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I am a next generation motivational speaker. The plan is to create inspirational and uplifting content (videos, articles, websites, apps, documentaries, TV, movies, games, etc.). Entertaining and educational.

Of course results are not guaranteed although I am trying to improve lives. There is amazing information in this world. Step by step I'm filtering and bringing it to people.

I'm directing my content towards individuals starting out and seasoned executives. I want to help people visualize various small businesses they can try to create. Also, show people what jobs they can go for. Really research it all and lay it out in a way that is fast and fun. 

There are too many people suffering in this world. I'm going to try and help as many as possible. If you are already a millionaire or billionaire, I will include content for you too.

I have opened doors for people who didn't have any money that helped them a lot. I have planted seeds in the minds of millionaires that gave them a new perspective on things. For example, the web marketing for their company.

I don't want to oversell it. I'd rather let the content speak for itself. The content included here in my GoFundMe page and updates, plus the content I will continue to create. 

Contact: Text first is best. (917) 216-6943

A few quick disclaimers. Use this information at your own risk. All information is subject to change. Results are not guaranteed. Please verify all information on your own. I'm not a lawyer. I'm not a doctor.

There are a lot of people out here looking to raise funds for new businesess and companies. One thing I want to share is do not exaggerate when interacting with investors. That includes talking, emailing and any other form of communication.  If anything I suggest disclose everything about yourself and your company that would make someone not want to invest.

If you have bad credit disclose it. If you only have a small about of traffic, come clean and let them know. Do not exaggerate ever when sharing information with investors.  Talk to a lawer, I'm not a lawyer. I think it's common sense not to lie to investors. Unfortunately, a lot of smart people get lost in the hype. They fib to investors and end up getting sued and in some cases land in prison.  Hmm, what else? Don't drink, don't lie to investors, what else have I talked about?

Another one is confidence. I say make sure to act like you are always being recorded. Audio and video. Be respectful to people. With that out of the way, I say go for it. Don't let embarassment hold you back. None of this is probably going to matter in 100 years anyway. How about 1,000 years? Is most of what's going on in your life right now going to matter in 1,000 years? Yes or no, either way, don't let something you may want pass you by because your too embarassed to ask for it. A job, new client, etc. 

I also like to touch on part time and full time jobs. So far I have covered the possibility of becoming a licensed real estate salesperson as well as web marketing. Those are two in my opinion that can be full time or part time jobs. I'm going to keep researching and include more ideas for what people can do in their spare time and full time to earn money. 

I will not sacrifice my morals for any amount of money. I belive I can reach success and be fair with everyone simultaneously. 

Be sure to check the updates because I will be including videos and other information in there.  Thank you for reading and have a great day. 

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Fare Evasion On The Subway

I was just walking past a sign in the subway and took the attached picture. It says fare evasion will cost you. Violators are subject to arrest or fine. Know the rules visit mta.info

Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. I'm not a lawyer. Please verify this information yourself. All information is subject to change.

Let's say the subway is about $3 for a single ride and maybe less if you buy and unlimited or another type of metro card. I think if you have to buy a one way it's currently about $3.

$3 is very little if you have it. If your living check to check and your almost broke $3 is a lot. Let's say you don't have it period. Then $3 is not possible. $3 can be dinner. $3 can be a bottle of water.

Why are we punishing people for not having $3?

If a person has a income less than $10,000.00, they should be able to buy discount metro cards or something like that. I'm just throwing a basic idea out there. It can be adjusted. I would like to speak with the MTA about a solution.

I'm all about capitalism. I want to buy a $50,000,000.00 or $100,000,000.00 New York City condo and townhouse one day. I even watch videos about the new Rolls Royce Phantom.

I think it's great to be ambitious. I just don't think the bottom of society should be such a disaster for people. If someone doesn't have money for the train they shouldn't have to hop over the gate. They should be able to buy discount fares or have a bill mailed to them without penalties.

In my view, everyone deserves a chance in life. I don't buy into the theory people have to starve to death or go to jail because they can't afford a subway ticket.

