Leannes attempt IRONMAN 4 Barney

Did you know there is 2 us!!!

Yes that is right there are two Leannes undertaking an IRONMAN to help make a difference!! 2.4 mile swim, followed by 112 mile bike ride, followed by a marathon run!!!

Leanne Gardner and Leanne Bruce aka The Bruce and The Gardner, Leanna B and Leanna G, Sausage and Burger, will undertake this immense challenge on 26th September 2015. 

The journey began a year ago to the exact day (we remember as it was The Bruce's birthday) when we decided we would embark on this year journey for Charity. I am now not sure who persuaded who.....

Leanne G had never run more than 6 miles, didn't even own a bike and didn't even know how to swim. However her 5 year old cousin Barney has a rare and severe brain disorder called Lissencephaly and she wanted to do something huge to help his life, his local school and Acorns children hospice. An immense desire to help - all for love!!!

Leanne Bruce however was a 'reasonably' talented triathlete and hearing Leanne G's story has done EVERYTHING she can to help! Not only is she helping raise sponsorship, not only is she actually doing the IRONMAN with Leanne G, but she has spent the last year side by side teaching Leanne G to swim, helping her to cycle and run, being there at the finish lines, pumping up her tyres, teaching her what the difference is between a bike wheel and a tyre  - and even running off to get her food after training sessions as Leanne G often crashes at the end.

It has been an incredibly tough and emotional year. But enough of us this is the story of Barney who this is really for......

Have you loved anyone so much you do anything for them?

Have you ever known you are going to lose someone you’ll never get over?

Have you ever realised that there is nothing you can do to save someone you love?

Well Leanne G did, and why her friend Leanne Bruce has embarked on this journey with her, to help her cousin Barney, his local school and Acorns Hospice!!

The Full Story....

Anyone who knows me (Leanne G) knows Barney (hence Leanne Bruce couldn't refuse doing the IRONMAN for him). I have never loved anything or anyone as much as I love him. From the first day I picked him up I felt this huge rush of unconditional love that has, and always will, remain. I have and always will do everything I possibly can for him!!

He really makes you realise what is important in life. Barney will brighten up your day with just a smile, he will reach out his arms to you and shout 'HIYA', he has a heart of gold, and whilst he can't say 'I love you' he will make sure he keeps signing it to you.

However about 5 years ago the whole world seemed to change...he was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called Lissencephaly, causing him to be severely mentally delayed, needed a life time of 24 hour care and have a life expectancy of just 2 years old. The news has been absolutely devastating.

Barney has defied all odds and is living a happy, loving life, now aged 5, and is doing as much as he possibly can to enjoy every precious moment he has with us.

Whilst there is nothing we can do to save him. The Bruce and I are hoping there is something we can do to make his life that much better, easier, and worth living for, as well as other children and families like him.

This is the real reason why we are doing an IRONMAN and why we have been doing all this training. We hope that pushing ourselves to the absolute limits it possibly could would inspire enough people to raise the money needed make a difference!!!

The money will be divided equally between Barney, his local school who care for many needed children in the area, and the hospice Acorns which helps families of children like him.

Please let us know when you are sponsoring Leanne G or The Bruce - be nice to get a little healthy competition going on who raises the most money as well as who gets to the finish line first (or actually gets to the finish line)

All sponsorship big or small is so much appreciated and will play a huge part in getting to our target amount of £10,000.

It costs £80 for a physio session to help Barney walk,
It costs £32 to fund 1hour care at Acorns Children Hospice,
It cost just any amount to help us get to the finish line.

Please help make a difference today!
  • Susan Kennedy 
    • £20 
    • 82 mos
  • Richard and Chrissie Kijanski 
    • £25 
    • 83 mos
  • mary&peter hall 
    • £25 
    • 83 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • £80 
    • 83 mos
  • Natasha Goodwin 
    • £20 
    • 83 mos
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