~ Healing Rosalina ~

$49,095 of $50,000 goal

Raised by 520 people in 5 months
~ Childhood Cancer Survive and Thrive ~


She needs funds for-

* ongoing naturopathic treatments
* travel expenses / trips to clinics
* sessions with wholistic health professionals
* organic foods, supplements and herbs

Conventional treatments in combination with all of these and more have brought her to a good place, but the hospital has nothing more to offer...

We need to step up other available, non-toxic means to get Rosalina to the rest of her life!


Here is her story...
The story of one unique, amazing girl...

~ Rosalina before full blown illness was made obvious (August 2015)

ur sweet Rosalina was diagnosed two and a half years ago with stage IV neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer of the nerve cells. She was five years old at the time. Doctors found a grapefruit sized tumour in her belly and widespread metastatic disease. Our family was utterly shattered. All our hearts were broken completely. It is hard to truly describe the feelings and reality of those terrible dark early days and nights.

33743094_1539579979231445_r.jpeg~Rosalina's first night admitted to hospital
   (February 2016)

Immediately upon diagnosis, the children's hospital here in Ottawa, Canada installed a central line in her chest, and put her on the standard high risk neuroblastoma protocol. Within two weeks of that life shifting ultrasound when the large tumour was found in her abdomen, our little girl was administered the first of many cycles of chemotherapy. The nightmare took on life...

The things one knows intellectually are dwarfed by their actual appearance across the body and face of a dear loved one, especially one's own little child whom you had always protected and cared for, gave the best to, kept harm away from... The heartbreaks ensued, one after another; Rosalina began to be ill, vomiting constantly from the chemotherapy and morphine. She grew thinner, her appetite was sometimes nonexistent. At one point she didn't even want to sip water, and that was the lowest of the lows because total fear then set in. There was a lot of fear.

I remember one morning upon waking I took Rosalina's hand in mine as she still slept, and to my deep horror, her hand was cold and almost lifeless. I could feel the lack of energy circulating within it. I knew it was the chemotherapy that had done this to her. The fear grew.

33743094_153957961765819_r.jpeg~ Four months into intense chemotherapy- still beautiful!
    (June 2016)

Rosalina lost her hair (I still have it in a jar). She developed dental problems and had bone health issues in her spine. The neutropenic nights of mystery fevers during recovery periods at home that landed us right back in the hospital for weeks at a time on various drugs and antibiotics were many. The transfusions of platelets and hemoglobin, bone marrow aspirates, MRIs, CTs, MIBG scans and X-rays, the dressing changes, cultures, blood work and urine tests seemed endless. The smell of the hospital was always on our skin, and especially on Rosalina's.

When her baby brother was born two months after Rosalina was diagnosed, he joined her in the hospital during our stays there. We were determined not to break up our little family. It wasn't ideal for him to come into the world like that, but we know her baby brother helped to comfort her in ways still untold. He appeared as a blessing to us all.

33743094_1539588948764577_r.jpeg~ Rosalina and her two day old brother, Isa
    (April 2016)

Rosalina went through the 6 cycles of the Induction phase of the protocol, but the treatment was not altogether successful. The metastatic disease was quelled, but the primary tumour did not shrink at all. Surgery was deemed too risky because of its size and location, and the fact that it was wrapped around some very vital vessels. We were told that there was too much risk involved in performing resection for too little change to the medical outlook. With that, our least disliked portion of the initial protocol was swept away and again there was fear and uncertainty.

But not everything was grim. Almost immediately after diagnosis, our family made contact with an integrative oncology clinic here in Ottawa. It was early on in the game that Rosalina began to receive twice weekly High Dose Vitamin C infusions and mistletoe injections during her recovery periods between treatment cycles.  Her  naturopathic doctor there recommended various supplements which she still takes to this day and pointed the way to a few dietary additions. These all helped to keep our little girl as physically supported and as detoxified as possible under the circumstances. She also received reflexology treatments once a week and sometimes met with a hypnotherapist at that same clinic. We are full of gratitude for this place, which has been a rock to us since the beginning, supporting Rosalina's overall health and recovery physically, mentally and emotionally. It was our second home in times of crisis.

