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My name is John Vega and I'm from the town of Paradise, California which was completely decimated by the Campfire here in northern California on Thursday, Novenber the 8th, 2018 just two weeks before Thangsgiving holiday. Sadly, like 13,000 other residences, our home was consumed by the flames but thankfully, my family and I survived the fire and are safe. We evacuated our home just hours before it burnt to the ground and found temporary refuge at the homes of our dear friends and family. 

Cal Fire reported last Tuesday that 13,503 residences, 514 businesses and 4,404 barns, sheds and other buildings have burned in the blaze. The total of 18,421 structures is more than three times the toll from last fall's Tubbs Fire in Napa and Sonoma.

The Camp Fire grew rapidly near midday Nov. 8, consuming 10,000 acres in about 90 minutes – burning the equivalent of more than one football field every second during that time. It charred more than 70,000 acres in a day's time. As of last night the news reported that there has been 88 confirmed deaths and that there are 265 people still missing. 

We have suffered a great loss in this fire but we are so thankful to be alive and in good health. Not only our home and it's contens but also my car and my trailer were also burnt along with all of their contents. All I was able to take where cell phones, some clothes and a few personal items and my credentials. Now we are looking for a place to live in while we decide what our next step is. If you can help us in this great time of need to rebuild our lives we would greatly appreciate it. You can donate here on gofundme or if you prefer to donate through PayPal rather than Facebook or gofundme, my personal PayPal email is 

Please keep all of the evacuees on your prayer list. Many familys are not struggling to keep a roof over their heads or ar living in tents or in their cars or on the streets of the nearby cities of Chico and Oroville etc. 

I humbly ask for your financial support as we have needs and have lost almost everything in the fire including my car and a trailer and all of it's contents. In addition to helping with my immediate material needs I want you to know that I am continuing to circulate timely Christian literature just as I have always done for the last 25 years so supporting me includes the support of my ministry. My life has been occupied with literature evangelizm since 1993 and I guaragteee that every penny you give will help me with the overall goal of educating the public and especially the college students of our nation as to the perilous times before us and that we must take shelter under the wings of our Saviou by submission to his commandments, statutes and judgments before destruction comes to the whole earth. 

Paypal is the safest and easiest way to donate. My Paypay account email is 
You can also mail snail mail donations including checks or money orders directly to my PO Box address which is: 

John Vega
PO Box 325
Redwood Estates, Ca 95044


On Thursday, At 7:30 AM on November the 8th I went out for a walk and 2 minutes into my walk I got a whiff of smoke. About three minutes into my walk I saw some small ash falling on the asphalt and a couple minutes later the smoke began to burn my lungs. At this I called my mother and told her to look out her back sliding door and that there was a fire. I decided to cut my walk short and return home. When I got home I saw a traffic jam on my road. People were trying to get out and cars were backed up. Mother was already receiving phone calls informing her that Feather River hospital was evacuating, which is only 2 miles down the street on the same street we live on called Pentz Rd. I got out my leaf blower, climbed on the roof and blew off any pine needles that were on the roof and inside of the gutters. I had hoped that this would prevent a fire from consuming our home but it didn't help at all. 

By 9 AM we were informed that there was a mandatory evacuation enforced so my mother packed her bare essentials for the two 6 year old children she adopted in her old age and herself, loaded up in the car and drove to her brother's home in Angwin, Ca for refuge. 

Because of the fires and people being burned alive in their cars traffic was not able to come down our road anymore and there was no more bumper to bumper traffic. At this time Fire trucks and police were racing by our home with their sirens blasting announcing evacuation orders on their megaphones. One CHP officer stopped by and begged me to flee, telling me that people were burning alive in their cars!! in spite of this I hung around the home for about an hour more in hopes that I could prepare the home and make it more fire resistant but the power went out, the concussions from exploding propane tanks were getting stronger and stronger which sounded like a fast approaching war machine, the smoke was getting thicker until it looked like it was dusk, panic began to set in. My car battery was waning and I thought "what if my car doesn't start?" the power being out made it difficult to see when inside the home so I decided it was time to grab my bare essentials, credentials etc. and say goodby to our home for the last time and flee the scene. 
So at about 11:00 AM I left the house in a hurry with my credentials, some clothes, my cell phones and a couple of cases of the book called The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan retitled with two catchy titles, "America in Prophecy" and "Will America Survive?". I read this book in 1992 for the very first time and it enlightened my understanding of Christian history and vital issues at steak in end time world events. 

