Love for Lillian

On August 10th, 2018 sweet little Lillian was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma .

To say this was unexpected is an understatement. At an 18-month wellness checkup on August 8th, her life-saving Nurse Practitioner recognized an abnormality in her breathing and ordered an X-ray. The X-ray uncovered a very large mass, which led to Lillian being admitted to Wolfson’s Pediatric ICU. We then learned that Lillian’s mass spanned most of her chest — applying pressure to both her Superior Vena Cava and impeding the majority of her lung functionality.

Her Surgeons and Anesthesiologist repeatedly expressed that it’s one of the largest masses they’d ever seen. The positioning of the mass was of the utmost concern.

However, after a few days of treatment, and ahead of schedule, Lillian was extubated, removed from sedation, had her chest tubes removed, and her tumor is now about a 1/3 the size of where we started. The tumor is shrinking in response to chemotherapy, steroids, surgical intervention, and prayers from all over the world.

This incredibly strong baby girl is handling the treatments and poking and prodding like a champ, but her parents and 3.5 year old big sister will need all the support they can get as they lean in to this situation. 


This will likely be a 2.5-3 year journey, as the Palmers navigate the roadmaps set out for them by their team of doctors. The goal of this page is to provide support for them however they may need it. Whether that's to account for added childcare solutions for Big Sister Adelaide, the costs of flying family/friends in from out of state (as their families are not local), helping to supplement any lost income due to leave, or medical bills as they stack up. 

Unused funds

If the funds end up not being needed or used by the Palmer family, their wish is to use any surplus to:
-Contribute to other families' needs as they endure their own battles with pediatric cancer
-Donate to lymphoma research efforts
-Provide scholarship money for nurses

In addition, we just ask that you please pray for our Lillian Rose, and send all of the positive thoughts and love you have her way. 

A note from Lillian's mother, Sarah:

John 9:3 “Neither this child or [her] parents sinned,” said Jesus. “But this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in [her].”

I know that God chose Lillian so that she can become a living example of what love, strength and faith in God can do. I know that He has set Austin and me up for success in supporting our baby by allowing us to overcome numerous challenges in our lives the past year, and having an incredible tribe — from our family, to our friends, to our coworkers, to the incredible healthcare professionals we’re surrounded by — to lean on.

Here is my prayer:

Dear God, 

It’s been a while since we were close. Years upon years. And, even then, I don’t know how two-way our relationship truly was. Pretty sure it was just me begging you for help.

I’ve heard your voice and witnessed your abilities so naturally throughout each day of Lillian’s journey, and have embraced the roles you’ve given us for this life. I’ve accepted that my baby has a disease that will cause her pain, anxiety and tremendous uncertainty. I’ve accepted that I can not just snap my fingers and have us all wake up from this nightmare. I’ve accepted that she has cancer because she is now your disciple forever, with the ability and responsibility to demonstrate to everyone your ultimate healing power and saving grace. 

But -

As I lay next to she and Austin on the pediatric oncology floor and hear another young child yelling and crying out in pain and fear, my heart catches in my throat and my stomach turns. I barely made it through today watching her struggle to eat, drink and walk. How will I be strong enough to support her when her hair is gone, her mouth covered in sores, her gums bleeding; or, when she’s thin, pale and covered in bruises? How do I comfort her when she’s curled in my arms whimpering because of the nausea, or the aches? Or, worse, the fear. 

I understand that Lillian is part of your larger plan. I’ve already witnessed your ability through her to influence and ultimately change lives.  But, dear God —give me the wisdom and strength to be her rock. To be her warmth. To be her Mom. 

To be there for Adelaide. To prioritize Austin. To not turn from you in moments of anguish, or forget you in moments of jubilee. 

I put my entire faith in Your Hands. I bow down and accept all that believing in your divine power can bring. And, despite all my sinful and human ways, I will worship you infinitely. 

I pray that you wrap Lillian in your love; protect her from worse evil. Forgive me for my wrong doings. And, enlighten my mind and heart so that my love, demonstrating your power, can heal. 



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