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31706332_1558567723134279_r.jpegJayson Wortham was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, in April 2018. This news came after a series of trials in his physical health that left him unable to work and thrive for the better part of the past year. The doctor who suggested that he have a biopsy was the fourth doctor he went to, but it took a leap of faith with a fifth doctor (holistic medical practitioner, Dr. John Gonino DO) to discover that Jayson was also battling a systemic candida infection, mold exposure, and a severely weakened immune system. 

After the passing of his lovely mother in 2014 and his dear father this spring (both from cancer), Jayson's chosen to forgo conventional cancer treatments and pursue alternative therapies to the fullest extent. His treatments at the Gonino Wellness Center (in Heath, TX) are already creating miracles in strengthening his immune system, but Dr. Gonino is not in-network for Jayson's health insurance, and the alternative treatments and supplements required for Jayson to heal aren’t covered by insurance. 

Unfortunately, Jayson and Memory's studio basement in their home was discovered to be the source of the mold exposure that contributed to the weakening of Jayson's immune system. Part of the money they’re able to raise will fund the full removal of the mold and restoration of the damaged construction in their studio, as well as correcting the erosion and water run-off that caused the damage. 

Memory has been staying home with their two youngest children (Eva, age 12, and Elle Louise, age 4) for the last few years and helping to sell Jayson's beautiful paintings.  Now that Jayson's unable to work and Memory's taken on the job of helping to heal his illness, she's spending countless hours each day on kitchen, nurse, and mama duty, leaving little time to work regularly enough to sustain them through the coming year.  

It's Jayson and Memory’s highest intention and fondest wish to focus every ounce of their energy on building Jayson's health to a newfound height AND restoring their home to a much more pristine (and much less humid) state of glory. Jayson is 100% invested in a mind-body-spirit transformation, acting with full faith that he can heal his body and achieve glowing health for all the days of his beautiful life. 

Please help Jayson have access to anything and everything he truly needs  by making a donation of $5 or more to Jayson Wortham's Healing Fund.  

You can also CLICK THE HEART at the top right corner of the image of our fundraiser home page to receive email updates on Jayson's healing progress. 

Thank you so much for your help and your continued prayers! Light and LOVE to you all!

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” ~Napoleon Hill
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Dearest Friends and Family~

Please, when you can, set aside half an hour and follow the link to this INCREDIBLE VIDEO tribute to J Lloyd. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

It was lovingly created by one of our oldest and dearest friends, Jason Reimer. I’ve been asked countless times who made this video (which premiered at Jayson’s memorial at the Texas Theatre) AND who was responsible for putting on the memorial itself. I’m here to say in a BIG way that it’s Jason Reimer who gets the credit for both.

Reimer was behind the scenes, so you may not have had the chance to meet him that night, but he does incredible work in managing and overseeing events at the Texas Theatre, and he’s also an accomplished artist, filmmaker, and musician. It seemed effortless for him to pull together something so huge and the staff at Texas Theater was amply prepared to hold this kind of event, but Jason Reimer was clearly the one who saw the possibilities, took the action to make it happen, and held the space for everyone else who wanted to step in and make it unforgettable. I can’t thank him enough for the contributions and the support that he (and his lovely lady Kristin Butler) have offered to me and my family during this incredibly overwhelming, transitional time.✨✨

Jayson Wortham was special. We know this. But THIS.. this incredible video project that Reimer took on showcases J. Lloyd in a way that makes it clear that he was on to something… like REALLY on to something. Importantly, Reimer ALWAYS had this belief about Jayson, even when Jayson didn’t. Jayson was open to the idea that it COULD be true, and he was going to keep creating no matter what, but he didn’t realize for most of his life that his work was ALREADY fantastic, already important, already good enough, already right where it needed to be. Reimer’s the one who had the vision to put it all together and communicate it in a way that everyone can see it and feel it. It makes us all say, oh yeah, I always knew Jayson was special, too. :) The efforts that may have seemed so scattered and half-baked to Jayson have amounted in the end to something so significant that we can all receive, not just now in the wake of this incredible loss, but for years to come.

So THAT’s what I’m working on now…slowly but surely organizing, curating, and archiving Jayson's creations and possessions with the steadfast belief that there’s deep, enduring value in all of it. It has obvious value for our children (who’ve lost their daddy all too soon), but I’m SO grateful that, even in the midst of these huge waves of grief and sadness, I can clearly see the momentum that’s been heading in this direction for over two decades. I can't wait to share SO MUCH more with you that has yet to be revealed!