We have to give everyone an opportunity to better themselves and not throw up road blocks. If there is no money for this and that, then let's try and be creative to figure out a solution.

One last thing. People sometimes say they started from nothing, if I can do it anyone can do it. What's your definition of started with nothing? Did you wake up one day completely naked without a penny to your name in the middle of a forest? To me that's did it from nothing.

If you were living in your parents house with a roof over your head, clothes, computer, smart phone, etc. that's not from nothing in my book. Nothing means nothing. Stop judging. Be thankful your in the position to be able to help. Be thankful your not in a position where you need help and there are a bunch of people wasting a fortune and making excuses why you deserve to be where you are.
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This blog post is about non-disclosure agreements and non-compete clauses.

Get ready for some negativity. Or should I say, some more negativity. You can usually find me on this blog knocking investors and saying how they will ruin your life.

Back to the nons. Non disclosure and non compete. I'll give you one guess what I have done in the past when people have asked me to sign these things.

I said no.

If you don't trust me, why would I trust you to sign anything? I didn't have the money to hire a lawyer and I have no clue what it is.

Before I go any further, I'm not a lawyer. Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change. Talk to a lawyer if you need one. Also, I have absolutely no clue if any of these disclaimers have any value at all.

One time, and I'm not saying names, one of my web marketing clients tried to get me to sign one of these things. They had someone right there to notarize it. I would bet a million dollars they had a hidden video camera in the office too.

I was making decent money from this person as a client. He also offered me a car.

I said no.

Is this person still my client now? Nope. We don't talk at all.

I have never signed anything with anyone. I have been offered various deals over the years but I never found one that I wanted. When people ask me to be their partner, in many cases, I tell them I'll provide marketing for you and you can own the whole thing.

I'd rather keep the majority control in my ventures or just be hired help. I'm not going to partner up with anyone and end up wasting years in court.

There was a couple deals where I would have liked to sell a few points to whomever for X percentage and no say in the workings of the company. I couldn't find anyone to give me the money.

Before I go. Just because I haven't and probably won't ever sign any of these things doesn't mean you shouldn't. I'm sure there are times when it makes sense. I would advise hire at least one or two separate attorneys and get advice from as many of them as you can afford.

One more time, I would never sign one. I don't care who it is. If you don't trust me, I don't trust you.

If a huge company wants to hire you, it's up to you. If they are offering a bunch of money and they want you to sign something, it's your call.

All I'm saying is a lot of people use these types of things to rob and sabotage people.

Also, they should make it a law that all contracts have to be video recorded so there is no scamming about who signed what.
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Who has the final say, you or the investor?

I'm from Nassau County, Long Island, New York. Woodmere, Hewlett to be exact. Currently I'm in New York City. I have also spent time growing up in Suffolk County.

I have seen so many business deals go up in flames it's unbelievable. I have seen deals where everyone earned millions of dollars in profit and still ending up fighting and in court. I have seen people get robbed, sabotaged, raise money from millionaires with nothing, etc.

Before I go any further. I'm not a lawyer. If you have specific legal questions talk with an attorney. Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change.

The purpose of this article or blog is to try and help people try and avoid a nightmare. This can apply to people with startups, regular businesses, etc.

There are so many people running around trying to raise money, including me. I have a crowdfunding right now. Surprisingly I'm 42 and have never done one money raising deal with anyone. I have seen a lot of deals from the sidelines and read about several deals.

I have also provided web marketing for a lot of companies. That was good experience. I helped companies with online advertising, videos, content, etc.

This article is about the temptation of someone offering you money if you have a company that needs liquid or capital. I'm not knocking anyone but I have to keep it real. I have seen a lot of people get excited because a millionaire or someone with tens of millions of dollars invested in their company. It could even have been someone with more than 10's of millions.

In some cases it worked out and in others it went up in flames. I'll tell you one thing, you better not exaggerate when your raising money. If you do you can get sued and potentially end up in prison. I don't care how much everyone loves each other in the beginning, the odds are everyone is going to hate each other in the end.