33743094_153959505643125_r.jpeg~ Mudcakes for all
    (July 2016)

33743094_1539594537445321_r.jpeg~ Enjoying the lakeside, even with a central line in
    (July 2016)

We will always look back and see the positive impacts of combining complementary means of cancer care along with the allopathic model. The proof of the goodness of this way was in front of our eyes: Rosalina looked strong and mostly healthy; she had enough energy to outrun any of us; her beauty and fortitude under the circumstances amazed us all.

We felt and knew that all these efforts were made to offset the damage being done to her by the toxic chemotherapy regimen. It was done to counterbalance the destructiveness of conventional treatment, which, for better and for worse Rosalina had to receive being a child and in the eyes of the law, unable to make her own decisions in the matter of treating her disease.

33743094_1539591002385244_r.jpeg~ Our Supergirl- strong, resilient, determined and always positive
    (November 2016)

Our initial fundraising campaign allowed us to set up a strong home protocol. We purchased juicers and a near infra red sauna, plus we switched out all plastics to glass; Teflon to stainless steel. Along with daily veggie juicing, an all organic diet was put into place. On top of that, every day Rosalina gulped down medicinal smoothies filled with all kinds of important antioxidant, antinflammatory, supportive supplements. We also persisted through obstacles in acquiring a medical marijuana certificate and then Cannabis appeared like a godsend as a key player on the scene of Rosalina's care team.

When we came to the impasse of surgery, other options were considered. We traveled to Germany with Rosalina for three weeks of hyperthermia treatment, the goal being shrinking the tumour so as to allow a chance for resection. It did not shrink, unfortunately.  In fact, it has never budged, with any treatments. There is the theory that perhaps most of the tumour mass is necrotic, and unable to grow or to respond to treatment because if that is the case, the cells are not alive and are impervious to anything applied to them.

33743094_1539581316736548_r.jpeg~ Rosalina (and her stickers) receiving local hyperthermia treatment to  her primary tumour in Germany
    (March 2017)

One amazing thing that happened in Germany besides the warm relationships we established and the treatment supports that Rosalina was given was the confirmation from the pediatric and general oncology community there that the protocol Rosalina was on was not suited to her case. Other possible treatments were recommended, and we came back to Canada with these in mind.

Then one of those times transpired when seemingly very bad things happen but then end up serving the overall good... Immediately upon our return Rosalina's tumour markers came back very elevated. Imaging was done and it showed an aggressive return of the metastatic disease. Rosalina's condition was back at square one. The fear came back to grip us.

After emergency considerations and consultations with the children's hospital in Toronto, a proposal was made by Rosalina's head oncologist to start her on an immunotherapy protocol for high risk relapsed neuroblastoma to which we agreed. We were relieved to avoid what the original protocol called for, which was stem cell transplant through high dose chemotherapy followed by radiation and only THEN immunotherapy.

This new, second protocol entailed the use of Dinutuximab, a chimeric monoclonal antibody, along with chemotherapy and a slew of supportive drugs. The antibody treatment would involve a lot of pain, which would have to be tightly controlled with a special pain medication along with around the clock morphine during the infusions. We were very scared for the types of suffering Rosalina would face, but we wanted her to survive. And this is why anybody would do such things.

33743094_1539592041566531_r.jpeg~ First cycles of immunotherapy protocol
    (May 2017)

Thank goodness the chemotherapy on this regimen was a lot less intense than what she had received the year before, and we offered Rosalina everything we knew that would support her immune system, help her to continue eating, improve her gut health, detoxify her, keep up her vitality and give her strength. All these we found in nutrient dense, fresh organic foods, Cannabis oil, supplements and probiotics, juicing, medicinal smoothies, her sauna, nightly detox baths, twice weekly High Dose Vitamin C and mistletoe infusions, and the reflexology and energy healing sessions Rosalina received throughout this time.

All these did her wonders, but let's not forget the value of other, non-physical elements in the good progress of her healing- having her big family always around her to distract her, make her laugh, spend time with her; the amazing Child Life staff who always brought out her creative spirit; the positive reinforcement she was always given when times were low and darker than usual; the prayers from all around the world; the inspirational quotes always there for her to take in; her school friends to return to and her super strong spirit always vibrating in a good way...

