Zucs needs your help!!

Zucs needs your help!
A little background:
     About 7 months ago I got a call from my cousin who works at Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter. They had a family surrender a 5 month old pure bred boxer. My cousin, knowing I'm a boxer lover, called right away. I decided to foster him until he was ready for adoption.
     The first night in my house I knew something wasn't right. He would just walk around and pee. It was as if he didn't even know he was doing it.
     The next few months would prove to be the some of the most trying but rewarding times in my life. We had him back and forth to the vet numerous times, each time being told something different. It was definitely a roller coaster. We were told twice he might have diabetes, then he was cleared. We were told he might have lepto, then not. We were told once he might be in kidney failure then was cleared of that. Each day that went by my family grew more and more attached to this dog.  And each day was a bigger mystery of what was wrong with this dog.
     Finally Red Bank Veterinary Hospital thought they figured it out! He has an ectopic ureter they said. Which requires special surgery to fix. So the shelter raised the money for the surgery. On the way to his surgery I was so excited! I finally thought he was going to be a normal dog! I thought the peeing in the house was done! I thought me might actually get to sleep in my bed!! No more leaking urine in his sleep. No more dribbling while he walks around my house.
     So I get there to pick him up and more bad news. They were wrong. They sedated him and scoped him and realized that they had misdiagnosed him. I was told it could have been something obstructing his kidneys. So back to square one- what is wrong with this dog? But now everything seems to be pointing to his kidneys. They vet wanted to do another urinalysis because she didn't like the results of the first and was a little worried.
In the meantime I'm thinking this is just how it's going to be. I've learned to deal with his issue. He sleeps In a crate because he's a puppy, so I have a few dog beds that I alternate between and wash them often. I put wee wee pads under blankets on the couch so he can snuggle with my kids. He is part of my family now and I will do whatever I have to to deal with issue. I mop my floors a lot. I do laundry a lot. I make sure he goes out quite often. But it's all worth it because he's worth it.
     So while we were waiting for his test results from his urine he started having these "episodes" where he would get sick. Very lethargic. He would just lay there. Sometimes just cry. So after more visits to the vet and more tests nothing could have prepared me for the news I got. He's in kidney failure. My beautiful perfect 11 month old puppy is dying? How can this be?
They vet explained there could be a few reasons for this but to find out we need to do a biopsy of his kidneys and one other test with contrasting dye. These tests combined will tell us why this is happening and if it's fixable. I know going into this that there are some conditions that can't be fixed. But I think this dog deserves a chance. He's an amazing dog and has been nothing short of perfect with my children. And I'm not ready to give up on him. There is a chance he can be a normal dog and live a long happy life. And that's what I want for him.
     I have never seen a dog so good with kids. I have a 2 and a 4 year old. They hang all over him. They lay on top of him. They smother him! And he loves every minute of it. He loves life, he loves people, and he loves other animals. Seeing my kids with this dog makes my soul smile. Thinking of my kids without this dog is devastating.
     This is where I need your help. The tests are $4000.  The shelter just can't take on the cost of this. I'm hoping to be able to raise enough money to cover the tests and then if his condition is fixable the surgery after to correct it. Any little bit will help. We need to do this as soon as possible because we just don't know when his kidneys will shut down. The vet said he could have 3 months, could have a year. If we do nothing it's highly unlikely he will live another year.
     Thank you all for listening to Zuc's story and thank you in advance to anyone who donates.
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