I'm not writing a book here so I'm going to get to the point. Again, I'm not a lawyer. Talk to a lawyer if you require legal advice.

The point is who has the final word if everyone starts fighting?

In my humble opinion, that needs to be spelled out in writing before you take any money from anyone. If everyone stays best friends great. If not prepare for it before hand.

In many cases investors are rich before the deal and are going to be comfortable regardless what happens. It's you who is in the hot seat. Your taking the liability. Your going to be broke if the company hits the bricks.

People may say, if someone gives you money they are going to want to have a say in what's going on. What I say to that is sometimes yes and other times no. For example, if you buy a small amount of stock in a huge company you have little or no say in how the company is run.

If you don't mind giving up control for money, that's up to you. All I'm saying is I have seen investors force their decisions and then get mad at the entrepreneur when it all goes up in flames. If I'm going down it's going to be on my own decisions, not someone else.

I don't care if the richest person in the world wants to invest into one of my ideas. I have to be the final word or it's no go. If someone wants to work with me and have control over the project, hire me to provide marketing services. I'm not taking an investment from anyone into my ideas and then they control the ship. Technically, I'm only crowdfunding right now anyway.

I'm not saying it can't be hard to say no. I have seen situations where people had no money at all and a millionaire offered them hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Plus they received nice money in their pocket. The catch? They had to give up control. The amazing investor they had with the amazing relationship went south and so did the company.

The moral of the story is try and make your startup sustainable without investors for as long as possible. Get a part time job. Figure out any legal way to earn money without having to take on investors. Then when it's time to raise money, hopefully you have money and aren't so desperate. You can negotiate a better deal and control.

Last thing. I want to include a few positive thoughts. There are some amazing investors who will bring a huge amount of value to the table. I wouldn't do it but you can give up control and everything may work out. They may even make your startup 10X bigger. I don't want to say that can't happen because it does all the time.

Me personally, I'm the CEO, chairman, board, all of it.

Back to the negative. I have seen situations where the investor drove the company into the ground. They cost everyone millions of dollars or more. Then they turn around, sue everyone for their mistake and make everyone's life a living hell.

I almost forgot. Damn this is getting long. Always tell the truth upfront with the investor. Don't exaggerate at all. NOT AT ALL. Disclose everything. I don't care how embarrassing it is. Investors will give you enough room to sabotage yourself. Don't fall for it.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Good luck. I'm out.
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This is a blog I'm writing now about everything.

I have a GoFundMe page. I'm trying to raise money to take my content to the next level. I have several ideas. For example, more videos about how people can spend their free time productively, reasons to stay out of trouble, things to check out and others to avoid.

Use this information at your own risk. I'm not a doctor. I'm not a lawyer. All information is subject to change. Results are not guaranteed. If you have specific legal questions talk to an attorney.

I'm going to move forward regardless if it's just me and a mobile phone uploading to social media. I'm all about using whatever resources you have to make it happen.

I have created content aimed at people who are just starting out, billionaires and everyone in between.

A few of the things I’d like to spend additional funds on in a perfect world.

New equiptment including laptops, video cameras, phones, tablets, lighting, etc. I would like to purchase software to edit videos and record them better.

I would be more than happy to continue to upload content into YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and others. In addition, I would like to create content to upload into Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.

I would like to create a TV Show, reality show, documentaries, movies, games and books.

There are ways of distributing into those platforms. For example:

Netflix Preferred Vendors https://npv.netflixstudios.com

Netflix Post Partner Program https://np3.netflixstudios.com

Netflix Preferred Fulfillment Partners https://npfp.netflixstudios.com

iTunes Connect Video Partner Search https://itunespartner.apple.com/en/tv/partnersearch

Of course there is absolutly no guaranteed any of this will earn one penny. This is just some information for crowdfunding.

I would also like to create an interview type of show with a few cohosts. All under the banner of self improvement and motivational speaker.

Thank you for reading and have a good day.
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$180 of $80.0M goal

Raised by 2 people in 9 months
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