Mark Hoverson Stage 4 Cancer

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Hi, my name is Mark Hoverson.

I’m 39 years old. For the past 15 years, I’ve been married to my college sweetheart, Shannon, while we’ve raised our 4 children (Isaac- 14, Grace- 12, Rush- 11, Micah 10).

Although Shannon and I lived in a mobile home and qualified for welfare the first 5 years of our marriage…huffing and puffing to pay the monthly bills. All along, I had a secret dream of creating a thriving business that helped people live their life to the fullest.

So in 2008, I went to the public library (because we couldn’t afford internet access or a computer), and launched an internet business with about $90 to my name.

Much to my surprise, the business took off.

I quickly dedicated myself completely and totally to coaching entrepreneurs how to start and thrive businesses themselves. And the message grew quickly, spreading to 10’s of thousands of clients from all over the world in just a few years.

My amazing clients provided our family an equally amazing life. We have been able to journey the world, take great family vacations, and truly engage in the thrill of raising our children.

But 4 years ago, something weird happened.

Let me explain…

While wrestling with one of my kids, something felt strange in my stomach and suddenly, I couldn’t breathe.

I was raced to the E.R…I remember moving in and out of consciousness for several minutes. I nearly died on the stretcher.

Once I was finally stabilized, my wife and I were in our own hospital room. And I remember lamenting to her, “Jeez, I hope I don’t have a kidney stone or something like that because I don’t have 3 days to waste on this stuff.”

Sidebar: throughout my entire life, I rarely got sick. The flu would storm through our house and everyone, (even the dog! <—not kidding) would be puking. But I’d go around to everyone’s bed and give them a kiss goodnight. The kids had a little saying around the house: Dad doesn’t get sick. Period. 

But anyway, back to my wife and I***A Doctor came to our hospital room and said, “I’m not sure how to tell you this…but you have hundreds of tumors on your liver and a massive tumor on your pancreas. There are also some other suspicious spots too.”

I was speechless, and mumbled the question, “You mean, I have cancer?”

“More tests are required, but I’m afraid so…and it’s very advanced” he said gravely.

It was like Mike Tyson in his prime gave me a full knockout punch.

I felt dizzy. 


I thought about the kids. 

One of my dreams was to walk my daughter Grace down the aisle at her wedding and toast my sons at their graduations and so much more. I thought about my parents. Friends. I thought about my bride being alone with the kids. I thought of all the unfinished dream projects in my heart. I just felt like all the spirit was taken out of me.

But it was the first day, we didn’t have much info yet, and I was still optimistic. I thought to myself, “People can live for decades with cancer nowadays.”

Within a day or so the official diagnosis arrived, I had “neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer.” <—exactly what Steve Jobs had.

There are fewer than 1000 cases of it per year, and 5-year survival rates are 1%.

Determined to live fully, I asked my Harvard-trained doctor, who specialized in this rare form of cancer, “Okay, what do the 1% do to survive?”

He replied, without batting an eye, “Those people were misdiagnosed. They never had what you have. No one lives with this disease. I’m sorry.”

I was coldly given my 2-4 months to live.

I had a small $500K life insurance policy (we had been meaning to increase the size of that policy for over 5 years but ‘life kept getting in the way I guess’). 

The Life Insurance quickly paid out what is a called an “accelerated death benefit” <—when a team of doctors determine there is 0% chance the patient will live beyond 6 months, some policies will pay the majority of the death benefit to help ease the family’s pain through the last few months. 

With that nice chunk of money, we went on a mission to heal me.

We aggressively looked for a cure, doing traditional chemo, experimental “out of pocket” radiation treatments that cost upwards of $100K. Also, we traveled across the world to famous healers. We even took seed money to launch “KingsLife” Insurance brokerage to help prevent families from being caught unprepared like we were.

Meanwhile, as my energy came and went…and came and went…and came and went…my ability to produce income dropped drastically.

I had such little energy to give, everything in my life suffered. 

But we kept fighting. Month after month.

