"I am Dolphin" Educational Series

$3,569 of $12k goal

Raised by 26 people in 11 months
Dove Joans  LAHAINA, HI

Futurist and quantum physicist Buckminster Fuller believed that, "Dolphins may well be carrying information as well as functions critical to the regeneration of life upon our planet."

Invitation Clip to "I am Dolphin" (in 2014)...

The "I am Dolphin" Series is sharing the unfolding story of remembering who we are and our original connections with nonhuman animals and Nature.
A wave of being "superheroes" in our own lives by "Returning our Halos."

How is this possible?

By diving "beneath the waves of holographic communications" into the world of dolphins and whales.
Why their world?
Because they're just like us, except they've been using telecommunications and their "breath" consciously for over 30 - 40 million years.

We'll be discovering:
* our 1st language ~ the secret language of silence
*  what makes a dolphin a dolphin ~ 3D living and virtual reality
* our nature with Nature ~ the science of life
* picture talking ~ the power behind interspecies communications and telecommunications
* connectivity ~ ancient methods for modern times
* the beauty of buoyancy ~ why hope floats
* music is the sea ~ harmonics
* the power of memories ~ remembering who we are
for happy and healthier lives
* upside down thinking ~ from a me to we mentality
* waves of aloha, with the theme of "keep swimming until we grow a tail."

And so much more!

This is our chance back into the "remembering."
"Deep within the oceans and in our subconscious lies the "dream of humanity"... feelings of connectiveness and being a part of something bigger than ourselves."
~ I am Dolphin

What if we are all sharing that DNA of "leaving a legacy" in our lifetime?
Often, it's exactly what we, a company, or a country are desiring to leave behind.
Feelings that our lives made a difference. Touched other lives. And mattered.
You may be wondering, do you even matter in the big scheme of things?
Everything is designed and created to matter, just by SOUND alone.
Why music (the harmonics of a wave) and the ocean are both able to rock our world!

"I am Dolphin, beneath the waves of holographic communications" if offering us the opportunities and solutions to our modern day challenges.
By entering "the dolphin memory movement", we'll be re-discovering digital communications with the experts, dolphins and whales.
Their perspectives and world to ours.
Short version: Nature talking in "supersized" mode.
A path of math and music...
And evolutionary, just like us!

* Protecting biodiversity with Nature
* Educational, uplifting, and inspiring by dispelling fears and doubts
* Boosting awareness, self esteem, and motivation through insights into our connectivity
* Accessing the things we truly love and care about.
* Reactivating the "DESIGNS" we already have in our memories and DNA.
* Reducing cruelty
* Leaving a legacy for future generations

Why have nonhuman animals (and human) captivity when we can have cell regeneration for our planet?
Naturally, a healthier planet now and for future generations to come!

Imagine "Avatar" blended with "The Cove", a redemptive and inspiring journey of hope and discovery through our divine connections with life.
This will be available in multi-platforms such as:  tv, film, internet, books, social media, lectures, and upcoming eco-tour, "The Dolphin Smile."

~ Crowdfunding Details ~

Budget of $12,000:

1. Finishing and publishing the "I am Dolphin" book in e-book form, companion piece to the media series (above book image of paperback to be.)

2. Educational web-series ~ hire animator and editor. Create 1 min "sizzle" and 5 min piece for pitching "story." (executives met @ Film-Com in June, and other contacts.) Goal ~ the series available on various social and transmedia channels.

3. PR and marketing.

4. Creating "SEA memory" cards for awareness and into the "We are the Ocean" book.

5. Printing paperback copies (200 copies) of "Dolphin Talk" (the first book in the series of "interspecies communication") to give away.

6. Publish "Shine and Be Kind" in e-book (children's book version of "Dolphin Talk".)

7. Crowdfunding outreach and sponsors support for "bonus porpoise" projects and eco-tour.

8. June, 2016
* Attended the FilmCom conference (travel/expenses)
* Pitching the "series" (booth set up/materials)
* PR and Marketing

~ Bonus Porpoise with Sponsors ~
wish list future projects/the future is now

* "I am Dolphin" paperback publication and printing
* Lectures and Events ~ "The Dolphin Smile" Tour,
An educational eco-awareness movement engaging individuals and communities into "the dolphin wave" through storytelling, art, music, and culture; with the active theme of "A happy ocean is a happy life", all from the "I am Dolphin" series
* "I am Dolphin" docufiction movie (preproduction/production)
* "The Dolphin State" (interactive**)
* PR and Marketing

"Our Oceanic Dream"... a reflection of the search for "The Loneliest Whale", because we are all longing to be re-connected in tangible ways, like our counterparts living in the seas.