I especially want you all to see, though, that what was true for Jayson is true with the rest of us, too. Most of what we create doesn’t fall under the “creative arts” umbrella, but we have our creations nonetheless…a thoughtful list of chores for our kids, a freshly revamped junk drawer, a new idea for getting things done at work, deciding to spend the day outdoors, or planning a quick weekend getaway. We’re creating all of it, and when it’s done with intention and from the desires of the heart, that’s when you’re creating your life on purpose, and that’s when things really start to feel a whole lot better. And it DOES mean something. We CAN appreciate the value of what we've created. We ARE special. We ARE on to something good. All of our efforts ARE amounting to something significant. We’re already the people we want to be; all that’s missing is our belief that it’s true.

Love and Light to you all! PLEASE SHARE this video (and our Go Fund Me campaign) with anyone you know who knew and loved Jayson. Love and Light to you all!!! ✨

Take care,

Link to Video: https://vimeo.com/335445954

Link to Fundraising Campaign: www.GoFundMe.com/JaysonWortham
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I promised I would share, so here it is! It’s the dedication I wrote for our sweet Jayson’s memorial. Enjoy! ✨

Jayson Lloyd Wortham
3.14.72 - 3.31.19

We called him Jays, J. Lloyd, Brother, Sweet Wortham, Baby Bird, and we all seem to agree that he was THE sweetest, funniest man, EVER.

In his 47 years, he created a legacy of music and art that will inspire for generations. In his transition, he was like a monk to us, a king, the unofficial President of our long-standing creative community. In his passing, he showed us that we’re still alive. We have time to do and be even more than we’ve let ourselves do and be so far.  Through his willingness to let go, he showed us that we’re free, and we can see now that we always have been.

Jayson was the coolest guy at the party, but when he talked to you, he made you feel like YOU were the coolest guy at the party. He always gave us permission to be who we are and feel whatever we’re feeling. The mirror he held up to us was totally free of judgment and doubt. As we remember our time with him, we’re remembering the best of ourselves.

He went through life with a powerful creative force, and we can find our own paths of fulfillment through his example. He didn’t battle an illness; he saw the illness as his path to expansion. He flowed willingly with the desires he felt in his soul, and was only moved to do the things that moved him. He cared immensely about the feelings of others, so much that his heart ached, and he inspired us to do the same.  In spite of the love and concern flowing through his heart, he knew deep down that he’d always have to do things his own way, no matter what. However, he was faced with his own mortality before he could let himself stop questioning whether or not it was really okay.

Grieve as you must for the loss of an incredible, precious human being, but when you’re able to get yourself back up, move forward with the greatest piece of wisdom that Jayson gained from the challenges of the final year that he was with us in physical, manifested form:

Love yourself so unconditionally that you can do every single thing that you want to do, be every single thing that you want to be, and let yourself have every single thing you need to make it happen. It’s the ONLY way to be as big as you need to be so you can give as widely and love as deeply as your heart desires.

When you do, it’s a promise that the enormous power of the Universe will show up for you in countless ways. Nets will appear, the blocks to your life force will fall away, and best of all, J Lloyd will be right there with you, fully present in the form of pure Love and Light, cheering you on, playing through your instruments, singing through your voice, painting through your hands, and shining through your tears.

Rest in Peace, sweet Jayson.
Thank you for the gift of your beautiful, shining Light.

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Greetings to our Beautiful Family and Friends!!!

I hope you all have caught wind of the details for Jayson’s Memorial Celebration this weekend at the Texas Theatre in Dallas, but incase you’re not on Facebook, I wanted to make sure to let you all know…

A Celebration of Life: Jayson Wortham
Saturday, May 11, 2019
8:00 to 11:00pm

The Texas Theatre
231 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75208

Note: You can find the Invitation on FaceBook under the title:
“A Celebration of Life: Jayson Wortham”

Doors will open at 8:00pm.

Around 8:30pm, we’ll have a brief DEDICATION in the theatre, but most of the night will simply be reserved to visit with kindred spirits and reflect on the beauty, love, and light that was embodied in the life of Jayson Lloyd Wortham.

There will be a full CASH BAR open throughout the event. You’ll be able to see some of Jayson’s ARTWORK there, for viewing and for sale, as well as numerous photos and mementos from Jayson’s time with us.

Visitors are encouraged to have DINNER OUT at one of the dozens of incredible restaurants in the area. Anything in the nearby Bishop Arts District will be a great bet and there are dozens more in downtown Dallas, just a few miles away.