As soon as I left my home I began distributing these books to the evacuees who were parked on the sides of the roads gazing off at the smoke clouds generated by the fire from their burning homes and property. Believe it or not most people gladly received the book and thanked me for it. 

Initially, Some gracious friends and family took us in and shelters us but now I'm staying at a hotel southeast of Sacramento. Our home was reduced to rubble on November 8th by the flames. I lost EVERYTHING. My car and trailer were burned as well. The gusting winds, low humidity, a forest of 100+ ft. tall ponderosa pine trees caused the fire to burn like a giant blowtorch which quickly consumed everything in its path. As much I loved living in a forested wilderness setting in the Sierra foothills, this type of setting certainly does have it's drawbacks with the extreme fire risk.

I rejoice in this trial and say HelleluYah! It's good to see prophecy being fulfilled. The end is certainly nearing and people are searching for something better as they see their world falling apart. I plan to continue distributing these books as long as I can and to as many as will receive them. It's so good to trust in Yahushua/Jesus. What a dear and loving Friend He is in time of need.We shall never be discouraged!!

The Lord Jesus/Yahushua has placed upon my heart the longing desire to distribute the book The Great Controversy to every college and university in America. The plan is to go to each campus and give the book away face to face, dorm room to dorm room. Please help me reach the beautiful intellectual minds of our great country while there is still time to do so. Time is of the essence and we need to move fast and take advantage of this small window of opportunity before more calamities and or terror attacks make it impossible to travel freely in this great nation. 

"The days in which we live are solemn and important. The Spirit of God is gradually but surely being withdrawn from the earth. Plagues and judgments are already falling upon the despisers of the grace of God. The calamities by land and sea, the unsettled state of society, the alarms of war, are portentous. They forecast approaching events of the greatest magnitude. The agencies of evil are combining their forces, and consolidating. They are strengthening for the last great crisis. Great changes are soon to take place in our world, and the final movements will be rapid ones."--Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 11. {ChS 52.2}

I will be so grateful for any support you can give and the people that receive these books will likewise be eternally thankful as well. Please keep me, my family and this project in your prayers. 
God bless you,
John Vega
cell 408-355-5732


"It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35

This is not just an interesting fact but a beautiful reality. The poor are here and always with us to give opportunity to the rich to develop the generousity and kindness in their characters. These character traits are laying dormant in the heart of those who are wealthy but who have no compassion upon their fellow man. By allowing the rich to behold the desperate want and need of the poor in this world, Father God is trying to awaken in them the selfless, benevolent, generous character qualities of Himself. If God wanted to he could easily make every person on earth rich but he doesn't do this because it would be a terrible curse to those of wealth by causing them to be satisfied with their envious, selfish, evil and greedy characters and to remain in an eternally lost condition. In this respect the poor and needy are a priceless gift and a blessing to those who are rich and increased with this world's wealth and goods but who don't know the generous King of the universe. Indeed, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."

John Vega
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Just a little update. Mother is saying she is not interested in returning to Paradise for now but I talked to a propane truck driver that explained to me today that people are changing their minds. Three weeks ago many people wanted to leave the area but now they are deciding to stay and to rebuild.
The detestation is just so overwhelming that the whole community is still in major shock and will likely remain in shock for a while.

Currently we are staying temporarily in a guest home offered to us by a precious elderly couple. It is 3 bedroom double wide mobile home guesthouse in the middle of the almond groves in the Sacramento valley. A precious couple in their 80’s opened up their home. Please pray for them. Their names are Anita and Bob. They are so kind to allow us to stay here.
We are praying and trying to figure out our next move.

I have visited our destroyed home 5 times now. Talked to neighbors etc. Most people are figuring out the cheapest way to clean up their home sites. Almost everyone is uncertain if they even want to return.

But all things considered. We are doing great!! We are warm with a stable roof over our heads and have plenty of food and comfortable beds to sleep in. God is so, so GOOD to us.

Today I helped repair the water heater and get the pilot lit in the stove and water heater after the propane tank went empty. It was quite a process because the propane truck driver has to do a pressure check on the whole system when the tank goes completely empty.