We would visit the Doctor and they’d say, “Well, you probably have 2-4 months to live.” <—the last four years of Doctor’s visits feel like groundhogs day because they also repeat like a broken-record “you probably have 2-4 months to live…possibly less.”

Nonetheless, we stay resilient. I’ve been in and out of hospice 3 times. My body keeps reviving itself. It wants to live. I can feel it. One time my hemoglobin count was down to 3 (average men my age are around 13-17) and they gave me 24 hours to live. But somehow I bounced out of that with a full body blood transfusion.

But the scary rollercoaster continued, just a short while ago (on Nov. 26th 2017), I had a couple tumors in my back eat away a couple vertebra and I woke up paralyzed from the waist down. 

Upon waking up, they raced me to the E.R. for two emergency spine surgeries. The slicing and cutting through my spine and back muscles brought excruciating nerve pain I didn’t know was even possible. 

So as I type this, I’m learning how to walk again, put on shoes, shorts, and function.

A chorus of Doctor’s have united again in sharing with me that it’s unlikely my body will be able to rebound from this surgery on top of my Stage 4 diagnosis…and again, that I probably have 2-4 months to live. They recommend hospice again.

But…that’s where a group of my friends and clients enter the picture. They called me and said, “You’ve been able to beat this for 4 years, and you can keep doing it. We want to throw you the ultimate gofundme fundraiser!”

This GoFundMe has two primary purposes:

#1- To help alleviate constant rain of medical bills and expenses this disease brings.

#2- To set up Shannon and the children so they can continue to advance the Hoverson Brands you created.

Personally, for the last 4 years, I’ve been very resistant to asking anyone for any help. In many ways, I was ashamed to ask because I knew many years ago that we should have upped our life insurance to at least $5M…but my procrastination prevented it from getting done. And being known as a man who has a little bit of wisdom, the amount of folly in not making that a priority for my family has caused me great regret. 

But my mother’s wise advise was not to dwell on my mistakes, but rather take everything to God in prayer and trust <—Thank God for a Mother’s Wisdom!

As I mention in the video above, it’s emasculating to not be able to provide for one’s family (at least that’s how I feel). 

However, I want to make sure that our family is taken care of and I want to show my children that even in this dark “valley of the shadow of death”, bright and brilliant hope still exists for our family and that anything is possible.

Even breaking the Go Fund Me Record! <—which I can only thank our launch team of over 35 friends and clients for putting this vision in front of us!

To finish, a dear friend called me earlier today and told me the real reason he is standing tall to champion this gofundme. 

He said, 

“Mark, you’ve been able to defy death over and over using the same strategies you teach others to overcome challenges in their life.”

He moves on…“This movement is about believing that no matter what the circumstances you find yourself in: whether you are given a scary cancer diagnosis, or wake up unexpectedly paralyzed…there are ways to overcome everything and keep fighting through with will-power, prayer, community, and God.”

My friend’s words stirred my soul. And I hope they resonate with yours too.

Please consider making a donation of any size today. It means the world to me, my wife, and our children. Thank you.

Mark and Shannon Hoverson
Isaac, Grace, Rush and Micah
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This post was shared on Facebook, Sept. 2, 2018. What would have been Mark's 40th birthday here on earth.

“Now come the Firsts”

Firsts without our dearly beloved.

There are parts of me that just want to fall asleep and wake up when we all are stronger and more healed, but...

Though there were tears while the kids and I laid in bed wishing dad could have made it to his 40th, we continued the “Hoverson Birthday Tradition” despite his earthly absence.

We gathered around Mark’s birthday cake, sang happy birthday, lit his memorial candle and...

We went around the table and each shared A favorite memory we have had with @markhoverson .

It brings a smile to my heart knowing that we have a plethora of memories to carry this tradition on for years and years to come.

Cheers to you, Mark, I know you are having one heck of a party in heaven!

#Happybirthday #restinpeace #40 #gonebutnotforgotten #legacy #traditions — with Isaac Hoverson.
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Rest in Peace, Mark Hoverson

"Be Still and Know"
Hide me now under your wings
Cover Me
Within Your mighty hand

Today, August 17th, 2018, our family lost one of the most admirable Heroes on earth.

