Replace Zigtebra's Stolen Laptop!


Zigtebra is on a 4 month tour, relying heavily on laptops to make the journey possible. Without Emily Rose's laptop she is unable to send the hundreds of emails necessary for booking, crafting new music (byebye to so many songs and music programs, lost forever on the stolen laptop), and editing the music videos Zigtebra has committed to putting out each 1st of the month in 2017. 

Emily Rose's laptop got stolen out of the car by some ex-cons while Emily Rose was sleeping in the car. YIKES. 

Want the story? Read on.

(Want "Zigtebra's 7 Tips to Prevent Theft and Loss on the Road"? Read below)

One night while parked in Florida City, FL, Joe woke up on his side of the van suddenly. He hopped out in a daze and was surprised to find a couple of guys standing next to their car beside our van.  (MOM, BREATHE, we were parked in an overnight van parking spot that was well-lit and had security, so IDK WTH happened, because it's generally pretty safe.) The guys told Joe they were awake at that weird hour because they were "ex-cons waiting to start [their] landscaping job," and that that's "the only job ex-cons can get in Florida...." 

Emily Rose remembers stirring in her sleep, but never fully waking. When she woke up, she had a weird feeling. She got out of the van and stretched and discovered that the music and film editing workhorse of a laptop she'd worked crazy hours for months and months to afford, was GONE .

Can you imagine how that feels?
Something you worked your rear off to earn.
Something that contains so much private, personal creative work that you were so proud of and excited about.
Something that enables the very journey you are on...

Zigtebra spent days feeling blue and following all due process, filing police reports and security patrol reports, but no result. 

Here's how you can help:
Step in and be Emily Rose's hero and help us get back on track. We're in a rocky spot without a laptop for booking, music-making, and film-editing. If you donate at whatever level you can, we'll connect you with some cool Zigtebra treasures!

Here's How You Can Prevent This From Happening to YOU:


Buy Music Pro Insurance. It's around $150 per year and it covers all of your gear (including laptops)! I kept putting it off and the regret is sickening. BUY IT NOW.

When on tour, park overnight in well-lit areas with cameras aimed at your vehicle. You only THINK you need more privacy. If you need darkness to sleep, invest in a cute eyemask!

Even if you think you're stowing items inaccessibly, like I thought I was, try harder to make it impossible to find. Put tech gear in non-tech bags.

I hesitated about making this Go Fund Me, but I've never done one before, and my donation karma ratio is pretty high, so yes, I highly recommend being a donater too! You'll feel okay about receiving if you have been a gentle giver. 

Back up everything to some kind of cloud-based service. Apple has one. Dropbox. Google Drive. The time to do it is NOW, before you need it. Make time for it because losing all of your creative work and all of the creative programs you've invested in feels yucky.

Purchase a tracking device (I use Tile for my keys and wallet). Install "Find My IPhone" app to your phone and make sure you turn on location services in ICloud so you can use it for BOTH YOUR LAPTOP AND YOUR PHONE. If you don't enable it in ICloud for your laptop, you won't be able to location-search for it. 

(This one isn't theft-related, but it will help present losing things). Create a habit of "The Double Check." Before you leave a place, do a double check. It started with a stage sweep for gear before we left a venue for the night, and advanced to being a double-check before we leave any place, even coffee shops. Since we drive off forever to another city, we double check before we leave to make sure no wallets, keys, dollars, or guitars are left behind. Make it a part of your life too and you'll be happier!

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