4 Amazing Ideas for Wedding on a Budget:

Inexpensive Wedding Guide

How to Stretch Your Dollar All the Way Down the Aisle 

By Meghan S.

 Found your better half but still searching for a way to pay for it all? Or maybe you’ve recently been crowned maid of honor or best man and you’re looking for ways to make your pal’s wedding a home run without breaking the bank? With the average cost of a single wedding tipping over the $35,000 mark as 2016, you’re certainly not alone.
Watching the zeros tick as you add up the purchases for this momentous occasion can be a bit overwhelming. Rest assured, there are lots of creative ways to pinch those pennies and save big on many major purchases the bride and groom need to pull off the wedding of their dreams.

 1) Use Your Network to Save on Costs: Get by with a little help from your friends 


Chances are, in every family or group of friends, there’s a vast mix of talents and interests. Why not put this talent pool to good use and allow your extended community to help?
  •  Save on Wedding Invitations: $659 Ask your friend in graphic design if they’d be willing to draft some simple invitations. They may even have access to deep printing discounts! According to the Bridal Association of America, this alone could save an average of $659.


  • Save on Music: $100-$1,250 Rather than worrying about dropping big bucks on background music to be played during the ceremony, see if your college roommate can strum the guitar for a few songs


  • Save on Officiating: $500 Save a bundle by having a loved one preside over the wedding rather than paying a stranger to do it. Sites like The American Marriage Ministries make it so easy to do, that this trend is one of the fastest growing in the wedding industry today. In fact, according to the TheKnot.com, a staggering 43 percent of couples opted to have a friend conduct the ceremony in 2016


Coupling the skills of your friends with inspiration from others may provide a whole new way to cut back on wedding spending while adding some flair to the event. You’ll not only be surprised at how much can be saved, but how unique and special the day will be as a result.



 2) Use the Web to Save Even More: Get digital

Online platforms have sprung up by the hundreds, all boasting ways to make organizing the celebration a little easier. Feel empowered to use a combination of these to alleviate stress as the planning unfolds.
  • Save on wedding consultant: $1,750- $3,500 average (5-10% of total wedding cost) No need to feel like someone else should be managing every detail. Sites like WeddingWire help with finding the perfect venue, while others such as Mint provide a platform to keep spending on track.


  • Save on photo booth: $350 If you find that your creative juices are flowing more freely than your cash, use Pinterest to explore a plethora of DIY wedding ideas. Creating a simple but quirky photo booth could save a whopping $350 on rentals! And since this trend is picking up steam with each new wedding season, you won’t want to go without!


  • Save on flowers: $2,450 average Discover the land of Etsy. From homemade corsages to adorable centerpieces, you can find almost  anything you need for a fraction of what you’ll pay elsewhere. Using this for flowers alone could save up  to 7% of the total wedding cost!


  • Cover any remaining costs with a wedding fundraiser: $Priceless Just think, the bridal party is already responsible for a long list of things leading up to the wedding. Starting a campaign to cover all of the bases could lighten the weight of those obligations, too. Bridal shower? Check. Bachelor party? Check. One convenient space to get all the funds you need to make it work? Total victory. Use GoFundMe’s crowdfunding for weddings technology to raise the much-needed funds for the special day and all of the other occasions that come along with it.
Here’s a look at inspiring ways others have used GoFundMe to bring their wedded whims to life:

 Andrew and Brittany:

From butterflies of love to the whole darn zoo!


This fun-loving couple found that while their wedding in the Sacramento, California zoo was bound to be a wild time, the bill was slowly turning into quite the beast. Rather than giving up on their fantasy wedding, these two created a WishList on their GoFundMe campaign to let their friends and family know just what they needed. From the tux to the cake, the Reeves created clever names for their desired items, and even utilized Offline Donations to account for those that contributed to their cause in person. By posting updates and thanking their donors, the Reeves were able to celebrate their wedding day just how they’d always wanted to.

Stephanie and Steven Beattie:

A walk in the clouds



These two lovebirds had been through so much together as Stephanie battled cancer for over 11 years before their engagement. The compounding medical bills were not about to stop them from celebrating their love at Stephanie’s dream venue in New Hampshire, though. With the help of family and friends, the cleverly-named campaign Two Hearts, One Beattie was able to raise the funds needed-over $14,000- within just 3 months, and Stephanie will walk down the aisle at The Castle in the Clouds.

Ray and Christina:

When more than just hearts are stolen 


Ray’s best man stepped up to the plate to help his lifelong buddy when life hit hard. Just one week before the big day, Ray and Christina’s home was robbed. With only a few days before the florists needed to be paid, best man Cameron saved the day by starting a campaign and in six days, they raised an incredible $7,590 to put towards the cost of paying their vendors.

3) Use your Network to Give to Others: Get philanthropic


What if the happy couple already has everything they need, but is still looking to utilize their network and celebrate in a big way? Wedding fundraising allows for this, too. In lieu of gifts, guests can leave well-wishes as they make a donation to an organization that the bride and groom believe in. When there’s so much love to go around, why not share a little with those who may need your support like these couples did:

Stephond and Zoe:

Ghana change the world together



These young sweethearts reached out to their wedding guests by creating a campaign to fund the building of a new school in Ghana for the New Life International Orphanage that Zoe’s been involved in since her high school days. In less than a year, they raised over $35,000 which has gone to buy supplies, fund their trip abroad to oversee the construction, and to pay the wages for those helping to build this amazing project from the ground up!




Ashley and Chris:

Navigating the world and healing with humor 



This whimsical duo decided to forgo the traditional guest registry and instead make a video for their GoFundMe campaign that explained how they wanted to celebrate their love: by travelling the world and giving back to an organization that was near and dear to their heart. After hitting their original goal amount of $9,216, (a nod to the date of their nuptials), Ashley and Chris chose to increase their campaign’s goal so that they could give all additional funds to Mascots For a Cure, an incredible and unique organization that sends furry, snuggly mascots to visit children diagnosed with cancer.

4) Wedding Fundraising: Feeling inspired? Let’s get started!


Weddings and honeymoons are about new beginnings, partnership, and above all else–love. GoFundMe offers a space where each couple’s unique love story can be shared and where you can illustrate how your community can help to make all of their wildest wedding ambitions manifest from fairy tale into reality.

We want to help you tell that story so that the process is as seamless as possible. There are tools to help you get started, and our Customer Happiness Department works 24/7 to answer any questions you may have along the way.


Whether you’re looking to raise funds to pay for your own wedding, are the best man or maid of honor looking for a way to get organized, or you simply know an engaged couple that could use the extra help, our team is here to support you in making your campaign a success. Start a GoFundMe Wedding or Honeymoon campaign today and see how you, too, can bring life to a dream.


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