Today, Mark Davis Hoverson went to be with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The battle of Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Cancer is over. The pain is over. The anxiety is over. The uncertainty is over. It is finished.

The pain has never been so real in my heart. My heart aches so intensely it is hard to describe, but, what gives me peace is knowing that Mark is at REST.

Rest is in his soul.

Mark was a Hero to me as a friend, father, husband and family man: Mark created traditions with the kids, with me, with our family and friends that will carry on his legacy.

Mark was a Hero to me as a businessman - Mark was able to see the impossible as possible. He was able help others see that they can do what they didn't think they could do themselves. Mark told them otherwise. And they did it.

Mark was my Hero...and always will be.

To know Mark was to want to sit in his presence and soak up every word he had to say.

To know Mark is to LOVE him and the memories created with him.

Until I meet my #lovebeast again one day in Heaven...

I will,

"Be still and Know"

Hide me Under your wings
Cover me
Within your Mighty Hand

When the oceans rise
And the thunders roar
I will soar with you
above the storm
Father you are King
Over the flood
And I will be still
And know You are God

Find rest my soul
in Christ alone
Know His power
In Quietness and trust

Be still and know
That I am God

I am the God
That Healeth thee

REST IN PEACE, my Love, I will see you one day soon.

(Details of the service to be announced soon!)
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June 19, 2018.

Last update was on March 7, 2018.

Shut my eyes and take a deep breath.

How to best describe to you all the last 3.5 months....

To give an update on Mark alone I feel, is to not share the whole picture as the more time goes on and the more ill or the more bumps that come into the picture, the more it effects the whole family.

I want to start by saying that I can say with 100% conviction that I have never seen someone with as much Will Power and Strength in Spirit as I have witnessed in Mark Hoverson.

His desire to LIVE is incomprehensible.

He had 2 spine surgeries in November and December of 2017 (Due to a tumor that had crushed and fractured his T6 Vertebrae) which put him out of work pretty much until this day (more on that as you continue reading), His legs are able to work with a walker at a turtle's speed, and 16-18 hours of the day he slept.

With the above in place, Mark was still determined to Live as though none of it had happened.

Flying and Hosting 2 small business masterminds though it took absolutely everything in him to make it happen and give the attendees intense wisdom in a 30-60 minute window a day.

By the end of April with his hemoglobin staying below 8 (normal healthy is 13-17), his energy only allowed him to rest and eat, rest and eat, rest and eat.

This new lifestyle became a new normal for our 4 kids as instead of roundtable bible studies, playing sports with their dad and being taken care of by their dad, the roles switched and they now became the caretakers of their dad.

They each have their roles in helping prepare Mark's bed area, shower area, continually making sure his water cup is full at all times, that he has blistex at all times, rubbing his feet for 10 minutes (Mark's feet retain quite a bit of fluid as his liver function is lessoning. We recently had a permanent abdomen catheter put in so that we could release the fluid that the Liver is not filtering ourselves at home vs. going into the hospital every week. This has saved us so much time.) and grabbing him food/snacks as needed.

As May approached Arizona, so did the heat, Mark was getting antsy to head to North Dakota to be in the cool, moist air.

But before he returned up north, he did ONE round of an all natural Immunotherapy and watched to see if his body had a reaction. It appeared to keep his blood levels stable and hemoglobin stable for about a month.

As school ended in Late May, we all returned to North Dakota and are currently staying in a rental house of Mark's parents in the town that Mark grew up in where we have both of Mark's Uncles and his brother living next to us.

There is a comfort for me in having help and family nearby. I am grateful.

We continue to get Mark's labs done every two weeks to keep an eye on it all. Today, as I type this, Mark is getting a blood transfusion.

When you go through an experience like this as a couple, there are many tears, many, many, many tears, especially when the illness gets more challenging.

In one of our "moments", I asked Mark, "Why are you still living, what is keeping you going?"

I asked this because as his wife, watching the pain and the tears in my beloved husband at some point becomes too much on one's own soul and I would rather him be in a place where all of that pain is gone.

