Hello friends family strangers and all.

Chris, David, Kaela and I need your help.  Here at SDSU we pride ourselves in being thrifty, but to compete against schools like UCLA, USC, Chapman, and all the rest that enter the festival circuit we need the help of our friends and family to raise money for our film to reach similar production value.

What's the film really about?
Its a Dark Comedic Drama about a wedding photographer in the days of film photography who took a photo of the groom cheating with the maid of honor at the reception.  The story unravels in a non-linear fashion as our photographer Roy Montgomery confides in Lylah Lewis a stranger who was also at the wedding. But Roy's not a normal photographer,  or person for that matter. He has a morbid attraction to death, and takes photos of dying animals. This urge to capture pain plants Roy in the middle of a wedding scandal. Stabbed in retaliation at the hands of his subject, Roy reconciles with his lack of human emotion. Just before he dies he realizes he could’ve been more human, and that Lylah could’ve helped him do it.

Why do we need the money?
 The bulk of our budget is allocated toward paying great actors to perform these complex roles. If they're from LA and have no place to stay then we'd house them as well. Some other costs include:
- A hard drive for large files
-Equipment rentals
-Food for cast and crew
-Marketing and Festivals

Why donate?
Anything helps. You can be an active part of making this film. We really need your help. So badly. So desperately. We broke...
It wont be live on the interwebb until about a year so if you donate:

$5  you get a Pre-link Screening 

If you want to see what we've got our hands and eyes on all semester

$25 gets you a signed Script and Behind The Scene photos
$100 gets you a signed poster and photos that Roy took during the film

If you're feeling heavenly

$250 gets you executive producer credit 

(and all previously mentioned).

If you have questions about our project, gofundme, or my afro feel free to email me!
    • $40 
    • 50 mos
  • Patrick Nissan 
    • $10 
    • 50 mos
  • Sal Navarro Jr. 
    • $5 
    • 50 mos
  • Alex Farnsley 
    • $20 
    • 50 mos
  • Todd Jackson 
    • $20 
    • 50 mos
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Madelaine Melcher 
San Diego, CA