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How it started

It was 2008. Climate change and CO2 emission reduction was the hot debated topic. Pumped hydroelectric energy storage (PHES) drew  the attention of Blue Energy Australia founder, Mr. David Huang. PHES has limited locations where it can be built. The investment cost is high. The construction time is long.

With his engineering qualification received in 1989, Mr. Huang begun the jorney of Blue Energy.

If there are limited locations to build PHES, what about stores energy in compressed air?

The drawing below illustrates the idea. Off peak electricity is used to make compressed air. Compressed air can pump water to high altitude. There is less restriction to build such energy storage facility.

Somehow, this idea will not be viable for business once energy efficiency is considered. Based on the energy cycles, there are a few steps affecting energy efficiency:

a. Electricity distribution has 90% efficiency. To finish this cycle, electricity distribution happens twice.
b. Compressor efficiency has range from 15% to 30% .
c. Hydro turbine can achieve up to 95% efficiency.
d. Steam turbine in power station has 30% efficiency.
e. Generator in power station and storage can be as high as 95% efficient.

For the best outcome, the total energy efficiency is:

η = 0.9*0.9*0.3*0.95*0.3*0.95*0.95*100% = 6.25%

Step b and step d energy lost is the highest among the whole system. Here is another astonishing outcome: there is more energy inside the compressed air than the water being elevated. The higher altitude water is pumped, the more energy stored inside the compressed air. The energy efficiency is far below 6.25%. After all, this idea is clumsy. Why don't we simply use compressed air to drive an engine? There are many engine inventions that use compressed air. But none of them make successful business.

The bottom-line

Why we need electricity grid at all? Why can't we live without being connected with a grid? When 1 Kg of coal becomes electricity in Kwh, energy companies make some profit. Efficiency plays big role in this magic energy business. It is laughable to say electricity business based on fossil energy is the "CHEAPEST". According to coal spot price, a typical electricity business gross profit mark-up in early 2016 is 1000% in Australia. Please check the row 7. The higher efficiency, the bigger profit mark-up energy companies will make.

Energy companies might argue that it costs them a lot of investment to set up the network. But the business is based on very simple finding by Michael Faraday in 1830, which is electromagnetic induction. Micheal Faraday's invention, the generator, and the invention of steam engine became the perfect marriage. They are the foundation of modern civilization. Make good generator and cheap engine are not "rocket science". Why can't we simple put these things at home without the grid?

Big inefficient items that fail the original idea, such as compressor, steam turbine etc., belongs to the mechanical device called thermal engine. Your car has an engine too. Engine appears to be the critical component that makes and breaks.

The science and mechanical solutions

As the research went on, a Wikipedia page pointed out that gas expansion and compression force has curved, none constant distribution. Bingo! If the force is not constant, that means the energy distribution is not constant. A solution is to use leverage to "smooth out" the force into a constant force.

Also, we discovered that crankshaft doesn't convert reciprocation force directly into torque force. Huge energy lost when reciprocation force is converted into torque force. That is another bingo! To fix the problem, a novel gear system was invented.


It has taken Blue Energy Australia nearly a decade to develop the original concept into a beauty. It is called Blue Energy Thermal Engine (BETE).

BETE is the first heat engine that has a lever. it is a reciprocation engine without the crankshaft.

To fix the problems, BETE looks differently. In the image below, BETE is on the top section. Below BETE is the generator. Not only you can use it to generate electricity at home, in a business venue, or in a power station, this engine can store energy in many ways. Compressed air, hot water, water electrolysis, charging battery etc., are the ways to store energy. Hooray! This product can replace your car engine. For one litre of fuel, your car can run far more distance than an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) can manage. There will be no emission because after the combustion, fume is mainly CO2, which will be compressed and stored by the engine. Why? This product will extract oxygen from the air and make pure oxygen/fuel burning without the nitrogen mixed. Nitrogen oxide is the main cause of smog and acid rain around the world. CO2 is important ingredient to make methane for energy storage. This product is also an air-conditioning unit. You don't need to buy AC for your home, office, or any other venue once you have this beauty.

This engine can be used by anything that needs heat energy.

The invention begun 300 years ago

What is energy? By most textbook, energy is the capacity to do work. Heat engine, is the mechanical device to release/store energy through gas expansion/compression, during which heat exchange process by the gaseous and/or liquid medium happens. Heat engine can't run without heat. You can provide heat energy through many ways, for example, burning coal. But coal is not necessary the only way to release heat energy.

