Menstrual Cups in Nepal: Chhaupadi

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Rato Baltin Project

We keep this crowdfunding open, in case someone considers it easier, but we inform you that we have one new  for 2019: https://www.gofundme.com/rato-baltin-2019-menstrual-cups-nepal-chhaupadi 

Mantenemos este crowdfunding abierto, por si alguien lo considera más fácil, pero les informamos que tenemos uno actualizado para el 2019 en Castellano y Catalan: https://www.migranodearena.org/reto/19616/rato-baltin-2019-nepal-chhaupadi 

Thank You - Gracias - Gràcies

Here some numbers about our work last years and what we want to do this year if we have enough money, for help this women a very small amount of money is really important: Donating even 5€ supports the continued work we do in these remote communities.


castellano & catala al final

The Problem:

During the last year, 5 young girls have died in a  Chhaupadi hut  in west Nepal because they were menstruating.

In West Nepal, the lack of safe sanitary options often results in health problems and school absenteeism. Menstruation is a topic touched by embarrassment, insecurity, and degrading traditions for women like Chhaupadi.

Chhaupadi is characterised by the banishment of women during menstruation from their usual residence, due to supposed ‘impurity’. It has been criticised for violating the basic human rights of women, and for associated physical and mental health impacts. Despite having been outlawed and criminalised, it continues to exist.

Photo © Moisara Thapa - Basti - One of our students

Our Solution:

The Rato Baltin Project run by the NGO be artsy is a Menstrual Health Management and sexual education program that aims to eradicate this practice. The Project is for girls, boys, women and their communities. We think that education is the only way to change these deeply held beliefs.

An important part of the Rato Baltin project is the distribution of a healthy and environmentally friendly solution: The Menstrual Cup.

Twice a year, we visit remote villages to distribute menstrual cups and conduct hygiene and sexual education training. We also revisit villages to check in on those who have already recieved training and a cup, see what has changed, and evaluate the results of the program.

We have already distributed more that 600 menstrual cups to school girls in remote villages. Each girl received a cup and training on how to use it. They are also given a metal bucket (Baltin) to have clean water and somewhere to boil the cup.

The Issue:

be artsy is seeking long term funding sustainability to ensure we can continue our work in these remote communities, as well as help more girls. 

Ruby Cup very generously donates cups to be distributed to girls, as a way of addressing absenteeism. However, not all girls in remote villages attend school. Some are married young and even have children, while others spend their days working in the fields. We will  be able in 2019, to provide these girls and young women with menstrual cups and hygeine kits, alongside their sisters still in school.

Getting to these remote areas also involves significant logistic costs, as well as paying the salaries of the local Nepali nurses delivering the trainings. Without sustainable funding, we can't continue our work.

We had really good results in 2017 and 2018. Girls are changing the chhaupadi tradition after our classes, and using the menstrual cup.

We are preparing in 2019 to provide another 3000 girls and women with mentrual cups, and provide sexual and menstrual education in 5 more secondary schools.

How You Can Help:

The work we do is only possible thanks to the dedication and support of individuals like yourself. Even the smallest amount can go a long way to changing the life of Nepali girls and women, supporting menstrual dignity and sexual education. 

We urgently need to buy  the materials for hygiene kits (bucket, towel, soap, Nepali instructions, pens and teaching materials for every girl), salaries for the Nepali Trainers, and fund the travel logistics to the  5 municipality in 18 remote villages we will work in 2019  ( Achcham district). 

Donating even 5€ supports the continued work we do in these remote communities.

There are a number of other ways to help . How about sponsoring menstrual cups for girls and young women that do not attend school, OR a nurses salary?


Educative material (books, poster) for 1 girls: 5,37€
Hygienic kit: 19€
One Week Trainer salary: 31€
Material to teach in every village: 35€
A Month Money Pocket for local Volunteer: 60€
One Month New Trainer salary: 130€
One Month Old Trainer salary: 190€
Educative material (books, poster, photocopies) for 1 village: 806,22€
1 of the 18 villages: 4.174€

You can also give regular donations to help us: 
- plan ahead for spring trip
- replenish hygiene kits
- hold events such as exhibitions to spread awareness
- buy cups to sell on, with 100% of funds ssupporting the organisation for buying cups for young women that not attend school and bringing a more hygienic, sustainable sanitary solution to Nepal

You can use, too, paypal directly: https://beartsy.org/become-an-associate/

If you don't like using PayPal or Credit card, you can donate to us using:

Account Holder: Associació be artsy
Bank: Banc Sabadell
IBAN: ES23 0081 0900 8200 0430 1934

If you would like to be a regular donator, or you are a company that is interested in being a sponsor, your generosity will be met with regular updates and a company mention (logo) on our web page. Please do contact us : http://beartsy.org/contact/

To all our recurrent donors and those considering becoming donors, if you give a minimum donation of 70 euros (equating to 5 euros per month plus the cost of the crowdfunding platform), you will be, if you want, an associate collaborator.