Later in the afternoon I went to the FEMA office in Chico, Ca and began distributing “Will America Survive?/Great Controversy books to as many people as would take them . I ended up giving more to the FEMA workers than I did to the evacuees because there were not many evacuees there by the time I got to the office at 6PM
From there I went to the butte county fairgrounds where the RED CROSS set up a shelter for the displaced and I went around praying with people and passing out more America in Prophecy books.

It was a blessing to minister to people and also to realize that we are all very vulnerable. I met one fellow named Romero who told me that he had been displaced three times in the last couple years. First was the Wall Fire that pushed him into the town of Oroville, then he was evacuated from Oroville because the Oroville Dam was threatening to break and destroy the whole town so he moved to the hills into a place called Concow where he was living on some family owned property. Now this fire, the Camp Fire burned everything he owned except what he could fit into his Suburban.

I prayed with several evacuees and asked Yahuah to help us remember and reflect upon the life of Job and how he was not discouraged when he lost everything and how he blessed the name of Yahuah even when he lost everything and that eventually his situation was reversed and he was blessed with even more than he had before.
I know God loves us even in the trials of life. This is my meditation all the day long. Amen and HelleluYah!!
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It’s official, my home burnt to the ground.

If you prefer to contribute to the Great Controversy project you can donate through PayPal or gofundme.
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It’s official. My home was burned to the ground.
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Just a little update.

Still do not know if our house was burned down or not. So far two neighbors that live on my street reported their homes were destroyed. The National Guard is preventing anybody from going in to Paradise because they are combing through the rubble looking for dead bodies. This is a very serious undertaking so they cannot allow people to go rummaging through the leftovers of the fire until this gruesome task is complete. It may take several weeks before they allow us to go home. Besides that, there is no power and likely even the water is turned off to prevent broken pipes from leaking all over town.

By the grace of my loving God I left Northern California yesterday where I stayed two nights at a gracious friends home tucked away in the woods of the Cascade Mountains close to Shasta dam. I was happily headed down I-5 when I hit one of those orange road cones and it ended up going into my engine compartment and knocking off my serpentine belt. So I spent a few hours yesterday getting towed to a parts store and replacing my serpentine belt and while I was at it I replaced the battery in my 1996 Dodge Stratus which is located, of all places, behind the front tire and behind the fender well inside the fender of my drivers side of the car which means that I had to remove the front tire and the fender well in order to replace my battery. It was quite a job but thankfully everything went smooth sand my car is running good again. .
After that project I drove down here to San Jose to meet with a friend and to pick up 10 cases of “Will America Survive?” originally titled “The Great Controversy”
I plan on passing out these books to the beautiful students of San Jose State today.

I Arrived In San Jose last night at about 7 PM. IM VERY THANKFUL I HAVE A PLACE TO SLEEP here even though I slept on my friends filthy mechanic shop office floor where there is just enough room to carve out a spot in all the stuff and lay down my thermarest camping sleeping pad and sleeping bag and fall asleep.

I’m so excited to be here so I can get out there and get these books out. I usually chose a location on campus where there is lots of foot traffic and I say “Publishers give away!! free book!” While placing the book within reach of the passers by. Once in a while I take a different approach and say “YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!”. I originally learned the latter phrase from the the man who gave me an “American Prophecy” way back in 1992. The situation was this. We were at a convalescent home singing songs to the shut inns after church one sabbath. I remember feeling restless and thinking to myself “what am I doing here?“ So I walked outside in a huff and stood outside to enjoy the sunshine. That’s when Father God sent a tall Caucasian man who had been singing with us outside to me. He approached me with a rather stern look on his face and he said “Brother! you need to read this book!” as he practically forced the book “America in Prophecy” into my hand. And guess what?, his method worked. I ended up reading that book in and within a few months I went on a mission to Mexico to distribute 250,000 Great Controversy excerpts with a team of people. It was a very exciting time for me and I have been passing out these timely publications ever since. What a privilege it is to have understanding of end time prophecy!! I just love sharing the blessing of knowledge that sets us free and lightens our path.

If you would like to get more involved in this work or would just like to call and say hello please feel free to call.
My number is 408-355-5732.

Thank you again for your generosity and kindness. Blessings
John Vega.
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$2,075 of $100,000 goal

Raised by 23 people in 4 months
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