$13,005 of $25,000 goal

Raised by 136 people in 5 months
Created January 20, 2019
Jerry's Team
on behalf of Jerry DesVoignes

WE ALL KNOW JERRY but we don’t all know each other. Such is the over-arching influence Jerry has had in Vancouver over the past forty years. We know him from concerts, chanting sessions, satsangs, Solstice Celebrations, labyrinth walks. I am quite new to Vancouver but whenever I mention Jerry someone always says: I know Jerry, .......

I believe we have all been touched by his music and his optimistic and determined personality. His soaring voice captivates whether singing a Beatles song or a sacred chant.

Many of us know that Jerry suffered serious brain damage from a series of accidents in the 1980’s. Despite these traumas he has managed to carry on performing, writing music, and teaching chant and throat singing.

"Baba Hari Dass always told me to “sing for God and Divine Energy will help you!”

So through several illnesses I realized more and more that in fact that was true! Much more fun to be Singing from that place than singing to impress people!!"


For many years Jerry’s health has been precarious and in the past few years he has suffered devastating crises where he is unable to eat, loses weight, and can’t maintain his music which is not only his soul calling but his bread and butter. The medical establishment has been unable to diagnose or treat this condition which shuts down his digestion and attacks his muscles. Treatments from holistic practitioners have literally kept Jerry alive.

In the past, concerned friends have helped cover costs for these treatments, and they have helped—make no mistake about that.

WHAT’S NEEDED NOW is an over-arching plan for treatment and recovery, and the funding to accomplish it. In one of those vicious circles illness leads to lack of employment which leads to further illness. We hope to break the circle and help Jerry set a new course.

Please read this account in Jerry’s own words, I have done only minor editing. It’s a sad story of accident, the failure of I.C.B.C. to live up to its obligations, and the short-comings of our medical system when dealing with brain injuries. It’s also a story of determination, hope and creativity and an enormous amount of personal will on Jerry’s part in coping with life’s challenges.


In the 1980s I was struck four separate times by cars. Two times in my car. Once on my bicycle and once walking as a pedestrian.

The two in my car were severe, I suffered whiplash and nearly paraplegic spine injuries. My neck in both those accidents was pretty bad and I had therapies for several months each time. In 1986 I was struck on my bicycle. Aside from having physical injuries I also had a brain injury - closed head injury as they used to call them. I was not myself after that. I struggled daily with simple reasoning and chores, identity issues, dizziness, slight memory loss and confusion.

In 1988 I was knocked down in a crosswalk as a pedestrian while walking across on the green-light. A car came from the wrong direction and knocked me into the air. That last accident created a more severe brain injury and trauma which included severe physical pain, neck issues and spine issues that went on for years. This brain injury was more severe and complex. I found myself with short term memory loss. I couldn’t recognize friends or confused friends with each other. I didn’t remember what happened half an hour earlier, that kind of thing.

I had an identity crisis where I wasn’t sure who I was, my past was vague, and my childhood seemed to be someone else’s. Almost like a movie that wasn’t related to me. Headaches were sometimes severe, and were constant for those 5 to 7 years. I battled with suicidal thoughts, which apparently is common with severe brain trauma. I often could not finish thoughts or sentences, could not link words and thoughts together. If I were going somewhere I was always lost, I would get confused and I had no sense of direction. Panic set in. I felt odd and separate from people and separate from myself.

All the while I battled daily and weekly with ICBC and bad lawyers. I never got support or help, never got any of the services that I was supposed to get so essentially I was on my own. I often couldn’t remember how to write or spell my name. Shock and fear was daily and intense but I tried to hide that from people and act as if I was normal. Whatever that is?

Eventually I was diagnosed with trauma to the left frontal lobe. I could remember words to songs from the past but found it difficult to learn new things because nothing would stick and if I had learned it, 10 minutes later it was gone. I could no longer walk properly so I had to retrain myself through Pilates and other techniques learned from a brain trauma specialist to regain function of my body and try to re-organize my brain.

The good news is that I had been doing lots and lots of yoga and meditation and breathing pranayama exercises since the late 70s so my body was very strong. I also have a very strong will. I had discovered the use of sounding with vocal harmonics (overtone singing or throat singing). Working with those subtle frequencies started to have a profound effect on my brain and psyche. After a year or two I was beginning to put sentences back together and connecting to thoughts and impulses. I was able to complete sentences and ideas while speaking to people. All the while battling unsuccessfully with ICBC.

I began the MantraVani Orchestra and Chanting In The Round about that time. To be honest though, I often forgot what I was doing but I worked so hard to try to be centred and tried not to let people see what was really happening with me. I lost friends. I was accused of being to blame for those cars hitting me. Why did I create that for myself, etc.?

So I battled mightily to heal myself, to recognize myself. I suffered for at least a year early on such an intense loss of identity that I was afraid that I was going to slip into madness. I was determined to not let that happen.

