Help CMA's Family Recover

$4,215 of $27,000 goal

Raised by 30 people in 9 months
Please Help the Unlawfully Seized Animals Recover!
NOW Proven in a Court of Law,
Our Rights Were Violated!

Evidence of neglected and abused for almost 8 months in the county and rescues care requires expensive items and vet care to help them recover. Below is original story and recent updates  are at at the end. , 

Original story

If we cannot pay $2,200 by the 11th of EVERY month, our 'family' of Old English Mastiffs and Breeders Trust Paint Horses are at risk of being hurt or killed by Greenfield-Hancock Animal Management

 See confirmation of this on the video of us paying monthly ransom. GHAM’s Management confirms at about minute 4 in the video on Save CMA's Family ! Link.

 Greenfield-Hancock Animal Management (GHAM), located in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana received an anonymous call with accusations and a request for a ‘welfare check’ regarding our animals.

 They came to our home on July 11, 2017 and illegally seized all of our animals in violation of my United States and Indiana Constitutional Rights.

 We had not given them consent and refused them entry to our property or structures. GHAM officers then illegally confined us in our house while they went to get a search warrant which was based on the anonymous caller. Then they searched our house, barn and land.

 None of the following regarding the complaint or search warrant was ever disclosed to us: The caller's name, the date and time of the call, or exactly what was said.

 The Hancock County Prosecutor took three weeks to finally charge us with seven (7) counts of 'Animal Cruelty', even though GHAM'S own veterinarian, along with the Indiana State Board of Health, inspected our animals and concluded that they were in good shape and had not been abused. The Hancock County Prosecutor, is well aware of the veterinarian's and Board of Health's findings and conclusions but refuses to dismiss the charges.

 They use the pending charges as a way of making us pay the $2,200.00 monthly bond. The longer it takes to get to court, the more money they can extort from us.

 One of the deputy prosecutors told our attorney and us, "I will never agree to the release of the animals to you". This deputy prosecutor had not been the deputy assigned to handle the case.

 A few days prior to the hearing, our attorney had reached an agreement with another deputy prosecutor that would have allowed for my animals to be immediately released to me. However, the women deputy prosecutor stepped in, took over the case, while the other deputy was on vacation and made a unilateral decision that she was not going to agree to the animals "ever" being released to us.

 It seems that for some unknown reason, this deputy, who does not know us from Adam, has a personal vendetta against us, instead of being an objective public servant which is a duty she swore to uphold. She told our attorney and us that 'she would deal with deputy prosecutor Craig when he returned from his vacation'.

 Just to be clear, she is not the elected Hancock County Prosecutor and we do not understand how one deputy prosecutor offered to release the animals and then another from the same office, can ignore the agreement that had already been reached. 

 GHAM will not allow us to even visit our 'family' or allow our vet to inspect their condition Not to mention two unaccounted for litters of newborn puppies, which they claim don’t exist. The animals, we are sure, have been traumatized by this illegal activity.

 Among the animals confiscated were four therapy horses. These gentle giants are pedigreed with potential to win competitions.

 These are irreplaceable horses, with rare bloodlines throwing gorgeous Breeder’s Trust Paint, offspring; specially trained or in training and proven to be good therapy horses, as are all the animals GHAM has in custody. Equine Therapy holds title as the most effective form of therapy and our Horses have been doing private therapy work while continuing to train in multiple disciplines since 1998.

 In addition to our equine family, we also have English Mastiffs. These dogs have carefully planned and executed blood lines, with rare colors and exceptional characteristics which we breed and sell. They are also irreplaceable. They are used as therapy dogs for children with special needs. Earnings from sales are donated back to help more kids and critters.

 Each and every animal has special training and abilities to help those in need of physical, mental, or emotional healing.

 Due to being incarcerated in the so-called “rescue facilities” the careers of these beautiful healers has potentially ended. They are unable to continue training for competitions which raise money for those in need, training of youths, and physical therapy work for all therapeutic healing.

 However, we pray we can regain possession of these animals soon enough. In that way, with much dedicated rehabilitation and healing from this trauma they may still have the ability to provide therapy for the physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged, as well as those challenged by economic situations, at risk youth, and veterans in need of an outlet.