33743094_1539584369750828_r.jpeg~ Evoking the balance- supplements on left, chemotherapy on right
    (April 2017)

For someone enduring through 17 cycles of this new protocol, one which a lot of kids had to drop out of simply because of bodily intolerance, Rosalina fared very well. The doctors were surprised at just how well. The pain of treatment was well controlled and her allergic reactions died down over time- never completely- but enough to allow her to carry on up to cycle 17 relatively unscathed. The Cannabis oil kept her eating and even gaining weight slowly over time, rather than losing it! It wasn't easy for her; it was a miserable march of ups and downs but she did push through and recover over and over and over again as the cycles were administered from April 2017 to June 2018.

33743094_1539592610907208_r.jpeg~ In between cycles, a creature of beauty and tenderness
    (June 2017)

33743094_1539591302552551_r.jpeg~ Always the prolific crafter, even tied up at the hospital
   (June 2017)

33743094_153959137449293_r.jpeg~ Rosalina and unexpected guest
    (September 2017)

Physical, psychological and emotional hardships did continue though. Twice more Rosalina lost her hair and regrew it. She missed a lot of school, which she loves so much. She also developed a blood clot as she grew like a good girl of her age and out of that central line that had been sitting in her chest for a year and a half at that point. The catheter was still viable, but lifted out of place, it gave us trouble in doing its job and rubbed and irritated her jugular vein until a clot formed inside it and had to be treated.

She then had another trial to get through on top of all the regular doses of suffering: 6 weeks of twice daily blood thinner injections- and some weeks it was three injections a day, due to the bone marrow stimulating G-CSF shots she had to take for a week following every cycle of treatment. It was a horrible. There was a lot of screaming and tears. Rosalina's arms bruised quickly due to lowered platelet counts and soon there were no more clear spots to inject into. She refused to have it done in her thighs or abdomen. We didn't push her...

Unbelievably, Rosalina was able to make it through grade one (2017-2018) with top grades and a warm place among many friends and adoring teachers and staff at her magnificent school. Although she missed a lot of the academic year, she never really missed a beat. Being extremely bright and so motivated to be like all the other kids, she excelled.

School has been and is Rosalina's true safe refuge from all the formidable challenges and tortures she has had to endure during these past two and a half years. This Fall she rejoined her school community and began grade two- free from her central line, away from hospital treatments and constant medical appointments, loosened from the cyclical nooses of the destruction and recovery of conventional treatment- and she is shining so bright!

33743094_1539599050871444_r.jpeg~ First day of school, grade two here she comes!
    (September 2018)

So in June of this year, Rosalina's 17th cycle of immunotherapy was completed and that concluded her immunotherapy protocol. Her central line was removed a month later, giving her a chance to finally take showers and fully submerged baths, and to savour half a summer of splashing around gleefully in lakes and pools. But it was a bittersweet moment in time, as the treatments, along with her supportive care and the relationships with kind nurses and doctors and hospital staff were about to end.

As much as one can come to hate hospitals and all the things that happen inside them, there was a type of comfort that had developed over the years; a certain routine, along with the knowledge that something was always being done to forward making that cancer very uncomfortable. Now we would be out in the open ocean on our own, so to speak, looking for other ways to make the cancer not want to live in Rosalina's body anymore. The opportunity stood before us to go out and seek treatments that would take Rosalina to TOTAL AND COMPLETE HEALING as we had always wanted.

That open door represented many things, and it was truly at that moment that I realized just how complicated things can be; the love hate relationship with conventional treatment contains a lot of grey areas. It is impossible to separate which things that were done had the positive effects on healing because so many things had always been done at once... Certainly that immunotherapy treatment did Rosalina so much good. I am grateful to the allopathic system for having been an important part of my little girl's healing. Most of all, I am grateful to all the sweet people within it who took care of our little girl in the worst moments and who gave us such great support.

When June came along with the end of treatment we had another set of scans done. The MRI, CT and MIBG especially showed us things that we wanted to kiss the ground for. We thank the Universal God: Rosalina had no visible signs of disease in her body except for two small spots on the periphery of that stubborn primary abdominal tumour. She was at the best she'd ever been since diagnosis!! We were leaving treatment with our girl being in such a good place. We knew the importance of maintaining this position and then also keeping on to the final goal...

33743094_1539606599407822_r.jpeg~ Loving life
    (June 2018)

We need to do all that we can to maintain her progress towards TOTAL AND COMPLETE HEALING, and to help her get there. The conventional took us a ways, supported by the complimentary therapies, our home protocol, the mental work we have done, through the calling on the energy of spiritual Good and through Rosalina's sheer will to get better. Now we had to find ways and means to get Rosalina to push through to the ultimate vision.