He looked up at me and said, " I don't know how to quit, it's just not in me."

With that being said, Mark has continued doing a FB Live here and there sharing "Solomon Secrets" on Biblical Business Wisdom. Mark has a natural teacher's heart and despite his physical appearance (currently 133lbs) and his pain, he wants and feels called to teach.

He continues to talk about vision for his life 20 years out.

"I just don't know how to quit". -Mark H.

I thank you for caring about our family and praying for our family, it means the world to our family and if I don't respond right away to FB messages, text messages, etc. it is because we are taking care of the family's physical and emotional needs during this season.

One day, I would like to write a book on the past 4 years to give a deeper look inside on what being a family with cancer in it is like. The before, during and after look.

The up and down roller coaster feel is real. Mark will have a "GOOD" day or two and I will think to myself that wow, maybe he IS healing. And then the he will sleep for the next two weeks. The Drs. all say that is normal cancer behavior and that I should not get my hopes up when he has a "Good" day. When I have seen Mark be given more lives than a cat through this, it is hard to Not get my hopes up.

YET, through it all, I will continue to say, "It is WELL with my Soul" and Trust in the Lord and his Goodness.

I will post a few prayer requests for those who have asked for this:

#1 - For a miraculous healing in Mark to happen ASAP

#2 - Strength for the kids and Mark and I to Love each other to the best of our abilities.

#3 - Continued Financial support as Mark is still unable to work . Mark has about 30-60 minutes a day that his body allows him to exert energy on other things besides eating.

I was looking at the Go Fund Me and we have had about 3200 people donate and we are just $222,779,00 from reaching our $500,000.00 goal. Absolutely Stunning! #humbling. And it seems like $200,000 is far off but if you do the math, if everyone who already donated, donated Just one more time a total of $70, we would reach our goal.

So, if our story resonates with you, please continue to share our message or prayerfully consider donating.

#4 - Peace and Strength for Mark's Spirit, Mind, Body and Soul.

#5 - For the Lord's WILL to be done.

Again, thank you to every single person who has donated, prayed, offered healing ideas and/or shared our message, I am forever grateful and humbled by the kindness I have witnessed.

I will keep you abreast of any knew news as it happens.

Forever Grateful,

Shannon Hoverson and Family
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Wow, it is hard to believe it has been just a little over a month since we started this Go Fund Me for Mark and our family.

The support we have received in prayers, finances, and connections has been very humbling and has brought me to tears in gratitude on several occasions.

Thank you!

That being said, I have been asked about Mark and how he is currently doing.

When we started this campaign, Mark had been out of Spine Surgery for about two months. Sleeping 16-20 hours a day and unable to work.

Fast forward to today, March 7, 2018.

Mark is awake most of the day, his appetite is strong, he is getting faster at walking with a walker and is able to walk a few more yards each day without the walker.

Mark has begun water physical therapy! He really enjoys this. He is able to walk in water and it has built his confidence and vision of being able to do the same outside of the water in the near future.

As he has weaned himself off of the painkillers to nearly none at all during the day, his mental alertness is at an all time high since the surgery where he is back to soaking up wisdom from books and podcasts. His cup is starting to overflow again and he did his first facebook live on Saturday, March 3 sharing his classic Mark wisdom on having vision. Feel free to check out his Mark Hoverson fan page to see it.

As far as treatment we are currently looking into Immunotherapy (beginning stages of paperwork). We have also been given many generous healing gifts, one of them being CBD oil made from hops and it has really helped Mark's relaxation and sleeping.

Continued prayers for Mark's hemoglobin to rise, (healthy male is 13-17) as he has had a couple blood transfusions since the surgery to help his Red Blood Count rise up as when it was last tested, it was at a 7.

Again, thank you to everyone for your support, whether it be through prayer, finances or product/connections.

We are forever grateful and we will keep you posted as we are working on creating the "Solomon Foundation" to keep our family vision and Mark's works alive for generations to come.

Forever Grateful,

-Shannon Hoverson
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$409,485 of $500,000 goal

Raised by 3,473 people in 8 months
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