 These dogs and horses are treated as our family members. They lived in climate control carpeted home and barn. But now they have now been taken from us and placed in less than complimentary housing.

 Authorities came on land that is owned free and clear with property taxes paid current, and took our personal property in violation of the 4th Amendment (Illegal seizure) as well as the 5th and 14th (both of which address due process).

 Our long standing business reputation has been greatly damaged and we are suffering extreme financial loss because of these illegal activities by the county & city.

 If you don’t believe that kind of thing happens, It is occurs all over the country. For instance, look at the local case of Upton vs Indianapolis, found with Google search, settled not that long ago. Authorities did the same thing to them, just a year and half ago.

 Upton finally won his case and recovered his dogs, as well as some of the puppies that had been born while in captivity. Sadly, five (5) puppies and one dog died while in the “expert authority’s” care.

 We now have retained the same attorney used by Upton, I. Marshal Pinkus, who specializes in cases like this. Pleadings have been filed for the animals’ release. Those pleadings can be seen on our web site page Save CMA's Family !

 Please help us raise money to keep our animals alive. Save these amazing and beautiful friends of man. Any money raised/donated will go towards attorney fees to fight this injustice, monthly bond and board fees for GHAM, vet fees, as well as the care, maintenance & transport of the animals upon release. All of bond, board and veterinarian’s fees must be paid in full prior to bringing our family back together.

 As of Feb 20th 2018 we have had to sell our home of 25 years (at half the appraised value) in order to pay $15,400.00 in Ransom Payments, $15,700.00 in Attorney Fees. We have spent $120,000.00  in last 9 months & done everything we can to save our family and now those resources are reaching their end.

As of Feb 25 2018 We have been Blessed to regain possesion of our Family.  All  Alleged Charges Dismissed! See live video/ pics of their recovery and a month post recovery.   on our Face Book page           CMA's English Mastiffs

All our suspsions and concerns about their care now a reality. Post Animal Recovery  Checks verify the need for special expensive feed, special expensive hoof care, suppliments, x rays, mri's needed as well as further vet care needed to hope for a full recovery in 8 month to a Year for some, others are not as fortunate.

We need your help! All donations are appreciated. No amount is too little. If everyone who loves animals just gave one dollar we could cover the medical expenses stacking up  from the abuse and neglect the animals recieved while unlawfully incarcerated at                        Hoosier Hooves & Hounds Rescue &                              Greenfield Hancock Animal Management.                          (Animal Control)

However powerfully this tragedy moves you, your donation would help the now released animals in need of expensive recovery., as well as continue to fight for everyones constitutional right to own a pet. Hopefully to set a presedence for hundreds of cases across the U.S.            So . . . PLEASE, PLEASE, HELP!!

See More Details & Legal filings on this case, as it unfolds, by clicking link or copy and paste to browser Save CMA's Family!

Please know All hateful BULLYING & slanderous comments will be REPORTED & PROSECUTED TO THE LETTER OF THE LAW. So if you don’t support us move on! If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Thank you in advance for your consideration.          God Bless You All Across the Country for your support!
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Claim is Now Filed in Federal Court! Anyone who donates, to help with general maintenance & animal recovery expenses, that we would otherwise have, if not for spending 120k to fight an illegal search and seizure, WILL BE REIMBURSED when case is settled. All Donations from this point forward. PLEASE HELP WHILE WE FIGHT FOR JUSTICE FOR ALL ANIMAL OWNERS in federal courts, We need your help to keep fighting. (reimbursement requires your contact info privately ),
Ladies & Gentleman Grab your popcorn & a drink before you sit down to read our COMPLAINT FOR DAMAGES AND DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL. 85 CHARGES (link below)against those who stole our life. Conspiracy, Conversion, Battery, False Imprisonment, Unlawful Search & Seizure, Violation of the Fourth & Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, and more. http://cmaenglishmastiffs.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Pope-Carole-File-Marked-Complaint.pdf
This is simply to let people know after 18 years of being lied to by Greenfield Hancock Animal Managements Ronda Jester, about a fictitious ordinance, WE WILL NOT BE BULLIED ANYMORE!! WE WILL FIGHT FOR OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! Follow the time line of events @ http://cmaenglishmastiffs.com/save-cmas-family/ Don't forget to refresh your browser for updates.
Faith, Hope & Love will get us through.
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Thu, May 3, 2018 4:48 pm
Pinkus @pinkusattorneys.com
To k10norton.ks k10norton.ks@gmail.com