Since the hospital has no further interventions they can offer, we are left to intensify our home protocol and continue forward with the very crucial non-toxic therapies that we feel can give that extra push and make the needed difference. Some of these are therapies that have already helped to let Rosalina come this far- and some we have never tried yet- but one thing is sure: they are out there and are not covered by health insurance. We need help.

These and Rosalina's obviously rock solid spirit and fierce determination are going to get her all the way to the goal...

Into a life free of cancer.
Into a life of more thriving and shining...
Adventures and accomplishments...
A life of love and development....
... and maybe even babies (this is my new vision I am holding of a future I want for her, if she were to want that too).

Now we are calling upon you to embrace our sweet girl and help us to fund these elements of her healing. With everyone on board and following the beautiful trail that Rosalina and her incredible journey have set us all upon, we know she can do it!



With so much gratitude for assistance in the past, present and future, and there has been a bounty of it,

Rosalina's Mama Agata & the whole Bedynski-Belli family

October 14, 2018

33743094_1539700378142184_r.jpeg~ Rosalina at the 2018 Carleton Butterfly Show
    (October 2018)


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UPDATE 4- February 1, 2019

~ Everyone suffering deserves this! ~

Hello all our family, friends, colleagues and kind and generous supporters from all over the world-

I wanted to let everyone know what great things have been happening for Rosalina with all the support you have given her since our last distressful emergency update at the beginning of this month. A lot has happened, so fast and so much for the good...!

With your help we were able to bring Rosalina to Mexico for a three week, completely non-toxic treatment program. This also includes two follow ups in the next year, as well as three to six months of home supplements and treatment supplies, and an ultrasound machine to keep for life to continue treatments at home as long as we need to.

Rosalina- along with her dad and I- have come to an amazing place that our whole family believed was the right place to take her to treat her recent progression. The goal here is to stop that primary tumour from growing and to finally reduce it in size, bit by bit, without harming her immune system or making her any sicker.

She has taken to the wonderful clinic like a duckling to water. She is flowing with the treatment program, the machines and the clinic staff with gusto and has been enjoying her time here so much. She is blossoming in the midst of what could otherwise be a horrible time. Instead, she is getting stronger and healthier, is forging incredible relationships which I know will last into the future, and best of all, she is not being broken down, but being built up in a variety of ways.

The clinic has a rigorous schedule; we wake up between 6-6:30am, get on a shuttle bus from the hotel to the outpatient clinic. Once we arrive, we have a daily prayer and spiritual songs sung accompanied by guitar, and then the routine treatments begin for the day.

These treatments include: Indiba local hyperthermia; near infra red lamp; lymphatic massage; LED light pads; Vibra machine; pulsed electro magnetic field therapy; hyperbaric oxygen chamber; far infra red bed; and whole body hyperthermia. All of these work along with as well as support the main thrust of the treatment program, which is made up of three major elements: Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, Sunivera Therapy, and Poly MVA supplementation.

With Rosalina's blessing and her overcoming her fear of IV catheters, at least for one afternoon, we have been able to have her participate in a cutting edge diagnostic test- the circulating cancer stem cell test. Using the new technique of Photodynamic Infrared Spectroscopy, the test can reveal even one single cancer stem cell in circulation (those are the cells that break off of tumours, for which chemotherapy is completely ineffective, and which are responsible for seeding metastasis in other parts of the body), and it can be treated on the spot immediately after the test is analyzed. Rosalina's came back negative. There are only a few places in the world that so far have this technology, and our girl was able to have this test done being here!

There are also sessions with an incredibly talented doctor who specializes in acupuncture, Shiatsu, essential oils and flower essences, and who guides all the patients here at the clinic through their individual inner work. This process is called Recall Healing, whose aim is to get to the emotional and mental conflicts which are either at the root of or which further complicate each and every disease state. The clinic's founder, in one of his videos, in discussing this, says that "healing takes quantum leaps" when patients engage in this 'just-as-important-as-the-physical' inner work.