36384666_1548031164453282_r.jpegChristmas in the Round 2017

As you may know my life has always been music and I used to sing in jazz clubs around the city. One day I ran into the owner of one of these clubs. He said, wow Jerry I haven’t seen you in a long time. We were all really concerned about you! I asked him why. He told me, it was nice to see that I was no longer doing drugs. I told him that I didn’t do drugs that I had a brain injury! He couldn’t believe it. He said for sure everyone thought that I was doing cocaine or heroin or something! That blew my mind and was also very disappointing to think that I was that messed up and viewed in a certain way. I noticed that people were confused sometimes about me but I had no idea some in the community thought that!

36384666_1548031215739273_r.jpegJazz in the 90s

So all the yoga, all the meditation, the introduction of overtones/harmonics into my soundscape. That all had kept me sane and brought me healing.

Eight or nine years ago my entire digestive system shut down. I couldn’t digest a thing and within a couple months I had gone from 165 pounds to 120. I had gone to emergency in the last several years 11 times by ambulance due to extreme allergies to foods that I had never had an issue with before. Everything turned upside down. Out of the zillions of blood tests, x-rays and scans most often nothing was ever found. Bacteria, parasites and several therapies were tried. Some worked some didn’t. So it’s mostly been self diagnosis. From time to time I would get better and regain 10 or 15 pounds and then it would slip again and I would get really sick and then I would somehow manage to come out of that to some degree—this consistent battle with my gut and associated things like peripheral neuropathy which affects your feet and legs. I am so grateful for the support during this time from friends!

Some years ago. Dr. Shiva Varma saw me one day on the street and told me to come to his clinic in Richmond. For seven or eight months I went in to get Myers cocktail IV and also oxygen each time because my lungs were also filled with fluid of some sort. Had that not happened I surely would have died! 

So it appears that those conditions have returned.

For the past couple of years I’ve mostly been living on goat milk Kiefer and various broths. From time to time attempting to eat more solid food. The last month or so my digestive system shut down once again. It essentially means there’s no peristalsis and the system just stops. So no nutrients. Extreme loss of weight and muscle mass begins to happen.

It would appear that after this long while the main culprit is all those accidents and brain trauma, including spine damage and damage to the Vegas nerve which controls so many things in the body especially brain and stomach issues. They are not separate though they often seem to be. Neuropathy (nerve damage with inflammation that doesn’t allow information to get into the muscle) that’s been affecting my legs and feet for several years is also the culprit that keeps on shutting down my gut! That seems to be the best diagnosis from several specialists and also it begins to make sense to me finally. All the years of yoga and meditation etc. kept me balanced and safe from this hitting me much much earlier in my life.

At least at this moment there is a clear or clearer understanding of what’s actually happening to me, being that the sympathetic nervous system is messed up due to the brain and spine injuries from years back and that is what has been causing this issue with my stomach and digestion and legs and other combinations of things. I am seeking support, diagnosis and therapies from Dr. Eric Posen and one or two specialists in this field. I hope to get weekly Myers cocktail IV and other supplements to sustain me while looking for remedies to help with my neurology and sympathetic nervous system. I have done lots of research and I am aware treatments are often very expensive.

Singing is a wonderful therapy. Also teaching and sharing the amazing and beautiful qualities of the human voice. But it would appear that other therapies are needed! I’ve noticed that I can’t sing when I don’t eat! Or have no muscle to support me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this


Red Monkey Trio, 2018

THE PURPOSE of this Crowd Funding is to create a financial reserve to cover immediate treatments and fund an ongoing wellness program which will allow Jerry to resume his life and become self-sufficient.

He will be working with Dr. Eric Posen, ND, who is familiar with his case and has ideas for short and long term treatment. Some of the treatment possibilities are leading edge and only recently available. Dr. Posen is offering his services at a reduced rate.

OUR GOAL is to raise $25,000 to put a treatment plan in place for the next year, then to re-assess the situation. This will only be possible if this campaign reaches far and wide to those who have worked with Jerry, meditated with him, been audience members, chanted with him, simply love his music, or are sympathetic to his unique situation even if they’ve never met him. We are sending this appeal to as wide an audience as we can but I know there are many of Jerry’s fans and friends who are not on current email lists.

PLEASE FORWARD this link to everyone you can think of. Even small donations will be significant if there are many of them, like building a wall one stone at a time. Like building a Tower of Song.

With appreciation and gratitude

Carole Harmon & Gary Sill
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For all great supporters of Jerry DesVoignes, past, present and future, here is an update from Jerry thanking you all. In his letter below, he has also included links to three great recordings he would like to offer as a musical way of thanking everybody.

This amazing campaign continues as Jerry still needs our help. If you know someone who would like to donate, why not send them the link to this page? You might also share this on social media you think would be welcomed and useful.

In gratitude for all the care and generosity offered,

Gary Sill


Dear Friends,

I would like to give each of you an update on my health and progress.

As you may know, two months ago I was able to have a Stem Cell Replacement Procedure thanks to all the wonderful donations and support I have received through the GoFundMe campaign!

The purpose of this procedure is to directly tackle my debilitating issue with neuropathy and the digestive track which is mostly related and resulting from my two brain injuries. These injuries occurred in the late 80s after being struck by cars and have affected the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve and pneumogastric nerve interfaces with the parasympathetic control of the heart, lungs, and digestive tract.