Kristen Shields
59 Stevedore lane
Levittown, NY 11756


You are hereby notified that you must cease and desist from using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and / or any other form of communications that mentions, refers to, talks about, complains about, makes allegations against or make any reference of any kind to Carole Pope, CMA's English Mastiffs, CMA'S PAINT HORSES, LITTLE PATCH OF HEAVEN PAINTS to any person, organization, business, not for profit entity, breeders, the Humane Society of the United States, state, county, city and / or town animal control and management entities, and / or state, county, and / or town animal humane organizations, and / or to any citizen of the Unites States, and / or to any citizen, animal rights, animal humane organizations, government controlled animal management entities, and / or breeders in all other countries.
If you do not heed this warning immediately, you will be sued in Federal Court for Slander Per Se for monetary damages.
You have attacked my client's and her business ventures with clear intent to cause her economic damage and emotional distress.
You are obviously unaware and / or have chosen to ignore the fact that all charges against my client have been dismissed, her Mastiffs returned to her, her horses returned to her, and that I will be pursuing on her behalf a lawsuit against the persons and entities that unlawfully took her property.
You have continued to make numerous threats toward my client and published those threats on social media to various persons and websites almost on a daily basis. You have made numerous slanderous statements about my client that are easily documented.
You filed a false report with Pay Pal claiming that my client did not refund you the money that you put down to reserve a Mastiff puppy. Puppies were born on June 3, 2017 and you decided that you did not want a puppy. You were then refunded not only your full deposit but also refunded the $100 donation that you made for my client's horses.
Pay Pal who denied services to my client because of your false claim. Once Pay Pal learned that you had in fact been refunded all of your money they reinstated their services to my client.
You have cyber stalked my client.
You have used false profile names to defame my client.
You falsely claimed, posting to Pets4you, that I had been harassing you when in fact you, on numerous occasions, called my office even after being told not to and leaving voice mail messages slandering my client.
You sent private messages to my client's business and personal contacts on Facebook, slandering my client.

If and when you violate this Cease and Desist Notification, you will be sued.

Do not contact me. Do not contact Carole Pope and / or any of her family members, and / or her business enterprises.

/s/ I. Marshall Pinkus, Attorney for Carole Pope and her animal business enterprises.
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We Won the 1st Battle, but the War is Far From Over.
Thank you for your continued support as we try and set a precedence for this type of unlawful case happening all over the United States.
A Break Down of where current funds were spent.
$2200 paid one months Ransom,
$1200 covered the Cost of fuel for the Recovery of Family Trip to Indiana & Back to Texas.
$700.00 Towards a $1444.00 Post Seizure Vet Check, we still owe on and will be posted here once I get a copy in compatible format. The remainder of the $4215 shown went to GFM .fees.
GOD BLESS YOU ALL for your Support! !!!
Please continue to rally with us to help the animals fully recover from their almost 8 months of neglect and abuse. Help us fight the injustice.!
Conspiracy to Violate the 4th & 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution, Unlawful Search & Seizure, Conversion, Battery, False Imprisonment & more shown in this COMPLAINT FOR DAMAGES AND DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL for 85 CHARGES against those who STOLE OUR LIFE can be scene at this link on our web page http://cmaenglishmastiffs.com/save-cmas-family/ or our FaceBook Page. CMA's English Mastiffs you can also see the Live Video & pics of the families recovery & one month post recovery back home together on FB. Thank you one and all across the country for your support! !!!
It is not over yet...
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Thank You All!! Across the Country for your Support!!!! God Bless those whom helped bring our unlawfully seized family back together.
See Photos & Videos of their recovery on https://www.facebook.com/CMAsEnglishMastiffsPuppiesforSale/
See link https://www.facebook.com/CMAsEnglishMastiffsPuppiesforSale/videos/1625647124187653/ of the animals on their first walk, all back together at their home in Texas on 180 acres. Documents showing receipts of where your contribution was spent is and will be posted on web page http://cmaenglishmastiffs.com/save-cmas-family/
God Bless You All!
Is it over yet?
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$4,215 of $27,000 goal

Raised by 30 people in 9 months
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