has been helping (aka about $7000 a year!)... oils, veg juicing, Reliv, green stuff, etc; also, trying to stay active and get sun!

I still need your help! If not financially, then by spreading the word, especially with a doctor in alternative medicine. I have not gotten into detail about my symptoms because it's waaay too lengthy (I'll save that for the docs); however, I have my medical history ready to be emailed to a doctor, facility or med school that would be willing to take me on!

PS, when it rains, it pours: Besides for things deciding to break all at once in our house recently, we still have not been able to afford to fix the AC unit for our house and summer's coming. We do have a 1995 Ford Mustang GT Convertible for sale or trade for new AC. No AC is like an incubator for my disease so the car has to go!
My Daily Regiment
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$660 of $45,000 goal

Raised by 10 people in 27 months
Created December 8, 2016
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Bill Winter
5 months ago

Mike, Wish you the best of luck and success with your treatment.

Dragan Radulovic
7 months ago

Best of Luck Mike! Thanks for your help with transporting my bus!Cheers. Dragan

26 months ago
Tom O'Donnell
27 months ago

Merry Christmas, hope you find a cure

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