Together, we do make a difference.
Thank-you again for being such a wonderful part of the "I am Dolphin" series, and dolphin movement!

Ocean love and gratitude!
Dove and the "I am Dolphin" team

20% of proceeds going to:
10% to Scott Rhodes (financial burdens of cancer)
10% to Ric O'Barry's #DolphinProject


Let's not wait to ask...
"Where do we go when there is no more trees that breath, ocean waves to feel, birds that fly, and animals reminding us to be alive?” ~ Dolphingirl

#waterislife #memories #iamdolphin #cellregeneration #education #community #dolphin #hope #sound #love
#whales #ocean #telecommunications #connectivity #dna #history #indigenous #wisdom #culture #peace #musichasvalue #creation #quantumphysics #family #buckminsterfuller #lonelywhale #mysteries #528 #discoveries #heartcode #sonicsea #explore #nature #holographiccommunications #leaves #regeneration #legacy #activism #smile #bubbles #healing #we

** Under bonus features, a newly designed interactive state, called “The Dolphin State”, will allow the participator with a unique opportunity to be "touched by a dolphin."

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Update 34
Posted by Dove Joans
5 days ago
Happy Earth Day!
I HOPE your day was filled with sunshine and sparks of hope.
As part of the educational outreach, just finished the "dolphin in a bathtub" challenge.
A video of compassion in action and awareness.
If we are not changing our "habits" which often turn into "traditions", then how do we get out of "slavery mentality" and start living with a kinder intelligence?

Newly published on YouTube:

"Just Like Us" is my #EarthDay #love #letter to the land, sea, and we, as well as a #challenge for #us to speak up by giving #Nature a voice! (louder than holographic)

Let's join together in protecting what we love!


1. CREATE ~ a photo or video on "no captivity" (bathtub) or "compassion in action" theme

2. POST with HASHTAG ~#dolphininabathtub #challenge (#wildandfree #nocaptivity #awareness #connectkindness #education)

3. EMAIL ~ atleast 1 of the #embassies mentioned on video

4. TAG ~ Nominate 3 of #friends #family #coworkers or #stranger for the challenge AND SHARE!

P.S. LINK OF EMAILS for EMBASSIES: http://www.embassy.org/embassies/

subject: A great nation
Dear Russian Embassy,

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ~ Gandhi

Please remember the humane in the word humanity when making decisions on animal welfare, especially with the captive industry.
Please support wild and free with no captivity.

This may also help: https://youtu.be/cgecqoppVig

Ocean gratitude,

Feel free to share, or email me with any questions and comments.
Much love from the "I am Dolphin" pod!
#WeareAllinthisTogether #Love
"Sambal" Once captive, yet now free!
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Update 33
Posted by Dove Joans
23 days ago

Still working away on THE DOLPHIN WAVE (additional posts on FB account: https://www.facebook.com/dove.joans), as well as upcoming THE DOLPHIN SMILE TOUR (educational outreach.)
We're not giving up in raising the funds to publish/print the book(s) and do the pr/media/educational outreach.

Deep oceans of love,
Dove and the "I am Dolphin" team

p.s. In reaching potential avenues, a monthly patreon page was recently formed for supporting the upcoming eco-tour @ https://www.patreon.com/TheDolphinSmile