The three week treatment program has also included a physician's assessment, ultrasound imaging, blood work and a hair follicle test, as well as consultations with a very knowledgeable nutritionist and the regular consultations and feedback sessions we have with Rosalina's primary doctor here who is a joy to work with. Before we leave we have another round of ultrasound imaging, as well as blood work and we are being guided in what to do when we get home.

The incredible treatment that patients get here is top notch. There is nothing anywhere like it that we have yet come across. Rosalina is one blessed girl to have come to receive this, and in such a beautiful place! Everyone who is suffering deserves to be treated at a place like this!

Everyday there is a healthy and nourishing breakfast and lunch, all day raw vegetable juices and smoothies, as well as raw juices prepared for each patient for the evening, to drink outside the clinic, all prepared by the lovely kitchen staff. Rosalina is guided through each day by her own individual nurse. The staff at the clinic are all extremely positive and encouraging people. There is no fear here. There is only love, positivity, work and hope.

We have seen people come back for their three month assessments while we have been here and heard amazing stories of success and good progress, there are only happy tales, and comments we keep hearing are; "You're in the right place," and "I feel God's presence here stronger and more than anywhere I've been during my journey with cancer," and "This place is a godsend," "This is an amazing place" ... We are convinced the this is where Rosalina needed to be at this time in her own sojourn. I can't articulate just how happy, satisfied and confident we feel witnessing Rosalina be bolstered by such grade-A treatment.

So this is our second of three weeks. We fly home next Thursday and will continue our home protocol until at least May, when we will be back for a four day assessment back here at the clinic. Happiness is our everyday state of mind, and who can say this in the midst of cancer therapy after a loved one has experienced a progression of their disease?!

Please, please know just how lucky and blessed we feel to have had all of your support, because without each and every one of you and your contributions, we could not have given this gift to Rosalina. It is because of every one of you and your love and care for our sweet girl that she is here, unharmed, and no doubt getting better. It is all of you who have given this priceless gift to Rosalina.

There can be no thank you that truly reflects just how grateful we feel for all your support in the worst of times, which has allowed us to co-create this amazing healing experience for Rosalina together.

Love and Light from Mexico,

Rosalina, Dada Michael and Mama Agata
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UPDATE 3- January 5, 2019


Dearest family, friends and colleagues-


We did MRI and CT scans on January 2nd. The very next day I got called into the hospital to "talk about the scans" with Rosalina's oncologist... Not what anyone wants to hear... I usually simply get sent a copy of the reports. This time I was to come in to "talk". My hands immediately went completely cold and started shaking.

I was told at this meeting with the oncologist that Rosalina's tumour had grown- the primary tumour, the one that started it all, that had never shrunk with any of the treatments she has received...

Yesterday her dad and I went to see the radiologist that has been following Rosalina's scans with us since diagnosis, and we did see with our own eyes the changes that have unfortunately taken place since her last set of scans were done in October. I am extremely sad and disappointed, and scared to report that Rosalina's tumour is going through another progression.

In complete irony, just two weeks ago, having been worried about Rosalina's health as she has not been eating well throughout December, had lost a bit of weight, and because she was sick with what we now think was the flu, we had an emergency ultrasound done before Christmas, and we were told that her tumour seemed to have gotten smaller by almost 2 cm.!!!! We were over the moon! This complete opposing information now just has shaken us completely.

None of us understand why the ultrasound measurements are so different than the MRI. Her oncologist only says that ultrasound "isn't very precise". Well we knew that before, but we still used it to see if things were alright! Why even use it then?! I'll never trust THAT method again!

This abdominal tumour is lobular (meaning it is composed of the main mass plus 'lobes' that have grown out of it, so that it is not a perfect 'ball' so to speak)...

...so the MRI shows that there are two lobes that are now pressing on both of her kidneys. Before, only her left kidney was affected by pressure from the mass. Now, we see that there was growth in particular in this area again, plus a new area, and now BOTH kidneys are being affected by the tumour pressing on them.

Also, her small intestine and pancreas are being pressed more now by the new 1 cm. of all around growth of the mass a whole. They are very much displaced inside of her tummy, more now than before.

We have to get her to treatment right away and stop this growth, and then finally take the right steps to help Rosalina rid herself of this disease for good.

We have been given the go-ahead by Rosalina's oncologist to attempt the non-toxic treatments before looking at doing (and hopefully NOT ever having to do!!) any of the sorely poisonous and debilitating things that they may have in store as possible options, which we will hear about on Monday.