1kg coal = 1.3 kg dry tree twig = 265 L of compressed air at 200 bars = 84 litres of water with temperature increased by 80 C = 56 kg typical lithium ion battery fully charged = pump 10 tons of water to 285 meter higher

A heat engine seems to be the simplest answer when you consider many factors to utilize these potential energy sources. Pumped hydroelectricity is not the only way to store energy. Coal can be replaced by dry mass fuel, which is clean, renewable and free. Heat engine has been the foundation of modern civilization for 300 years. It started with steam engine. BETE will further confirm that heat engine is the future.

Best way to make heat engine running is fuel. Fuel carries more energy. For this you need to understand what is energy density !

For people who care about environment and/or want to have cheap energy, the energy is in your hands. You don't need to hate fuel because coal is DIRTY . If you don't care if coal is bad or good, you should care about something that is free. Look at the grass around these people. It is fuel and free. BETE gives you, THE people to access free and clean fuel. If you love coal no matter what, BETE will make sure burning coal will not emit baddy to the environment.

The Blue Energy team

Blue Energy Australia is founded by Mr. David Huang. It is run by him, with the help of freelancers around the world.

Seeking help

Since the inception of Blue Energy venture, effort to seek help has been part of the business. Unfortunately, not much success has been made.

The reality is that Australia is going towards different ways when it comes to electricity business. From state to federal level, energy storage becomes the magic wand to solve electricity problem.

Blue Energy was told: You need to prove your concept.

Well, PHES takes years to build. It is centralized energy business that will dictate the price because the investment is high. For battery, its energy density, when fully charged, is from 2% to 4% of tree branches and leaves. What do you do with the battery waste? Is it a better way to store energy in hot water? Would you like to buy a new 250 L hot water tank for AU$700, or to buy a Tesla Power Wall (60Kwh) for US$10,000 to store energy? Please remember that battery was invented by Alessandro Volta in 1800, 30 years before Michael Faraday invented generator. Battery has never become the dominant solution in electricity supply.

Concept or the future?

What we need is the funding to build a product. Many potential investors ask for a product, not just something on the drawing board. But to be honest, what do you think?

Everything we design strictly follows the principle of mechanical engineering. It is based on the finding we have. Blue Energy has done most heavy lifting. Freelancers are the popular choice to fill in whatever tasks difficult to solve.

For example, Jorge and Emilio are qualified and trained engineers from South America. They are brother team actively engaging projects and work. Jorge is also a mechatronic engineer, meaning he is qualified electronic engineer.

Make your car energy efficient:

Develop heat engine needs money. A lot of $$$$$$$$$! When car companies use software to cheat on emission, the cost is high, especially for the reputation. If they know how much damage such behaviour to the brand, will they embrace the right way to improve the engine efficiency? If only the car companies know how.

Money raised in the campaign will be used to build a full working prototype, which can be used for electricity generation or car engine.

Cost of project:

1. Mechanical design
2. Electronic design
3. Parts purchase or custom made
4. Testing
5. Comply with various standard and regulation
6. Market research and business planning

Reward to your pledge

Any contribution will makes our goal a step closer to commercialize this innovation. For this campaign, the reward is simple: Leverage!

For every dollar you pledge, when this product is commercialized, and you wish to have your own electricity generator for your home, office or business, Blue Energy Australia will credit AU$20 to the cost of electricity.

The business model is simple. Free generator will be installed at customers' home. Customers will pay a security bond. Each Kwh electricity usage will be lower than what you are paying now regardless private or business. Whenever products breakdown, Blue Energy Australia will replace the products for no charge to the customer. You only pay for the usage of electricity.

With enough generators in a neighbourhood, these generators will be linked as DC network so it will be stable and reliable. Want to know why we want to build DC network, please check the WAR of ACDC .

Most household appliances actually need to convert AC back to DC. AC is great if network voltage requires steps up and steps down by transformers. AC network rated frequencies must be syncronized, or the network will be in trouble. DC network doesn't need to worry about such requirement. When many generators are installed close to customers' home, office or business, DC network is far easier to manage.

If you are good corporate executives who want to be part of Blue Energy force, feel free to discuss your interest to support or collaborate with Blue Energy Australia. It is in seed funding stage. You might contact us here or through Blue Energy Autralia offcial website .

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Update 2
Posted by David Huang
25 days ago
Attend Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition hosted by Shenzhen, P.R. China on the 30th of March 2017. Blue Energy Australia heat engine invention was one of the 20 creative prize candidate. Unfortunately only one candidate can win the prize. Congratulation to divisional winners and creative winner. Best wish to their success in the final. Go OZ. The nation of innovations.
Competition in Opera House
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Update 1
Posted by David Huang
28 days ago
Gofundme for Blue Energy
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$40 of $150k goal

Raised by 3 people in 15 months
Created January 17, 2016
Joseph Foo
15 days ago

Best of luck David

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25 days ago
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27 days ago

Tomorrow, big day.

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