"Our moment in time"
While wondering who we are, is it already written in the stars?
Fate and destiny... calling our names across the #universe.
It seems since "time" began, we have the shared DNA of "leaving a legacy" in our cells.
That our life matters
That we are making a difference
The WHY behind our actions, motivations, and moments in life.
Why even try to be a hero?
Isn't it to save the day, make a lasting impression, or even alittle history?
Our moment in time.
By watching all the big blockbuster films on superheros, we are actually triggering (activating) our cell memories. In turn, lifting our spirits, encouraging us to shine, and be bigger than our circumstances and the challenges life is bringing us.
To rise up and greet the day, not necessarily with tights and a cape, yet with the mojo of a "yes we can" attitude, instead of feeling defeated before we even begin.
"How do we get there?" a rendition of #DavidByrne's lyrics posing that #thereiswateratthebottomoftheocean."
Meaning why have success, and moreso, what is our moment in time?
Is it to be sharing our "gifts" with others, and making things better?
To use the term literally, "water at the bottom of the ocean" is giving us breath, and that DNA element of respiratory function is shared among all of life (99%), which naturally is making us always connected to life. Maybe by acknowledging our divine DNA connection with water, we can embrace our moment in time, and possible being a hero.
We can be a hero everyday in just the kind thoughts, words, or actions we have with others. Offering to help.
~~~the ripple affect ~~~ Water.
One may think, "I don't have the time."
Time is an evolution of the present moment. We have this moment and then another moment... "making time."
Let's use some math (#science) to talk about the ripple affect, time, and things seeming impossible.
A friend broke down the equation of "impossible" to me, and then a few miracles occurred (the ripple affect ~ water in action = #creation)
You have 24 hrs to make that important meeting, yet various "real" obstacles appear in your way of making that possible.
Let's say a "moment" is a second.
60 seconds in a minute
60 minutes in an hour
Instead of thinking "I only have 24 hrs to make this possible", instead try the equation: hours X minutes X seconds = moments
You had 24 hrs, now you have 86,400 MOMENTS (in time) of possibilities.
Water elastic...
Now "there is water at the bottom of the ocean."

‘The best way to predict your future is to create it." #AbrahamLincoln

#waterislife #moments #present #be #hero #legacy #shineandbekind #dna #time #eternity #math #create #believe #possibility #life #rippleeffect #divine #breath #talkingheads #musichasvalue #wave #cells #love #dolphingirl #thedolphinwave #ocean #iamdolphin
"Our moment in time"
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Update 32
Posted by Dove Joans
1 month ago
"Why talk with the animals?"
​#1 ​Elementary, my dear Watson. We​ are part of the "animal kingdom."

#2 Many civilizations and cultures stress the importance of communicating with animals ​~ Native cultures ​live with animal spirits guiding their tribes; ​in the Bible ​of Job 12:7-11, "​But ask the animals, and they will teach you,​ ​or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you;​ ​or speak to the earth, and it will teach you,​ ​or let the fish in the sea inform you​"; and si​nce antiquity​ into​ our modern jargon ​of memories​ we are continuously making reference to​ 'man's best friend​' as​ being a dog or ​a ​dolphin​, r​ather than a human.
Someone ​being loyal, true, and unconditionally loving.​

​#3 ​How many times have you heard someone saying that ​"​I​'d​ rather be with an animal the​n​ around humans."
Often by​ ​being around animals, we're ​discovering how to be kinder, more compassionate, and loving human beings; feeling that we can be completely ourselves, sans judgments.​

​#4 Benefits of ​"animal therapy" ​~ overall 'attitude adjustment' with developing communication and motor skills, improving intimacy and relationships​, dealing with stress better, discovering productive and p​owerful​ behavioral tools, enhancing confidence, feeling valued and loved, being honest; plus calmer, kinder, and happier dispositions.

#5 TRUTH METER ~ Nonhuman animals don't let the human animal species "BS."
Nonhumans communicate in our 'ancient language', the one with no NEGATIVES, as well as our '1st language', sound we feel (sensing/feeling/sixth sense/language of silence.)

#6 Over the years, there have been many accounts of nonhuman animals "saving" humans, especially in wars (horses, dogs, and pigeons - rock doves.)

#7 Reasons to CARE beyond ourselves, enhancing our lives for a better tomorrow and future generations. A peaceful planet.

#8 Animals, like athletes and actors are activating and unlocking our memories (DNA coding.)

* Your support in the 'I am Dolphin' series is very crucial to launching the upcoming "The Dolphin Smile Tour", the eco-educational outreach movement in sharing practical 'waves' of enhancing our lives, while dispelling fears and doubts; through science and storytelling.
Plus, reaching the remaining goals in this campaign.

* Please consider pledging today.
Your contribution will be helping to create new avenues of "being touched by a dolphin."

Ocean love,
Dove and the "I am Dolphin" pod
"Speak to the earth and it will teach u"
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Update 31
Posted by Dove Joans
1 month ago
Double Feature 'Nature' Weekend,
"What are we making MORE important each day?"

Are we taking offense to what others are saying and doing, or are we making "Our nature with Nature" more important?
Our 'connectivity' rather than our defense.

Patience, persistence, loyal, and forgiving. Now who do you think I'm describing? Your favorite nonhuman animal ofcoarse!

What if nonhuman animals took offense to years of adverse human activities and attitudes towards them rather than the importance of their "own nature with Nature?"
Cruelty, Captivity, Experimentation, Abuse, Whaling, and overall messing with their natural environments and homes are poignant circumstances in never wanting to interact with a certain species again.