Being an associate collaborator means you become a recurrent contributor. You'll receive news about the projects through email, have the possibility to take part in the general assembly and hear first hand about the project, via Skype or another online format.

Thank you! :)

More info:


Copas menstruales en Nepal: Chhaupadi

En West Nepal, la carencia de opciones sanitarias causa problemas de salud y absentismo escolar. El Chhaupadi supone echar de casa a las mujeres durante el tiempo de su menstruación, violando así los derechos humanos más básicos.

Como solución, el Proyecto Rato Baltin, gestionado por la Asociación be artsy, ofrece programas educativos de higiene y sexualidad a jóvenes y adultos de ambos sexos, para intentar erradicar esta práctica.

Una parte importante del proyecto Rato Baltin es la distribución de la Copa Menstrual. más de 250 han sido ya entregadas a chicas en edad escolar este año, junto con un cubo metálico (Baltin) que les sirve para llevar agua limpia a las letrinas y  para hervir la Copa.

También nos gustaría, en un futuro, poder donar copas a las chicas jóvenes que no van a la escuela por varios motivos (pobre, casadas con 13 años..).

Para este proyecto en concreto puedes colaborar , por ejemplo con:

- Materiales para el Kit Higiénico: 19€
- Salario semanal de una enfermera: 45€
- Salario mensual de una enfermera: 190€
- Un mes de dinero para el bus para voluntarios locales en Kathmandu: 35€                                    

Si quieres ayudarnos con donaciones regulares o eres una empresa y quieres apoyarnos ponte en contacto con nosotras!  http://beartsy.org/contact/  Eso nos ayudará a planificar nuestras acciones.

Titular: Associació Be Artsy
Banco: Banco Sabadell
IBAN: ES23 0081 0900 8200 0430 1934

Hazte socio 


Más información:


Copes menstruals al Nepal: Chhaupadi

A l'oest del Nepal, la manca d'opcions sanitàries causa problemes de salut i absentisme escolar. El Chhaupadi suposa fer fora de casa a les dones durant el temps de la seva menstruació, violant així els drets humans més bàsics.

Com a solució, el Projecte Rato Baltin, gestionat per l'Associació be artsy, ofereix programes educatius de Salut menstrual i sexualitat a joves i adults d'ambdós sexes, per intentar eradicar aquesta pràctica.

Una part important del projecte Rato Baltin és la distribució de la Copa Menstrual. Més de 600  han estat ja lliurades a noies en edat escolar aquest any, juntament amb una galleda metàl·lica (Baltin) que els serveix per portar aigua neta  cap al lavabo i per bullir la Copa.

També ens agradaria,  poder donar copes a les noies joves que no van a l'escola per diversos motius (pobres, casades amb 13 anys ..).

Per a aquest projecte en concret pots col·laborar, per exemple amb:

- Materials per al Kit Higiènic: 19 €
- Salari setmanal d'una infermera: 45 €
- Salari mensual d'una infermera: 190 €
 - Diners pel bus per voluntaris local a Kathmandu: 35€

Si vols ajudar-nos amb donacions regulars o ets una empresa i vols donar-nos suport posa't en contacte amb nosaltres! Contacte: http://beartsy.org/contact/

Titular: Associació Be artsy
Banc: Banc Sabadell
IBAN: ES23 0081 0900 8200 0430 1934

Fes-te soci 


Més informació:


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We want to thank you all for your support during 2018. In this 2019 we need it even more!
We want to end this practice that is killing girls, women and their children.
We want to reach as many sites as possible.
We have prepared a new video and gofundme for 2019. Please, make your annual donation there:
And remember, if you give 70 euros or more, leave your email, so, you want to be considered a member of be artsy and want to receive our project updates.
Thank you!
Lots of love from Nepal!
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Dear friends, here is Clara. Today I write you really sad.
This morning Chhaupadi was again in all over the world newspapers, I Just arrive yesterday to Nepal and got informed about 3 more deaths ....
With the #cold, it increases the number of cases of #deaths by #Chhaupadi. This time a #mother and her #two #sons died after a fire destroyed a menstrual hut at Budinanda Municipality-9 in Bajura.
Our work was too in some newspaper like abc Australia: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-01-11/woman,sons-die-in-nepal-town-in-suspected-menstrual-exile/10706850
We would like to ask all the people that help us so nicely during the 2018, to help us again in this 2019. For this 2019 We have new Crowdfunding! It is in an spanish NGO platform that is more social that Gofoundme, the name of the platform is "Mi grano de arena" (My grain of sand) So if everybody put a little grain of sand we will have a "beach" . https://www.migranodearena.org/en/cause/19616/rato-baltin-2019-nepal-chhaupadi
In there you will find, too, the link to the results from 2018 and the 2019 project.
Attached you can see the new video that a volunteer did for the 2019 project.