PARKING is free after 4:00pm all along Jefferson Blvd and there is an open lot at Madison & Centre St. (near Bank of Texas) that's always free.

A general FAQ about the Texas Theater is linked here. It’s about a 5-10 minute drive from Downtown Dallas.

For those of you visiting from out of town, these are closest to the Texas Theatre:
Belmont -> http://www.belmontdallas.com/
Fairmount -> https://www.fairmont.com/dallas/

With its close proximity to Downtown Dallas, I promise that there are TONS of hotels for you to choose from, these are just the two closest to the event. Air BnB also has many selections close by: https://bit.ly/2IY1o5k and here are links for hotels in the area on Trip Advisor: https://bit.ly/2PNcScu

I hope this all helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions and I’ll do my best to get back to you, but on the day of the event, please try calling the Texas Theatre because I’ll be out of pocket for sure. :) 214.948.1546

In closing, I wanted to make sure to say that I’ve been working on an update for you all (off and on, for a while now), if only to reach out and let you know HOW MUCH you all helped Jayson and I make it through this difficult journey, but I’m sure you understand how it’s felt impossible to do much of anything after witnessing the transition of such a beautiful soul like his. However, I’m feeling inspired today and I think I should be able to have it ready for you within the next day or so.

In short, Jayson and I felt strongly that it would best to continue with our original fundraising goal so I can gather enough resources to remediate and renovate our downstairs studio from the mold damage and excess water runoff. I’ve changed the name of the GoFundMe to the Jayson Wortham Memorial Fund, Any funds raised in excess of our goal will go towards beginning a college fund for our two daughters, Eva (13) and Elle Louise (5).

Please feel free to share!!!

Jayson Wortham Memorial Fund:

Thank you all for your ongoing LOVE and support! It means the world to me and our kids. And I promise to be in touch very soon!

Wishing You All the Best!!!
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Happy 47th Birthday to my sweetie Jayson, Sweet Wortham, J Lloyd, the One and Only!

PLEASE HELP US make it SO SPECIAL for him by SHARING this message, and make sure to read below for an update on how’s he’s been…

As a gift in honor of Jayson’s special day, we’re asking for YOUR PARTICIPATION. The names of all those who participate will be entered in a DRAWING TO WIN THIS BEAUTIFUL PAINTING by Jayson!

Do you have a really good story about Jayson that you can share with us here on Facebook?

Do you have a great picture of Jayson that more people need to see?

...OR have you been considering contributing to his campaign, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet?

If you have a good story or a photo, PLEASE SHARE IT ON Facebook by Sunday, March 17 at 5:00pm CST, and don’t forget to tag me in it! All stories and photos will be shared on my timeline.

ALSO, anyone who makes a CONTRIBUTION OF $47 or more to Jayson’s GoFundMe campaign before Sunday 3/17 (@ 5:00pm CST) will ALSO be entered in the drawing.

Jayson’s had a rough year so far, to say the least, and the latest challenge with the ascites/swelling has been especially disheartening because it’s been so physically disabling. At this time, he can’t move well enough to stand, sit, or lay down without assistance. Once he’s up, he can walk a little on his own, but isn’t able to stay upright for more than half an hour or so without experiencing even more discomfort and swelling. He’s still having a lot of difficulty breathing and eating/drinking as much as he’d like to, but his appetite is still very healthy, which is a great sign.

He’s going to physical therapy for the lymphedema and we’ve tried several other things that have helped some, but we’ve yet to find the magical combo of treatments, therapies, and occupational modifications that will make him functional once again.

For now, it goes without saying that I intend to continue staying home with him and doing everything I can to assist him. That means that we’ll be stepping it up with the fundraising in the coming months, doing everything we can to stay afloat while I’m taking this time to give Jayson every chance in the world to survive and thrive.

So if you have a story or photos to share, please help us in gathering these mementos of Jayson’s beautiful life as it’s unfolded thus far. And if you’re able to make a contribution to his GoFundMe, that would be so incredibly appreciated. All of it will mean the world to him. Thank you so much!!!

Love and Light to You All,
Memory (and Jayson) Wortham

Our GoFundMe Campaign:

Jayson’s Amazon Healing Wish List:

P.S. I’ve included an image of the painting here (with the black frame and red/green/white details), but I’ll post detailed images of it as soon as I can. We’ll take a video when we draw names and announce the winner Sunday night.
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$21,283 of $88,333 goal

Raised by 191 people in 12 months
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