I was also able, due to the Funding campaign, to get access to other therapies including seriously needed I.V. pushes called Meyers Cocktails which contain large doses of vitamins and minerals often with other needed nutrients added, some Ayurvedic oil treatments, acupuncture and body work. I am presently unable to absorb sufficient nutrients through simple food because of these digestive issues.

Stem Cell Replacement effects can take up to three months for changes to begin. Although I have experienced subtle changes, there is not yet any major shift to report. As it is, I still require ongoing support with IV's and other therapies. I am optimistic and ready that more dramatic results will begin to shine!

I wanted to share these three songs with you; songs which speak to me! Each is a music video on YouTube.

Shine Like The Sun
I composed this several years ago and have performed it many times. It’s from my Healing Voices CD and has been on iTunes and CDBaby for a few years now. This video was recently put up on Youtube and includes the the words scrolling with the versus - a nice effect.

Never Give Up
For this song, I took words the Dalai Lama has spoken and put them to music. The Bodhisattva vow is included as well. Although this song has been performed with a group the music video is simple guitar and vocal.

…and this Beatle Bonus 

P.S. I Love You (by Paul McCartney from early Beatles)
This recording is from my album All You Need Is Beatles and I just discovered CDBaby had put on Youtube. I love the Beatles. This is such a great tune!

Here are the links:

Shine Like The Sun -

Never Give Up -

P.S. I Love You -

Thank you all for you love and support and I look forward to getting back to singing and teaching.

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This just in…

Friday, April 19
Frankie’s Jazz Club
Downtown Vancouver

It was heartening and a privilege to be at the Zappostrohé concert in “Frankie’s” Jazz Club. It’s a great band with great musicians playing great material. The heartening part was seeing Jerry up on stage making a good concert extraordinary. Because of you, gentle donors, Jerry has received professional help with his health that has made it possible for him to have the energy to do what he loves most.

I have added a short video clip of Jerry performing with the Zappostrohé band which I hope you enjoy.

We’re not done yet. Jerry still needs our ongoing support to maintain the gains he has made in restoring his health. As my dear Carole has mentioned in her earlier post, “…further donations you might feel moved to make, or people you might think of contacting would be deeply appreciated”.

Let’s keep the momentum going forward.

Gary Sill
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Dear Fellow Friends of Jerry

One way of looking at health, or return to health, is the ability to do what you love with confidence.

Last night at Frankie’s Kitchen and Jazz Club in Vancouver I witnessed Jerry's stellar performance as part of Zappostrophe’ a group of Vancouver musicians who perform the complex and exhilirating music of Frank Zappa. Wearing a buffed leather cowboy hat he opened his mouth and the lyrics soared. I have seen quite a number of Jerry’s performances but nothing touched the sheer power and magnetism of Jerry singing Zappa.

I’ve been waiting for good timing to send out an update on Jerry’s health. This seems the perfect opportunity. He will be writing himself so you’ll have it from his own magic lips and I believe Gary has a clip from the show to post.

A month ago Jerry did stem cell treatment at Vancouver Stem Cell Treatment Centre This is a leading edge treatment which augments the body’s own ability to repair itself. Rather than try to explain the procedure and goals here you can read about it on the Treatment Centre’s website. Jerry has known of this treatment for some time but has never had the funds to do it. With your help it was possible. We hope in time it will help repair some of the neurological damage sustained in accidents and other physical deficiencies which have developed over time as a result of living with chronic trauma and injury.

The prediction is that discernible results begin at two to three months after the procedure and then increase over time. So it’s too soon to tell. I know Jerry still struggles with many challenges yet each time I have seen him since this procedure was done I get the impression of irresistible life force. The fact he could do this demanding concert at all is a story in itself.

Stem Cell Treatment was an expensive procedure, just under $8000, and would never have been possible without the help of all of you who have donated so generously to this campaign.

Since there is no end date on healing, further donations you might feel moved to make, or people you might think of contacting would be deeply appreciated. Our goal is that over time Jerry’s strength and resiliency will result in his health and gifts being fully active in the world.

We’ll be in touch with further updates as life moves on.

With gratitude and appreciation

Carole Harmon

(New image shows Jerry in fine form at Frankie's Jazz Club, 2019.04.22)
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Thank you to everyone who has donated to “Help Jerry DesVoignes Return to Health”.

As of February 23, 109 individuals have donated $10,289.

We can report that Jerry is now getting regular “Hi-Energy” IV’s and this, along with massage and acupuncture, has already been helpful in beginning him back to increased wellness.

Jerry has been investigating a regenerative medicine treatment that is looking very promising and could return him to a level of health he has not experienced for years. He has known of this treatment for some time but funds have never been available before. At this point he is being evaluated to see if he is a match for the treatment. It seems likely that he will be.

The treatment is expensive but promises considerably more than a good maintenance program.

It goes without saying, that we haven’t reached our fundraising goal. Please continue to encourage others to donate.

We will keep you posted on developments!

Team Jerry
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$13,005 of $25,000 goal

Raised by 136 people in 5 months
Created January 20, 2019
Jerry's Team
on behalf of Jerry DesVoignes
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