Please, Help us to arrive to more places and save more girls lives!

Warm Regards from Nepal!

+ info:
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Dear friends. I hope this 2019 you have a lot of love, happiness and joy.
Thank You to be here. This 2019 will bring us a lot of new challenges, that we I hope we are going to enjoy like last year! :)
I attached a reminder of what we have done together, and what we are going to do! Thank you!
We have new Crowdfunding! https://www.migranodearena.org/en/cause/19616/rato-baltin-2019-nepal-chhaupadi


Estimats amics. Espero aquest 2019 gaudiu de molt d'amor, Felicitat i Alegria al voltant..
Gràcies per ser aquí. Aquest 2019 ens portarà molts nous desafiaments, que espero gaudim superant-com l'any passat! :)
Adjunto un recordatori del que hem fet junts i del que farem! Gràcies!
Tenim nou Crowdfunding! https://www.migranodearena.org/ca/repte/19616/rato-baltin-2019-nepal-chhaupadi


Queridos amigos. Espero este 2019 disfrutéis de mucho amor, Felicidad y Alegría. alrededor.Gracias por estar aquí. ¡Este 2019 nos traerá muchos nuevos desafíos, que espero disfrutemos superándolos como el año pasado! :)
Adjunto un recordatorio de lo que hemos hecho juntos y lo que haremos! ¡Gracias!
Tenemos nuevo Crowdfunding! https://www.migranodearena.org/reto/19616/rato-baltin-2019-nepal-chhaupadi
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Dear friend, 

First off, thank you for all of your support for the Rato Baltin Project!

We're sorry that we haven't written any newsletters in the last months, but the Project gets hectic sometimes. It takes a long time to preparer the new members list and such things, alongside implementing the Project in villages. 

We have attached the link to some exciting news that has already been published online about the Spring Project component, but would love to go into more detail about upcoming plans and how the Project is going so far in 2018: http://beartsy.org/category/news/

Project Update:
The Project has been working well, though we have again come up against the issue of retaining nurses from Kathmandu for more than one visit to Project villages. Project locations are so far away, and the experience is hard for them. While we can keep them on board for the September visits, we will be rethinking our approach for next year. Achham political leaders have asked us to maintain a longer presence in the field, while also visiting more villages. 

Community leaders were really happy with our choice to hire 2 mentors from the previous cohort of old users.

What's new:

At this moment we are in Mangalsen, undertaking an intensive training-of-trainers session for 6 new trainers from 6 different remote municipalities in Achham. Every trainer will work in 3 villages with 2 mentors from class 10 that already use cups. We will also build the capacity of mentors to complete the photography part of the Projects, if they are interested to learn. We will chose 6 of them for a special training session with our collaborator and friend photojournalist Uma Bista. This is planned to occur before next years Project is implemented in villages, so that the mentors will be totally ready, capable, and confident of taking the reigns!  

This September, apart from training new trainers, we will also follow up with the women and girls we met and provided cups to on our last visits. 
To involve entire communities when we visit, with the help of the association Photo.circle from Kathmandu, we are going to showcase too, the film 'Mira'. 'Mira' focuses on the Nepali runner Mira Rai, showcasing to viewers that a girl from a small remote village can be, and is capable of achieving, whatever she wants. We wholeheartedly support this message!

We really think (and hope!) that bringing in more local voices will help to keep the Project sustainable long-term, and empower local people to take ownership. 

We would love to involve trained women anthropologists (maybe foreigners volunteers?) interested in the chhaupadi tradition to perhaps undertake case study research. 


Where to from here:
So as you can see, we are working tirelessly to keep our work going to end the practice of chhaupadi through education, art, and menstrual cups, as well as improve and get better at what we're doing. 

We are really happy with and thankful for the Associates and collaborators we have, but we will need more to be able to deliver on our mission and achieve our goals for the girls of Nepal. 

Next year, so you have a small idea... we will be in 18 villages with 6 trainers. With that in mind we will need 5 more laptops, a minimum of 50 additional photo cameras, 6 speakers, and 5 more projectors... 

So, please. If you want to spread the word and share the gofoundme page to your friends and family, that would be amazing.


Thank you for all you do for us and the girls of Accham!

Your privacy:
Please if you wanna subcribe for our newsletter you can do it here: http://eepurl.com/cXrzMH
As according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, 25 May 2018) be artsy informs that all personal data provided to be artsy by its members, donors, collaborators and sympathisers shall be included in its files for the only purposes of facilitating the communication related to their collaboration with the association. To exercise your right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, please send us an email to info@beartsy.org. You can have more information about GDPR in  www.eugdpr.org, a resource to educate the public about the main elements of the General Data Protection Regulation.
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Raised by 87 people in 22 months
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