Humane Society of the Delta

$7,255 of $50,000 goal

Raised by 122 people in 10 months
The Humane Society of the Delta (HSD) is situated in Helena, Arkansas, one of the most impoverished areas of the United States. The HSD, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, operates a no-kill shelter for injured, abused, sick, and unwanted dogs. It is the only shelter of its kind in its area. The shelter is volunteer-run and is supported entirely by contributions from the public. It receives no government funding.

It is obvious from the video above that the facility within which the animals awaiting adoption are housed is substandard--it's unheated, un-airconditioned, subject to adverse weather conditions,  lacks adequate security, etc., etc.--but it's all they can afford just to keep the animals fed and treated for their various ailments, let alone housed in decent quarters. But what the ladies running the shelter lack in funds, they do their best to make up for it with boundless love and selfless care.

Right now the shelter is housing approximately 180 adult dogs and 80 puppies (up from 30 just a few weeks ago). More than 120 of the adults dogs are heartworm positive, but the shelter lacks funds for their treatment. Heartworm treatment costs about $250-$400 per dog, depending on the size of the dog. Unless treated, the dogs cannot be shipped north for adoption. If left untreated long enough, they will die. Only 20 are being treated at this time, as the shelter is running very low on funds.

Just last week, the shelter put out an appeal for food, as the volunteers had only two or three days worth of food on hand and 240 hungry mouths to feed. I myself just arranged delivery of 600 pounds of dog and puppy food to the shelter as an interim stopgap measure, but this is just a drop in the proverbial bucket.

THE INITIAL OBJECTIVE OF THIS GOFUNDME CAMPAIGN IS  TO PROVIDE HEARTWORM TREAMENT FOR EVERY ONE  OF THE SHELTER'S DOGS, with any surplus to be applied as needed to the cost of future veterinary care. More abused, injured, and starving dogs, most of whom are heartworm positive,  at the shelter (or are found by the shelter's miracle-workers dumped by the side of the road or in other horrible circumstances) daily.

More information regarding the Humane Society of the Delta can be found at the organization's website, www.humanesocietyofthedelta.org or their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/humanesocietydelta

Pets currently available for adoption at the shelter can be seen at www.humanesocietyofthedelta.org/adopt. Note that the shelter can arrange safe transport, at actual cost, of adopted pets to any of several locations in the northeastern United States--even all the way up to Maine!

The women who operate the shelter both need and are deserving of your support, as are the animals for whom they care. Please help me to help them! Your gift of $250-$400 would pay for heartworm treatment of one dog at the Humane Society fo the Delta. Or, if you have love in your heart and room in your home, adopt a dog-- one like "McWilliams " ("Mac" for short), for instance, a cute, friendly heartworm-positive bundle of love and affection--but who, without heartworm treatment, can never be shipped north to find his fur-ever home.

Update! "McWilliams" is now one of the lucky few dogs who have begun heartworm treatment; arrangements can be made now to adopt him as soon as he's finished his 6-week course of treatment. Check him out! He's a sweetheart!
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Sweet Rubio, A Victim of Cruelty

We just spoke to Dr. Pittman and he changed his dressing and his wound looks and smells better. There wasn't enough skin to close it at the time and he has a long way to go but we are hopeful. Thank you all for your prayers for our sweet ol man.


Many thanks to all who have contributed to Humane Society of the Delta in the wake of this horrendous attack on our dogs, whether through this GoFundMe campaign or via Facebook or through the PayPal Giving Fund link on our website at http://www.humanesocietyofthedelta.org/donate



Please message us on our page please if you know a contractor who can do this, message our page or email dianahsdelta@gmail.com. (Don't write in the comments, your message will get lost.)



We have learned so much today and it's all because of YOU. You have connected us to people that can help us so thank you! We have felt your love during this time and if has lifted our spirits. Wednesday, we saw the worst of humanity and today we have seen the best. Thank you!

First everyone wants to know about Rubio. There has been no change either way but the vet wants to give him until Monday so please keep him in your prayers. If he hasn't improved at all, at that time he will go to Reta's house, one of our best and pass while being around family. (We will not let him suffer.) If he does improve, our very own Reta is going to foster him. He is her baby.

We are women on a mission and we have big plans for security improvements and most of these ideas have come from YOU! Thank you!
So we have learned in talking with experts that we need good internet and wifi before we have cameras and we have someone that is going to start work on that this week. Very exciting. Then we will buy cameras and have them installed.