We still have not told Rosalina what we have found out. It will be heartbreaking when her dad and I will do so over the next few days. No doubt she will be upset, thinking of her school, which she loves so very much, which she never wants to miss, and which is just about to start again after the holidays... We will do all that we can to maintain her attendance while also taking steps to help her to heal safely. She will be thinking of the dreaded hospital, which we will use only if needed.

I am praying in my way that she will take the news with her usual strength of spirit. I trust this will awaken within her a determination to take a more active, conscious role in her own healing, as she is growing up, becoming a stellar young woman... MAMA, DADA, AND ALL OF US KNOW THAT SHE CAN!!!

We're completely stunned that we have reached 20K in this fund with your kind help so far. We thank everyone who has had a hand in raising this money from the bottoms of our hearts, and I wish that this update was just written to recognize this milestone, and to thank all of you for this; instead of having to report the very unpleasant and disturbing news that we have gotten.

But we are in emergency mode now, and we are a long way off the 50K we were aiming at raising. NOW MORE THAN EVER WE NEED TO REACH OUR GOAL!

Please- please- if you could please do ANYTHING to get more money into this fund to help us pay for non-toxic treatments, please do it. Share this and tell people about Rosalina.


We want to help Rosalina get to TOTAL AND COMPLETE HEALING-- without hurting her in the process... she has already been through so much! Please help!


We are forever in gratitude,

Mama Agata & all our family
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UPDATE 2- November 30, 2018
A Special Message to the Vallati Family & their Friends

Greetings to everyone-

This is a very special update. It is meant to gratefully acknowledge the amazing support we have had come our way through the collective forces of family and friends of the Vallati family, who have recently experienced a great loss.

Their contributions in memoriam of their beloved Marcello Vallati, who recently passed have bolstered us more than we could have ever asked for. Elvira and family, you have done us such a wonderful and good turn, and we are so touched by your desire to share with Rosalina so that she may reach TOTAL AND COMPLETE HEALING.

On behalf of our whole entire family, we thank all of you for your thoughtfulness and care for Rosalina, and for all your individual contributions to her campaign. You have taken us a long ways towards our goal, and we appreciate this so very much!

Blessings to all of you in your time of mourning, and for your kindness within and in spite of your grief,

From deep in our hearts,

Agata and family
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UPDATE 1 - October 31, 2018

Hello family, friends, acquaintances, and even those until now unknown to us-

We can't believe we're doing this already, but we've come to and even surpassed the $10K mark in Rosalina's campaign, all in 2 weeks' time! Over100 donors, more than 400 shares through facebook and over six thousand eyes have graced this gofundme page! So at this momentous occasion, one fifth of the way to our goal, we the family wanted to send out A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone whose heart has called them to rally with us and contributed to this critical mission we're on. We can't believe how strong and steady your support has been, and we are completely humbled by your shows of love for our sweet Rosalina!

We've received contributions from North America, Europe... even as far as Malaysia! There is no doubt in our minds that what we're seeing, combined with your kindness, is the positive face of social media. Through these means we now are on our way to providing the care we know will push Rosalina through onto TOTAL AND COMPLETE HEALING.

We want to make a special note here of a family who is at this moment grieving, but who has shown ours a very beautiful act of generosity and consideration. Marcello Vallati passed onwards last week, on October 24th, and his family has asked that donations could be directed to the Thyroid Foundation of Canada, or to Healing Rosalina. Simply through doing this, our campaign has been forwarded by roughly $1,500 just over the past few days. It is such a signifier of beauty that in one's deepest grief one can still, in spite of it, think of the best interests of others and be of service. Our family can't express enough how much this means to us. We pray for the Vallati family's heart healing in their time of mourning.

Not a day has gone by since we posted this campaign that we don't smile huge or cry tender tears at the show of love and support that Rosalina and all of us have been receiving. It has been special as well to get messages and contributions from friends of friends; people that we don't know yet personally, but who heard about Rosalina and her journey from others and were moved to help. Reconnecting with old friends and relatives who are far flung across time and space has also been a sweet pleasure over these past couple of weeks.

We again thank all of you for everything you are doing for Rosalina, and in extension, for our whole family.

With much, much love and happiness,

The Bedynski-Bellis
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