Yet, over the centuries nonhuman animals have continued to.

By having close and special encounters with nonhumans it would be nearly impossible to NOT believe that forgiveness and patience are part of their nature, especially in relationship to humans.
And yes, I'm taking the liberty of already acknowledging the simple truths that sentient beings have e-motions, thoughts, and memories... just like us.

Let me share with you a land story.
The first time I had an 'in-person' conversation with a cat, the human parents were told by their vet doctors that their 'tom-cat' was quite sick and wasn't going to make it.
Asking the parents what questions they'd like to find out about, came these 3.
1. Are you going to die?
2. Why don't you sleep in the bedroom (on the big bed) with us and the other two cats?
3. What was your life like 'wild', before you came to be with us? (he was the neighborhood's feral 'local')

Without knowing any details of my friends' dynamics with their cat, I started our conversation like this.
ME ~ "May I ask you a few questions, your parents are very concerned and worried about you."
After getting permission, I gently placed one of my hands on his back.
ME ~ "They're wanting to know if you're you going to die"
HE ~ "No, I just have a bad stomach ache. If they stopped giving me the medications, I'd get better. Oh yes, I do like the new catfood!"
ME ~ I was surprised and relieved he knew his own diagnosis and cure.
ME ~ "Why don't you sleep in the bedroom with ___ , ___ and the other cats?"
HE ~ "I don't want to ruin the family dynamics."
ME ~ "Well, they want you to, you're a part of the family."
ME ~ "What was you life like before you came here?"
HE ~ He started to give me a movie-like experience of flashing images in my head of fighting, chaos, darkness with moments of light; complete with sounds.
ME ~ I started to feel all the emotions of what his past was like with tears forming...
HE ~ "That's enough, you're getting upset."

I thanked him and went outside to share the news with his human parents waiting in their hot tub. I was truly blown away by the entire experience of the cat's sensitivities, consideration, and loving compassion 'in action.'

He lived on happily with his family for another 3-4 years.

#compassion #nonhumans #animal #kingdom #series #happy #education #communication #sensing #nature #movie #picturetalking #patience #connectivity #iamdolphin #dolphingirl #humanity #thedolphinwave #forgiveness #wildandfree #nocaptivity #justlikeus #connectkindness #family #love #gratitude

NOTE: Various interim posts in the "Day of THE DOLPHIN WAVE" can be read @ https://www.facebook.com/dove.joans
Smile in the face of adversity
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Scott Palmer
8 months ago

Dove, I don't need the print but thank you

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Michele Winton-Riddle
10 months ago

Dolphin Sister, a multitude of great blessings. This is exciting news. I am overjoyed with so many great feelings in store for you and your hard work. The dolphins and whales have heard you and now it's time for this great world/planet to read your greatest gift to us all! Unity with each other thru the water spirit of communication. Hugs and oceans of love, Dolphin Sister.

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$3,569 of $12k goal

Raised by 26 people in 11 months
Created May 17, 2016
Rainbow Friend
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Thank-you for your wonderful donation! A 4x6 Metallic Dolphin Print is coming your way, and ocean hugs!
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Thank-you for your amazing donation! A 5x7 Metal Dolphin Print, and E-Book copy of "Dolphin Talk" is coming your way!
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Thank-you for your sweet donation! A 8x10 Metal Dolphin Print, and E-Book copy of "Dolphin Talk" is coming your way!
Beluga Buddy
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Thank-you for your super donation! A 8x12 Metal Dolphin Print is coming your way, plus a paperback copy of "I am Dolphin", & Credits on Educational Series!
Sperm Whale Luv
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Thank-you for your da'kine donation! A 8x10 Metal Dolphin Print is coming your way, paperbacks "Dolphin Talk", "I am Dolphin", & Credits on Educational Series!
Blue Whale Mate
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Thank-you for your aloha donation! A 8x12 Metal Dolphin Print is coming your way, paperbacks "Dolphin Talk", "I am Dolphin", & Credits on Educational Series!
4 of 5 left
Thank-you for your awesome donation! 16x20 Metal Print, paperback copies of "Dolphin Talk" & "I am Dolphin", & Associate Producer Credits on Educational Series!
Planet Love
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Thank-you for your fabulous donation! 16x20 Metal Print, paperback copies of "Dolphin Talk" & "I am Dolphin", & Executive Producer Credits on Educational Series
5 days ago
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Mark Romero
1 month ago
Mark Romero
2 months ago
Steve Sinner
3 months ago

Good Luck

Mark Romero
4 months ago
Mark Romero
5 months ago
Michele Winton-Riddle
5 months ago

Wishing you a Blessed Thanksgiving my dear family, my dear friend. May the dolphins & whales bring you Peace and Joy! Much love, Michele Riddle

5 months ago

Dear Dove, I am so grateful to be in a position to contribute to your magnificent passion. Lots of Love TB

Mark Romero
5 months ago
Scott Palmer
8 months ago

Dove, I don't need the print but thank you

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Michele Winton-Riddle
10 months ago

Dolphin Sister, a multitude of great blessings. This is exciting news. I am overjoyed with so many great feelings in store for you and your hard work. The dolphins and whales have heard you and now it's time for this great world/planet to read your greatest gift to us all! Unity with each other thru the water spirit of communication. Hugs and oceans of love, Dolphin Sister.

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