Another person gave us the idea of chain link fencing with barbed wire to make it harder for people to come onto our property at night. We wanted a gated entry system, so after hours anyone wanting entry will have to know the code to enter. If you know of a good fencing company or gated entry system company (or one that does both) please message us on our page. (Not in the comments, it will get lost.)

We want great LED spotlights outside the buildings so if you know of a good electrician that will come look at our property and install these, please message us on our page. (Don't write in the comments, your message will get lost.)

We need a contractor to come build some walls inside the shelter and make us a puppy intake room where we can keep new puppies without any shots separate from the rest of the shelter. This would keep them healthier while they build their immune systems. Please if you know a contractor who can do this, message our page or email dianahsdelta@gmail.com. . (Don't write in the comments, your message will get lost.)

We also need a reputable contractor who will come and finish the ladies office for them. These ladies ask for NOTHING for themselves and we the volunteers are determined to get them an office with a ceiling and heat and air conditioning. A local contractor said he would come give us an estimate this summer but he never showed. We need someone who will do this. These woman are between 60-72 years old and have no heat and air conditioning and they are there 6-7 days a week. Please if you know a contractor who can do this, message our page or email dianahsdelta@gmail.com. . (Don't write in the comments, your message will get lost.)

So many of you have asked what we could use so I am going to list some things that are needed.

We need 10 by 10 kennels and we found some locally (sort of). They are in Little Rock, Arkansas. WE NEED SOMEONE WILLING TO PICK THEM UP TONIGHT OR TOMORROW. You would need a truck and a trailer. We could use these by tomorrow. We need them badly since some were destroyed in the violence and we were already short already. If you would like to buy us one, we would appreciate that too. Little Rock has five 10 by 10 kennels with the chain link already assembled on the panels. Please if you can pick these up, message our page or email dianahsdelta@gmail.com. (Don't write in the comments, your message will get lost.)

We desperately need bleach, mop heads, paper towels, extra large latex gloves, and hand sanitizer. Here is our amazon list. https://tinyurl.com/yafm4nan

We DESPERATELY NEED TOYS like dog safe-stuffed animals and ropes and things like that. They need to play with something while waiting for their forever home. Many of our pups currently have NO Toys to play with and that breaks our hearts. Here is our amazon list. https://tinyurl.com/yafm4nan

We need two microchip scanners so we don't have to run the one we have between the buildings. It is a large property covering several acres and we waste a lot of time doing this. HomeAgain Universal Worldscan Microchip Reader on our Wish List. https://tinyurl.com/yafm4nan

This is a request from the volunteers, they ladies NEVER ask for anything for themselves. These ladies are all between the ages of 65-72 and they do not have decent chairs to sit in. They sit in wooden or folding metal chairs to do their paperwork and when they stand up, they are stiff and in pain. We would love for them to have comfortable rolling office chairs with arms. The woman have NOT asked for this but we think they deserve this.

We need a solid 4 metal drawer file cabinet where we can put hanging file folders in and store our paperwork. It needs to have a solid bottom so mice can't get into it and eat our papers and scare us to death when we open it.

We need really sturdy pooper scoopers with a spade (not rake). We have a very large facility and precious time is wasted looking for these. Here is our amazon list.


Thank You!
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Horrible news from the Humane Society of the Delta.

We were too upset and heartbroken to post about this earlier. Wednesday night someone came on to our property. The targeted our dogs, especially pit bulls and threw multiple dogs in small kennels together. We don't know if they brought one of their dogs to "train" them to fight. They might have not brought other dogs and just used ours for "sport". When one of the workers came at 2 am, the damage had already been done, four of our dogs were injured, one gravely. Rubio, a 9 year old lab mix, fared the worse and is fighting for his life right now at Doctor Pittman's office. Things are not looking good for him.

The scene was straight out of a horror film. It was a bloodbath. Kennels had been destroyed in the mayhem to give you an idea of the kind of fighting and violence that took place. To say we are disgusted at the kind of person who could do this to helpless, homeless animals is an understatement.

We are BEGGING YOU to Please NOT say things like "you should have a security guard, police officer, or a security system." That is like a slap in the face to us. When people say things like that, it's obvious they don't understand how poor we are. We fight everyday just for the basic daily needs of these animals everyday. We cannot afford these things!

But here's how you CAN help. We have close to 12,000 followers and many of you have hundreds of connections. If any of you know a person/company who would come and look at our needs and install a security system for us at cost or a lower price, we could try to raise the money for it. But we need a person or company willing to do it. So please, reach out to people you know, and see if someone in this field will help us out. We would be SO grateful. Please have any person or company willing to come to our shelter in Helena, message us on here or email dianahsdelta@gmail.com.

Someone did this terrible act and someone can be the hero and help us protect our pups. We are heartbroken beyond belief and we are angry. We want to make sure this never happens again but WE NEED YOUR HELP! PLEASE SEND US AN ANGEL OUR WAY WHO CAN HELP US GET A SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM INSTALLED. PLEASE REACH OUT TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW WHO DO THIS KIND OF WORK.

Rubio and the other injured pups medical bills are a strain on us financially and we would appreciate any financial help with that as well. Any extra money will be used for a security system but we need SOMEONE to install it and set it up for us. THIS IS THE MOST CRUCIAL PART. We need someone to step up who does this for a living and help us. There is no one locally!

A video of Rubio is at below and in the comments views of the destruction of the kennels.


If you use our paypal giving fund link on our website, we get any donated funds immediately.

Funds donated using the Facebook donate button we will get in two weeks.

Donations may, of course, be made through this GoFundMe campaign also, should that be your preference.

Thank you in advance for helping us make sure this tragic event never happens again. Sadly, but with hope for the future, ~ Roy
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Humane Society of the Delta
September 1 at 8:42 PM ·

PLEASE READ! Our beloved shelter president, Gloria, needs your prayers. Gloria had a stroke last week and as you can imagine this has rocked us to the core. Gloria is doing ok but at this time is very tired and needs her rest so please don't call her or drop by to visit at this time.

Several workers at the shelter are pulling extra shifts to take care of the animals. And Gloria's closest friends, who also volunteer at the shelter, are taking care of her.

Because of this situation, we have had to prioritize what to do. We do not have the staff to send out thank yous for all the amazing donations we have recently received. We have been able to pay off all but $1,000 of the vet bill and we have received food and supplies from so many of you and we are SO grateful. We would not be running right now if not for all of you! For now, this mass "thank you" is all we can do because we are focusing on the animals and Gloria.

Please share this with anyone that you know has donated recently so they understand why they aren't receiving a thank you. We don't want people to feel unappreciated. We want people to know we are still running because of all their help.

Please keep Gloria in your prayers! She is honestly an angel among us and anyone who knows her, knows this to be true. For those of you that don't know, that is our Gloria in the photo below kissing the puppy. She's well known for saying "I could just kiss the fuzz off of him". LOL! We love you Miss Gloria!


Once again I've been remiss in letting far to much time pass before thanking the most recent GoFundMe donors to the Humane Society of the Delta: Maya H., Carli P., Devon K., Tony R., Christina V., Sue D., Rhonda W., Kathleen McC., and Taylor L.

Thank you so much for all you donations, and in many cases your repeat donations, to help the Ladies of the Humane Society of the Delta continue their tireless work to rehabilitate and find "furever" homes for the lost, sick and abused dogs in their loving care.

For anoone wishing to donate directly by check, HSDelta's mailing address is:

Humane Society of the Delta
P.O. Box 3218
West Helena, AR 72390

Donations of food (Purina or Pedigree adult or puppy food always needed) and other items can be sent directly to:

Humane Society of the Delta
8480 Phillips 300 Road
Helena, AR 72342

Check the HSDelta facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/humanesocietydelta/ to see if there are any special needs

For those able to contribute, Chewy.com ships food & other purchases for free, provided the total order is over $49. Also, if you are not already a chewy customer and use the special login link below, Chewy will donate $20 to HSDelta! How sweet is that!


Plus if you make it an Autoship order, you'll get 30% off right now! You can cancel the Autoship in a day or two after your order ships, or leave it as is and have more food shipped on a regular, recurring schedule; the ladies would be so grateful not to have to spend time pleading for food for their dogs and pups when they'd much rather be caring for them, giving them attention and veterinary care, and trying to find--and get them to--their forever homes.

If you want to donate via Paypal, please do so via this link to the PayPal Giving Fund:


PayPal Giving Fund absorbs all fees and passes 100% of all donations made through this special link on to the Humane Society of the Delta.

Thanks again to all new donors, to all past donors, and especially to you special repeat donors! Without your support, the Humane Society of the Delta and its volunteers could not carry on their good works!

~ Roy Porter
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$7,255 of $50,000 goal

Raised by 122 people in 10 months
Funds raised will benefit:
Humane Society of the Delta
  Certified Charity
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Helena, AR
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